‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Adam Lind Shows Off Tattoo of Chelsea Houska Lookalike

"Cute, Adam, real cute..."
“Cute, Adam, real cute…”

File this under “we shouldn’t care but we kind of do…”

Adam Lind got some new ink over the weekend, and one of the tattoos garnered him a lot of feedback from Teen Mom 2 fans!

Adam proudly showed off his new three tattoos in a series of Instagram posts on Sunday night. Two of the tattoos– a leg design and Grim Reaper portrait– garnered positive comments but the third tattoo, which showed a zombie girl eating a heart (as you do) spurred quite the comment frenzy from ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans.

The reason? The tattoo depicted a redheaded girl who looked a lot like Adam’s ex, Chelsea Houska!

Adam’s caption, which described the tattoo as being “My sexy redhead…eating my heart out,” added to fans’ suspicions that the tattoo was supposed to be Chelsea, whom Adam had an on-and-off relationship with for years after their daughter Aubree was born.

“Um is that supposed to be Chelsea?” one fan wrote. “Or you just have a thing for redheads?”

Adam's new ink (boobies have been edited out by The Ashley)
Tattoo edited by The Ashley because some people are scared of nipples…

“I’ll let y’all figure that one out!” Adam replied, obviously enjoying the hubbub that his tattoo would cause among the ‘Teen Mom’ fan world.

Chelsea’s current hair style matches the tattooed woman’s hair color and hair length (and even the style Chelsea usually wears her hair). However, she had many different hair colors while she was dating Adam– everything from blond to dark brown.

Just for the record, The Ashley wouldn’t normally bother to write about a reality TV star’s tattoo (unless it was ridiculously bad, of course), but this one caused enough controversy to warrant a write-up. The actual tattoo is well done.

Chelsea has yet to comment on her ex-boyfriend’s new tattoo, and it’s unlikely that she will. She stated during the recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 reunion that she rarely talks to Adam. She is currently living with her boyfriend of over a year, Cole DeBoer.

UPDATE: Several days after posting the tattoo photo to his Instagram, Adam told a fan that he did not intend for the tattoo to look like Chelsea.

“I don’t miss [Chelsea] and I’m sure she feels the same,” Adam told a fan on his Instagram. “And to everyone .. This tattoo is about 3yrs old…”

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)




  1. He has money to get all of these tattoos…hope he’s up to date on his support.
    I think 1 episode Chelsea said he barely pays.

  2. How creepy is it that he got a tattoo that resembles Chelsea, and didn’t even deny that it was her. Somebody’s super desperate to either A.) get back with her only because shes completely moved on from him and is now with Cole, and Adam knows that unless it has to do with Aubree, Chelsea doesn’t give 2 shits about him B.) Trying to scare Cole off by acting like a complete stalker (honestly that would creep me all the way out if my boyfriends ex girlfriend got his face tatted on her YEARS after they’ve broken up) C.) Just wants some attention or D.) All of the above…..and I’m going with D all of the above

  3. Didn’t she dress up as a zombie last year for Halloween or something?

    Also, the hair looks like it wraps around the back, and around to the front, below the naval. So the hair isn’t the same length as Chelsea’s.

      1. Well, considering The Ashley stated the tattoo is the same color, length, and style as Chelsea’s, the fact that it seemed longer isn’t reading “too much into it” IMO.

  4. Child support for two kids, crazy amounts of legal fees and lawyers, gym membership fees and yet he has money for a tattoo? Poor Paislee now has to grow up realizing her dad didn’t get HER mom tattooed on his body! jackass

  5. I was actually starting to have hope for Adam that he was becoming a changed man but if this tattoo really is supposed to be Chelsea, it definitely proves he’s still an immature a**hole. Did he even think about what his daughters would think of this? He obviously is still putting himself in front of them.

  6. The fact that Adam has money for a tattoo must mean he’s all caught up on his financial responsibilities for his daughters! …Right? No? Oh.

  7. chelsea’s just tearing up your heart huh? poor baby. imagine how butt hurt you’d be if she’d said the horrible things to you that you’ve said to her? you two would be together if it weren’t for you doing hurtful things over and over so gtfo with your poor me bs

      1. Yeah Chelsea has bad mouthed this douche, because he is a douche. Did you forget how he treated her on 16 and pregnant? Not much has changed except his hairline. ahhahaaaaa I crack myself up.

        1. Yes sssss
          the best was when he practically cried on a reunion show (maybe 2 years ago), “yeah & Randy (Chelsea dad) makes jokes about my hair”
          Randy came out & apologized for cracking on his hair line

  8. What an immature douchebag this guy is. Does he think this is going to hurt Chelsea or something? The only person it might hurt is his daughter who is probably wondering why Daddy has a gruesome ugly tattoo of her mom plastered on himself. My God this guy is just an insufferable jackass.

    1. You can’t be serious. I realize the fake boobs on this tattoo do resemble Chelsea’s but it’s not her. He just loves to antagonize people.

      1. Enjoying antagonizing people still shows just what an immature ass he is. If he was truly a changed man moving on the path to be part of his children’s lives then he would act like a grown adult. I love tattoos, have them myself, but if you have tons of legal fees and child support to pay going out and throwing money into tattoos isn’t a grown mature decision. On top of that, playing these kinds of games regarding the tattoo after the fact is childish.

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