Inside ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Kody & Meri Brown’s Marriage: Catfish Provides Insight

This really is the look of love...
This really is the look of love…

Note from The Ashley: Obviously, anything written or said by Meri’s catfish should be taken with a grain of salt, as it’s been proven that this person lied about being a man while catfishing Meri. However, this person did have a very intimate relationship with Meri for months, and has proven that she was, at one time, a very trusted confidant of Meri’s. This is why The Ashley believes this information to be true. But, again, please take this information with a grain of salt, given the source.

After Sunday’s night explosive season finale of Sister Wives, in which Meri Brown finally discussed the emotional affair she had with someone she believed to be a man named Sam Cooper, Meri’s husband Kody Brown took to Twitter to declare his love and support of Meri. He claimed that he was “standing on family solidarity” with Meri and promised fans that he and his former legal wife are “working on” getting to a better place.

However, according to the person who catfished Meri (who is still writing on a blog as “Sam Cooper”), this may be just a front for the TLC cameras and the show’s fan base. “Sam” claims that Meri and Kody’s marriage has been over for a long time, and that things had gotten so bad that Meri had planned to leave Kody and the family to be with “Sam.” (This is evident while watching Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ Meri expresses that she wanted to leave the family.)

“Sam” (whom other news sources have confirmed to be a woman named Jackie Overton), may be a phony, but regardless if that person is a male or female, they were a very close confident of Meri’s for many months. Meri has confirmed that she shared a lot with this person, so it’s very likely that what “Sam” wrote about in a recent blog post is actually true.

In the blog post, “Sam” revealed just how bad Meri and Kody’s marriage had gotten earlier this year, and that the dinner table discussion seen on Sunday’s episode was the first planned step in Meri leaving Kody for good .

“Going back to the dinner with the adults, she is saying she just doesn’t know what she is going to do or where she is going to go,” “Sam” wrote. “That’s because our plan was for her to leave. She told me she had to wait until the end of filming to start the process of letting her fans know she was going to go. She had talked to the producer a few times about leaving and how it would all work out. He told her they would figure it out.”

“Sam” revealed a few other shocking facts about the sad state of Meri and Kody’s marriage during the filming of the recent season.

Kody barely spent any time with Meri, even on her “designated” days.

What she told me is the past 2 years things had gotten worse,” “Sam” wrote. “[Kody] was not spending much time with her at all. He would pop in and her designated days and nights he would come over late, watch tv and they would go to bed. She said they weren’t being intimate that often which was a pattern for them throughout the entire marriage. She told me it was months in between intimate times…”

"What's that? You don't want me around? OK, I'll go see Robyn...or one of those other ones..."
“What’s that? You don’t want me around? OK, I’ll go see Robyn…or one of those other ones…”

Kody eventually stopped coming over to Meri’s completely.

“Throughout the entire affair she told me she had stopped sleeping with [Kody], and also had actually started sleeping upstairs in the spare room because she didn’t want him near her anymore,” “Sam” wrote.

“It was in May when she actually kicked him out of the house and asked him not to stay over anymore. He fought it at first but finally agreed and he would pop over to see her from time to time but the most part they wouldn’t speak or see each other 3 or 4 days in a row. He completely gave up trying to work on it. Because she said he was done too. The marriage had been over for years.”

Kody admitted he is no longer in love with Meri, and that their marriage had been over for a long time.

“She told me she had a bad marriage the past 10 years,” “Sam” wrote. “She told me he was shocked to hear it was that long she felt that way but when she said ‘You aren’t in love with me anymore, are you?’ He answered ‘What do you want me to say to that?’ He said that he loved her but they both agreed they weren’t in love anymore. He offered to get her a place, rent something in Las Vegas. He offered to help her get back to Utah, he offered to start talking about a spiritual divorce.”

"You could have let me pawn it! Jeez."
“You could have let me pawn it! Jeez.”

Meri was devastated after a particularly cruel act of Kody’s.

“She told me the last straw for her was when he took the wedding band that she gave him during their wedding ceremony and melted it down,” “Sam” wrote. “He told her he didn’t want it to be a contention point with the other wives, so he had it melted down and put into a piece of jewelry for another daughter, not her daughter…it showed her how much the marriage meant to him, which was nothing. She said it hurt her feelings because he could have given it back to her to hold onto for her daughter’s future husband or at least let her have it for keepsake.”

To read more about the Meri Brown Catfishing Scandal, click here!

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  1. OMG. Meri needs serious psychiatric help. But then so does Kody for his narcissistic personality disorder. People watch this because it is do sad. These women need very serious help and support.

  2. The only tragedy here is that there are still people who feel compelled to stay in marriages where they do not love their spouses anymore. Whether your religion dictates it or your personal ideology dictates it, it isn’t helping anyone. It’s no different than having gangrene on your foot but refusing to amputate because “having just one leg is wrong” or “Sky daddy says so.” Yes, if you still love your spouse, you should work through bumps in the road. But if you don’t there is almost nobody that is better off in a loveless marriage.

    I don’t care about whether it’s a monogamous marriage or plural marriage either. Falling out of love isn’t a moral failing anyone needs to atone for. It’s sad but staying married when you aren’t in love is sadder for everyone involved.

  3. If Meri knew in the first week that it was catfish bs and she was being lied to and that she was a target, then why would she pass along insider information to the abuser for six months that would harm her family? She stated she knew something was wrong in the first week. Something is not right about Meri’s side of the story, right?

  4. She wants out. He does not respect her or listen to her. They had a huge fight about a month into the affair because Kody felt Meri was not participating during filming. He called her “The Heel of the Show” and told her if she didn’t start talking and participating he would talk to the producer about her not being involved anymore. He told her “What are you going to do for money if I get you off the show?” Meri called me right after she left an angry voicemail to the producer. She was crying but she was very upset. I tried to offer her support and comfort but I was so shocked this douchebag husband was talking to her like he runs shit. The producer beeped in during our call and she said she would call back.

    Go ask her or him or the producer. That’s exactly what happened.

  5. This is sad if it is true. Kody is not a good man. This is not how you treat a wife. Does Meri work? I hope she gets out. She can probably get her own periodical specials too.

  6. Ok thank you for clearing that up, so all he/she has to do is produce pictures of the 2 of them, it’s probably all lies, I feel sorry for Meri, she was really taken advantage up, she seems so broken

  7. While obviously an established catfisher is probably not the best source… A lot of this really rings true from what we’ve seen on TV. There is not a strong emotional connection between these two. I find the whole thing quite sad, honestly.

  8. I really hope that “sam” is not getting a payday for this. What this person did was mean and cruel. They exploited someone who was on TV and then blackmailed her. Now they are obviously trying to get money in exchange for personal information on this family.

  9. This does say so much about her “selfless” act of getting a divorce. I have such mixed feelings for this whole situation. I feel for her but dang it woman, you knew you were going to be on TV! Stuff will always come to light. 🙁

  10. Ashley unless I am missing something, according to Sam’s blog, the two of them had a real time affair which included real sex, are you saying that is not true?? I’m confused thanks for all your hard work!

    1. @Pat Brown, yes you are correct. This person claims to have had physical interaction with Meri. However, “he” has yet to prove anything, despite promising to do so. It’s very confusing. -The Ashley

      1. Yeah, all of this stuff SOUNDS like it coupd be tryec but considering this woman was proven to be a compulsive liar multiple times, I’m not sure how much can be believed. Regardless, this is a really well written article!

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