‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 Tell-All Recap: No One Tells Anything

"I'm gonna make you earn those TLC paychecks tonight, Brown family!"
“I’m gonna make you earn those TLC paychecks tonight, Brown family!”

By Holly Rasmussen & The Ashley

It’s time for the two-hour “Sister Wives Tell-All!” At the end of every season, Kody Brown and his wife Robyn (along with “the others”) sit down with Tamron Hall to film a “tell all.” Since this season covered the catfishing of Meri Brown, this special should actually have some juicy parts.

Tamron, who has the best narrator voice ever, starts the show out by talking about how Meri initiated a divorce from Kody so he could marry Sobbin’ Robyn. While Robyn and  Meri wanted the legal marriage between Kody and Robyn to have a some fanfare, Kody did not. And, if we’ve learned anything from this show it’s that Kody always gets his way. They discuss how Kody basically told his wives that what they wanted in regard to his wedding to Robyn didn’t matter, and Kody seems to have no remorse for acting like a total douche-nozzle for the majority of the season.

Tamron isn’t playing, however. She’s determined to get some actual usable soundbites from the Browns. 

"Lemme get this straight: you thought getting divorced would HELP your marriage?!"
“Lemme get this straight: you thought getting divorced would HELP your marriage?!”

“How do you feel, this might offend you, that so much emphasis that was put on a legal document that legitimizes one wife of the four you have?” Tamron asks the family.

Robyn, eager to get the attention back on her, tells Tamron that she’s offended by that question. The “others” (aka Janelle and Christine), meanwhile, seem to have no problem with the question and seem exhausted by the whole conversation.

Robyn says it’s frustrating that people can’t see how serious their spiritual marriages are. We do actually believe that, though. Why else would three women stay with Kody if they weren’t spiritually bound to him?

Tamron reads a question from a fan on Facebook who asked if Kody was going to divorce Robyn and remarry Meri now that the adoption has gone through. Kody’s face goes pale at the thought of this and, of course, answers no.

“Why would I go through that process again?” Kody asks.

Um…to make the wife who wants to leave you feel like she matters, perhaps?

Janelle, the best person on this show, is always the voice of reason and says nothing has changed in her personal relationship with Kody. They are still content in their business partnership, er, marriage.

Kody always looks like he has "emotionally violent" diarrhea, no?
Kody always looks like he has “emotionally violent” diarrhea, no?

Next, Tamron gets the group talking about the process of getting Robyn’s ex-husband, David Preston Jessop, to sign over the rights to DaytonAuroraandBreana. Kody says he was “emotionally violent” about the whole thing.

“Those children were going to be mine and I was going to do everything it took,” he said.

Meri explains that she was “disconnected” during the adoption process because she was going through “external issues.” Ooooh. Just when we think we are finally getting to the juicy catfish stuff…we realize we have to sit through more Robyn crap.

"Ugh, wake me up when you're done talking about the Robyn crap."
“Ugh, wake me up when you’re done talking about the Robyn crap.”

We get to rehash Robyn announcing her pregnancy. Yawn.

Next we get to talk about how Kody and Christine took their therapist on their anniversary trip.

“Who takes a therapist on an anniversary trip,” Tamron asks. We feel you, Tamron. We feel you.

Christine said they did it to save time.

“She was way needed,” Christine said.


"Tamron: 20 bucks right now if you can tell me what the blond wife's name is. Help me out!"
“Tamron: 20 bucks right now if you can tell me what the blond wife’s name is. Help me out!”

Kody reveals that about five years ago, Christine was yelling that she hated plural marriage and didn’t want to do it anymore. He said that “broke the trust.” Christine said it comes down to her lack of confidence.

Tamron, who is luckily being quite the little pot stirrer this time around, asks the other wives to give her an example of a time Christine felt jealous of them.  Robyn refuses, professing, “I ain’t doing that, it goes against the girl code.”

Anyway, Kody and Meri try to say they’ve always been open about there being jealousy between the wives, but Tamron isn’t letting that slide.

“I think you’ve greatly downplayed it until this season,” she says.

Go, Tamron!

When Tamron asks what kind of a lover Kody is...
When Tamron asks what kind of a lover Kody is…

Christine finally gives a little and says she feels jealous when Kody doesn’t spend enough time with her. Kody says they didn’t struggle as much when they were younger, but it’s gotten worse over the years. (Hey, give him a break; it’s hard to find time for “the others” when all you want to do is bone Robyn!)

Tamron then sits down with the older Brown children, who have been dragged off their college campuses to film this crap.

Apparently, there’s a kid named Paedon in the family? He appears on the couch for the very first time on a “Tell All.” (He must belong to one of the “other” wives?)

Tamron asks the kids if they plan to live a plural marriage lifestyle. Mariah, who used to be very outspoken about wanting to live the lifestyle, now says she’s not sure if she wants to sit back and watch a couple of women boink her husband on the regular. (Surely watching her mother cry many a night alone at her wet bar has made Mariah reconsider polygamy.)

The idea of being polygamists clearly thrills the Brown teenagers...
The idea of being polygamists clearly thrills the Brown teenagers…

In fact, none of the other kids want to live plural marriage.

“I will never be able to share my husband and I don’t feel the calling,” Maddie says.

After a talk about Meri and Janelle attempting to repair their relationship, it’s finally time to get to the catfish stuff! We’ve sat through over an hour of filler to get to this point! TLC, you’re just plain cruel.

We go back to the conversation the group had in Alaska where Meri tells the Brown adults that they shouldn’t be surprised if she just disappears for a while. Meri finally goes into detail about the online “friendship” she had with a “man” named Sam Cooper. Apparently, he contacted her and offered support during her divorce from Kody. She said they started talking online, and that progressed to phone calls.

“I really enjoyed the friendship and the laughter,” she said. “He started saying all the right things. He started saying very flattering comments and expressing affection and love. And I fell for it. I started to love who he was portraying himself to be.”

Let's get to the ugly crying, please. Thanks.
Let’s get to the ugly crying, please. Thanks.

Tamron asks her about the voicemails and letters that surfaced in the media from her to Sam. Meri blamed it all on Sam. She said he “told her” to call him and leave him those messages.

“He was specific about things that he wanted me to say,” she says.

Yeah, OK, Meri. Next you’re going to tell us that Kody’s a patient and satisfying lover!

Meri continues to fib, telling us that “Sam” gave her “subtle threats” that a friend of his was a hacker who could wreak havoc on the family. Meri said she actually met that friend in person but she never met Sam in person.

Meri goes on to say that she felt threatened and scared so she distanced herself from the family to protect them. Meri said Sam was able to track her and even called her while she was out and knew exactly where she was. She said she was afraid of what he could do to her and her family.

"Even if Meri leaves, I still have Robyn. And Janelle. And...one more time again, Tamron, what's the third one's name?"
“Even if Meri leaves, I still have Robyn. And Janelle. And…one more time again, Tamron, what’s the third one’s name?”

Kody said when he found out about the situation he tried to talk to Meri about it, but Meri was afraid that her house was bugged so she didn’t really talk to him about it. Tamron takes it back a little bit and asks Kody what he thought about the relationship. Kody said he thought Meri was flirting with Sam online and he tried to talk to her about it.

“I wasn’t sure if she was done with me,” Kody says. I was trying to be hands off so I wasn’t being controlling.” Translation- he was too wrapped in Robyn to care. (From what the catfish has said, things between Kody and Meri had been “hands off” for a long time before the catfish came into play…)

Tamron asks Meri if there was any physical relationship with the “Sam” person. Meri said no, and states that the pictures that “Sam” sent her of himself were actually photos of an actor. Meri said she believes the person’s goal all along was to break up the family.

"Did I mention I'm pregnant? Wouldn't you rather talk about that?"
“Did I mention I’m pregnant? Wouldn’t you rather talk about that?”

Since she hasn’t had any camera time in several minutes, Sobbin’ Robyn chimes in and says she knew something was up with Meri all along.

“I’d been begging her for months to talk to me,” Robyn says tearfully. “I knew something wasn’t right.”

Kody seems pretty chill for someone whose wife is admitting to an emotional affair.

“Nothing but forgiveness,” he said. “I see it as a flirt. So what?”

Um…your wife was heard saying she loved another man, and admitted that she wanted to leave you for him. At least pretend to care, Kody.

"Bless their hearts. These people don't even realize that they're all nuts."
“Bless their hearts. These people don’t even realize that they’re all nuts.”

In the end, all of the Browns state that things are much better now than they were when the season was filmed. Tamron confirms that ‘Sister Wives’ will be back for a seventh season. The special ends with the youngest Browns, Truley and Solomon, coming out and hiding their faces from the cameras. The whole night we had been promised that two “special guests” were going to make an appearance during the special.

A raise of hands: Who else was hoping that the catfish and Robyn’s ex-husband would be special guests? If this had been ‘Maury,’ they would have both stormed the stage, chairs-in-hands, ready to box Kody.

If only…

See ya next season!

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(Photos: TLC)

42 Responses

  1. Kody and Robyn have been pieces of crap since day 1, period! Robyn wanted the legal marriage, period! Mary divorcing Kody, Robyn getting extra items in Vegas house the others didn’t get, the move to Flagstaff because her son was going to college there, turning Kody on the other wives for all his time. Turning Kody’s kids against him – so Kody will only love her kids. Getting Robyn’s name on Christine’s property instead of it going to everyone when Christine left. Supposedly buying “Art” as an investment spending family money when none of the other wives have any “Art” for investments. Taking $200,000 from the sale of Janelle and Mary’s house for Robyn’s huge home when Janelle is an a apartment! If Robyn wanted “family” so bad why didn’t she sell some Artwork to help pay for Isabell’s surgery??? That’s what family does??? Helen Keller could see and hear and know what sobben Robyn has done! Robyn is Evil and dangerous! Robyn ripped this family apart! Meri, Janelle, Christine raised their kids to be independent and free thinkers and what an awesome job they have done! The person who actually raised the kids is Christine and Janelle. Robyn’s kids are Not ok! Their literally afraid of everyone and everything. Ariella still uses pacifier when the cameras are off and the minute she is picked up from school at 7.5 yrs old. Remember Aurora is NOT KODY BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER something is not right there??? Will she be his next wife??? I pray Meri and Janelle get a lawyer and join together to spilt coyote pass fairly not the way kody wants it. After all the women paid for coyote pass what has kody ever paid for, nothing!!! Kody is a pig! Robyn is so horrific and disgusting! These two are only upset the other wives are gone because the other wives took their income with them! The other reason Robyn is upset is because her entire relationship with Kody she has been bad mouthing and blaming the other wives, without them she now will only have her kids to blame!!!

  2. Heavenly Father is fully aware of Kody’s needs and if another wife is necessary, one will be provided at the appropriate time. Fame and fortune were gifted to Kody as a reward and as an example of what can happen when faithfulness is followed. The multiples of joy and happiness know no boundaries if the correct tenants are adhered to by affirmatively living and teaching the true beliefs of the righteous. The naysayers will be confounded in their grief and cast aside.

      1. Am I the only one who thinks Janelle doesn’t seem to have any affection/romantic feelings for Grody what so ever. She always looks bored to tears when he speaks, I think Janelle maybe the next one to have an emotion affair.

  3. I watched this show the first couple seasons.. Until I started to feel I was getting a clear picture of women who were miserable.
    After the past couple, I am sure of it.
    If the intention was to make us all see what a great thing polygamy is …? It has done the opposite.
    The women go through all the loneliness, pain and suffering that any wife who has a philandering, emotionally aloof, and hard to find husband would.
    Because its based on “relgion” the women feel its their duty to feel these things..
    Well.. This is a religion made by men FOR men.
    And from what I have seen..Its nothing short of demeaning and debilitating for women.
    I hope , if all this pain and suffering is real..That the three women would find freedom and a real partner in life of their own.
    Meri crying and apologizing to a cold and seemingly very aloof , disinterested “husband”.. Was as sad as watching any women who is desperately trying to please a man that simply doesn’t want her anymore..
    Very sad..
    And I have no desire to watch a show about the wrecking of three women’s emotional well being.

    1. Christine, Meri, Robyn, and Janelle couldn’t be happier and each feels blessed to be be a member of the family. The women feel fulfilled and equally loved by Kody. Life could not be better.

  4. Being ill advised by fans and trusting them plunged Meri into the situation of being threatened and horrendously abused by Samuel. Had fans on social media praised Kody in every way possible, told Meri how fortunate she really was to be spiritually married to such a truly great man, and encouraged her to realize that her life was perfect in all aspects, she wouldn’t have put the family in danger by her innocent and naïve act of answering one tweet and then being victimised brutally in an effort to protect the family. She barely survived and would not have if she hadn’t been such an incredibly strong woman. She was bitter that her fans would do this to her, but has forgiveness in her heart for those who so terribly wronged her.

    1. So… Let me get this straight…
      FANS TOLD Meri she was miserable??
      So Meri thought she was?
      Thats rich… ridiculous.
      The girl is miserable for the same reason any woman that is dealing with a cold, aloof, unattainable and philandering man would be miserable.
      We were never meant to take this kind of constant emotional abuse.. And the show has proven that polygamy is nothing, if not emotionally abusive to women.

      1. Kami, poor Meri was bombarded 24/7 on social media by her fans erroneously advising her to break free from a situation where they thought Kody had fallen head over heals in love with Robyn. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, Kody treats each of his wives equally which justifies his marriage to each wife. Meri fell for the lies of her fans and consequently had no alternative but to seek out a man online to assist in her escape. Robyn stepped in and saved Meri and the family and made Meri cut ties with the evil that intended to destroy the family. Now, thankfully, Meri listens only to Robyn and disregards anything negative that fans say on social media. Meri is innocent, the fans are guilty.

  5. maybe if the other women didn’t look like they JUST had babies, robyn wouldn’t be his favorite. do they ever try to look good? robyn at least tries and is the most attractive of the bunch, taking care of herself and her body.

    1. No. Robyn is the skinniest wife but not the most attractive. Skinny does not equal attractive. Christine is the prettiest wife.

    2. If you have been watching the show you would recall Robin has some kind of eating disorder. Something about her being crazy picky and struggles to eat properly. BTW, you are a DICK! (Oh, so you don’t make another wrong assumption, im not fat. Im a healthy 5 ft 4 and 125 lbs and I gave birth to two boys… just saying,)

  6. Excuse me, does anyone know how “Sam” has managed to remain on twitter? My account was suspended over a minor issue.

    1. It’s all part of the show. Lots of facts don’t add up and it’s getting too silly to even question. I like the show, but they are slowly losing me when they come up with this kind of stuff.

  7. Meri has survived an ordeal on par with violent torture and rape, she is a victim that was targeted to destroy the family. Cowering in fear, she obediently took photos as demanded, texted what she was ordered to text, and left voice mails reading from the script at she was forced to read from. It was Robyn who saved the family from destruction, making Meri tell Kody about the danger they were in. Meri has dedicated the rest of her life to helping other victims and spreading knowledge of the signs of abuse. Thinking her house had been bugged added another level to the terror. Meri is advocating that anyone on social media immediately contact professionals to have their dwelling electronically swept to find and destroy such monitoring devices to be safe. Meri is safe within her family, where she’s always wanted to be, surrounded by her former legal husband, his two spiritual wives and his legal wife. He, she, they: the cat fishing group can never catch her again and make her do what she never wanted to do. She is a strong woman and an innocent victim in all of this mishap.

    1. Isn’t this twitters responsibility? One day Meri is on there and says hello to someone, the next thing she knows is that she is being terrorized, abused and threatened. She’s forced to comply with vicious demands and do any sordid thing the catfisher can think of. After six months she was saved when Robyn taught Meri how to use the block function. It’s ironic that one click could have saved Meri from six months of abuse and anguish and victimization. Meri is still on twitter, so is the catfish. I’ll bet he’s looking for other victims who are unaware of the block function or how text messaging works. Meri has demonstrated strength as a woman clicking that block function and has become a hero to victims of abuse everywhere. Thanks Robyn!

      1. The real hero in all this is indeed Robyn, she stepped in and rescued the production, the family, and Meri. Sammy was no match for Robyn, she quickly and effectively turned the tables on the bad person/people who tried to harm her beloved family and show. Kody is blessed to have a wonderful woman, Robyn, standing guard at his side. Robyn is the epitome of what a true soul mate should be. Robyn is young, energetic, sexy and jaw droppingly beautiful inside and out. She’s a born leader and protector, Sammy didn’t stand a chance against Robyn, once Meri informed Robyn of her struggle to save the family and the abuse she was suffering. Robyn made everything right again.

        1. Is this a little game you are playing Sally, to praise Robyn in such a sarcastic manner, so people attack her character and make ratings for the show go up? You can give it up, no one is falling for your game anymore. Nice try.

    2. I don’t buy it! Sounds like a movie! Like this Sam character pulled some smooth ninja moves and got into her home… or better yet used his cartel connections to do his dirty work…..?!?!?! (Obviously I am being VERY sarcastic, but you get the drift. “Scary resourceful Sam…) Sorry, don’t buy it…. Besides, unless you are very not smart,, you go to the cops ASAP! You wouldn’t handle a terrorist yourself!! I think she was told to say it happened the way she is saying because she has been too to; for whatever reason…

  8. the show is contrived for the cameras, a lot is fake and manufactured for the show, The show needs to be cancelled. If Sam were really a man, he would have surfaced, it’s some gross pig from OK pretending to be a woman, and the catfish is just looking for attention and money.

  9. I have a question I see in your articles that you warn about not believing the “man” who catfished Meri. Even using the term catfish at the end of this article. So on this site it would seem you have doubts that “Sam” is who “he” says he is yet I have noticed on Twitter you are communicating with him as if he is real as well as leaving comments on his blog that seem to echo off they same feelings. I will be honest I don’t believe “Sam” mainly from their own slip ups. I believe Meri is holding back some of her story as well as responsibility but her behavior is common for those who have been catfished. I know because I too fell for a “man” who ended up being a woman. I did many of the same foolish things Meri did. I hold responsibility for my part for sure but I am a victim of someone manipulating majorly in the relationship. If you have changed your mind may I ask why?? I have always also been the first to say I will publicly take back anything I have ever said about “sam” and apologize if I am proven wrong. Right now their “pics” that can be doctored as well as everything else has shown nothing. There is not one pic of Meri and “Sam” together besides a face time one that can be doctored. I in fact took the same one and did so with a face time with Elmo to prove that to someone. So please if you have some info that we do not know share. Jackie Overton is a real person who has Catfished many. She deserves to be stopped. At this point “Lindz” as well as “Sam” point to being Jackie but if it is not then people should stop saying such. If you had new info that may be what is needed. Till then people will keep trying to stop “sam” from having the change to manipulate someone else. Sorry so long I talk to much lol!

    1. TLC should offer up some time and cash, for this person to come on tv and talk..
      That should solve the issue once and for all.
      Otherwise, I think its all manufactured crap. On both sides.

      1. Meri’s side is 100% truth while the other side is 100% lies. Meri told her truth on the show, there is no reason for the other ever to be on TV. I don’t see your point, Kami and believe you have some very mistaken and wrong views. Sorry if I am a little harsh with you, but its a very emotional subject. Please be understanding.

  10. I thought the person who was catfishing Mary might have been sobbing Robin’s x-husband or someone he knows. Doing this for Robin. I just dont trust that chick. She’s like a cancer in that family. Kody is such an a##. Janelle is classy. Christine needs therapy and Meri just needs to go find happiness. Robin has the “prize”(?)

    1. People are quick to blame Robin for being the “favorite” wife. Kody is the one that decided to have multiple wives and it’s his responsibility to make sure they all have his love and attention. He hasn’t even tried to do that since he married Robin. It’s like he doesn’t care if he makes it obvious that she is his favorite. It’s not Robin’s fault, it’s his.

  11. I think the most surprising admission was Mariah having a change of heart about being a polygamist. That girl was always so supportive of plural marriage and spoke highly of it until this whole thing with her mother happened. That just shows you right there how unhappy Meri is.

    1. I saw it as Mariah is truly, really, actually, and deeply in love now with her fiance, and once you experience that type of real intense love, a sane woman cannot fathom another woman screwing your husband. I think Mariah admitting that is a fantastic sign that girl will be nornal and okay.

  12. Janelle requires help picking out appropriate clothing and practical footwear. Robyn dry cries more than needs be. Christine, come on girl, praise self more. Meri’s posse see selves in two places at once. Kody needs pitchers to get it.

  13. Oh my…the captions to the pictures had me rolling on the floor!! They are perfect. I was disappointed in this “tell-all”. Kody cried over the adoption of the kids (which is wonderful) but not over the fact that he would lose a wife…man he is messed up. This whole family is.

    1. If he wasn’t into polygamy.. He would more than likely have divorced , moved on and married this Robyn..
      This is what happens when you live the life of sanctioned adultery ..
      The women went all in, and now they are sitting back watching this guy all giddy and caught up in his “new” wife.
      But this kind of guy will fall in love again..
      He has a religion that sanctions this kind of thing..
      Only difference here are the brain washed women..Other women leave and remarry..NOT so here! :”(

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