Gwen Stefani Declares Her Love For New Boyfriend Blake Shelton on ‘The Voice’ Red Carpet

"In your face, Gavin!"
“In your face, Gavin!”
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’re probably well aware that Gwen Stefani is currently dating Blake Shelton, her fellow coach on The Voice. Since the couple confirmed their relationship earlier this month, they have done little to hide their affection for each other, even during work hours.

(For the record, The Ashley is still unsure how she feels about the Gwen/Blake pairing.)

Anyway, the coaches of ‘The Voice’ walked the red carpet at Universal Studios last night, before heading in to tape the Top 11 show live. For their stroll down the red carpet, the show’s production team decided to pair Gwen with fellow coach Adam Levine instead of her new boo Blake, but that did little to prevent nearly every reporter from asking Gwen about her new romance.

Gwen seemed reluctant to talk about her boyfriend Blake (and kept trying to steer the questions back to Team Gwen), but eventually she just couldn’t help but talk about her man, as evident in the adorable Instagram video below.

A reporter from Entertainment Tonight is shown asking Adam Levine about Blake.

“Blake’s just my buddy,” Adam says. “I’m just kidding, I love you Blake, kinda, ish.”

Gwen pops her head into the camera’s frame to proclaim, “I love you too, Blake…ish!”

Um…yeah, adorable.

Watch the cute clip below!

(Photo: NBC Twitter)


  1. I really like Gwen…have ever since her No Doubt Tragic Kingdom days…but this relationship seems a little desperate for both of them. Gwen is for sure on a rebound after being with Gavin for almost 2 decades, and Blake for getting out of his relationship.

  2. These two will never make it. And she’s 7 yrs older than he is – she’s 46 years old – and too old to be acting all “love you too..ish!” Not to mention the fact that he’s a serial cheater. Yuck.

    1. I am 8 years older than my husband and we have been together for 15 years. I think Gwen and Blake are cute together. Not sure how Blake feels about a long-term relationship that comes with 3 kids, though….we shall see.

      1. I was thinking he probably didn’t want kids, maybe that’s why he broke up with his wife? I couldn’t imagine her not wanting children, but I honestly don’t know anything about her. If Gwen already has kids, and is also a bit older, she’s not going to be interested in any more. So that’s probably a plus for him. Not saying that if they get SERIOUS, he wouldn’t be involved with her kids, but they already have a mom and a dad, he wouldn’t need to be a father to any of his own children. Maybe he sees it as a plus. Also, she looks the same age, if not younger than Blake. So what does it matteR?

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