‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Corey & Miranda Simms Welcome Daughter Remi Home from Hospital

Baby Remi is home!
Baby Remi is home!

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks for Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms and his wife Miranda, but the couple had a lot to be thankful for yesterday as they celebrated Thanksgiving– their newborn daughter finally came home from the hospital!

The couple was surprised on November 8 when Miranda went into labor, despite being eight weeks from her due date. When Corey and Miranda welcomed their daughter Remington Monroe later that day, she weighed in at 4 lbs. 11 oz. at birth. Baby Remi had been in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) since her birth.

In the last few days, however, Baby Remi was determined to be strong enough to leave the hospital, and was home in time to celebrate her first Thanksgiving with her parents, as well as Corey’s twin daughters Ali and Aleeah!

The couple, who recently gained full primary custody of the twins, posed for a family photo with all three of Corey’s daughters yesterday. Corey’s father, Jeff Simms, later posted a few photos of the Simms family Thanksgiving, one of which showed Ali reading to her tiny little sister Remi.

It appears that the twins also spent some time with their mother, Leah Messer, on Thanksgiving. Leah’s sister, Victoria, posted photos of the twins celebrating with the Messer family yesterday.

Things between Leah and Corey are still not good. A recent report stated that Leah believed Corey and Miranda had doctored the twins’ school attendance records to make her look like an unfit mother who couldn’t get her kids to school on time.

“Leah is convinced Corey and Miranda persuaded a school employee to mark them tardy,” a source recently told Radar Online, adding that Corey allegedly has friends in the school’s faculty.

The Ashley has been unable to confirm or dispel this rumor. However, The Ashley has heard through the grapevine that it was likely Leah or someone in her family that sold this particular story to Radar. She cannot confirm this, however.

Anyway, Baby Remi is now 19 days old and appears to be doing great. Jeff Simms  recently told a fan on his Instagram that Remi “has some of her mommy’s features but I agree she looks like Corey and Aliannah.”

(Photo: Facebook)

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  1. Regarding, Cory’s awesomely HOT beard (not!), could he be participating in No Shave November? Or is that just Leah…lol.

    No, seriously? Leah is an attractive young woman (to whomever called her “ugly”). My only recommendation is that she leave that hair be! No frying, no dying and no ironing. And as Jeremy would say with regard to the more natural look, “It’s better than that purple crap!” 😀

  2. “Remington Microshave…shaves as close as a blade or your money back!”

    I just had to..if you are at least 30, you might remember this commercial. LOL

  3. Congratulations to them and happy she is home. He needs to stop having children though this is the second birth that had issues. I feel like he is playing russian roulette I think you see love all time in their pictures I cannot say the same with Leah’s its more look at me

    1. Miranda always looks great. Leah, however, is and always has been ugly as sin, both inside and out. Yuk. Don’t know WTF Corey was thinking.

  4. I love poppa jeff. His instagram is chock full of pics of the corey, miranda, joetta, and himself doing things with the girls. Unlike leah, her instagram is just hey pose for this fake picture so I look like a good mom….now go back to torturing the cat and breaking the willchair while I be a sleepy head!!

    1. Yes he looks like Captain Caveman lol.And underneath that beard is really a very handsome young man,why the hiding behind that santaclaus beard?;-)

  5. I would like to see Corey with a close, trimmed up beard. That full beard doesn’t do him justice. Happy that Remi is home

  6. Beautiful photo and hope that now they can settle down and the three kids can have some normal family life with no drama. What the heck is the orange thing on the baby’s head though?

    1. It looks like a bow from the top of a gift. Although I can’t really zoom in close enough because it gets too blurry to see clearly, so I may be wrong

  7. They will be sending the twins back shortly… They are a handful with their mother so I know Corey and step mom is getting it bad…School records were proven wrong… Can’t hurt and expect good things to happen..

    1. So how exactly were the school records proven wrong? Last time I checked, an “anonymous” source on a gossip website isn’t proof. The only person who is paying for the pain they’ve caused is Lieah, and rightfully so. Her bad decisions are why she has ended up where she is now. Those bad decisions are her responsibility and hers alone. Too bad she seems incapable of admitting her wrongs and taking responsibility for her actions. It’s the only way she will be able to be a good mom to her kids. The twins are lucky to have a step mom that cares enough to try her best top make up for Lieah’s shortcomings and be the mother those twins desperately need. Lieah should be on her knees thanking that woman.

  8. I can’t believe Miranda stayed with Corey after he cheated on her. What a doormat! Hopefully it won’t affect the girls.

    1. Running to get a divorce would be the easy way out.. Some people believe fighting for their marriage before running to get a divorce. Doesn’t make them a doormat. And has nothing to do with this article so why even bring up something negative?

          1. “According to Leah”? You might as well say, “according to the fairies at the bottom of the garden.”
            PLUS, Leah was also married 2 years ago. The little skank.

      1. leaving your husband when he cheats on your two months after your marriage with his ex is NOT running for divorce. jeez

    2. definitely see both sides….on one hand she looks like a “doormat” for choosing to stay with him… but on the other hand Miranda has clearly she’s put the kibosh on whatever Corey and Leah had, so I can see why she decided to stay….Corey seems like he’s going to definitely steer clear of his delusional nut bag ex wife’s vagina and any one else for that matter.

    3. i dont think she’s a doormat but i wonder wtf she is thinking staying with him. he cheated TWO MONTHS after they got married! they should still be on cloud 9 honeymoon stage. i find it very hard to believe that was the first or only time it happened as well.

    4. I just wonder if it crossed Corey’s mind that the main reason he and Leah split was because she and Robbie (Fisher) or whatever his name is screwed around. Corey should know better. And Leah, well she has pretty much shown her true colors on fidelity.

      1. OK well nothing beats SPURGEON. Lol. Poor Purge..oops, I mean Spurge. Such a cruel cruel world. Some fates are worse then being dubbed a Kaiser bun. :'(

  9. Love how Leah is blaming everyone except herself for looking like a shitty mom lol
    Off topic Ashley is their anyway you can do some snooping and talk to some sources and see if Chelsea Houska has had lip injections on her upper lip? She definitely didn’t over do it like jenelle but I think she definitely did do something. Look at her older pic of her wearing those big black feather earring and how her lips look now when she smiles.

    1. Nothing wrong with it, but it looks like she’s had her boobs done too. Babies do a number on a young woman’s chest and she should be flat chested with the amount of cross fit training she does.

      1. I don’t know about that… I work out for an hour and a half, 5 days a week, on 3 or 4 different machines, I’ve given birth to 2 children, I’m 6 months off my 40th birthday and my boobs are a definite C. I actually think Chelsea had a decent sized pair in past seasons or maybe she wears really good bras?

    2. If she has, I hope she doesn’t end up going overboard with the plastic surgery like Jenelle and Farrah. She is gorgeous and it would be a shame if she ruined her face with injections and fillers. Jenelle and Farrah now look like they came straight out of uncanny valley

    1. If your response is towards me, when and where did I write I wanted a medal? Everyone who views this article or comments “cares” what the girls are up to, so get off your high horse. Funny how if this was any other teen mom, people would bash them right away.

      1. High horse?? Use your words correctly. You are a funny little Teen Mom groupie. Talking about everyone cares…. Oh okay. Take care and keep watching Teen Mom!

        1. Enin? I get it..some people are more interested in the show than others but….we’re all here. Writing on the wall. About Teen Mom or something relative to it. Even you. So this begs the question…. Why are you here?? Writing on the comment page for Teen Mom in response to someone else’s comment about (wait for it..) TEEN MOM?! 🙂

        1. Seriously!! It happened to me and my fingers are small. I have to enlarge the page.. But talk of karma being a b**** and hell? Yikes! Lol.

      1. I swear Leah and her family troll this site and down vote anything positive about Corey or Miranda. I think they also make up screen names and comment support for Leah because usually the comments defending or praising Leah use the same poor grammar and sound exactly how they speak.

      2. My God, a down vote! How will Celine, or baby Remi for that matter, ever recover from this??

        Seriously, are you really that upset simply because somone clicked on a thumbs down? Give me a break. Someone needs to pop that little bubble of rainbows and lollipops that you seem to live in.

      3. If you believe in Hell you don’t have to worry about Karma because that’s a concept from a totally different religion.

  10. Good for them. But I’m all honesty I’m done with both teen mom franchisez. I hope Carey and Mirada didn’t sign up for a new season. If they did I’m gonna be pretty disappointed in both of them.

    1. I think he’s stuck in his contract. I think Him, Miranda and their family,Adam and maybe Chelsea are done with the show. The rest enjoy the fame and money too much to quit.

      1. Just wondering… If Corey is able to not do another season, I’m guessing he won’t want the twins on the show, either. So, what will the point of Leah be? Actually, what is the point of Leah, period.

    2. Who is Carey and Mirada? Ohhhhhh, maybe new cast members. Wonder if they will get along with the cast, like Corey and Miranda?

    1. It was AMAZING to see the girls in many pictures with their hair brushed.

      Only with jeff or corey do those kids look like they have been bathed and hair brushed.

      The rest of the time they look like homeless kids

  11. I love seeing the girls now that corey has custody.it’s the little things like seeing them with decent clothes on and hair brushed and there smiling and I bet there even being fed actual food at coreys house oh and I bet they had no idea what to do waking up the first couple of days to parents who were up befor them on time and had breakfast ready and leaving the house in a clean car and actually sitting in there school seats befor the bell rings and not coming in half way threw the day ….
    Oh I’m so happy for them

    1. It was probably disorienting for a few days. “Wait-so I just wake up and get eggs? Yeah, crawling onto the counter to shove whatever’s available into the toaster while mommy’s a sleepyhead is kind of my ‘me time'”.

    2. Exactly! Those kids are finally being cared for properly for the first time in years. When Lieah first lost custody, she started talking about Aleeah wanting to run away, as if it made Corey and Miranda bad parents. She is too ignorant and oblivious to understand that Aleeah didn’t want to run away because of bad parenting, she wanted to run away because for the first time she’s experiencing structure and discipline. She’s no longer allowed to run around and behave however she wants. She finally has rules to follow and now she actually has consequences for her misbehavior. No kid likes being punished, so she wanted to go back to an environment where there are no rules and no consequences

      1. I agree with what you’re saying, but how do we even know it’s true that Aleeah wanted to run away? We only have Leah’s word for it and she’s a frigging liar.

        1. She definitely could be lying (her constant lying is why I refer to her as Lieah) about it. My comment was meant to be more like ‘if this is true, this is my opinion about it’ type thing. Although I do think there is a good chance that Aleeah has had a very tough time adjusting to her new environment because Lieah let her behave however she wanted to

      2. I highly doubt Aleeah wants to run away.Corey and miranda actually pay attention to her and show her love.
        Leah totally favors ali.It’s painfully obvious and sad.
        Leah has also spanked Aleeah and disciplined her when she acts out for attention since she is completley ignored.I have seen her do the same to addy,but never ali when ali acts out.
        Leah does not even try to hide her favortism.
        If aleeah wants to run away then it ain’t from corey and miranda.

    3. Fortunately you live with them and are able to provide a play by play of their perfectly flawless day!

  12. Miranda looks really good and happy. The girls also look very taken care of. This is the stability Corey has been trying to get for them. Leah is delusional.. I’m pretty sure the teacher can confirm tardy or not. I highly doubt that anyone would risk their job to doctor records. Leah, just accept that you’ve messed up pretty bad and try to change for the better. Selling all these stories will only come back to bite you in the ass when your girls get old enough to read and see this dirt splashed across the tabloids. I am team Miranda 100%. To all the rude people who are lowering themselves to defend a drug addicted reality “star”, the first few months of postpartum are hard. Please think about if she was your sister or family member. Having a preemie and trying to avoid post partum depression might be hard with all the negativity. Just please keep that in mind before bashing a new mom.

    1. Do you really know Corey or are you stating what you think is true. Leah is a great mother and having a special needs child is a lot of work. Plus she proved that she never did drugs so get your facts straight before you start putting someone down. Team Leah 110%

      1. Assuming I know Corey is as ridiculous as me saying you’re Leah trolling articles about yourself. I am happy for the girls and hope Miranda is doing okay. As far as proving she didn’t do drugs, it’s not hard to pass a drug test when you know ahead of time. Plus, Leah needs to stop using Ali’s disability as a crutch. Ali hears it and I can’t imagine how it makes her feel. I don’t care about Leah. I care about the girls. I was defending Miranda since everyone else wants to bash her for wanting the girls to be safe and stable. Having herself and her baby threatened and death wished upon them is beyond absurd. That is an innocent baby. I don’t have to listen to your “facts”. Almost dropping a baby on national tv because you can’t even open your eyes is a big clue. Plus where are her pupils 99% of the time? That’s the facts I can SEE with my own eyes.

      2. @angelena stibbs, do you know Leah? This is not a game, it’s very serious, therefore there are no teams, grow up!

      3. I’m the parent of a “special needs” child. He’s been late to school a total of ONE time, ever, this year. His senior year. Only because our neighborhood had a rolling blackout and his alarm didn’t go off. And yet, he still was only 15 minutes late.

        Leah is a very bad liar. Worse, she’s a delusional nut job.

        I’m glad those kids are living in a safe and stable environment now.

        1. Please put the child before the disability when referencing him or her in conversation (i.e. child with special needs, child with autism/depression, etc.). Just a friendly reminder:)

      4. It’s easy to pass a drug test when you are PRESCRIBED the DRUG! It’s funny that you told Recap Junkie to get the facts straight when YOU DIDN’T! YOU LOOK LIKE A DAMN JACKASS NOW!

        1. Misty seems to be taking the comments on this site very personally. It’s okay Misty, no need to get so upset at a bunch of people that you don’t know and will never talk to beyond this website.

      5. I agree with some of your main points. Looks like we are the minority here! Lol. Check out my comments below. Honestly, I wish them ALL the best including Leah, as that is what is in the best interest of the children! 🙂

    2. You took the words right out of my mouth!! It is so nice to find a website where a majority of the posters aren’t hell bent on defending Leah’s every move. Instagram is full of Leah enablers who troll the TM pages waiting to pounce on anyone who says anything remotely anti-Leah and/or wait to make awful comments about Miranda and Corey for “taking the girls from Leah” (like a Judge and evidence of bad parenting behaviours had nothing to do with the change in custody?!). To all those who still feel the need to defend Leah and her poor choices, Leah and her family need to realize how lucky those girls are to have a father and step-mother who love them enough to keep them clean, rested, nourished, loved, and safe, and Leah needs to be grateful that she still gets them on weekends. If she wasn’t a quasi-celebrity, her access would have been cut down to supervised visitation at best and she clearly has no clue how custody situations are determined if she thinks that asking the school to remove absences and tardy’s from the girl’s records will be enough to convince a Judge that they belong with her. Those girls are going to remain with Corey and Miranda until there is a significant change in circumstances and/or Corey agrees to split custody 50/50 with Leah because the Courts are concerned with one thing, “the best interest of the child” principle.

      1. If you want to lose all hope for humanity,read the idiots defending Leah and Jenelle on Facebook. When you click on their profiles, their staunchest defender’s all have profiles stating they’re parents, too.

        It makes me weep for the future my son will have to live in.

        1. Oooh, don’t even get me started! I had to leave a couple of groups because those brain-dead losers get personal when you tell them the truth.

    3. Leah was once a very capable mother, especially when it came to meeting Ali’s unique needs. She has always loved her kids. The drastic changes came following her own battle with post partum depression after the birth of her 3rd child, Addie. I am in agreement that the children were better off placed with the Simms, however let us not forget that Leah also suffered from the same malady and at the very least, deserves not to be subjected to ruthless online bullying. Both young mothers deserve respect.

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