New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season Gets a Premiere Date: Watch the First Trailer!

"I said I wanted my plastic vaginas on display in every scene, peasant!"
“I said I wanted my plastic vaginas on display in every scene, peasant!”
The new Teen Mom OG trailer has just been released by MTV! The Ashley told you months ago that Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell would be coming back to your TV screens in the form of a new ‘OG’ season, but MTV only confirmed it last week. Today, the network announced that new episodes (in the form of a Season 5B) will start airing on Monday, January 4!

From what we can gather from watching the first trailer, the upcoming season will be intense. Amber prepares to battle her ex, Gary Shirley, for custody of their daughter, Leah, while Catelynn prepares to marry her looooongtime boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra. (The couple tied the knot back in August with MTV cameras rolling.)

It appears that Catelynn’s family is worried about her health.

“Is she going through some kind of post-partum?” Tyler’s mother, Kim, asks of Catelynn, who gave birth to daughter Nova in January.

Over in Tennessee, it appears that Maci is making it no secret that she wants to get hitched to boyfriend Taylor McKinney.

“I want to be his wife,” Maci says of Taylor. “Make me your wife!”

Meanwhile, things appear to be the same over in FarrahLand. She’s still screaming at her mom, Debra Danielson, and everyone is still crying. As The Ashley has previously told you, Farrah is still treating the ‘Teen Mom OG’ crew like crap.

“I don’t need to be part of this trashy ass show anymore!” Farrah is shown screaming at a show producer. “I make millions of dollars doing other s**t!”

Yes….such as this….

Oh, and it appears that Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, has picked up some of her mother’s bad attitude. In one part of the trailer, she is shown chucking a beach ball at her Grandma’s freshly Botoxed face, yelling, “I am mad at you!”

Watch the new trailer below:

Official Trailer: The OGs are BACK!

New episodes begin in ONE MONTH.

Posted by Teen Mom on Monday, December 7, 2015

Anyway, The Ashley will be recapping the new ‘Teen Mom OG’ season starting on January 4! To catch up on her recaps of last season’s episodes, click here.

To find out what else may be covered in ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B, click here!

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  1. Did you see how Sophia is covering her ears when Farrah and her mother are arguing? Terrible 🙁

  2. I am at a point where I feel sorry for Farrah. I think she has suffered severe abuse in her past from either her parents and/or another person and it f*cked her up. I also think being on this show has made her mental state worse. If you look at the first season of Teen Mom, her attitude wasn’t half as bad as it is now. Her parents were also a lot different back then. Her mom was very controlling and remember the police incident when she hit Farrah in the face? Her mom acts innocent now but I think before the show, the family dynamic was very different.

  3. I loathe how I watch this show and can’t seem to stop. I’m constantly in a schism regarding the moms. I WANT to see them succeed. I want to like them. But their choices drive me nuts.
    Amber- I want to see her sober. I am so glad she was able to turn her life around after prison. But then instead of getting a job, or continuing education she jumps into a relationship with a fellow recovering addict while lounging on her couch. While I believe she should be able to spend time with Leah, I don’t think it is in Leah’s best interest for her to be the primary parent. Someone mentioned it earlier, Gary is a disgusting douche canoe but he’s been the primary parent for most of Leah’s life.

    Maci: lived in a party house with friends for a while with Bently with beer everywhere. Took years to finish a two year degree. Meanwhile casts judgement on Farrah and pumps Bently for information about Ryan.

    Farrah: has obvious mental health issues. Is a rude, selfish and generally horrible person.

    Caitlyn: I don’t really have an issue with her. I would like her to seek an education, for Novas sake. A part of me believes that if they hadn’t given up Carley for adoption, they wouldn’t be together. They stayed together to fill that hole.

    I guess my main complaint is that these women are being awarded opportunities and money for being on this show, yet have not shown a lot of advancement. I wouldn’t say it’s a complete case of arrested development (with the exception of Farrah), but they seem to have little higher education or skills.

    Whew! Had to get it all out. Lol

    1. @Kristen , I know how you feel, every season I say I am not watching it anymore. Somehow I just can’t stop though. I have gotten to the point where I am so disgusted with these girls. They act as if they are better than everyone and never take any responsibility for themselves. So as I say, that I will not be watching this season, I hope I actually mean it this time.

      1. Hahah same! I think I’ll stick with reading recaps just to wean myself off.
        There’s such a lack of personal growth and self awareness that drives me bonkers.

  4. Farrah has NO class! She is teaching her daughter to be a monster. I had hope for Sophia, but sadly I think that ship has sailed. She will be either just like Farrah or worse…shudder the thought.

    1. News flash for trashy Farrah….Karma is a B##TCH. Sophia is going to give her a taste of what Debra put up with. If I ever yelled at my mother the way she does Debra; my mom would have knocked me in to kingdom come!! No respect.

      1. Farrah is not so much a cautionary tale for teens, but rather she is a warning to the parents of (future) teens. If you show your love by giving your kids stuff and permit them to treat you poorly, they won’t be functional happy adults. Taking the time to get your own act together and discipline your children with thoughtfulness and compassion is priceless. Farrah will forever be trying to fill a void not fillable with plastic surgery, fame, or lavish living.
        On one hand I find Farrah repugnant in nearly every way. On the other, it is hard to loathe her completely because she seems so pitiful.

  5. I’m pretty sure Farrah is not as well off as she claims to be. If she really made “millions of dollars doing other s**t” then she wouldn’t be on said “trashy-ass tv show”. She needs this show to be a reality “star” so she can be on other shows about reality “stars”.
    I don’t think Amber should get primary custody. Yes, she’s Leah’s mother, but that doesn’t mean she’s capable of caring for Leah. If it was Gary (or anyone else) who came back from prison and not working a program for his addictions, moved another addict in who is not working their program, and simply not doing anything to better himself- no one would be saying he should gain custody back. Gary may be an ass, but he really does seem to have Leah’s best interests in mind and truly care about her well-being. He may be a crummy person, but he appears to be a good father.

    1. On Farrah, possibly. Although I also believe she’s an attention wh0re and money may have nothing to do with it either way. I agree with you on the Amber stuff, though I hope maybe they can slowly add back in some more custody for her sanity’s sake.

  6. Sometimes I feel bad for Farrah. The bitch is so crazy and she doesn’t even realize it:( How can one be so delusional

  7. Oh Farrah, I see she’ll showcase her best behaviour. This coming season might not be the snoozefest we all expect it to be…Shocker!!!

  8. Why yes Farrah you certainly are one dumb, twisted mf-er! Aaaaaaaaarrgh! She disgusts me! Anyone catch Sophia covering her ears while Farrah and Debra are arguing???

    1. Yes! The whole time I was thinking she must do that often “….time to cover my ears again so mommy can scream at mamaw!”

      When a kid does that, and this just goes to show how horrible Farrah’s parenting is, a kid wants you to STOP yelling. STOP arguing. They’re tired of hearing it and with her, she probably hears it all the time.

      Instead, Farrah puts Sophia in the middle of this every chance she gets while putting herself out to be the victim so Sophia will always be mad at Debra, too. You see how she throws the ball at her and claims she’s now mad at her. It’s awful.

      One day, Sophia is going to grow up and put her through a lot of hell….and Farrah is going to see for herself what she put her own mother through. Sophia won’t know any better, because she will only be imitating what she has seen all her life. Then again, knowing Farrah, she seems like she would 100% be the type of parent that would be more like a BFF-4-EVA to her daughter instead of a parent when she gets older. Either way, it’s not going to be a good outcome. It’s just sad to sit and watch it all.

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