‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Season 4 Premiere Recap: Meet the Couples

"Watch us fight on camera!"
“Watch us fight on camera!”

By Holly Rasmussen

If you love shows full of manufactured drama and C-listers desperately clinging to their 15 minutes of fame, you’re in luck—WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is back! This season has quite a cast of characters; some people that we know well, and some people that we can barely remember.

The first couple we meet are Benzino and Althea from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. They apparently have a volatile relationship.

"If we do this show we won't have to get real jobs for at least another year."
“If we do this show we won’t have to get real jobs for at least another year.”

Next we meet Sean and Catherine Lowe, who met and married on The Bachelor. Sean says their problem is that they “speak two different languages” and that they don’t know how to argue in a healthy way. They walk in and try to say hi to Althea and Benzino, but Benzino and Althea are too busy arguing to acknowledge them. The next BootCamper we meet is Sarah Oliver who says she’s known as the “bootylicious blonde bombshell from Bad Girls Club.” She has her tattoo artist boyfriend “Inkman” with her. Sarah said they’re in an open relationship and she’s not happy with it. Inkman said his problem is “the bitches.”

"Why you gotta deny me extra bitches?"
“Why you gotta deny me extra bitches?”

I mean, isn’t that everyone’s problem? “She brings me girls and we have fun,” Inkman says. Sooo..that’s your problem? The threesomes? Then comes Sundy Carter and Cedric. You might remember Sundy from Basketball Wives: L.A. Sundy says they were married but got divorced because of her infidelity. She had another child with a married man while in a relationship with Cedric, naturally. “Right now it’s just a friendship, but I would consider marriage again,” Sundy says of her relationship with Cedric.

"'Member me, Benzino?"
“‘Member me, Benzino?”

To make things even more dramatic, apparently Sundy and Benzino used to bone! Yesss! Benzino says he doesn’t know if Cedric knows about their relationship, but something tells us that producers will make damn sure to take care of that task.

Finally…the last couple arrives….it’s Mama June Shannon from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and her boyfriend, Sugar Bear Thompson. You may recall that last year Mama June was caught spending time with the man who was convicted of molesting her daughter. Mama June says she was “just friends” with the man. This is some Dr. Phil level stuff.

The therapists probably can’t believe their luck with this pair. Mama June says they’re here because she thinks Sugar Bear has been cheating.


For some reason Catherine is excited.

“I am such a fan of both of them,” she says.

Just think: actual people devoted their whole day to sitting in the audience for this.
Just think: actual people devoted their whole day to sitting in the audience for this.

The therapist come in and make the couples play some weird version of “The Newlyweds Game.” Mama June reveals during this weird game that she has fallen out of love with Sugar Bear. Sundy reveals that she thinks Cedric loves her more than she loves him. “I want to commit to the right person, but the right person hasn’t come along yet,” Sundy says. The therapist realize they have their work cut out for them.

"Don't touch anything in here, Catherine! We're totally sanitizing after this session!"
“Don’t touch anything in here, Catherine! We’re totally sanitizing after this session!”

Sean and Catherine obviously think they’re better than everyone on this show.

“They’re a lot different from me and Catherine,” Sean says.

“Honestly, it’s like I don’t really care about anyone else’s relationship, you know.” Catherine says.

We know, Catherine. You only care about you, your husband, and your ability to hawk products on Instagram in lieu of getting a real job.

"Can I be on the show again?"
“Can I be on the show again?”

Sean tells the therapist  that he “doesn’t want to be associated” with the other cast members when they “talk about threesomes and dropping f bombs.” He says they’re really uncomfortable.

The therapist says if he wants to leave, he can. Of course he doesn’t. He needs that reality TV paycheck!

Next week, they bring Judge Toler from TV’s Divorce Court in to let the couples know what she thinks. Even though no one actually cares what she thinks, it should make for interesting TV.

Until next week….

(Photos: WEtv)


  1. I agree Kate. That woman with Cedric was laughable. I’m guessing he could love somebody better than he loves her too. Who needs to be loved less by a cheating wanna be husband stealer. And those other unknown to me couples were just trashy. The childish less than intelligent banter and screaming was out of order and misplaced in a couples’ therapy environment. I also agree that Cat most likely enjoys watching the boo boo family rather than actually liking them as individuals with whom they would associate. The worst part of the two episodes for me has been the arguing among the unknowns. It’s like being trapped in an airplane with a wailing child. I have to fast forward through parts.

  2. sean and catherine say all the time how they’re not interested in money or fame, and that reality tv wrongfully portrayed them (like when they said celeb wife swap did them wrong), then they sign up for another show! which is it? they said, we’re great in our marriage, we just wanted to make sure we were perfect before having kids. translation: we’re here for the extra 50 grand in the bank. they said wife swap had sean write to do list for cat and made him look bad. um, if the producers ask u to write a list and put it on the fridge, and film u doing it, why would u think u’d be portrayed as anything other than a dude who leaves his housewife to do lists? why not say no, not doing that or people will think that? too much common sense i guess. and catherine is so fake saying she’s a huge fan of mama june, bitch please! she probably thinks they’re the nastiest people she’s ever seen, why the hell lie to that extent? so ready for the divorce, please, before u have kids, just admit the ruse and give it up. i don’t know any of the other 3 couples, but i’ve seen/heard about all i care to. why the hell would cedric have anything to do with sundy at all after she said she hasn’t met the one and doesn’t love him as much as he loves her, or, after the whole baby with a married guy thing. jeez, doormat much? she and the other two couples are just skanks, including the men in the couples lol. benzo, ink, sarah and althea, all Skanks, crawl back under in your hole until you can learn how to act in public because that little display was disgusting, all.

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