Jenelle Evans Freaks Out, Announces She’s Quitting ‘Teen Mom 2’ Over Ex Nathan Griffith


By Holly Rasmussen and The Ashley

Well Juh-nelle! We see ya freakin’ out on the Internet again!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans appeared to have an online mental breakdown on Friday, tweeting and deleting with such fury that the show’s fans would swear it was 2013 again! (Who could forget Jenelle’s classic tweet-and-delete sprees during the Courtland Rogers marriage days. Ah, memories…)

Anyway, it all began when a weird new website posted that the mother-of-two’s most recent ex-fiancé and baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, is engaged to his girlfriend Jessica Henry

(The site seems to be affiliated with Jenelle in some way, so The Ashley has not posted the link.)

“We were SHOCKED to see new photos, posted by Nathan, to his Facebook page!” the site posted. “In what looks like a romantic dinner on the water for two, Nathan and Jessica are seen posing for a series of photos in which Jessica is clearly showing off a huge rock on her ring finger.”

Believing the news to be true, Jenelle went nuts. She claimed that she was quitting ‘Teen Mom 2’ because Nathan and Jessica had been allowed to film with MTV.

She tweeted several tweets to Nathan including, “Well keep on doing that and filming with MTV…like you guys have been. Attention seeker. I’m done with the show.”

Jenelle calling someone else an attention seeker? Now that’s rich!

She followed that up with, “Isn’t Teen Mom supposed to be about being a teen parent? I’m confused, the focus seems like it has shifted.”

Oh, it’s definitely shifted, considering all of the girls are in their mid-twenties now and two of the four don’t have custody of their kids!

She finally tweeted one last farewell to Nate.

“You two can go have your own now,” she wrote.

(We’re assuming she means that Nate and Jessica can have their own show. Hopefully, she doesn’t mean they can have their own kid! Nathan already has two kids he barely takes care of; he doesn’t need any more.)

Anyway, this “tale as old as time” is just the latest in the saga of Nathan and Jenelle. As you may recall, Nathan and Jenelle got engaged last season on ‘Teen Mom 2’ after the birth of their son, Kaiser, but their relationship didn’t last long. Nathan dumped Jenelle for his new “fitness model” girlfriend Jessica and Jenelle was devastated… for about a minute. She quickly moved on to soul mate number six, David Eason.

"If you're so happy wif ya new booooyfriend, why do ya care what Nathan does, Juh-nelle?!"
“If you’re so happy wif ya new booooyfriend, why do ya care what Nathan does, Juh-nelle?!”

While Jenelle was tweeting all of this, she must have forgotten how “happy” she is. She’s been tweeting for the past few months about how perfect she and her new boyfriend, who goes by the creepy moniker “Uncle Dave” on Instagram, are. Just a few days ago she tweeted, “Life is so great right now. I have no complaints. For the past 2 months everything has been so good makes me want to cry of happiness. Weird.”

Anyway, Nathan later took to Twitter to deny the claims that he and Jessica are engaged.

“Despite most rumors, we are not engaged and we are just enjoying our time together. That’s it!” Nate wrote.

Jenelle and Nathan have both remained silent on their Twitter accounts since Friday.

From what The Ashley hears, Jenelle is still very much on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and is currently filming Season 7. A show source tells The Ashley that Jenelle is definitely not quitting the show, as she has already been contracted to do the new season.

(Photos: Facebook, MTV)

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  1. Poor Jace. Poor Kaiser. Poor Barb. What a bunch of looney tunes these poor boys are subjected to.

  2. In other news, it seems Farrah Abraham has jumped onto the “James Deen raped me” bandwagon. She claims he drugged and raped her. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    1. And that’s funny…why?
      Neither rape nor false allegations of rape are funny, so…yeah, not sure what you’re LOLing about over there.

      1. It’s funny because she’s a delusional liar. This only comes out NOW after several other people have accused him of it. Plus, it’s not the first time she’s lied about something like this – remember when she claimed all that stuff about having been “drugged and raped” when she was doing her strip club tour?

    2. I am not a Farrah fan at all and lets face it, she doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to telling the truth but right after her tapes with Deen, which was a few years ago, she did say she was raped or assaulted during that time. So she claimed it before these other girls claimed they were raped by Deen. She never said who assaulted her though.

      You have to wonder though if she’s telling the truth. She lies too much but what if he did assault her?

  3. There will be a spinoff entitled “Bah Braa”. It will feature the true star of the show.. clearly Babs. A few teen mom regulars will occasionally guest star.
    Addie if she ever escapes from under all those coats.
    Smirnoff Susie who will try to convince Barbara to drive her around town… don’t worry Babs will help her get away from ha booooyfrendd and out of the guttaa.
    Spoiler alert Kai’zah also moves in and Barbara adds sleeve to all of his spandex shirts.

    1. I would so watch a show where Babs was in charge of cleaning up Smirnoff Susie. Or just in charge of her. Interacting with her in any capacity, honestly. Ooh- reaction video of Kail seeing Barbara tell off her mother.

    1. I know which website it is. Several times a month it posts interviews with Jenelle that they pay her for. They allow her to babble on about how great she is and how horrible her mom and ex are . The interviews are utter nonsense and useless considering the site is paying her for them under the condition they make her look good.

      1. Of course she’s not leaving, everybody in the world knows there ain’t no way she will decline those MTV dollars!

  4. Ugh Nathan is the worst. I get Janelle really tried to make it work but she is better off. Shed be best off single for a while tho.

    1. She isn’t singe though. She went straight to another dude after her and Nathan split. She is too insecure and reliant to be single. If all the guys in the world disappeared, she’d probably date a banana.

  5. As much as these people get pissed off about the show, they will never quit. Their paycheck is too important to them. Jenelle and Leah would be screwed if the show was canceled or they quit because they go through their money faster than they spread their legs for all these dudes.

    1. You clearly do not have your facts straight. Jenelle is SAVING LIVES!!! and Leah is making the world a more beautiful place by selling Mary Kay! MTV money…who needs that when you have that mary kay cash rolling in for them girlses! haha

  6. Oh please please let this be true
    we will leave you alooooooooone!!!!!

    But please keep Barbara and jayce. I love them

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