“90 Day Fiance” Season 3 Tell All Recap: A Surprise Pregnancy, Strippers & One Seriously Creepy Husband

A better four-letter word for Nikki to write would have been "HELP!"
A better four-letter word for Nikki to write would have been “HELP!”

By Holly Rasmussen

Earlier this week, TLC aired the 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All Special, promising viewers a whole heap of new drama, as well as updates on all of the couples. However, this is TLC and we all know that their “Tell All” specials usually tell us very little.

Anyway, this is also the first time that the couples have all met each other. Today Show anchor Erica Hill is moderating this thing and is trying her best to be a serious journalist…who doesn’t have to interview a creeper who met his teen bride on Tinder. Let’s get into this!

The first order of business to cover is that whole “don’t touch my car window” incident involving said creeper (Mark) and said teen bride (Nikki).

If you’ll recall, in one episode, Mark yelled at Nikki to touch the window in his car.

"And you married this creepnozzle? Willingly?!"
“And you married this creepnozzle? Willingly?!”

“That was one of the rules with my children,” he told her.

Mark said he didn’t want Nikki “messing with his happiness,” which is, of course, what every newlywed bride wants to hear her husband say. Still, Nikki says Mark is not controlling.

To make the TV viewers extra-uncomfortable, Mark keeps treating Nikki like a child. Every time Erica asks Nikki a question, Mark answers for her. But…he’s not controlling. Okay.

Next, Fernando and Carolina take the hot seat. Erica reads a tweet from a fan who asks, “Can someone explain how Fernando gets so much action?”

Whoever tweeted that: Thank you. We have all been thinking that this entire season!

It's easy to see why the ladies can't resist this big sexy hunk of man...
It’s easy to see why the ladies can’t resist this big sexy hunk of man…

Fernando defends himself by saying it’s his charm that gets the ladies.

And…there goes my dinner…

Someone else tweeted in to basically call Mark a creep for dating someone so young. He is quick to defend himself, however.

“These people are condescending,” Mark says. “People are calling me a pedophile?! That’s ignorance.”

He then goes on to insult everyone who comments on the show.

“If you look at the people who comment on these things they usually have five things in common,” he says. “They’re overweight, they’re women, they’re alone, and they’re jealous…and I don’t know what the fifth is.”

"Can I hit this guy? No, seriously, can I?"
“Can I hit this guy? No, seriously, can I?”

Allow us to help you with number five, Mark: They all hate you!

Meanwhile, Devar is being kind of charming. I actually like him in this more than I thought I would. But let’s be honest, we are only watching this for the creepy Mark-isms at this point.

It’s time for a flashback! We get to see Melanie’s no-nonsense sister Bev, Mark’s awesome daughter Elise and Kyle’s drunken mom asking if the marriages are real or if they’re just for green cards.

Mark says it’s “hard for American women to understand” his and Nikki’s relationship. Loren rolls her eyes.

“She absolutely loves me physically and mentally,” Mark says.

Now that’s a mental picture! Gross.

Melanie also says she’s never questioned Devar’s intentions.

"Did somebody say STRIPPERS?!"
“Did somebody say STRIPPERS?!”

We find out that Loren actually called off her wedding with Alexei before he came to the U.S. He said he had a bachelor party in Israel and when Loren found out there were strippers there she called off the wedding and said she didn’t want him to come here…and then she went and did the same thing and had strippers at her party!

Oh, well.  Can we get back to Mark and Nikki now? Can Maury Povich please show up and bring out Mark’s first wife!?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. We have to instead listen to Melanie and Devar discuss their financial problem. The problem is that Devar has no finances.

Raise the roof if you got that green card in ya pocket!
Raise the roof if you got that green card in ya pocket!

Melanie was mad because Devar said in the season that he would send most of the money he made back to his sisters in Jamaica. He clarified here, however, that he will not do that. He said his family with Melanie comes first.

We finally get back to Mark and Nikki. Mark said when he met Nikki “she fit like a glove.”


Erica tries to ask Nikki questions about her relationship with Elise, Mark’s daughter, but Mark keeps interrupting every single time. We find out that Nikki and Elise have become friends. Thank God. Nikki needs a friend (and a divorce lawyer, hopefully). Mark said when he went to the Philippines he was looking for a younger woman between the ages of 27 and 35. He said he was looking for someone with “less baggage.” Is that a code word for a young teen body?

He said he’s dated 100 women in the past 20 years that didn’t make it past first dates because American women are “too independent.”

Oh, I’m sure that’s why they didn’t want to go on a second date with you, Mark.

"I'm pretty sure Erica wants me too. Obviously."
“I’m pretty sure Erica wants me too. Obviously.”

Erica called him out and said he had been in touch with 50 different women in the Philippines before he met Nikki. We then learn that Nikki’s parents were upset about the relationship at first and even asked her to move out, but eventually they came around to it.

“Mark and my father they got a man-to-man talk,” she said. “My father said to Mark, ‘Mark promise me you’ll treat Nikki like a daughter.’”

Um…that’s not creepy at all.

Nikki says that she’s OK with not having kids with Mark, but she’s still holding out hope for it.

Next, Kyle and Noon discuss Kyle’s drunken mom. Kyle said he’s disappointed that he doesn’t have a great relationship with his parents, but Noon is his family now and he’s happy with that.

Aleksandra and Josh then talk about Aleksandra’s conversion to Mormonism. Aleksandra said she was searching for a way to change her life and not be such a “party girl” when she met Josh. She said she found the answer in the Mormon Church. Josh disagrees with her statement that she was a “bad person.”

“She was a very kind and caring person; she just didn’t believe in God,” he said.

"We did the sex!"
“We did the sex!”

Aleksandra says she’s very happy being a Mormon now and that Josh’s family totally accepts her and treats her like their own daughter.

Josh discusses the wedding night. He says it was perfect. I wonder if someone had to draw him a diagram of how everything works?

Well, apparently he figured it out because…Aleksandra is already pregnant! Of course she is.

And that’s it! Fingers crossed that TLC will do a one-year follow-up specials on these couples…and that Nikki will have to be Skyped in because she’s already hightailed it away from Mark and is living happily back in the Philippines!

Also, we learn that ‘90 Day Fiance’ Season 4 will air in 2016, so if you’re trying to get your fiancé over here on a K1 Visa, hit them up!

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(Photos: TLC)

9 Responses

  1. I thought this synopsis by The Ashley was well written and entertaining, so thanks. Why can’t there be some kind of expose show about some of these participants…a behind the scenes tell all. First would be interviewing Mark’s ex wife and grown children…are there twins? How else could there be four in diapers after five years? So we need to see her and those kids. Next let’s hear from Nicki’s family and friends back home. ..And more about how Mark trolled the Internet for young island girls. Then there’s Devar’s so called sisters. Are any of them actually wives or girlfriends? Let’s see pictures of Mark before he gained that 50 lbs he says is the reason people can’t see him for the Romeo he was. And let’s get to that Florida mugshot of his mother and hear from victims of her crimes if she is truly guilty of things on that rap sheet. Former boyfriends or mental confinements of Loren if any. Former boy or girlfriends of Josh and his wife. Any other suggestions?

    1. Beautiful,insightful post that ITA w/every word. Your suggestions I agree w/but WE know that OUR ?’s will never get answered-THEIR backstories??!!

  2. Mark is a controlling A-hole. That’s why he looked in the country he did for a wife…for a servant. I too, was shocked that Nikki married him. After she went to a lawyer who advised her not to sign the Pre-Nup, she did it anyway. To me, why would a 58 yr old man want to marry someone younger than his daughter ?
    The reason why Mark doesn’t date American women is simple …..the turd can’t control American women like the women he finds in the Phillipines.
    Nikki needs to get an annulment and FAST…..Mark is a sicko.

  3. It was so upsetting to see Nikki marry Mark. I dont even know the girl but I cant help but worry about her. She made a really bad decision by marrying Mark. I hope that TLC will pay for her ticket back home when this so called marriage goes down the toilet. There’s no telling how many different “types” of websites Mark is affiliated with.

    1. I literally cried when Nikki showed up at the wedding. It was obvious Mark didn’t actually care about her. He just wanted a wife and she was the only one he rope into it. Poor girl obviously felt so trapped.

      I was also kind of hoping Aleksandra and Josh wouldn’t make it. I think she really cares about Josh, but she seemed miserable in that life.

      1. I am 48 y/o RN married 20 yrs to my husband who will be 62 next month.This still makes me so upset also-I put up w/a lot of backlash w/our 14y/o difference-but,I was 25 y/o FULLY INDEPENDENT WOMAN-she’s a naive,child & Would love to try to protect her.He’s a sicko in every way-he makes out of country wife’s searches fill the creep monitor to a T. Really would have loved for WIFE#1 to come on that show & TELL THE REAL STORY!Sadly,WE all know in our gut what’s going to happen when she hits about 25-she’s going to be screwed royally-Praying this girl can get educated/employed on HER OWN…
        Aleksandra-this girl I also worry about too-She was living the “normal” life I did + others here & now she’s done a total 360 w/HER OWN DOUBTS & could sense her parents did too?? Now she’s expecting-hoping for the best for her too?

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