New ‘Teen Mom OG’ Promo Highlights Amber Portwood’s Custody Struggle, Catelynn Lowell’s Medical Problems

Amber and Catelynn will face a lot of trials this season...
Amber and Catelynn will face a lot of trials this season…

MTV is touting the upcoming Teen Mom OG Season 5B as a season “like never before,” and after watching the second trailer for it, we can see why!

In the just-released trailer, we see that two of the girls have changed very little since we last saw them: Maci Bookout is still dealing with her oft-napping baby-daddy Ryan Edwards, while Farrah Abraham is still stripping down to her skivvies on the regular and yelling at everyone.

The stories of Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell, however, will take a new turn this season. In the trailer, Amber is seen fighting her ex, Gary Shirley, for joint custody of their daughter Leah. Gary, who became Leah’s sole legal guardian when Amber entered prison in 2012, seems hesitant to allow Amber to regain even partial custody of their daughter.

“Leah needs to be in a steady, stable home,” Gary tells Amber in the trailer.

Amber then goes to see her lawyer to start the process of fighting for custody.

“I’ve been out for three years and I’m sober,” Amber says, later telling a lawyer, “I want joint custody of my daughter.”

Gary eventually goes to a lawyer as well, telling him that Amber’s fiancé, Matt Baer, is quite the fertile Myrtle.

“Her fiancé has seven kids, and [Amber] don’t even know about this.”

Amber later disputes Gary’s claims.

“I’ve been with this man for over a year,” she yells. “I think I know him!”

How cute is this?
How cute is this?

Meanwhile, Catelynn appears to be struggling with some emotional issues following the birth of her daughter, Nova, in January.

“She’s got depression and anxiety,” Catelynn’s husband, Tyler Baltierra, says as the camera pans to Catelynn in bed.

The new trailer also shows Amber and Maci coming together to support each other during Catelynn and Tyler’s wedding.

To get more info on the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ click here! To watch the previously released trailer, click here!

New episodes begin Monday, January 4 on MTV!

Watch the new trailer below:

Get ready for a season like you've never seen before.

Posted by Teen Mom on Thursday, December 10, 2015

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56 Responses

  1. So correct me if I’m wrong but I thought Amber was released from jail in November 2013?? That means it just turned two years, so it was probably less when this filmed and she’s telling everyone its been 3 already? Not trying to be nitpicky but you can’t just add a year/years to your time when it works in your favor.

  2. Amber is such a loser, I knew she wouldn’t change, and she hasn’t. She’s sitting there drinking and sitting on her couch with a blanket over her. Has the creepy parasite who sought her out sucking off of her. He doesn’t see his own children, and I bet anything Amber supports him completely, pays all his bills and he contributes nothing, and she allows it. She is on a big MTV TV show, she’s famous, probably not rich but famous and she has zero self esteem if she allowed that loser to move in so quickly and leach off of her. She’s just gross, and I would be shocked if she ever amounts to anything once the cameras stop rolling. All of these girls are losers, considering all the gifts and tools they were given they should be changing the world in amazing ways and they aren’t!

    1. Jeez, some of you people are such bullies. Amber has come a long way since before she was incarcerated. An yeah, Matt isn’t exactly the ideal prince charming but at least they’re happy and there isn’t abuse like there was with her and Gary. I don’t understand why some of you watch this show if all you want to do is hate on these people.

      1. Where exactly has she gone? From what I’ve seen,and read about, her butt is still planted other couch complaining about her life ( especially Gary), while she’s involved with yet another loser, all while pouring alcohol down her throat.

        1. I’m sorry but do you have a camera in Amber’s home and watch her 24/7? How do you know she just plants her butt on her couch complaining about her life and pouring alcohol down her throat? And btw, Amber was never an alcoholic, she was abusing prescription medication. All I was trying to say is that from I’ve seen, she seems a lot happier and has taken a lot of steps to live a healthier lifestyle.

          1. Nope, my day is far from ruined. I just think cyber bullying reality tv stars that are complete strangers to you is a little sad. But thank you, Pat.

          1. Where at? The online school University of Phoenix, that her loser brother Shawn has a ‘degree’ from?

      2. Not posting this with my usual name because I’m going to be really honest –

        I like a couple of the girls but the ones I hate are my favourites. I watch the show because it makes me feel superior. I enjoy hating the girls because no matter how bad I sometimes feel about my life, at least I am not a teen mom, a criminal, an addict or an idiot. Also I have managed to hold on to my husband for more than ten minutes despite the fact that I am obviously a nasty person. I don’t feel guilty about rooting for them to fail because I feel like they get paid to put up with my cruel mockery of their lives.

        So there’s your answer. Hope it helps.

  3. Amber is sooooo not ready to have joint custody.

    A. A drug addict is always an addict, you cannit be so er while drinking booze, period! Stop lying to yourself

    B. Matt the superfan is a creep. He has at least 4 kids that we know about, that he is a deadbeat with. No visits and no child support.

    C. She chooses creepy Matt over Leah all the time. Example Leah is sick, and instead of taking her to the DR’s or urgent care, Am ie drags her to a creepy sex motel… suck Amber.

    D. Amber you choose drugs over your kid. You choose jail over your kid. Gary may be a dick and a douche, but HE chooses his kid first.

    It is going to be a long time before a felon and a drug addict gets custody, and no it should not be easy for your couch sitting ass to get it back.

  4. Anyone else notice Maci let Bentley film? Knew she wouldn’t say no to the MTV money. LOL at her thinking she had enough clout to get Farrah kicked off.

    Double LOL at her having 2 baby daddies, no ring and a 2year diploma 7 years later while complaining that Farrah is the bad role model.

    1. I’m sorry but how can you even compare Maci to Farrah? At least Maci doesn’t treat people like shit. Maci and Taylor are in a committed relationship and I think it’s safe to say they will get married eventually. Yeah, it took forever for Maci to finish school but at least she finished. A lot of young mothers don’t even bother with college.

      1. Yeah, Bentley will be able to shrug off photos of his mom partying better than Sofia will Farrah’s multiple pornographic films.

        1. Grow up. Yeah, Maci partied sometimes on the weekends when Bentley was with Ryan but does that make her a bad mom? My parents split up when I was a baby and my mom went out with her friends and had some beers when I was at my dad’s house. My mom was a great mother and that didn’t affect me at all.

          1. It wasn’t just weekends with Ryan. She would leave Bentley for weeks to jet set all over the country getting pass drunk with her friends. That’s hardly a role model to her kids.

    1. I’m so torn as to what my gut instinct with that comment is! It’s like, how would Gary know but not Amber? Did he hire a PI or something? I feel like he’s just being dramatic…but idk. That Amber/Matt relationship beginnings and such is a little sketch, so who knows.

  5. Maybe if Tyler didn’t criticise Cate about her pregnancy weight she wouldn’t be suffering from anxiety and depression right now. He put a lot of stress on her

    1. If she took care of her body the way she should have, she would not be in this situation. Quote honestly it’s repulsive. I don’t understand the concept of not taking care of one’s body.

      1. Sometimes people get into bad habits when they’re in unsupportive relationships though, which I hate to say but I feel like Tyler isn’t usually supportive of her emotional needs the past several years. Why anyone doesn’t eat healthy, does drugs, or anything harmful to oneself is usually a really complex situation.

        1. I haven’t watched TM in years (get updates here), but the last time I saw Tyler & C interact was on Couple’s Therapy… and they basically broke up. So I was a little surprised to read here they actually did get married & had another kid. Tyler hasn’t seemed really into this relationship for a LONG time

      2. Then you have never been depressed. Depression takes away all your energy to take care of yourself. It’s an illness and if you’ve never dealt with it you shouldn’t judge. I have dealt With periods of depression and the first thing I notice is my eating habits go in the Trash and I gain weight. They both need to see a therapist. Catelyn so she can help herself and go on meds. Tyler so he knows how to deal with her properly. It’s hard being with someone depressed. You get frustrated and don’t know how to help.

        1. If you choose to bring a child into this world then yes – i will judge. She wasn’t taking care of her body before or during pregnancy…

          If she was struggling then don’t voluntarily bring a child into this world.

          I have no sympathy for someone who doesn’t try. She’s been struggling now for 5 or more years…

          1. Define “not taking care of her body?”

            As far as we know she has never taken drugs and she’s not an alcoholic.

            Also….she was pregnant, what did you want her to do? Run a marathon? I mean jeez, you are building a baby in there and then it comes out of your hooha, cut the girl some slack if she ate some Mcdonalds.

            Also even the “healthiest” person can have anxiety and depression. So you assuming she is “unhealthy” and has depression and anxiety because she’s “unhealthy” is beyond the means of common sense.

            Look up depression and anxiety, you might learn something.

          2. Also gotta add, some people have a deep struggle when it comes to losing weight. Sometimes it’s extremely mental. Last thing, people can judge others on their health or weight all they want, but know this, it is extremely rude.

          3. Allthegoodnamesweretaken – The doctor clearly diagnosed her with diabetes during pregnancy – they also clearly stated she needed to watch her weight and intake – she did neither.

            And it’s pretty common sense what taking care of ones body means. How old are you?

      3. You don’t know people’s medical histories or their struggles. Right After I had my child I developed a life threatened illness and the meds caused me to gain 50 lbs quickly which have been difficult to lose. Body shamming is a horrible bullying behavior.

    2. Catelynn has suffered from depression and anxiety for years. If anything she’s put a lot of stress on herself by getting pregnant again.

    3. As someone with 3 kids and diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I find exercising helps to manage my mood to the point where I don’t need medication.

      Sorry Cate, but I think she is a bit on the lazy side. My oldest is the same age as Carly, then 2nd less than 2 years later and now my 3rd is a few weeks younger than Nova. I’m only 15 lbs overweight from my ideal weight and that’s with being a full time student and having a part time job.

      There’s only so long that you can keep making excuses. Everyone handles things differently but I still think she’s lazy. Just taking a 20 min walk everyday would boost her mood and lose the weight.

  6. Is it just me or does catelynn get bigger every season? You’d think by now she’d get healthy and she’d those pounds. She looks so uncomfortable and it’s clearly something that bothers her

      1. The doctor warned her during her pregnancy and of course she couldn’t care less. I imagine she’s like that everyday of her life. She refuses to admit that she is clearly not taking care of herself.

    1. She gives up to easily when she doesn’t see the results she wants. She’s gotten so big though that it’s going to take her a good year to lose all the weight she wants. I hate how she said on the show one time, your body changes once your become a mom or give birth. I’m sorry but she gave Carly up for adoption, she had all the time in the world to work at losing weight. It’s different if you have a baby at all times and even then girls still find time to workout. She may be depressed now but don’t tell me she’s been depressed all these years.

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