Butch Baltierra Breaks It Down: Reveals Thoughts on ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Latest Antics

Sadly, Butch's mullet is no longer a star of 'Teen Mom.' We mourn the loss...
Sadly, Butch’s mullet is no longer a star of ‘Teen Mom.’ We mourn the loss…

Sometimes The Ashley just loves MTV…

A few months ago, those clever minds behind the Teen Mom franchise put together “Babs Breaks It Down,” a mini web series in which the amazing Barbara Evans discussed various topics. At the time, The Ashley wished that her other favorite ‘Teen Mom’ franchise star, Butch Baltierra, would someday get his turn in the online spotlight…

Well, kids, the reality TV gods have answered The Ashley’s prayers!

In the first (and hopefully not last!) installment of “Butch Breaks It Down,” Tyler Baltierra’s fresh-from-the-clink father, Butch, gives his opinion on a popular topic—‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham. In the video, Butch discusses Farrah’s plastic surgery, as well as her assorted sex toys and ventures.

“Farrah when she first started was a very pretty girl,” Butch tells us as he repairs a stairway rail. “Then she got all this stuff done to her and, for me, personally, she kind of ruined [her looks].”

Although Farrah has taken a lot of flak from the public and her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars for her sex toy line (which includes, but is not limited to, a horrific blow up Farrah doll with um, holes and a mold of her own baby chute and backdoor), Butch is all for it!

“For her to make sex toys, I think is a smart business move,” he says. “Brilliant! People can think what they want but, you know me, as long as the bank account keeps swelling up, I’m OK with it!”

In fact, Butch (jokes?) that he may even take a page out of Farrah’s business playbook.

“It gives me some ideas!” he says.

Of course, he feels that he can only say this because he is not actually related to Farrah (or her backdoor).

“If Farrah was my daughter, I’d lay into her,” he tells us. “I made you. You’re gonna go out there and get all freaky like that for the world to see? People are gonna look at me some kind of way, you know what I mean? In hindsight, I would tell her it was a good business move, but at first I would have to cuss her out.”

As you do.

Please pray to the reality gods that MTV makes “Butch Breaks It Down” into a weekly web-series! We’d all love to hear his thoughts on the national deficit and global warming…and, of course, Farrah’s musical offerings, which were released while Butch was behind bars.

Keep ‘em coming, Butchy!

Watch the full video below:

(Photo: MTV)

36 Responses

  1. Could you imagine if Butch and Barbara had their own reality show???? That would be reality tv heaven. It could be called “Butch and Babs”

    1. I would watch that religiously each week.

      Dear TV Gods,

      Please make this a thing.

      Teen Mom OG & Teen Mom 2 Fans Everywhere

  2. Farrah can have all of the plastic surgery she wants and ruin her looks. It won’t change the fact that she is ugly on the inside. She is narcissistic. She never does anything wrong and it is always someone else’s fault. She has always been hard to watch, but now it is just sad. It is clear that whatever little attention Sophia is getting from her is turning her into a spoiled brat. It is just sad at this point. She is mentally ill and hurting everyone around her.

    1. i had the teen mom marathon on over the holidays and it was one where farrah was watching old shows with her parents. and as i was thinking, God she looks bad, farrah goes, God i look so good, thank God for plastic surgery! i was like omg she really thinks she looks good right there lol, mind boggling.

  3. P.S We need like a Butch ‘N Babs show, featuring Papa Randylicious and South Dee-kotuh Mary with special guest appearances by Jen and Larry.

    These are the mini-sodes we deserve.

      1. Mama Dawn???? Are you kidding? I can’t stand her! She is the biggest enabler. She’s probably my least favorite grandma on the show.

          1. Lol Well, Butch N’ Babs definitely needs to happen asap! And Papa Randylicious and Papa Larry making special guest appearances was a good idea too 🙂 Butch, Babs, Randy & Larry are way too cool for Teen Mom.

  4. I would absolutely LOVE to get an interview with Deborah! That crazy Dr. Jenn made a comment on instagram that people need to stop judging farrah because the relationship is more complicated than we know but unless Deb farmed Farrah out to child labor for ten years I don’t think anything excuses what I’ve been seeing. I also strongly believe that any mandated reporter should speak up to whatever agency does Farrah’s home study for adopting another child. Why in the world would she want another kid when clearly the current one is crippling her search for the proper mate?

    1. I think her parents had to be TERRIBLE for her to be the way she is. Yes, children and people are their own PEOPLE, but I believe she developed Borderline Personality Disorder, and as an armchair therapist I am going to spout this to as many people as will listen hahaha. Seriously though, BPD is developed when kids are raised all the wrong ways, it makes them crave the wrong kind of attention, makes them be rude and mean when people are being nice to them, and makes them extremely fragile and usually suicidal at points. I think she is really, really ill. I think her mom was drugged out on Rx drugs her whole life, totally unavailable personally, but very controlling and domineering. I think her dad checked out a long time ago. They’re both trying to make it for it through Sophia, but Sophia is turning into a mini Farrah who is even more spoiled. It’s really sad all around. I wish that they took her off the show, she needs mental help.

  5. Butch is great! But what about Larry? I think he is hilarious. I want to hear what Larry has to say without Jen there to temper him.

    1. I still don’t understand how such cool, down to earth people like Jen and Larry procreated a son like Ryan.

          1. I really think that he might be on some opiates. His color is bad, and he just looks so unhealthy in general. I have been through this with a family member, and Ryan’s behavior and appearance remind me of this person. I hope I’m wrong for his son’s sake.

      1. My favorite thing about Jen and Larry is that not only do they know what a douchebag Ryan is, they don’t make any effort to hide it and they always call him out!

  6. I love me some butch! But catelynn and Tyler are ao judgemental and you think with the parents they had they wouldn’t be. I personally like both butch and April but you know if people wanted to pick them aart they could. I remember April could be really mean not unlike what people are all up in arms about Farrah. Personally I think Tyler watched farrahs video one to many times and catelynn is pissed.

    1. farrah was, IS, really mean all the time, april was mean because of substances. drinking etc made her act some type o way when she’d never say those things sober. farrah has no excuse lol, although it did cross my mind she was popping pills now. her and her mom both seem like they’re on pills, mom on xanax and farrah on pain pills. i’ve had extensive observation from my hubby’s side o the fam lol. anyways, ur right about cate and tyler though. i hate it when people go, i know i (or my parents) did this this and this, but they never did THAT! all sins are equal in the eyes of God so they can jump on down off the high horse anytime now.

      1. I am glad addiction is more understood now but it’s not a be all and end all excuse for everything. I believe Farrah has a few issues mentally that needs to sorted out. So really the 2 are no different. Also while i love butch he was a drug addict in and out of jail not there for his children but when Farrah leaves Sophia it’s the worst thing in the world. Both are wrong in my view but why aren’t they held equally accountable ?

      2. I also thought Farrah’s mom was popping pills. Seems like she always has been on something.. Xanax, Valium, something.

  7. I would really appreciate it if someone could make video of a synthesized song consisting of horrible music and mashed-up with Butch’s best comments and looks. I’m sure it would be a hit and make someone Internet famous.

      1. MACKENZIE SINGS? How did I miss that? Thanks for the heads-up. I was thinking like the opening song from The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt (and its real-life predecessor when that laid-back neighbor helped the women and 1 child escape their kidnapper).

        I’m free, damnit. It’s a miracle. I’m free, damnit. Gotta live for these young ‘uns and hit up the Nu-die barr.

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