‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B Reunion to Tape in Los Angeles Next Week

As per usual, Dr. Drew will be back to make everyone cry...
As per usual, Dr. Drew will be back to make everyone cry…

Get ready, Los Angeles! The girls (and guys) of Teen Mom OG are coming for ya!

The Ashley can confirm that Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood will be heading to Los Angeles next week to film the Reunion Special for the current season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ It’s been a long time since the ‘OG’ girls have all been in Los Angeles together for a Reunion taping, so the Season 5B taping should be a doozie!

The girls (and their boyfriends/baby-daddies/husbands/children/meddling parents/etc) will join Dr. Drew Pinsky on the couch to discuss all of the things that we will see on the current season. (The only person that will likely not be able to attend the festivities is Tyler Baltierra‘s father, Butch, who was recently released from prison and is likely unable to leave the state. Fingers crossed that Butch will get to attend, though!)

"I'll bring my bathing suit so I can work on my tan in LA!"
“I’ll bring my bathing suit so I can work on my tan in LA!”

Last month, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls met up in New York City to film the After Shows and other promos for Season 5B. As The Ashley exclusively told you, Farrah was a no-show on one of the filming days, and only briefly attended the other day’s session. There was a lot of tension on-set between Farrah and the other three girls. (There was also some major partying going on behind-the-scenes, as The Ashley told you as well!)

Anyway, the Reunion Special taping will take place on Saturday, January 16 somewhere in Los Angeles. Usually, in order to be picked to be an audience member, you must look under the age of 30.

The Ashley will keep you posted on all the behind-the-scenes scoop that goes down at the Reunion!

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  1. I keep hearing about these aftershows. Do they air or are they only available online? I haven’t seen one for ages.

  2. Erin, who knows if their spats aren’t just for the show to get people to tune in? I kind of think they are. I’m completely with GenieBeanie above! These people are just lost losers all of them, and I’m starting to think the parts that are shown are all scripted and fake, as far as what they talk about. Some young neighbors of mine started a drinking game on Monday nights when the show is on. Every time Tyler and Catelyn say Carly or College everyone takes a shot. The was plastered after the 2 episodes aired. Why don’t the two of them just admit that they don’t want to go to college? They would both have 4 year degrees if they wanted to. Amber is the biggest loser of the group, they are all losers really, imagine what their lives would be like if MTV wasn’t sending them checks!!

    1. Haha, that’s great! It’d be interesting to split it up, make it every time Catelynn says ‘college’, Tyler says ‘Carly’ etc. Everytime they say the two in the same sentence (“Part of why we made an adoption plan for Carly is that we’d he able to go to college”), finish the bottle.

    2. Well, I can’t give any of them shit about not going to college because I didn’t go to college and I don’t even have a kid. I guess I’m a loser too lol. I am disappointed that they didn’t do it though because they did promise Carly, Brandon and Theresa they would. They should at least get a job just to show they aren’t just sitting on their asses all day and letting Mtv hand them a paycheck just for talking about their lives on camera.

      1. If I didn’t have to work, I wouldn’t either. I think school would be an excellent back up plan for when the MTV money stops. They have done another reality television show, and they have a best selling book (like all the other teen mom stars). They have a decent home and money coming in from MTV. I’m sure it’s difficult to be out in public with the fame and cameras following them. I actually think they would have been more motivated for college, had they not been spoon fed fame and fortune. If someone ever wants to pay me my yearly salary for filming my boring life and crazy relatives, you better believe I am quitting my job until it is necessary for me to have one to put food on the table again.

  3. I’ve finally had a eureka moment. I’m not intending to make fun of Sophia, but I’ve finally realized that she looks just like Spot, the critter human from The Good Dinosaur.

    1. I will forever see Sofia while watching this movie on repeat with my toddler. I’ll just pretend The Good Dinosaur is Teen Mom and I’m watching it by choice.

  4. Am I the only one extremely bored with this season? I watched the first 2 episodes and I’m done with this season. I won’t be watching anymore.

    I’ll come here, teen mom junkies and starcasm for updates but I am absolutely done with these girls.

    My husband happened to be listening to the episodes while I was watching them and said the exact same thing all you ladies have been saying “Same shit, different season.”

    Tyler – Stop thinking you’re hot S**t….you’re ugly (have a Justin Bieber thing going on), no education, no career, codependent and have a terrible personality.

    Caitlynn – I used to love you but at this point you’re overweight, don’t care for yourself, you’re insecure, also codependent, have no education, no career and no hobbies…for the love of god, leave tyler, get healthy and focus on yourself

    Maci – I’m starting to think you have an alcohol problem – put down the beer for goodness sakes. and please for the love of god stop wearing young and reckless clothing – you aren’t 19 anymore.

    Farrah – I have no words….

    Amber – Ditch Matt, focus on your business and career plans and start focusing on a relationship with your daughter. You’re too dramatic…

    1. I haven’t watched it yet, and after reading recaps from my friends on Facebook that openly admit their addiction to terrible faux reality tv….I feel like I’m a little bit better for not wasting my time on what you said perfectly, same shit different season

  5. Well, that is gonna be awkward considering what happened between Catelynn and Farrah with that snapchat video.

    1. That after show special this week was obviously filmed the day after that drunken night. It is mentioned a few times by the host that the girls had partied hard after a book signing the night before. Farrah sat alone in a chair with the other three girls together on a couch. I could feel the awkwardness in the room. I wish they had just discussed the snap chats and tweets then and there. Acting as if they didn’t exist made the whole thing uncomfortable to watch.

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