‘Sister Wives’ Stars Kody & Robyn Brown Welcome Baby Girl: Find Out Her Name!

"We made another one!"
“We made another one!”

Kody Brown has added another child to his collection of offspring!

The Sister Wives patriarch and his fourth (and now legal) wife, Robyn, welcomed a baby girl last night at their home in Las Vegas. The baby girl, who weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs., 9 oz., is the couple’s second child together. Kody has 16 other children with his three other wives, and Robyn has three older children whom Kody adopted during the last season of ‘Sister Wives.’

Robyn revealed to People that she and Kody have yet to decide on a name for the baby. (This means that The Ashley‘s suggestion of “Kodette” is still on the table?)

“Right now we haven’t decided on a name,” Robyn told the magazine. “We have been searching for the right one for months, but nothing has felt right. We are just getting to know her now and waiting until she whispers it in our ear.”

People also reported that the baby was delivered by a midwife with Robyn’s parents in the room. (There was no mention if any of Kody’s other wives–Christine, Janelle and Meri–were there to witness the birth.)

Kody has yet to mention his newest child’s birth on his social media accounts. Robyn’s sister wives have also remained silent on social media on the baby girl’s arrival. The family has met the baby, though, according to Robyn.

“‘Baby Sister’ is already opening her eyes and seems to love listening to all the voices of her big family talk around her,” she told People. “”It was such a beautiful moment when the family was all gathered together to meet our newest sweet addition!”

It’s likely that the baby’s birth was filmed for an episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ The show is expected to return to the air with new episodes sometime in 2016, although TLC has not yet released a premiere date.

TLC has posted additional photos of the new baby. Click here to view them!

UPDATE: Robyn and Kody have announced that their daughter has been officially named! TLC announced on Saturday that the baby will be called Ariella Mae Brown. She joins sisters Aurora and Brianna and brothers Dayton and Solomon.


28 Responses

  1. How about a brother husbands show ???
    Nope thought not
    Men wouldn’t like that at all

  2. The Sister Wives patriarch and his fourth (and now legal) wife, Robyn????

    More like 2nd marriage and only legal wife

  3. This woman is sly
    They are all stupid with low self esteem abs him, well he’s just a sick pervert,

    Most of those kids are bastards since only the legal wife had his kids inside a real marriage

  4. I wish the show would focus more on Christine and Jenelle. Those tow are m favorite and the most sane of the whole group. Unfortunately with Marys catfishing and Robyns new baby, we will probably never see Jenelle or Christine again.

    1. Robyn is the natural leader that Janelle, Meri, and Christine look up to and admire. Robyn gently guides and teaches them how to become better women through example and, when need be, through simple verbal commands that they can understand. Christine sometimes has difficulty in comprehending, but Robyn is so kind and patient with her until Christine finally gets a concept. Robyn is a beautiful blessing to the family and Kody is so rightfully proud of her. Viewers need to appreciate Robyn more and see more of her.

  5. I’ve lost interest in this show.. what are they showing that is different (except for the catfish scandal which they hinted at, yet never really featured). There’s nothing new.. I like Janelle and Christine, but overall this family does not represent to me how a good polygamous family functions. The Darger family that was featured (I also read their book) seems to have their shit together and he is affectionate with his wives in front of the wives. They seem to be a team and co-parent rather than whatever the Brown family does..

  6. I would love to see Kody take a pop quiz about his children. Asking him to name all his children, then showing him random photos from the past as well as recent photos, asking him random things such as; which child is this? When is that child’s birthday? Who is this child’s mom? What grade is this child in?

    I bet he would get many of them wrong, let alone asking more personal things, such as; what is this child’s favorite food? What is this child’s favorite color?

    Anybody want to take me up on my bet? Of course not, we all know he would fail the quiz.

    I sincerely hope the “other” wives and children can one day break away from this situation and find happiness.

  7. At least this girl will get attention, she is Robyn’s daughter after all. Wonder if she will dethrone King Soloman?!?

  8. Watching the last few episodes of the season, random kids kept popping out of nowhere saying they were Brown kids, and I kept thinking if I don’t even know who these kids are, and I only see 30-60 minutes of their life weekly, does Absentee Daddy know who those kids are? I imagine he sees the kids less than I do on any given episode. I can just see how hard it is to tear yourself away from Sobbin’ Robyn long enough to so much as wave at your other kids

    1. At what point do you shake Kody and ask him do you even know all your kids names?! The only name he seems to know is Robyn

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