ABC to Televise Upcoming Wedding of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Jade Roper & Tanner Tolbert

That face you make when you know you don't have to pay for your own centerpieces...
That face you make when you know you don’t have to pay for your own centerpieces…

UPDATE: According to Us Weekly, Jade and Tanner’s wedding special will air on Valentine’s Day (February 14)! And, of course, Chris Harrison will be officiating the ceremony.

Get ready for another made-for-TV Bachelor wedding!

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, who met on the tear- and alcohol-soaked beaches of Bachelor in Paradise, have announced that they will be getting married very soon– on TV, of course!

The couple, who became engaged at the end of this summer’s season of ‘BIP,’ took to Jade’s official website last night to announce that they had somehow figured out a way to get ABC to agree to pay for their wedding. (After all, the network already paid for Jade’s $88k engagement ring!)

“So so excited we were able to announce @tanner_tolbert and I are getting married VERY soon!” Jade wrote. “We are honored to be able to share this moment with you on TV on ABC!”

Wanna see their registry? Of course you do! (They still need four ice tea spoons…for $8 each!)

Jade posted that she and Tanner put a down payment on some land on January 10. They plan to have their home built there.

Jade and Tanner will be the second couple to get married after meeting on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ During Season 1, Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd met on the show and got engaged during the finale. They married last summer, and had a portion of their wedding shown during ‘BIP’ Season 2. (It’s been rumored, however, that there may be trouble in, um, paradise for these two. Lacy and Marcus have mysteriously stopped posting photos of each other on social media, and haven’t been spotted together in public in a long time…)

Anyway, as far as Jade and Tanner go, ABC has not yet informed fans if their wedding will be live (a la Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici), or if it will be taped and shown at a later time.

Let’s just hope they don’t do that horrid “honeymoon suite cam” thing again. That was just embarrassing, guys…

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  1. Id be pissed if I were Des and Chris…that seriously they are going to air Jades wedding but they didn’t even do it for a main lead wedding…

    1. Well, not everyone feels the need to air their wedding for the public. Most people would rather keep it a personal event without all the tv crew and cameras there and then share home videos and pics after. I admire that more than making the wedding about showing off for strangers on their tv.

  2. i may be wrong here, cuz i had dvr’d the aftershow, bachelor live, after the bachelor monday and i had it on while i was getting ready for work this morning. so i can’t really stop and watch, more like listening. but wasn’t there a couple announcing their engagement on it? and wasn’t it them? i Think so, but since i wasn’t focused i can’t say for sure lol. i love jade and tanner, they seem genuine! on bip, neither one ever waffled or wanted to talk to anyone else, they seemed really into each other. they could just be great actors but if not and they’re happy, yay!

    1. They were already engaged but Jade and and Tanner announced that they will be televising their wedding. They asked Chris H. to officiate it and the wedding will take place in about 5 weeks.

  3. Random question but does anyone know if Chris S. tried to get back with Britt after his relationship with Whitney ended? I bet he tried to get with Britt immediately. Chris was a horn dog that I truly believe never intended to get married or have a serious lasting relationship with any of the women.

  4. I thought Lacey and Marcus’s “wedding” that was shown on BIP wasn’t a real legal wedding? Did they have a legal wedding after that? I always thought their relationship would burn out after the honeymoon phase. Jade and Tanner are not very memorable so of course they would get married to stay relevant and have the wedding paid for to be on tv. It just seems so pathetic to have cameras from a tv show at your wedding. If you want to share your wedding with the public then share home videos and photos, otherwise your wedding is orchestrated by the tv crew.

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