‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Confession: Sugar Bear Thompson Admits to ‘Experimenting’ with Men

"Ding-dangit I'm caught!"
“Ding-dangit I’m caught!”

Mama June Shannon suspected that her common-law husband Sugar Bear Thompson swung both ways sexually, and it appears her suspicions were correct.

In a new clip of the upcoming episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Sugar Bear confesses that he has had trysts with men in the past. The confession took place during what Sugar Bear thought was a private conversation with June, but, as we know, nothing is private when you’re on a reality show!

“Can I tell you something?” Sugar Bear says in the clip, which was obtained by People. “Don’t bring this up with nobody else ’cause I don’t want this out there: I have experimented with guys.”

Sugar Bear, who had initially denied that he had ever been with a man, opened up to June about his experimentation. He told June that hooking up with men “[was] not my cup of tea.”

“It’s just something I was curious about, experimented with it, and it’s over with and done with, and that’s it. [It] won’t ever happen again,” he says in a later interview.

Sugar Bear, who is the father of June’s daughter Alana (aka Honey Boo Boo), initially denied that he had ever been with a man. In the clip, June calls him out for continuously lying to her about his sexuality.

“But I don’t want everyone to know that lie,” Sugar Bear tells June.



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  1. He should never have to answer one of her questions or confess anything to her. She dated the man who molested her child and brought his child around that same man umm totally unforgivable and horrible.

    1. Right? For me the flowchart goes “was it with the man who molested one his kids? —> no—> IDGAF, but why is he still with June?

  2. Who cares?Let him go,i think everyone is better for him than June who treats him like sh*t.And if that’s a man so be it,the goal in life is to be happy with a person(man or woman) who you love.

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