‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Pregnancy & Pee-Pee Pictures

"Let me just close my eyes and picture ANYONE but you naked."
“Let me just close my eyes and picture ANYONE but you naked.”

By Holly

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is back and is getting crazier every week. Last week, Sugar Bear admitted to his wife/girlfriend/baby momma/meal ticket Mama June that he cheated…but his confessions just keep coming this week!

First, Sugar Bear admits to cheating on June with his ex-wife. (Wait, another woman actually married The Bear?) Then, he admits to having sex with various other women that June didn’t know about. The counselors diagnose Sugar Bear with sexual addiction.

Come on, TLC! You are missing a golden opportunity here—put Sugar Bear on a reality show with Josh Duggar. You can call it My Strange (Sex) Addiction: Reality Stars and watch the ratings go through the roof! YOU’RE WELCOME!

Anyway, because it wouldn’t be ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ without some type of forced activity, the couples are told to build furniture together.

"Geez...do you want me to wash your car for you too?"
“Geez…do you want me to wash your car for you too?”

Really? Is that what it’s come to? Is WEtv so cheap that they’re going to furnish the house with IKEA furniture that they make the cast put together themselves?

The couples start to make their beds. Sean and Catherine are the only couple not screaming at each other. (Does anyone else feel like they’re too perfect? I feel like they probably hate each other on the inside. I guess that’s what happens when you go on a counseling show just for the big fat paycheck, though.)

Of course Catherine and Sean win this round. For the next round, the couples must paddle around in water on a mattress while picking up teddy bears, blankets, and pillows. It’s essentially Bedroom Soup.


These challenges just keep getting weirder and weirder.

When Mama June hears the challenge, she starts having a panic attack. She apparently watched her friend drown and now is afraid of the water. (Wait– didn’t June go to a waterpark during what was perhaps the most frightening episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ever? She seemed just fine around water then.)

The counselors basically tell her to suck it up and they force her participate in the activity anyway. They do allow her to direct from the dock, however. In the end, Sarah and Ink won the challenge by working together for a common goal.

Everyone is clearly thrilled about Althea's pregnancy...
Everyone is clearly thrilled about Althea’s pregnancy…

Benzino and Althea do the worst. The counselors think they need to get to the bottom of their anger before they can address their problems. The counselors corner them to try and find out what is at the heart of their problems….and it turns out…Althea is pregnant!

Hooray! That’s just what a couple who is on the verge of tearing each other’s eyes out needs—a baby!

Althea didn’t want to make to the announcement on camera, so she is mad the counselors outed her secret to the world. Hey, they have to do something to keep these ratings up!

Sugar Bear decides to steal the spotlight from Benzino and Althea by admitting something that he had hoped to keep private. He tells Mama June that her previous suspicions were right—he has experimented sexually with men!

“It’s just something I was curious with and experimented with,” Sugar Bear said. “It’s over with and done with and won’t ever happen again.”

“Um…didn’t you sleep with a child molester? Just sayin’…”

Mama June doesn’t believe that it won’t happen again. When pressed further to define “experimenting” Sugar Bear admits to getting his, um, little bear sucked by a man.

Mama June says she doesn’t believe it’s over because she has found nude pictures of men on his phone. Sugar Bear at first denies this.

“It was a guy’s peep pee,” Mama June says.

“It was not. It was his ass,” Sugar Bear says.

Well, then.

Benzino and Althea are fighting in their room. Benzino comes out and says Althea hit him in the face and demands to call the police.

“You’re going to jail,” he tells her. “You and your baby are going to jail.”

Well ding-dang! That’s a gosh darn Maury episode theme idea if I’ve ever heard one!

On the preview for next week Sundy and Benzino (who dated in the past) are mysteriously missing, leaving their significant others to wonder what is really going on.


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(Photos: WEtv)


    1. Same person writing the recaps as before– but she needs to go incognito for a while for school/work reasons. Just need to put it on there so that people know The Ashley wasn’t the writer. If it doesn’t say “Staff Writer” it’s written by The Ashley. 🙂

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