Rumor Patrol! Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Really Back with Ex-Wife Leah Messer? (Exclusive)

" thanks!"
“Um…no thanks!”

Are the banjos in the backwoods of West Virginia once again playing a love song for Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert?

Earlier this week, Radar Online posted a story stating that Leah and Jeremy are getting back together, and that Leah was caught by her boyfriend, T.R. Dues, having a steamy text exchange with Jeremy. The site reports that T.R. saw texts in which Leah told Jeremy that she loved him, and that Jeremy and Leah have been texting each other “non-stop.”

While this story may make fans who are still holding out hope for a Leah/Jeremy reunion feel happy, The Ashley can confirm that it is completely untrue– and The Ashley has all the real details of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ stars’ love lives!According to The Ashley’s sources, the story is totally fabricated. Jeremy is not back with Leah, nor does he have any interest in reuniting with his ex-wife.

“There’s no way in hell Jeremy wants to be back with Leah,” the source tells The Ashley exclusively. “They rarely text, and when they do it’s only about Addie. As far as them calling each other ‘baby’ and all that, it’s completely untrue.”

Jeremy has another reason for wanting to stay as far away from his ex-wife as possible: He is back together with his girlfriend, Brooke Wehr!

"We're back together!"
“We’re back together!”

“They split for a little while but are back together right now and going strong,” The Ashley’s source reports. “Brooke is really different from Leah and Jeremy is really happy with her. They have a lot of fun together.”

Jeremy and Brooke will be able to spend a lot more time together now, since Jeremy recently took a different position at work.

“He’s still working in the pipe lining business, but this position means less traveling for Jeremy, which is good for his relationship with Brooke,” the source tells The Ashley. “It will also give Jeremy a lot more time with his daughter.”

The source added that Jeremy and Brooke are taking things slow.

“They’re in no rush to live together or anything like that,” the source said. “They both have daughters, so they want to make sure that they are going to last before they move in together and get the kids involved.”

The source tells The Ashley that Jeremy realizes now that his relationship with Leah progressed way too fast, and he’s trying to be more mature in his decision-making in terms of his relationship with Brooke.

As far as Leah goes, The Ashley is told that she is still dating T.R., despite the reports that they had split. The Ashley can also confirm that T.R. and Jeremy do not get along at all.

“T.R. despises Jeremy,” a second source said.

T.R.’s ex, Mandy Winnell, is not so fond of Leah either.

While The Ashley is not sure if T.R. will appear on the upcoming seventh season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ she can confirm that Jeremy continues to film for the show. Brooke may be making an appearance next season as well.

UPDATE: T.R. also disputed the story about him looking through Leah’s phone and finding texts from Jeremy. He took to Twitter to sound off.

“I don’t know where you get your Information but you need better sources,” he wrote. “I don’t look through phones I’m barely around her smh.”

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  1. Maybe if he of taken a different possession while he was with Leah he wouldn’t of losed his wife or his daughter. Kinda sad, people today don’t fix anything. They don’t understand the impacted on their kid there so busy doing what feels good rather that what dose good!

  2. I think there needs to be a distinction between “back together” and sleeping together on the side. Remember, it was when Leah got all googly eyed at Corey around his wedding when she was hooking up with him. Her looks on the show were so weird, but since he’d just gotten married. I dismissed it. Now she’s all “Germy knows about do-parenting.” Maybe she thinks co parenting is a fancy word for sex?

    Likes her or not, I’m sure he’d hook up with her, in whatever form she offers. And her vice versa.

  3. Good. I don’t want them to be together. Leah didn’t appreciate Jeremy at all. He just wanted to support his family and she gave him shit about it.

  4. Ahhh dreaded Leah. It is kind of weird that he wanted to travel while with leah for financial reasons, and now they are no longer together he chose a job to stay put. This indicates, to me at least, that he was so miserable at home with leah and/or she was blowing all the money on drugs. Anyway, kudos to him. Leach is going to get a rude awakening one day, karma if you will, for all of her lies, manipulations, and blatant disrespect for others.

    1. I was thinking it could be that he doesn’t have an entire family to support anymore, it’s just him and Addie. He doesn’t have the same financial burdens he did while he was with Leah, so perhaps he decided he can take a different position that possibly pays less because he doesn’t need that much money. All of this is clearly speculation, obviously, but I’ve personally known a few people who did this after a split.

    2. I’d do it too if I were him. I would not want to be far away in case something happened to Addie while in her care

      1. Especially considering the recent situation of Addie wandering away from home without Lieah even noticing she was gone until a police officer brought her home

  5. That’s great that he got a job closer to home, so he gets to spend more time with Addie. Maybe now he could get primary custody if need be like Corey did with the girlses. I don’t think Jeremy would ever get back with Leah, you can tell he doesn’t really like her and just tolerates her because of Addie. If it weren’t for Addie he probably wouldn’t have any contact with Leah at all. And just curious…is Nathan coming back this season? I hope not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw him terrorizing Jenelle and vise versa on my TV in a few months….

    1. I give him props for being so respectful to her after all she has done to him. I know he isn’t perfect, but after all was said and done he is legit trying his best to co-parent maturely. He probably knows so much and just keeps his mouth shut.

      1. I Agree with you! He probably doesn’t want Leah talking about him behind his back to all her family and her boyfriend the way she did with Corey,and he probably doesn’t want Addie to hear it either.

        1. The way Lieah talks about Corey in front of the girls pisses me off so much. He may have his shortcomings as a husband, but he is a damn good father that has stepped up for his girls from day one. Lieah should be thanking him for finding a wife that is willing to step up and be a good mother to those girls

  6. You seeeriously have the scoop on everything. I don’t even watch the show but feel like I know so much about it. haha.

  7. Do we know why Brooke and Jeremy broke up in the first place?

    I’m not surprised to hear that TR’s ex hates Leah.

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