Exclusive Details: Did ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Really Regain Custody of Her Twins?

"Can I have the kids back?" "Um...ok."
“Can I have the kids back?” “Um…ok.”

Earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 stars Corey Simms and Leah Messer headed to court for the latest hearing in their bitter battle for custody of their twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. Leah, who had custody of the twins stripped from her in October, has been fighting to get the girls back ever since. She even claimed that the twins were very unhappy at Corey’s house. (Click here to read what she wrote on her private Facebook earlier this month about how the twins have changed since being at Corey’s.)

Anyway, Leah and Corey had their hearing a few days ago, and afterward Us Weekly posted a story stating that Leah had regained partial custody of the twins. According to the magazine, Leah “will now have the girls on Thursdays through Sundays, and will deliver them to their dad…on Mondays. He’ll have them for the remainder of the week.”

The Ashley didn’t report on the custody switch right away, as she needed to check with her sources to make sure it was legit.

The Ashley can now confirm that this is actually true! (Generally, you can trust stories that come out of Us Weekly. The magazine has deals in place with MTV and oftentimes the stuff they post comes directly from the network.)

The magazine added that the twins will stay at Corey’s place one weekend a month, and that Leah and Corey will “split the bills 50-50.”

Anyway, The Ashley’s source tells her that Corey and Leah went into the courtroom ready to battle it out, but they were somehow able to come up with a plan while in the courtroom that worked for both of them.

"I got them babies back!"
“I got them babies back!”

“They decided to do shared parenting,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “Corey’s intention was never to rip the girls away from Leah. He fought for full custody because that was what needed to happen at the time to protect the girls. He never wanted to cut Leah out of their lives, or replace the girls’ mother or anything else that fans were saying about him. People only know a piece of how bad things had gotten, honestly.”

The Ashley’s source tells her that MTV cameras were rolling both before and after the hearing, but they were not allowed to film inside the courtroom. (Damn it, West Virginia! Let us see the good stuff!)

“MTV filmed Leah and Corey explaining to their families what happened inside the courtroom,” the source added. “That footage will probably help fans understand why Corey did what he did in regard to custody.”

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  1. Corey should have sole custody
    Leah should get supervised visits.
    DeltaDawnial Shouldn’t be allowed near those kids she’s a devious poisonous POS

  2. I feel like before, Leah didn’t take the law seriously because she is the mother and just assumed that the courts would rule in her favor with anything. She wouldn’t compromise with Corey before because she thought she could do whatever she wanted and there would be no consequences. Now that she’s had to learn the hard way that she’s not above the law and her girls can actually be taken away from her, hopefully she’ll take this as a wake up call and finally follow through with her promise to be the best mom that she can be, and get her self together and completely off pills and whatever else she was doing.

  3. Was it actually proven that Corey and Leah hooked up while he was married to Miranda? If so I will have lost a lot of respect for him. Miranda is my home girl.

    1. yes, they admitted it, which was why it was shown the level of discomfort at having Miranda at the meeting between Leah and Corey, where Leah never went in because Miranda was there. Miranda set some ground rules for Corey…she being present at their encounters being one of them.

      1. I didn’t realize you knew every detail of her life. I’m ASSSUMING she had to take a drug test but thank you for being a negative person. Have fun with that, hun. 😉

          1. First of all, I understand being cranky after a day at work, so it’s no problem.

            Second, I’m actually not a negative person at all, except when it comes to commenting about reality TV shows. Then I do get pretty snarky and sarcastic, and yes, I do have lots of fun doing it.

            And third, there are plenty of effective ways to get around drug tests. Luckily I have never been in a position where that even had to be a consideration, but I do know a few people that have had quite a bit of success with fooling the court system when it comes to drug testing.

        1. Leah did take a drug test but it was not very accurate.
          She tested positive for the drugs she was prescribed.
          The problem was that she was abusing the medication she was prescribed. She was taking a lot more than prescribed.
          The drug test showed positive for the painkillers & since she had a prescription they couldn’t hold it against her.

          They should have tested the amount in her system, that would tell if she was abusing them

  4. Its ideal to have both parents in your life equally. Hopefully Leah is healthy and they can stick to this arrangement and create some stability for the girls.

  5. Is it just me who thinks it’s funny that this is pretty much what Corey had been asking for THE WHOLE TIME!! Like had Leah just agreed, they never would have gone to court, etc.

    That being said, I think Leah should stop talking about how much she wants the best for her girls and start doing it — find a job, make an income other than MTV and marrying…unless, would she be considered a black widow (ish) because of her number of husbands?

    I really hope Corey’s child support was lowered !

  6. I would like to point out that this is exactly what he asked her for before he pursued full custody. Even if he was evil and out to get her, the courts NEVER grant full custody to fathers unless the situation with the mother is dangerously bad. The Juvenile and Domestic Relations court is a woman’s court and it always has been. He explained why this arrangement works for them, it’s all he wanted and he did what he had to do to make it happen. Anyone who has anything negative to say about him is fooling themselves, he’s doing what he has to do for his kids.

  7. I can’t say nothing bad on either party. They were teenagers who had babies. With camera crews un there faces. As I watch the show all I can ay us. Everyone is intitled to their opinions. BUT lets just stick a camera crew in everyone’s face for a year and see how your lives play out on tv. And then everyone can go online and judge & say stuff (hurtful stuff) an see how it affects your life. These are real people with real feelings and real problems. I would hate to be in there shoes.

    1. The camera crews aren’t there all day, every day. There is a filming schedule of which the girls are very much aware; which makes the actions of the adults very telling. (Like when Ryan is still asleep even though he knows the cameras are going to be there.) Leah, on the relatively few days she has camera crews filming in her home, either doesn’t see the problem with feeding her kids absolute crap (and I like Hamburger Helper, this isn’t a food snob talking) and not getting them to bed until midnight OR that was, horrifyingly, an improvement over her non-recorded parenting. Like, baking a frozen lasagna and throwing bagged salad on their plates (super easy) in bed at nine (kinda late but normal-ish) and at least brushing the poor girlses hair (we’re talking dog-maintenance level issues here, girl. Get it together.) would qualify as a turnaround.

    2. That’s all fine and good, except that they WANTED to be in those shoes! They signed up to have camera crews in their faces. And they continue to sign up for it season after season after season. If they don’t want their lives to play out on TV, then they should stop signing up to be on a TV show every year!!

      And it’s pretty common knowledge that when you are on a reality TV show, no matter how good of a person you think you are, there will be tons and tons of people that think you suck, or that will judge every little mistake you make, and they will let you know about it as much as possible. And every girl and guy on that show is well aware of this and, again, they still continue to sign up for it. So if they want to blame anyone for how their lives are playing out, they can only blame themselves.

    3. They didn’t have to sign up to do more seasons if they don’t like the publics response

  8. So this is now the 3rd schedule switch this school year and it’s only January. Why couldn’t this wait? Poor girls

    1. Alianna Hope is Ali
      Aleah Grace is Gracey/Grace
      She did mention both of her girls shared with Corey bUT I do see the confusion in how she wrote it instead of #Ali #Grace

      1. The whole AliGrace crap is something that someone in that clan came up with as a nickname for the girlses. As a twin I was always hankering for some individuality, not to be lumped in with my twin sister as one of “the girls”. But Leah and her kinfolk think it’s cute, to each their own. I think it was Corey’s father who named his pontoon boat “The AliGrace” – and there were scores of Leah lovers who asked why PawPaw Jeff didn’t add baby Adderall’s name to the mix. SMDH.

        1. OMG! “Baby Adderall”!! I just wanted to say thanks for making everyone think that I’m totally Insane! I couldn’t help roaring with laughter when I read that (I was waiting for my husband at his doctors office –where it’s as quiet as a library)! Loved it!!!! ???

  9. I’m shocked that the court would change the custody agreement so quickly. Either being on Teen Mom has given Leah the same super power over the Court system in the south that she seems to have over the men who enter her life, or Corey agreed to give her the extra day so her grenade juiced crazy fans would leave him alone. Typically in custody cases, Judges only change custody agreements if there has been a significant change in circumstances. Given that it’s only been a couple of months since Leah lost primary custody, I don’t see how her parenting skills and life choices could have improved so “dramastically”?! Good on Corey for being the bigger person, I sure hope this decision doesn’t harm those precious babies ?

    1. “grenade juiced crazy fans” ? You watch way too much reality TV! This was allowed because the two of them came to an agreement not because of a court order

  10. She is the Mother.. until u have kids of your own…you will not know a mother’s love for their children expecially girls…

    1. Jenelle is a mother too, with that logic. Giving birth is completely different than being a mother. I’m not saying she doesnt care, but I think she puts her needs before her kids. I don’t respect that

    2. What utter TRIPE. How dare you devalue the love a father has for his children? And the comment about girls? Extra pathetic.

    3. Why did 10 people thumbs down on this? Ridiculous. We don’t know Leah. Everyone deserves a second chance.

      1. “Boohoo, not everyone agrees with me and people are giving me thumbs down, boo hoo hoo! I’m telling my mommy on you!”

          1. And by the way, there are actually lots of people in this world that absolutely do not deserve a second chance. Not saying that Leah is one of them, just saying that your blanket statement is definitely not accurate.

      2. I don’t think that EVERYONE deserves a 2nd chance. Especially the people that blatantly deny doing anything wrong.
        Why does Leah need a 2nd chance?
        What did she do wrong?
        According to her she never did drugs, never had a drug problem & never went to rehab.

        People who own their mistakes, realize they messed up & try to better themselves, those are the people that deserve 2nd chances, not liars & people in deniam

    4. believe it or not, not all women were meant to be mothers. people like you seem to think this magic switch flips when they give birth and all of a sudden, their selfishness disappears and they grow up and just Know everything about being a mom. spare me. i’ve seen so many poor babies in such bad situations. a mom who had her baby running around with no diaper on his butt and she spent her last $10 on weed. i could give many more but suffice to say, a mother’s love is not always pure or life changing. mom’s are human.

    5. my daughter is 14 and completely stuck up her father’s behind(as I was until mine passed)! A father and daughter bond is very special and just as important as one with a mother!

      1. As a girl whose alcoholic mother abandoned her & was raised by her father – I cosign. Had it not been for my dad stepping up, I would have had a much rougher life. Also, I got my mother’s disease. Now that I have my own child, I can honestly say I did not magically grow up when I had my kid – infact, that’s when the addiction actually reared it’s ugly head. I never drank before having my child, but afterwards I was a full blown alcoholic in no time. I’m sober now, but that’s because I make a decision every single day that I won’t drink/use.

    6. Is a mother’s love stronger than the love of drugs or needing a man everyday?
      or her Mary Kay cosmetics?

      Leah did not seem to concerned about those girls when she was nodding out on tv or jumping from man to man

  11. I wish she was required to attend parenting classes. Cheetos and those sugar grenade drinks should not be dinner, bedtime shouldn’t be midnight and the kids need to be at school before lunch time. I feel like she only wants custody so she can get child support. At least she’s still raking it in from Jeremy

    1. People always get on her case for feeding her kids garbage; but honestly isn’t that what most of America is doing anyways? I’m not saying she should be feeding them cheetos and gatorade but I honestly have a hard time nitpicking at the food. Hell it’s probably the same crap her mom fed her.

    2. Obviously she doesn’t just want custody for the child support because she isn’t getting any from Cory anymore.

  12. So leah will get the girls Thursday after school? So she’ll only be responsible for getting them to school one day a week? Not throwing shade at all but maybe the girls did have all those tardies and Corey was justified in doing what he had to for the girls. So maybe he and Miranda weren’t just being d*cks like everybody thought.

      1. A slut? She might suck at being married, but she’s a grown woman and can sleep with whoever she wants to.

          1. Haha, if that’s meant for me, lmao. I don’t cheat or sleep around, so yes I can judge. But for dumb people to still get all butt hurt about criticizing leah, morons.

        1. I don’t recall jeremy cheating…..I thought it was after he was done with leah and she acted like they were together. Not arguing, that’s just what I thought. And I lost a lot of respect for corey after it came out what he did, but at least he puts his kids first.

          1. Jeremy cheated on Leah with a girl he met online.
            I agree that Corey is a great dad although his and Leah’s hookup clearly affected their co-parenting relationship.

          2. I agree with Jessica. I don’t like to throw words like “slut” around but Leah cheated on both of her husbands multiple times. She cheated on Corey twice with Robbie. She cheated on Jeremy with Corey AND Robbie God knows how many times. Cheating on a boyfriend is one thing but cheating on your husbands??? There is something wrong with that woman for sure.

      2. Cory is also a ‘slut’. He has cheated on Miranda more times than Leah cheated on him. His cheating was after he was married. If we are going to slut shame, lets shut shame them both.

        1. Lol…..I never once said corey was a saint, but I don’t think cheating once makes someone a slut. Sleeping around, cheating multiple times….that makes a slut. And once again, I will say I lost a lot of respect for corey. But I don’t consider him a slut. I do consider adam one though, so don’t try to make it about being sexist. I call it like I see it. And I believe 100% corey puts his children first, unlike Leah. But get all upset if ya must……I call it like I see it

          1. Lol, I’m not upset. I was just pointing out your hypocrisy. Cory cheated on his wife just like leah cheated. Some just can’t seem to get past their hate of leah to see that Cory is pretty much exactly like her.

      1. That what it looks like. She gets them Thursday after school and takes them to Cory after school Monday. So she has to get them to school 2 days

  13. I don’t think Corey should of agreed to 50/50. That is going to be hard on the girls to have to split the week like that. He should of fought harder to keep primary custody. I hope this works out for them but I doubt it.

  14. He has them 4 nights per week for 3 weeks and then all 7 days another. He is still getting more time with them. Hopefully this was a wake up call to Leah to get her shit together. I am surprised she got anything extra after her youngest child escaped in her care.

    1. Can you outline the custody situation better? Thr article said Leah gets them thursdays through monday but you are saying 4 nighys and week and one full week or something. Very curious as to who has more time etc.

    1. Seriously. I hope splitting the bills 50/50 means no money exchanges hands between them anymore. I’ll never understand how these girls can not work and complain that their baby daddy’s are not carrying their weight of the bills!

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