Exclusive Interview! Matt Baier’s Baby-Mama Reveals All: Why She Fears for ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood & What MTV is Planning to Do

"My advice to Amber is to RUN!" says Kelli.
“My advice to Amber is to RUN!” says Kelli.

In December, The Ashley broke the news that Teen Mom OG star Matt Baier really does have seven child support cases currently filed against him. On tonight’s episode, Matt’s litter of children will be addressed, and his fiance, ‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood, will learn that at least seven women have filed child support cases against Matt. (The Ashley confirmed this and provided more information on each of Matt’s alleged children. You can read that report here.)

Amber has previously denied that The Ashley’s report was true. She later changed her story, stating that she would stay with him “even if he had 20 children!”

Well, according to Kelly Nunn, that number may not be too far from the truth. Kelly, who says she was once engaged to Matt, tells The Ashley that Matt is also the father of her eight-year-old daughter. Shockingly, that little girl (whom The Ashley will call “A” for privacy reasons) is not one of the seven children who Matt has support filings for already. She is an additional child, bringing the number of offspring allegedly fathered by Matt to (at least) eight!

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Kelly explains how she was shocked last year when she saw Matt appear on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and even more surprised when she watched the episode in which he proposed to Amber.

"At least I used a different ring!"
“At least I used a different ring!”

“The speech he gave before proposing to Amber was almost verbatim to what he told me when he asked me to marry him,” says Kelly, who lives in Matt’s home state of Massachusetts.

Watching the proposal wasn’t the only thing that Kelly says gave her deja vu. In fact, she says, the rapid pace of Amber and Matt’s relationship is almost a mirror image of what happened with her and Matt.

Kelly says that she met Matt in June 2007, when they were both starting work for FritoLay.

“We worked in the warehouse together; he came to my house, brought me my favorite flowers, and we started dating. Within a month he had moved in,” Kelly said.

Just like Matt and Amber’s relationship, Kelly’s relationship with Matt progressed rapidly and she says they were soon engaged.

“I introduced him to my [older] daughter then, because I felt like we were going to be together and because we were engaged,” Kelly said. “We bought a dog together and soon after he was really pressing to have a baby. I wanted to wait until we were married, but he was very persistent.”

Kelly claims that she got pregnant soon after she and Matt started trying. However, that’s when things went sour, according to Kelli.

“I found out I was pregnant in September and by October, Matt was GONE!” Kelly claims, adding that she and Matt kept in touch somewhat and she figured that he would come back.

When she went into labor, Kelly says that she called Matt to let him know and ask him if he’d come to the hospital.

“I never heard from him,” she says, adding that she gave the baby girl her last name instead of Matt’s, but did give the baby Matt’s middle name of Lee, “just in case things ended up working out between us.”

Kelly says that when Matt finally did meet his daughter a month after she was born, “he introduced himself to her as ‘her sperm donor,'” Kelly says.

“Up until she was two I kind of thought we would still work things out,” Kelly said. “He gets into your head, he’s a good conman, I thought he was the one for me, that we belonged together. He has this way of making you think that everyone else is crazy, and that you belong with him.”

Kelly says that when her daughter was two (in 2009), Matt randomly came back into their lives. He apologized for what he had done, according to Kelly, and she gave him another chance. (She claims she had no idea he was involved with yet another woman–whom he ended up having a child with at the time.)

Kelly says she and Matt and their daughter took a trip to a local casino resort and during that trip, Matt allegedly revealed how he felt about their daughter.

“He told me that he knows that [A] is his but he just doesn’t feel anything for her,” Kelly says, adding that she left right then and there with her daughter.

Years went by and Kelly never heard from Matt. She is currently married and says she was lying in bed with her husband watching ‘Teen Mom OG’ when a familiar face showed up on screen.

“I hadn’t talked to him in years,” Kelly says. “It was a surreal. ‘Teen Mom’ is my guilty pleasure, so when I saw him on there I almost died.”

Kelli says she started tweeting to Matt after the episode aired, but he soon blocked her. Soon after, though, Matt emailed her and asked to talk .

“Somehow, he managed to make me feel bad and crazy for being mad at him,” she says. “He’s very good at turning things around on you.”

This time, however, Kelly says she saw through it and continued to try to get more information. A friend somehow was able to locate the phone number for ‘Teen Mom’ executive producer Morgan J. Freeman, and Kelly says she called him.

“This summer, I called him and left a message,” Kelly says. [A Teen Mom producer] called me back. I told her the story of who I was. [Later] the producers called me back with a team of people from the show all on the line. They left it that they would mention on air to Amber that they were contacted by me and see what she wanted to do.”

Kelly says that she recently spoke to one of the show’s producers who told her that her child support filing for “A” would be added to the growing list of other cases against Matt.

“She told me that while Matt is not yet getting paid for being on the show, he will start getting paid soon, and they will be garnishing his wages for the support cases,” Kelly said.

Kelly says she’s not even concerned about the money at this point, since he allegedly owes her over $10,000 in unpaid child support. Watching Amber with Matt does concern her, though.

“He knows just what to say. He didn’t do the shady stuff all at once, this is trickling in for her,” Kelly says. “He has this way of making you feel like he’s legit and everyone else is lying. He loves you like no one else.”

When Kelly and Matt spoke via email, Kelly says that Matt told her that no one would believe her.

“Then I realized this is coming from a man with at least eight kids,” she said. “In 2008, the number I knew of was eight. That was eight years ago though, so who knows what has happened since that?!”

Kelly stated that there is at least one other child that she knows of– a little girl who is a bit younger than her daughter. That child was also not included in the original seven children either. (The Ashley can’t confirm this child is Matt’s, as she was not able to find any court records to back it up.)

Kelly claims that she has spoken to several of the other women whom Matt has children with (and have filed support cases against him).

“They didn’t appreciate me blasting him on Twitter that night,” Kelly said. “I said, ‘He has all these kids that he’s not paying for and doesn’t see, yet he’s off attending the MTV Movie Awards. How could that not bother them?”

Although Amber has stated that she will stand by her man no matter what, Kelly says that doing so will cause Amber a world of pain.

“My advice to Amber would be to RUN!” she says. “Don’t get pregnant, that’s the big thing. She doesn’t even know the half of it. When you’re with him, you don’t see the red flags. It wasn’t until afterward that I saw everything and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it before. He just crushes people. He even told me that he was going to break my heart when we were dating, but I thought he was just being dramatic.”

During the interview, Kelly provided some interesting little-known-facts about Matt. While she claims that he is “perpetually unemployed,” he was once a DJ at a Montana radio station! His on-air name? “The Big Mattress!” (That name is quite fitting, considering that’s apparently where Matt’s spent a lot of his time making babies!)

Unfortunately, Matt’s career as an on-air DJ was short-lived. According to this article, he was fired in 2004, just six months after he began his job. Soon after, he disappeared.

Kelly also claims that Matt has used the alias “Grey Baker” in previous years. In fact, he once wrote a book under that pen name. (Yes, it was hard to believe that Matt is an author, but here’s hard proof, with Matt’s photo alongside the byline “Grey Baker.”) The book he wrote was about child abuse, and, according to Kelli, it came during a time where he was hanging around a woman who ran a non-profit that dealt with child abuse.

With the big ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode regarding Matt’s paternity cases airing tonight, Kelly said she’s anxious to see what happens.

“I hadn’t thought of him in so long before this,” she says. “His life is seriously like one giant episode of The Jerry Springer Show. Amber needs to get as far as she can from all of that!”

On January 21, Matt received a summons to appear in court to answer for the original seven child support cases that had been moved from all the other states. (Kelly’s is not part of that group.) He is scheduled to appear in an Indiana courtroom on March 22 for a hearing to enforce/modify his support orders.

UPDATE (Feb 2, 2016): Another woman has come forward, claiming that Matt scammed her out of a lot of money. The Ashley is working to investigate these claims.

Amber has responded to The Ashley’s story.While she first claimed that Matt only had two children, last night after The Ashley’s story posted, she claimed that we “don’t have a clue” and that Matt’s kids “are in their twenties.”

Just last night, however, Amber and Matt admitted to MTV News that Matt actually has five kids, three of whom are grown with their own families. (If you’re doing the math, that leaves two recognized kids underage, which contradicts the statements she made on Twitter last night about all of Matt’s kids being in his twenties!)

While Matt is now admitting to have five kids, he has still not acknowledged two of the children who he’s being sued for child support for, or Kelly’s daughter.

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  1. Where is Bubby right now? I can’t believe that he isn’t investigating all of these allegations against Matt for the sake of his little sister? I’m sure her Mom and brother are trying their best to prove to Amber she is sleeping with the devil himself. He has a great personality and he is a decent looking man especially for his age however that is not going to make him a good husband. Amber, please step back and step out of this for a little while and see how he reacts to that. Give him a situation where he may out himself. You do NOT look stupid AT THIS POINT but you will if you marry him and it goes to hell knowing all of this info beforehand. He has many years on you honey and can easily manipulate you even though you are a smart girl. He knows how to speak directly to your weaknesses and somehow can make you THINK there is strength in your relationship. DON’T PUT YOURSELF AND LEAH THROUGH THAT! You don’t HAVE to get married honey so why not just push the date out and give this some more time? No loss in that but once you are married you then are one and the same with him and his past demons. Because he chose to not deal with his past and could just pretend it never happened unfortunately you will have to help him clean it up now. That’s the difference between his past and yours. You stepped up to the plate and this person has never and never planned on it – he was caught! The right guy is out there for you Amber but it’s not this one. I promise you that

  2. The “author page for Grey Baker is hysterical…almost as many typos as Jenelle’s website. And I love that he was “been made Vice president of Kendall Publications”…a non existent publishing house. And something tells me the one “professional” reviewer of the book, a Crystal Adkins, has one of his kids. And a few reviews on Amazon are obviously him. Also, someone has pointed out The Big Mattress” was originally the name of Boston’s WBCN morning radio show in the late 70’s- 80′ from real disc jockey Charles Laquidara…it is on wiki. Matt lives on a throne of lies.

  3. Woa! Like many others here, my alarm bells have gone off about Matt since he first was onscreen. The loss of his apartment, the SUPER quick engagement, the way he has no job…The way he moved the kids out of his way a few episodes back (Did no one notice his anger?)…I’ve been through abuse in the past, and I turned to my husband and said, “Did you see that?! The way he moved that child out of his way?” It gave me the shivers. I would never leave this guy in the room alone with any child of mine. Amber, you’re so much better than this. Please believe us. Always listen to friends and family. I’m much older than you are, and I learned the hard way to always seek out opinion from those who know me best.

    This man is an obvious con artist who gives people the willies. Amber, if you are already pregnant, you can still keep the baby and love it, or love the baby and give it up for adoption. (Yes, I am pro-life.) You don’t have to keep this “man,” sweetie!!

    1. I did not mean to imply I am a part of “friends and family.” This is my first post here. I did not know The Ashley comment section does not support paragraphs.

    2. Just wondering which part of which episode you’re talking about when you say Matt moved a child out of his way? I didn’t notice it and if like to go back and rewatch it.

      1. Agree, I’d also like to go back and watch the mentioned scene. I watched the whole season over just today and don’t remember that happening.

  4. It just dawned on me why nine of his other ex’s have made some much as a peep about him having all these kids and not supporting them financially, they are actually the smarter ones in all of this if I’m thinking right – as long as him and Amber stay together and Teen Mom continues on, they will finally get some Child support out of him via mtv – for doing what he excels in, nothing. And another thing – most states will suspend your drivers license if you are well behind on child support – funny how he’s always driving her car every where (when away from the couch). Big ol’ Gary is looking like the better parent with each new story on this dude.

    1. How the hell does Gary look like a better parent than amber just because of this guys actions?? Parenting Leah has nothing to do with how many kids he has. As long as she is taking care if her little girl and living her life right she is a good parent. If I wasn’t for Gary in the first place and letting money get to his head they probably wouldn’t be in this place

      1. Really, A good mom would NEVER let a strange man move into her home after only meeting him 13 hrs before hand. Matt is alone with Leah often. Yes, Gary is the better parent, he is fighting for the safety of his child. That doesn’t mean we like Gary but he is putting Leah first, Amber is not.

        1. I so agree. I was a teen mom and my daughter is six now. I don’t really care about dating right now, I want to focus more on raising my daughter. If someone comes along, that’s fine, but I’m not actively seeking someone out I have had a couple of relationships in the last six years, though. I said the same thing before each of them, which was basically, “You won’t be meeting my daughter anytime soon. You won’t be sleeping over. You won’t be moving in. If you have a problem with any of that or won’t be able to respect that my daughter is my one and only priority, then we should just go our separate ways now.” I don’t want men coming and going to be a part of her life. It was a part of my childhood and I refuse to do the same thing to her. She deserves better. I wish Amber could see just how big of an impact the decision to stay with this creep can have on Leah.

      2. I agree Gary has his flaws and im not happy that mtv pretends his wife doesn’t have a child… Rather than one she gave up primary custody for to be on the show and help raise his daughter, but Amber isn’t fully sure how to be a mother right now. When she said I don’t sleep late I sleep until 10:30 when Leah is here… Red flag. You have your daughter what a total of 6 days over a two week period and you can’t set your alarm a little earlier that day. I think she lets Matt run the show. I also feel that she is so “done” dealing with her past that she forgets it did have an impact on other people. It’s like if you crash your car driving under the influence, you don’t wake up to a car that’s all fixed just because you’re sober now

  5. Something tells me that Matt will be the one volunteering to oversee the day to day operations of their planned (like many ideas, likely won’t happen) sober living house – every new female will be another opportunity for this creep. I’d bet money that he didn’t own his last place, was about to be evicted, and persuaded Amber to buy his 1 way airline ticket. She’s too worried about looking like a fool for her decisions leading up to this that she won’t back out now and is running with the “he’s a great catching” campaign. Where is her brother to shut this disaster down??

  6. Run amber. Run far and fast. That is creepy as fuck. I’m legit scared for her but at the same time that’s what happens when you’re desperate. I think that Gary moving on has created a lot of pressure for her. Especially since Leah appears to favor Gary and Kristina more than her.

    1. Probably not. In most states if you file taxes married filing separately I believe you don’t have to. Even without the tax thing, I think even if the dad is not working and the stepmom is the CEO of Walmart, they can’t garnish the stepmoms wages in most, if not all, states.

  7. There was a lot in his reaction on the show when this all came out. You can’t help but feel so bad for Amber, he is clearly a serial manipulator and he got to her at a really naive point in her life. What’s sad is that when he leaves again what damage will he leave behind, presumably her house and all the houses they do up are in both names, she’s probably let him convince her to have his name on the bank account…I think that even the fact that she drinks alcohol despite that being a bad idea for an addict is down to him. He’s surely gonna get her to her lowest point again and make it all her fault when actually he prayed on a damaged woman

    1. I totally agree with you, she need to send him on his way now before it gets even worst. I never trusted that guy around her daughter from the beginning anyways. Amber baby father is turning out to be a very mature individual and I’m happy their daughter is with him for now…until amber dismiss the weirdo for good.

  8. 3h3 hours ago
    Amber Portwood ‏@AmberLPortwood
    After the truth comes out in the next couple weeks I want everyone who ever doubted Matt to apolgize..that’s all I can say right now..love?



    She just won’t see the Matt as the liar, sick conman he is!
    So will the Ashley be apolgolizing in the next couple of weeks and why does he need a couple of weeks because he’s going to show up for a court date or what?

      1. She chooses everything over Leah. She choose drugs over Leah, that creepy werido she met at Walmart over Leah, date nights at sex motels instead of taking care of sick Leah, It is quite obvious the Amber is a crappy Mom and will never change. She is like Leah from Teen Mom 2, she loves the dick and will anything she can to have on one in her life. Screw her kids.

    1. I wish Amber would take off the rose colored glasses and realize that anyone who is able to lie about his kids, without a second thought, is capable of lying about anything and everything. He already manipulated and basically forced her into letting him move in. I just really hope he doesn’t hurt Leah. Statistics show that children with men other than their biological father living in the home are much more likely to be victims of sexual and/or physical abuse. It makes me wonder if that’s the reason she doesn’t want to go over there sometimes. I don’t get creeped out by people often, but that guy sends shivers down my spine.

      1. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking her reason might have been especially after she said mommy sleeps all day.

  9. She’s like Vicki from RHOC and Matt is Brooks. This is crazy. Amber, even at her lowest point, is better than this guy.

    1. Yes! I’ve been thinking that since day 1. The way they both prey on certain women and manipulate every aspect of their life is strikingly similar. I still struggle to imagine what logic her and Amber use(d) to let these 2 jeopardize their relationship with their own children – disgusting! I know kids will play parents against each other to their advantage sometimes, but I have a sick feeling about Leah being alone with that creep. Whour knows what he’s capable of.

  10. I would be suspicious of why Leah all of a sudden didn’t want to visit with her mom. Telling her dad her mom sleeps while this guy takes care of her. Anyone else pick up on that.

    1. And the way that Leah said her daddy didn’t go where she wanted to go seemed very innocent. Like I thought of being on vacation and the mom says ok well go on this girl ride and meet up later. Amber took that as he had ditched them. I laughed when she said I only sleep until like 10:30. If I only had my daughter every other weekend and after school one day I would be up at 5 am soaking up every second

      1. And.. can anyone really picture Gary on Disneyworld’s Teacup ride? C’mon now..

        Of course he didn’t, or wouldn’t do a lot of the things Leah might have wanted him to do. Not to be wretched, but he ain’t small.

    2. Yes, I thought the same thing!! Totally set of warning bell’s in my mind. I really, really want Amber to have someone to love and that will love and take care of her and Leah. But it certainly seems Matt is not the one to do that. I really hope she doesn’t end up heartbroken and penniless by this man. And I most certainly hope Matt does not hurt Leah.

      Please, Amber, be careful.

      1. The red flag was in the beginning when Amber asked when he was going back to Boston & he was like…well I moved out of my apartment. Amber was like “Oh..ok”

        By the way does he even have a job?
        Another BIG flag

  11. Amber honey you are in denial and you have been scammed.I am sorry someone you thought you could trust can not be trusted at all.
    Please get over this scumbag.I hope your friends and family support you mentally cuz you will need it.Just DON’T go Backwards in your recovery.

  12. Everyone should check out Judy Predator Patrol right now on Twitter. She was on Oprah and claims to have been conned by him. She says he dedicated his book to her and then sent multiple copies to her home. She became involved with him and then he stole from her. She has pictures of the book dedication she is tweeting.

      1. She is a very famous person for REAL things she has done. Her sons were raped and she apprehended their rapist. She didn’t stop there. She actually started finding other predators and helping to bring them to justice. She has been featured on television several times, including an Oprah episode dedicated to her story. Shortly after her fame, Matt (going by Matt Baker) wrote the book about child abuse and dedicated it to her. He then sent four copies to her home before she responded. He then dated her, pretended to be Vice President of her Safety Advocacy Group (see his authors page in the article). He said he had bonds and ended up stealing money from this woman who has been through so much and done so much to help the world. She is coming to take him down like a child predator. He conned the wrong woman. She also said he was never an addict to her knowledge. She said he made that up to relate to Amber like he made up the child abuse stories to relate to her.

        1. OMG! Matt is a terrible person. I really wonder what Amber is going to do. I hope she makes the right decision and gets rid of him, hes so despicable. He’s turning out to be the worst of the entire Teen Mom franchise.

        2. *Picks jaw up off of the floor* This dude is unreal, literally. I hadn’t thought of it before, but can definitely see him faking the addiction past to be more relatable to his victims.. err, I mean Baby-mamas. Can’t mtv splurge on a thorough The Ashley type of background check and put this all to rest? She’d probably stay with him anyways though.

  13. This truth makes me sad. I feel sympathy for Amber, but I feel truly sad for all of the children he created without a care in the world. What a disgusting man. Not only is he an addict, a mooch, a loser…now he’s a deadbeat too.

    I’m not a vengeful person, but I hope if he gets paid any money from TM it gets garnished and goes straight to those children.

    1. This “man” has the gall to have an iPhone, drive a new looking car, and not work to support his own children. Yet he had no problem taking time out of his day to stalk teen mom stars on Twitter. Yet he has no problem playing Step-dad to Leah, because Amber has the money.

      I’m really raging about this tonight lol. Gahhhh

      1. I’m with you. Not so much raging though, more like feeling TOTALLY disgusted and creeped out. I thought Farrah was the queen of projection, but NO WAY, Matt acted mad WITH Amber, he acted mad AT GARY. Amber was mad at everyone except the disgusting liar. He was doing a chillingly wonderful job convincing Amber everyone is out to get him and his love for her is all that matters. It was SOOO disgusting, my creeper sense was going off like an alarm watching the last 10 minutes of that show… He is a MANIPULATOR! The look on the crews’ faces said it ALL. They couldn’t even believe she was falling for it. They couldn’t even say A WORD about it.

        1. I really hope Amber takes all of the “allegations” (we all know they’re truths) seriously and GETS OUT!! I agree, this guy gives me the willies. His story could seriously be turned into a lifetime movie… It’s so bizarre, creepy, and gross!

          1. Amazing idea. This would be a fantastic Lifetime movie!!! We should all pitch in with The Ashley and write the screenplay.

            [enter] Amber, sitting on the couch with a blanket on her lap and a glass o’ wine in her hand: “I miss my BOO BOO!”

  14. Omg, have you guys seen the new Starcasm article about how he met up with a conned a woman he saw on Oprah? There are photos of her on Oprah and him with her during rallys after. I just read her tweets about how he conned her. On the author’s page you posted he claims to be Vice President of her organization and she is extremely upset and ranting all over Twitter right now.

  15. If he gets her pregnant, he becomes a permanent part of the show (examples being Nathan and Jeremy on TM2). Even if she is done with him, he will claim her child and be around because the world is watching.

    However, I think I see Amber’s point of view on this (how she is rationalizing). She was an addict who did terrible things she is deeply ashamed of. She made big changes. She thinks Matt has done the same. I am very interested in knowing if any of these kids were conceived after he got clean. Drugs will make you do soms crazy shit.

    I pray for Amber’s sake that the change is real and genuine. I see some good things in Matt. I watch him help out with Leah and wait on Amber like a princess.

    I do love Amber and have a lot of concerns about Matt. There are some undeniable red flags. I know Amber wants to believe the good, and I hope she proceeds with caution. I will be happy if she guards her money and waits until a year after the wedding to conceive. I just want what is best for her. I know that this could end very badly for her. I just hope it doesn’t. I don’t want Matt to be a bad guy.

    1. That would be nice. But it’s not true.

      If he had made changes and now was a good man he would have a JOB and the women wouldn’t have to take him to court to help with his children. He also wouldn’t have moved to a new state away from all his children to chase a woman half his age who he didn’t even know.

    2. Good guys don’t move cross country with no job, no money and no prospects to mooch off a vulnerable girl that he previously stalked. There have been red flags even before all this mess about his abandoned children came out.

      1. After just reading Starcasms new article on him, I am convinced he is still a con man. Too weird after I find out he did the same thing to another woman he saw on Oprah. Two women on TV Matt? How is this explained? I want to have hope for Amber, but there is more and more coming out every day. Poor Ambs.

    3. Oh please don’t be naive like Amber. He purposely sought her out because of who she was. He had been watching her for years on MTV. He wanted a big pay day and he got it, he doesn’t give a damn about her or Leah, he’s just a grifter. His oldest son is Amber’s age 25. He’s been seducing women and getting them pregnant to use them all of his adult life. He’s no good. Amber should not have any unsupervised visits with Leah, if her judgement is this poor.!

  16. HOW can he deny the other kids??? for a child support order paternity must be established! so either through DNA, birth certificate or whatever, MATT IS THE FATHER. there is no if, ands or buts about this fact

  17. When he is yelling “get out of my house!” This dude doesn’t even have a JOB! He doesn’t have a house. Or a car. Or anything.

    He is such an old…ugly loser.

    1. What do you mean, we just found out that he totally has a job. When they asked what he did for a living, the answer was, “Amber’s fiancée.” And so far, the job definitely seems to be treating him well.

  18. Well, if this is true, I am scared for Amber. I have heard of men that sleep around and get women pregnant on purpose because they are addicted to spreading their seed. Matt sounds like one of those guys and if that’s the case, there is something psychologically wrong with this guy. If Amber reads this, knows all the other facts and she still stays with him then he REALLY has her wrapped around his finger. He definitely is a good manipulator just like this woman says he was with her. It’s sad because Amber was just starting to get her life together and now she’s dating a psycho. Sad situation.

    1. she never had her life together, if she would have, she never would have allowed a piece of shit like Matt into her life. As soon as she got of prison she was busy doing paid interviews and MTV specials instead of going to school and getting a job outside of the spotlight. If she had done that, she would not be in this situation. She needs to stay off facebook and twitter and social media. SHe’s a selfish idiot, that thought nothing of her daughter’s safety or well being. She’s still laying in bed all the time, while this sicko is watching the daughter she claims she loves so much.

      1. I said she was STARTING to get her life together but I think she is just backtracking now. Just because she isn’t popping pills anymore, doesn’t mean she’s a completely capable of having Leah half the time. Why do these girls always put their relationships in front of their children??? Jennelle and Leah are the exact same way. Chelsea is really the only one that has a f*cking brain in her head. She actually went to school, got a job and did something but plant her ass on her couch. These girls just want to get engaged, pop out more babies and while they get their checks from Mtv in the mail. Do they realize that this show isn’t going to provide them with a 401k or any kind of pension plan???

    2. The only saving grace here is that she isn’t planning on marrying this POS until October so that’s what about 10 months away, so much bad shit will have gone down by then I don’t think she will, and he has a court date to answer all those child support cases on March 22, so don’t think the wedding will go forward, if it was next week probably but because it’s 10 months away and the women started coming forward, there is enough time for her brother and mother and maybe even her cousin to help her see the light. I can’t wait until his kids start talking!

      1. I hope she doesn’t go through with the wedding but I’m afraid she will because it seems like she’s a lot more worried about the embarrassment of breaking it off with him because if she does breaks it off then it will be her admitting that she was wrong and everybody else was right. Since she met Matt, her family, friends and the TM audience knew something was off about him and warned her but her head was so far in the clouds that she didn’t want to listen and now I know she is going to pay the price for it.

        1. and God forbid Dr. Drew bring up Matt and his offspring at the reunion. Amber is going to throw the BIGGEST fit and walk off set which screaming “I’M DONE! I’M DONE!”

          1. I guarantee you that Dr. Drew brought it up at the reunion and Amber and Matt knew he was going to so they rehearsed a good explanation to make Matt look like the victim. She already said on twitter that “the truth” is going to come out in a few weeks and everyone that talked s*it should apologize to him. Ha! Like that’s gonna happen. Keep dreamin’ girl!

  19. The fact Amber won’t admitt, even to herself, she’s living a lie, and her “man” is a con-artist, proves once and for all just how little she’s really changed.

    I won’t even get into the fact that drinking means you’ve traded one addiction for another, meaning she is NOT sober.

    1. I don’t think it’s so much Amber. After reading this, it sounds like Matt is a very good manipulator and it’s easy to manipulate somebody like Amber who has gone through a lot and is very vulnerable state of mind. I think more women will come forward and we’ll have to see what happens when he hits 20!

  20. Amber has worked so hard to turn her life around and now she’s putting that all in jeopardy by staying with this guy. I think she’s a very lonely person so it was easy for Matt to manipulate her. Amber focus on yourself and your daughter! Guys come and go but your kids are forever.

    1. Can only imagine the end of day convos the film crew has after dealing with some of them. It would probably make for a more entertaining show than what we’re currently watching.

    1. As creepy as it sounds, I hope these aliases that he has gone by are completely made up and not a case of the real person(s) identity being stolen. The more I read the creeper he gets. If a Grey Baker or Matt Baker have gone missing, we know where to look first.

  21. shockingly, amber’s still concerned with how she looks! she said, if this is true, i’ll look like a naive little girl. no sweetie. you’re hardly the first to be blinded when you were vulnerable by someone more experienced in manipulation, and you damn sure won’t be the last. but ignoring facts when faced with them is something else. everyone makes mistakes, everyone gets hurt. don’t dig in and set out to prove anything. step back and figure out what’s going on. i know you feel stupid, but that’s nothing compared to how bad it could get to get even more tied up in this thing. people show you who they are, believe them! you can’t save everyone.

    1. I totally agree with this. Matt is also way older than Amber, hes got an extra 20+ years of experience perfecting his craft of manipulating women, but now that she knows (part of) the truth about him, she needs to get out before she digs herself into a deeper hole. I feel like this is only the tip of the iceberg of the Big Mattress Grey Baker story.

    2. 100% agree with you, Lexii and Crusty. This is spot on. No one would blame her for being conned by this creep, but to stick around and deny truth.. the longer she keeps it up, the more she becomes liable. I can’t imagine how scared she would be of change, because she needs to stick to her “normal” routines as a recovering addict, and this would be a massive change because he clung to her almost right away. BUT, it would be worth it.

  22. This post just further solidifies the validity that Matt is a creepy bad guy. You can already see it in his eyes, but hearing it from someone he actually manipulated makes it that much more legit. Amber needs to get out now, but she is way too stubborn. She wants to prove to everyone that she has this great guy. I believe that she will end up getting pregnant by him, and she will be the one he ends up actually marrying, and everyone but Amber can see it’s only because she’s on TV. He doesn’t love her. As soon as those MTV camera’s turn off, he is going to fly out of that relationship like a bat outta hell, probably write a tell all, and take majority of her money. She needs to have a solid prenup put in place because I believe everything that came out of his baby mama’s mouth….this guy is a master manipulator, he’s already manipulated Amber, lying and saying he had 2 kids when he actually has 7+, he’s already cheated on her and she took him back, and he weaseled his way into her life. A guy that doesn’t claim his kids, and calls himself the big mattress is a pretty terrible person. She needs to drop him like a ton of bricks.

  23. Reading this article gives me the serious heebie jeebies. I thought he was just irresponsible, and a bit of a fame hungry asshole, but the way this woman describes him it all sounds much more deliberate and creepy. If he talked her into having a baby and then left immediately after she got pregnant… it does sound like that was his plan from the outset. It makes it much more sinister that he was a huge fan of a show about vulnerable girls getting pregnant. Oh Amber, I am rooting for you… don’t let this crazy guy ruin your life.

  24. I think the more dirt on Matt surfaces and the more people telling Amber to get away from him only makes her more determined to prove them wrong. It’s what she did with Gary when everyone around them said they were no good together.

    1. She won’t leave him. She said it a million times on the episode last night, “That was his past.” She thinks this was how he “used to be” and now everything is different and the two of them will live happily ever after. She is in total denial. She, like many other women in her position, don’t want to see the truth because they do not want to admit that they have been completely duped by this guy since day one. How she feels is completely understandable, but very sad to watch at the same time.

      1. It seems like the only way women can get this leech to leave is to get pregnant. Maybe Amber should get pregnant, that would probably be the best way to get rid of him!

        1. It seemed that her mom wasn’t to crazy about their situation maybe she can try to talk to Amber and get through to her. She needs someone who is around her that is bit a “yes”person and actually cares what happens to her.

      2. yup, women like her think that they can change a guy like him, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and at 44 or however old he is, i’m sure he’s stuck in his ways and isn’t changing for anyone…not even his 7+ kids

  25. Are you guys also afraid that if he gets rejected by Amber that he might hurt her?I am sorry but from the first time i saw him i thought that he was a stalker.And he moved in without really asking and put his ass on her couch,the hysterical tattoo,and he probably never want to leave because he hit the jackpot,a income and a young vulnareble girl.What else do he need?Creepy….i hope for the love of God that Amber wakes up.

    1. I hope she doesn’t go through with it, but I’m pretty sure she is. I feel like she thinks he’s the only person that will “love” her…plus shes hell bent on showing the world that he’s a great guy. He’s such a slime bucket, I just hope Amber uses some sense and gets a prenup before walking down the isle to this weirdo.

  26. Good job Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I said it from day one, Matt is a loser and Amber is an even bigger loser for allowing this POS into her life hours after meeting him!

  27. Matt gave me the creeps from day one, something has always felt “off” with him. I really hope the whole truth about him comes to light, and that Amber believes it, before he destroys her and she loses her daughter and ends up bankrupt! Amber has worked too hard and overcame too much to be setback by some con-artist deadbeat dad!!

  28. There are some text msgs circulating now on twitter where this idiot says he is a professional poker player and graduated from MIT…yet he worked at FritoLay warehouse..dear god Amber…

    1. I saw them & even tweeted back & forth with two women who he ran that scam on. They both let Amber’s brother know & he didn’t seem to take them seriously. Wow. Crazy!

  29. Matt has given me the screaming sh*ts from the moment he appeared on the scene.I really hope Amber wakes up before it’s too late.

  30. Finally!!! I’ve been hoping that one of the mothers would be a fan of OG and come out with her story. Amber needs to listen to Kelli and get out now!

  31. Matt sounds like a reproductive abuser. He seems like the type of guy who gets a trill out of intentionally getting someone pregnant. Hopefully he doesn’t do that to Amber, that’s the last thing some poor child needs to be born into.

  32. Amber please take a page from Jenelles life lessons learned. Example…. Nathan. Listen to your brother. This guy is using you. Learn more about his past before you marry him. Marrying this bum may cost you Leaha and all your savings!!

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