Former Associate of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Matt Baier Comes Forward to Warn Amber Portwood of “Wrath of Matt” (Exclusive Interview)

Judy (left corner) and Matt Baier during a trip they took in 2008.
Judy (left corner) and Matt Baier during a trip they took in 2008.

Note: To see how Amber has responded to this story, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Earlier this week, The Ashley brought you an exclusive interview with Kelli Nunn, a former fiance of Teen Mom OG star Matt Baier. Kelli, who claims to have given birth to Matt’s daughter eight years ago (if you’re counting that makes at least eight alleged kids fathered by Matt), told the story of how Matt allegedly came into her life, got her pregnant and then left her broken in 2007.

Monday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom’ featured scenes in which the seven child support cases pending against Matt (confirmed by The Ashley in December) were exposed. After it aired, yet another woman who says she had a bizarre encounter with Matt back in 2008 and has come forward.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Judy Cornett, founder of Safety Zone Advocacy, a non-profit that works to prevent child sexual abuse, tells the story of how Matt randomly came into her life, and why she thinks his famous fiance, Amber Portwood, needs to beware of what she calls “the wrath of Matt.”

Judy says that she is not a person who is simply jumping on a bandwagon to take down a reality star. In fact, she has never even watched ‘Teen Mom’ and was not aware of Matt being on the show until this week.

“Matt had disappeared from my mind until this all came up,” Judy told The Ashley. “It’s not like I saw this man on TV and wanted to get involved in the drama surrounding him. I really didn’t want to, but honestly… I’m hoping that the people who had the bad experiences can share them and save someone else from being victimized.”

Judy says her interaction with Matt began in the spring of 2008, when she met the future reality star on MySpace. At the time, Judy says she was making frequent appearances on the talk show circuit, trying to raise awareness for her organization. After talking to Matt online for a short time, Judy says he was eager to come to Tampa (where she was living) to help with the organization.

“I wasn’t sure about having him come to my home in Tampa, but I remember him being very insistent,” Judy said. “When he came to Tampa, it was very awkward. When he came to my house, he came with very little. He just had a small bag with a few dirty clothes in it. I had to wash his clothes for him. But at the time, he had made it seem like he had money, and that he wanted to help me and my organization.”

Judy says a friendship began between her and Matt (they were never romantically involved, although Judy claims that Matt seemed to be trying to turn their relationship romantic.)

“I thought he wanted to help. He told me about the book he written about sexual abuse,” she said, adding that she thinks the book may have been written after they met as a way for him to get close to her.

Soon after Matt arrived, Judy says they took a trip to Mobile, Alabama, to help the family of a little girl who had recently been killed in a car accident. The little girl had allegedly been sexual abused, but because she had passed away, was obviously not able to testify to put her abuser in jail. Judy says she and Matt went to Mobile to help the family at a rally.

Judy said she’s not exactly surprised to hear that Matt ended up on television, given that when he was with her at the rally in Mobile, Matt was constantly putting himself in front of the news cameras that had gathered to cover the event.

Matt inside of Judy's home in 2008.
Matt inside of Judy’s home in 2008.

“He always wanted to be in front of the cameras,” Judy said. “I kept telling him to stop, because he didn’t know enough about my organization or the case to speak about it. He just wanted to be right up in the forefront.”

Judy said that eventually, things got “creepy” with Matt and she kicked him out of her house, even though he said he had nowhere to go. Although she claims that he called her later on when one of his baby-mommas allegedly kicked him out of her house, Judy says she has not had an interaction with Matt since.

“I think the only addiction he has is stealing from people and lying, going after people with money females that is,” Judy tweeted after the episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ aired on Monday. “Get away from Matt, he is using you!! I have personal history with him!! I put his a** in a taxi after stealing money!

“The whole thing was bizarre,”Judy told The Ashley. “I look at it now, it doesn’t seem like it was real. It’s become a circus of all these other women. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. Thank God I didn’t fall for him [romantically] like everyone else did. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Had I been desperate for love or companionship things might have turned out very differently for me.”

Judy says she has nothing to gain or lose by coming forward with her story.

“My intention is to bring awareness to someone who is being preyed upon,” Judy says. “Based on my experience with this individual, and the stories I’ve heard from his other victims, I’m very comfortable with what I’m saying about him.”

Judy says she was surprised to learn that Matt claims to be a recovering addict.

“He never once mentioned that, and his sobriety and all of that never came up in our conversations,” she says.

In an interview with Blog Talk Radio in 2008, Matt (under his pen name Grey Baker) even admits to changing himself to fit the situation he’s in.

“I would do and say whatever someone needed me to in order to endear myself to them,” Matt says in the interview. “I couldn’t keep a relationship because I was so self-destructive. I wanted everybody to love me, but I couldn’t return the love.”

Judy suspects that he may have used that as a way to get closer to Amber, who is a recovering addict herself.

“My gut is that yes, he went for a weak link and when he went for Amber, she took the bait,” Judy says, adding that she finds it disturbing that Matt had been flirting with several other ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars before getting with Amber. “If he was madly in love with her, why in the world did he try to hit up those other girls first? After he got rejected by them, he went to Amber and all of a sudden, boom, they’re in love and living together.”

Judy says her concern for Amber’s well-being is what ultimately prompted her to share her story.

“We [myself and the other women who have come forward] are not trying to create drama, we’re trying to save someone’s life from being destroyed,”Judy said. “Amber has an opportunity to do something good with her life, and we who have experienced the wrath of Matt don’t want to see her to fall prey to his manipulation and lose everything she has.”

Judy says her experiences with her organization have helped her understand that someone like Amber, who has spent time in prison and turned her life around since, may be more forgiving of someone like Matt.

“She understands that people make mistakes and can change; however, this was not an isolated incident,” Judy says. “So many people are coming out of the woodwork to talk about their experiences with Matt. If all of this had transpired before 2008 and then stopped, then maybe he had changed. But it has continued.”

Judy had a few more words of advice for Amber.

“I just hope that with all of us coming forward, that we can make an impression that will change her mind about being with this man,” she said. “Right now she has such a huge opportunity, working in entertainment, to make a difference. I wish her well and I hope that she will enjoy the money from the show with her child, and enjoy the quality time with her. I hope all this drama disappears for her.”

UPDATE: Amber has released a statement to MTV News in what is likely a response to this story, as well as The Ashley’s interview with Matt’s former fiance, Kelly Nunn. In the statement, which was released yesterday, Amber does not deny that what the people from Matt’s past are saying about him.

“There have been many stories and allegations surrounding Matt’s past,” Amber said in a statement. “Just as my own journey has proven, people make mistakes and should be given a second chance without being judged solely on those choices. We are happy and focused on building our future together.”

Looks like the wedding is still on…

(Photos: Twitter)



  1. he waits on amber while she sleeps in bed all day,if she gets rid of him,whos going to wait on her?she told matts son that shes up until 3am if he ever needs to talk!! and leah said on other episodes her mother is in bed all day,Hello!!! and now its called depression.No its called get your fannie out of bed at a decent hour and take care of your child!! with matt waiting on her,why should she get out of bed?

  2. Amber you’ll be broke and alone when Matt has done screwing you and your bank account
    He had no money, so it’s Amber who’s buying houses and flipping them, and matts getting 1/2 the profits, silly stupid girl, I don’t blame Garry for not wanting Leah to be with you, the judge needs to give supervised visitation to Amber, as this guy is creepy and somethings off about him

  3. Amber is a very smart girl and i’m surprised she is even with this idiot still. There are too many red flags popping up. He cheated on her. Why would you marry someone who has done that? I could never trust someone fully after that. The fact he was hitting on other teen moms beforehand? Just creepy. I’m all for ppl redeeming themselves but often when someone is this f**d up, it is hard for them to change. Being a single mother herself, you would think she would not want to be with a dead beat dad. My gosh Gary is 1000 times better than him. I just worry that he will use and abuse her big time. Where did he get the money to pay for her engagement ring? That sucks having to buy your own. Is she going to have to fit his child support bill too? Fair enough if she wants to give him a chance but i would be waiting a long time until they get married so that he proves himself

  4. I don’t understand why Amber is letting this Dead Beat Dad use her like this because she’s a Mom. How would she feel if she was one of those Moms? Why is he not working? He says it’s their house and their money. I haven’t seen him working to contribute. How did he ever buy her a ring with no money?a? And no job? she paid for her own ring just like she is paying for everything.

  5. Amber run run like your tampon string is on fire! If he doesn’t care about none of his kids what makes you think he cares and loves you ? What makes you so special? He is a manipulator psychopath. Im very worried too that he will relapse and start using again and this will make Amber start using again! A man that is a deadbeat and has no career who is a creep like he is would of dried,up my vagina fast! Gross creepy man run amber do it for your daughter!

  6. It is really sad that people are calling Amber a bad mother because of this. She is not the first women or mother to fall for his scam. This man is a scammer and has been pulling the same con successfully for many years. Most likely Matt has convinced her that he has changed and is a different person now. It is hard to understand unless you have been in a relationship with someone who is that good at manipulation and lies. The man that she knows and lives with everyday is not the same man that she is reading about. Given her own past, it isn’t a stretch that she would believe that he has changed. Especially considering he is telling her that he used to be an addict and Amber knows that she is a different person than when she was an addict. Bottom line is that Amber IS a victim in all this. Yes, even if she stays with him. Just like someone who stays in an abusive relationship after the abuse starts. Amber is not a bad mother because she trusted someone and she certainly doesn’t deserve what she is going to get or to lose everything.

    1. I think when people are saying she is a “bad mom” they mean that right now she’s not making the best decisions for her or Leah by being with Matt. Seeing that Matt isn’t her husband or the father of Leah, Amber needs to put her child’s needs and best interests first, stop being selfish, and get out of this relationship. I wouldn’t say she’s a bad mom or has bad intentions, but it is CLEAR that Matt’s intentions are very bad. She just doesn’t want to see it…she truly believes that he’s changed for her. It’s very sad and evident that Amber doesn’t have much self worth, she doesn’t want to be alone, and will do anything for this guy, but she needs to snap out of it. I get that it’s easier said than done, but this is turning into something very creepy, scary and not the safest environment for Leah. Day by day there are new damning allegations coming out against Matt. The evidence is there. She’s going to end up on an episode of “who the bleep did i marry” within the next 3 years. She can defend him until she is blue in the face, but facts and court documents don’t lie and Matt does. At this moment I do feel bad for her and I have sympathy for her. She’s wasted a year on this dude, and is probably terrified of starting over and being alone, but it would be best for her to start over NOW while she’s young, than get ROYALLY screwed over in the end. I think that’s what everyone is trying to say.

      1. It’s clear to you and everyone on the outside, but it isn’t clear to her. She has been living with this guy for a year now. This whole time he has been telling her that he has a bad past but has changed. I am just sad that fans are choosing to shame her for falling victim to a scam artist. Calling her a bad mother, telling her she is being stupid, selfish, and has no self worth isn’t helping her in any way. In fact, it’s just adding insult to injury.

    2. When she took Leah ti that god awful tacky hotel for her & Matt’s sexy time weekend, that put her straight into the bad mom category..sorry not sorry.

  7. All sympathy and respect for Amber is gone..I pray Gary gets full custody of that poor child once again. Her “mother?” is as bad as Jenelle at this point choosing a man over the safety of her child.

  8. You know these adult children arent exactly jumping out of the wood work to defend their father. That speaks volumes.

  9. Whatever you do amber you have to make sure your doing it for yourself. If you do a marriage doesn’t matter who it is do a prenup.

  10. So the wedding is still on? Amber you look absolutely pathetic now.

    We were all rooting for you but you’re a damn ostrich burying your head in the sand.

    Can’t say I’ll feel sorry for her when this all blows up in her face.

    I only feel bad for Leah for having such a poor role model as a mom.

    1. I came back to read the new comments on this article and decided to zoom in on that picture to see what exactly he was holding. Now I wish I hadn’t because it looks like a either a dead bird or one that couldn’t fly away. It’s not like wild birds willingly let people pick them up. Worse is how amused he seems to be about it. It’s yet another thing that makes him look like the creep he is. Who does that?

  11. well looking on the bright side, all of Matt’s children will finally get the support they are entitled to.

  12. Matt is such a slime ball. I’m glad he’s getting exposed, but it probably wouldn’t matter anyway…Amber doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon..she seems like the type to cut off her nose to spite her face. She cares too much about what people say…she’s probably afraid that people are going to make fun of her and say “I told you so”, but in actuality everyone would probably praise her getting out of that relationship. I hope she gets out ASAP, or at least before this wedding.

    1. That’s exactly what I think. She said on the last episode that if Matt is lying to her she is going to look like a “naive little girl.” It’s sad that she’s more worried about how she think she will look to the public than about her well being. She lost custody of her daughter and went to prison for over a year. If people can forgive her for that, I don’t think anyone will hold this against her. People will just be glad she got rid of this creep that manipulated her.

    2. Amber apparently doesn’t want to be saved or see the truth here, but hopefully all of this will help other women (and men!) seeing this story realize they need to do their due due diligence, especially if there are kids involved. And maybe not rush into living together/marriage with someone.

  13. OH MY GAWD, GUYS. GUYS. There is no hope for her…

    “It’s not accurate. [Matt] does only have five kids. Yes, I did know about them, but the other ones are older with families and it wasn’t something that we wanted out.

    I can say that today we’re in a great place. That was a few months ago. Matt still says he has five kids, and the thing with me that I would always go to is, well if he had five, why the hell wouldn’t he tell me if he had seven? As if that really makes a difference to me. I mean, he could have ten and I don’t even know if that would make a difference because to me the point is that his past was horrible.”

    DE-NILE, it ain’t just a river…

    1. omg. she sounds so dumb. she’s gonna have to learn the hard way because I don’t think she’s not going anywhere. she’s gonna walk down that isle to that creep, with no prenup, and as soon as the money and cameras are gone, he’s gonna be gone right along with them and onto his next victim. But honestly, if Amber does get rid of him the next guy might be worse…Amber doesn’t have the best track record with men ?

  14. I seriously hope she doesn’t get pregnant but I don’t see this being exactly the same as the rest. He got what he’s searching for. Amber is famous with some money, there’s no reason for him to leave her. I hope she sees past it soon though because she’s done so well for herself, she doesn’t need someone just trying to feed off of her. I remember during the reunion show Amber left the stage upset and instead of following her or trying to make her feel better he never took his eyes off of dr Drew and moved into her spot. Usually you would try to console someone you love.

  15. Ok, Lets say Matt has changed, and all that “stuff” is in his past.If Amber was able to make important changes to better herself, then why can’t Matt? Here is why that does not apply to Matt. Right now, this very minute, Matt has 5 women seeking child support from him. If he has changed so much, sees the error of his ways, why has he continually turned a blind eye to the fact he has has children out there who he is doing absolutely nothing for? The fact that these women have to go before a judge to have him enforce child support payments just goes to show that the only person Matt is concerned with is himself!

    1. Up until the second he contacted Amber on Twitter he had not changed. He was looking for a woman with fame and money to use, as he’s done in the past. He has her now, it will last as long as there is money there, when there is no money there he will be gone.

      1. Yup…hes gonna bounce when there is no money and no TV cameras. This guy is money hungry and fame hungry and once those 2 things are gone, hes gonna be gone with the wind and on to his next victim.

        1. Just like Nathan did to Jenelle. Only I hope Amber doesn’t let him talk her in to having his baby. She’ll never get rid of him. Ask Jenelle how the story ends.

  16. GOD is trying to tell you something amber, LISTEN! you have the unbelievable good fortune of finding out what this man was before you legally or through a child, tied yourself to him in a way that’s hard to get out of, if at all! no one thinks you’re dumb for falling, but we will if you bury your head and marry this guy this year!

  17. Just wait. He will destroy this Realtionship too. For some People all you have to do ist waiting until they destroy themselves and the system they built up. Matt is this kind of Person. If Amber is the victim at the end, its her own fault. She had so many reasons to leave him but she decided to stay. You are your own boss amber. Leave or live with the consequences.

  18. Mark my words, Amber is going to make Matt show up for these upcoming court cases, so she can start paying off his child support, and then scream see he’s changed!! She just doesn’t get it, he is using her, but it’s her life. I just feel horrible for her daughter & the Shirley’s who have to be on high alert that this creep doesn’t hurt Leah.

  19. I’d just like to remind Amber that during the reveal of Matt to the production crew it was said Matt just decided on his own to sell his furniture, give up his apt and show up at your place without notice of what he was doing and this was done very, very early in your relationship. Amber we love you and are just trying to make you see that you are being manipulated by the guy.

  20. Hes a user ive been with a guy like Matt before it sucked so bad. Amber kick him out soon its only going to get worse lol

  21. good job Ashley, this relationship will end before the end of the year, hopefully he doesn’t rob her blind!

  22. Amber, no one will dislike you for leaving Matt. If anything we’ll admire you more for getting yourself and your daughter the fuck away from the creep.

    1. He most definitely is a con man and a womanizer (why any woman would have sex with this creepy ass dude is beyond me) and possibly a psychopath too but I’m hoping for Amber’s sake that he isn’t. He obviously uses women for money and sex. When he gets bored with them, he takes off and leaves them in the dust or the women just realize he’s a creep and kick him to the curb. Amber is really going to make herself look like a fool if she doesn’t get this dude out of her life now. I know she is worried about the embarrassment of admitting she got scammed by the ultimate creeper but her life is more important than that.

      1. And so is her daughter’s! For someone who claims she’s always thinking of Leah first, Amber is very reckless with her choice of guys she brings around her.

        1. My thing is, according to Leah, Matt is the one that hangs out with her when she goes to Amber’s…that being said, Amber should probably take that as a HUGE RED FLAG!!! How is he gonna take care of her kid when he doesn’t take care of his own?? It’s his way of manipulating her into thinking that he is this great guy and a great influence on Leah. It’s disgusting!

      2. He gets women to sleep with him by preying on insecure women. I read somewhere else that he had been tweeting at Farrah and Jenelle as well. They’re all very insecure.

        1. Yep. He was flirting with them before Amber. Of course he goes for the three girls on the show that have the most problems.

        2. Geeze…Farrah? He was willing to sign up for that? lol Shows how desperate he was to be on TV….there’s red flags all over this and Amber needs to see them

          1. She would have eaten him alive.

            I’d imagine he’d have flirted with of the TM girls, but most of them are in relationships. If he had tried to get with Maci or Chelsea or Leah or Kail or Catelynn, he’d have boyfriends/fiances/husbands to deal with. Deep down, all of these girls have insecurities, just look at their relationships, but Amber was the only one to fall for his schtick. I think there was even a mention of a tweet to Alex.

          2. Farrah loves her money to much to give it away on such a freeloader.You can say whatever you want about Farrah but finacialy she’s the smartest of all the girls, and thinking about her financialy future when MTV stops.

          3. Farrah would’ve definitely eaten him alive…maybe he should’ve been with her, he probably would’ve met his match! I would love to see her lash out and call Matt a bitch and whatever other obscenity she could come up with. HA!

    2. I’m starting to think he really is a psychopath. It’s a common misconception that all psychopaths are violent. In reality, most psychopaths aren’t violent. They only care about themselves and getting what they want. They will use people to get it, without empathy or remorse. They don’t care if their actions cause harm to the people they use. They’re extremely charming and that charm is exactly how they get people to do what they want, like charming a woman into staying with him after cheating on her and lying about how many kids he has and the number of court cases he has pending

      1. I’m also certain he’s a psychopath. I did a quick check of the list of traits with my friend and he meets a lot already and we’ve only seen him for a couple of hours on TV!

        superficial charm, manipulative, pathological liar, lack of remorse/guilt, emotionally shallow, parasitic lifestyle, lack of realistic long-term goals, many short-term marital relationships, promiscuous (cheated)

  23. I think it’s cool and empathetic that this lady listed a reason why Amber may be sympathetic to him. Everyone is so quick to judge her for making a seemingly bad decision, but everyone is coming from some place that makes sense to them. The idea that Amber has changed and doesn’t want to judge others for their past like other people judge her makes all the sense in the world. But I think this lady is also right in that his track record didn’t stop years ago, so hopefully Amber will wise up.

  24. Amber, for the love of God, please wake up!

    The world is not that consumed with ‘bringing you down’, trust me. These people are REAL and are coming out to give you the REAL story behind Matt. They’re not doing it to hurt you, they want to protect you from the damage they KNOW he can and will inflict upon you.

    If you keep sticking your head in the sand and end up marrying this dangerous man, you will lose EVERYTHING. Your daughter, your home, your money…and your self respect.

    Please open your eyes and your ears. Listen to what people are saying. Look at the proof. See if he can provide evidence of his past. Don’t marry someone who is using you and out to get what he can out of this arrangement.


    1. Well said! How can Amber be in such denial that everyone else is lying? I don’t like the fact that Leah told Gary that when she’s at Amber’s, Amber is always asleep and Matt does everything for her. There’s something kinda fishy about Matt in the sense that if she were my child or even a friend’s child I would not want Matt alone with Leah for even a second.

    2. Her brother needs to step in and run Matt off. Heck even a hole Gary is trying to help her out by exposing this guy.

        1. and how sad that Gary was the one that had to run a background check on him. With the fame and money Amber has, thats the first thing that she needs to do when dating a guy. If not a background check then at least google him! Just to make sure his intentions are pure

      1. I’ve seen several women who have been conned by Matt warn Amber’s brother. They are all legit women. He not only didn’t listen ut was rude to them. He told them that he was a graduate of MIT & that he was a high stakes poker player worth millions. He tried hard to con them & this was right before he hooked up with Amber. I was really surprised that Amber’s brother got so defensive. These women were all very nice about it & had proof with dms & texts. So I don’t think her brother is going to be much help from what I saw.

  25. cant wait for amber and matt to spin this! amber says the truth will come out and we’ll all have to apologize LOL

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