Maci Bookout Scolded by ‘Teen Mom’ Fans for Drinking While Pregnant

This photo was taken last month...
This photo was taken last month…

Maci Bookout surprised her fans yesterday when she announced that she is pregnant with her third child. The Teen Mom OG star, who, up until yesterday had given no indication that she was pregnant, wrote in an Instagram post that she and her fiance, Taylor McKinney, are expecting a baby boy. In an interview with MTV News, Maci stated that she is due May 30.

While the news no doubt surprised fans, it also concerned many others, due to Maci’s frequent drinking on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Maci told MTV News that she found out that she was expecting right after Taylor proposed to her. (The proposal took place during Maci and Taylor’s trip to Los Angeles four weeks ago. Farrah Abraham and other ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast and crew have confirmed this.)

After Maci’s announcement, fans expressed their concerns over the fact that Maci drank frequently during the first five-or-so months of her pregnancy.

“So is Maci Bookout the next public speaker for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome after drinking the first few months of pregnancy now?” one tweeted.

“So disappointed…accidental 3rd pregnancy and you’re drinking through this one too? Good job Maci,” a fan wrote.

"Maybe no one will notice?"
“Maybe no one will notice?”

Judging by her due date, Maci conceived in early September. The current season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ was filmed in the fall and winter of 2015, during which Maci was pregnant. (She claims she wasn’t aware she was expecting, however.) On each episode this season, Maci can be seen slugging back beers, drinking mimosas and partying hard.

As The Ashley told you- Maci and her ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell partied so hard the night before the Season 5B After Show taping in December, they were given an IV “hangover cure” to help them get through the filming! At that point, Maci would have been at least three months pregnant at that point.

According to one of The Ashley’s sources, Maci had no noticeable bump whatsoever during the taping, and was downing shots and drinks the whole weekend!

An Instagram photo from Maci’s friend Rebecca’s wedding on January  30, 2016  clearly shows Maci sitting with a glass of wine in front of her. By her own admission, Maci knew she was pregnant on that day. When that photo began to circulate the Internet, it added even more fuel to the fire.

Maci is pictured here on January 30 with a glass of wine.
Maci is pictured here on January 30 with a glass of wine.

“Sure that could have been someone else’s drink,” one disgruntled fan wrote. “But are we going to use that excuse every time this girl is photographed with a drink in her hand while pregnant?”

“It seems to me that she was hiding her pregnancy for so long because she was drinking,” another wrote.

Fans have noticed Maci and Taylor’s frequent drinking during ‘Teen Mom’ episodes. (Taylor even responded to questions about it in a recent Facebook Q&A. In that same Q&A session, which was done live on January 21, Taylor was asked if he and Maci will have more kids. He responded, “We’re talking about it..I think we will if I get my way!”)

Now that we know that Maci was pregnant while all of the drinking scenes were filmed, Maci’s actions have sparked some outrage among ‘Teen Mom’ fans.

Maci and Taylor have yet to address the issue of Maci drinking throughout most of her pregnancy.

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)

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  1. I’m sick of Maci and her constant talk about PCOS. I think she’s full of shit. A girl I work with has PCOS and I actually see what it does to her. She has been trying since 20 to have a baby with NO success. She’s 36 now and still no baby. Also – her periods are so far off and irregular. Maci has got to be lying with her fertile Myrtle self.

  2. With Jayde, she wasn’t using birth control and got pregnant by accident because she claimed to have PCOS. Now she is claiming she got pregnant by accident again. Only this time she is saying she didn’t know until 5 months along and thats why she has been drinking the entire time. Can she take responsibility for any of her choices?

    This is legit ridiculous. For years now she has been giving lectures to teens about the importance of birth control. She claims that the shows message is so important to her. Yet, this is her third oopsie pregnancy.

    1. She claims that she is a role model for girls but then three “accidental” pregnancies. She always seems to have an excuse for her mistakes.

    2. I think she was considering not having it, continuing to drink and party… because the guy wouldn’t give her a ring. In the football game pics, you can def see a bump. She wouldn’t advertise an abortion, and it was another way to manipulate him. Carefully asked questions about her “moods” and “overwhelmed” while her cocktail hr.

  3. Here’s the thing I have extremely irregular periods. I am on birth control I actually use a buddy method so I can be a little more protected but as a married sexually active woman I am very conscious of pregnancy. I bought a cheap package of tests off the internet so I can test every month- 6 weeks for relatively cheap. I don’t drink every although I do drink way more caffeine than anyone should. So I know this sounds judgmental but I know everyone makes mistakes and Bc fails. What I really hope people can take from this is if you are sexually active just buy cheap tests and test just to be safe

    1. Yep same here. I have PCOS so I test every single month just to make sure I’m not drinking while pregnant. I did have a surprise pregnancy and I knew about it about 10 days after conception.

  4. Okay, couple things:

    1: Maci (and her delusional little fans) can say she has PCOS all they want, but at this point I doubt it. It takes a LOT to get pregnant with PCOS and the fact that Maci has now gotten pregnant twice with it in a short amount of time makes me very skeptical.

    2: Even if she has PCOS, and did have an unplanned pregnancy with Jayde, why the hell would she not get on birth control immediately afterwards? She knew it happened once, so it could happen again. Explain that one, Maci lovers.

    3: If Maci has PCOS AND had been having unprotected sex with Taylor after Jayde was born, then she should have been testing every month to see if she was pregnant. PCOS makes periods very irregular, but again, she already knew it was a possibility to get pregnant with it, so she should have been responsible and either been on birth control or making Taylor wrap it.

    4: I doubt Maci went 5 or 6 months without realizing she was pregnant. I understand that there is a show about that, however its a rare occurrence and I seriously doubt it happened to her. First, most of the women on that show are overweight. She’s not. Second, she already has two kids, so she knows how it feels and what the baby moving feels like. And third, that huge friggin’ baby bump didn’t just appear overnight.

    Maci and her crazy 12 year old fans have no leg to stand on when it comes to this. I just hope the poor baby doesn’t have FAS.

    1. I accidentally downvoted your comment and I am so sorry because I 100% agree. It’s actually upsetting because I do struggle with infertility and there is no way that anyone who struggles with infertility gets pregnant three times naturally within the span of what, 7 years? 3 years or so for her latest two. It’s rude to use that as an excuse for not being careful when women genuinely do struggle with infertility. They can’t even PRETEND they don’t drink much when the cameras are there. And last episode Bently said he needed a beer! She was my favorite mom. But if you’re sexually active and either taking Rx drugs that can negatively impact a pregnancy or drinking and not using any protection, you HAVE to test monthly for pregnancy. If she claims she didn’t know she was pregnant when she was partying during the taping, I’m not buying that. She was irresponsible and I hope she owns up to it. It’s sad to me that I am starting to have no respect for any of these ladies. Reality TV isn’t enjoyable when EVERYONE is fucking up.

      1. Isn’t it weird that you had to apologize for accidentally down voting someone’s comment? Why do people get so angry and offended when people down vote their comments? Isn’t that the whole point of the comments section, for everyone to share their different opinions?

  5. To everyone saying she is such a good mother, what exactly makes her a good mother? The fact that she sits on the bed with the kid, or the fact that she leaves beer down where he gets interested in trying it?

    1. I think she is generally a good mother. Bentley is usually clean and well dressed. He has good language skills which kids develop when their parents take an interest in them and talk to them. Maci encourages him to have a social life (sleepovers) and take part in activities (eg baseball). She makes an effort for special occasions like throwing birthday parties or going trick or treating. She made an effort to decorate his bedroom as a special surprise. She makes an effort to get on with his Dad even when he is a pain sometimes.

      These might seem like normal things to a lot of people, but not everyone does them, so it does make you a good parent. Compare her with Farrah – Sophia’s hair is never brushed, she talks like a baby, doesn’t seem to have any friends… I don’t remember if she has ever had a birthday party but if she did there was probably a stripper.

      None of this is meant to defend her for drinking when pregnant – I think that is terrible and I don’t believe that she didn’t find out until recently. But I think she is a good mother to Bentley and I don’t think drinking a lot the rest of the time (ie when not pregnant) makes her a bad parent.

  6. while not the exact same situation, (i have been off of bc for a few months and not pregnant yet) but i do drink on weekends and take weekly tests to ensure that i am not drinking while pregnant. it is irresponsible to go that long while having unprotected sex knowing you COULD be pregnant and partying anyways.

    1. my thoughts exactly, if you’re not planning a pregnancy, but also not preventing it- have some sense and take some pregnancy tests just to make sure!

  7. I guess I was throughly miseducated on fetal alcohol syndrome, which I don’t have children and don’t plan on having children and I use protection accordingly so its never been something I needed to know. That said, if we all were to just for a moment choose to take Maci at her word that she didn’t find out until recently and then also assume the best that she hasn’t been drinking at all since, is it too late for her unborn baby?

    1. Unfortunately, it’s not enough for a woman to stop drinking when she’s 5-6 months pregnant. Alcohol is an extremely toxic teratogen. It can cause severe birth defects if a fetus is exposed to it at any point during pregnancy. It does the most damage during the first trimester when the vital anatomical structures of the brain, spine, and other organs are forming. While not every baby exposed to alcohol during pregnancy will develop FASD, Maci has put her baby at a very high risk of developing FASD. All it takes is one drink. That’s why the CDC recommends, for women who do drink, not having sex without using birth control. FASD is 100% preventable

      1. I am 31 weeks along now and I drank once before I knew I was pregnant. It was at a wedding and I completely freaked out once I found out I was pregnant. Little guy is probably fine, but I’m still worried about him. And that was only once VERY early in the pregnancy. Maci is ridiculous for drinking this much.

  8. I have a two year and I drink a few times a week. But I wait until my child is asleep at night to enjoy a cocktail. I think it’s crazy that someone would drink beer in the middle of the day while caring for children with a freaking camera crew filming you. You have to know that it looks bad. Why would you engage in questionable behavior when you are in the public eye and being filmed?

  9. Either Maci is lying that she just found out she was pregnant, or she was drinking while pregnant.

    There is no reason why the former should be true. If she didn’t want to announce the pregnancy before now she would have just said that. There would be no reason to say that she just found out.

    Alcohol can damage a fetus at any stage of pregnancy but a fetus is particularly susceptible during the first trimester. This is why most women who are TTC don’t drink.

    The CDC recently released a report saying that women who aren’t on birth control shouldn’t drink because it’s possible to give your fetus FAS very early in your pregnancy- before you even know you’re pregnant.

    Whether or not Maci was drinking as late as 3 weeks ago (and I personally have no doubt she was) we have already seen her drink heavily on the show at the time she was in early stages of this pregnancy. Her baby is at risk for FAS plain and simple and I hope MTV addresses that. Teen Mom is supposed to be about encouraging safe sex and bing drinking alcohol while having unprotected sex when you’re not on birth control is NOT safe.

    1. Agreed there is a scene where she is tailgating and her speech is really slurred and she is shotgunning a beer. So this isn’t here have a drink here or there she is visably getting drunk.I gaurentte nothing will come of it becasue the is the show’s princess. Unlike Amber where they threw the book at her about her hitting Gary infront of Leah. Which I am not saying what she did was unacceptable but if Maci decided to have 3 kids before age 25 then she needs to grow up and not act like person in college without kids.

    2. Agree 100% although I do think part of the reason why she’s trying to pull that whole “I didn’t know I was pregnant” BS is because she doesn’t want people to think that was the only reason why Taylor proposed, or to say that she trapped him and this and that. But unbeknownst to her, by her saying she didn’t know she was pregnant has completely blown up in her face. It doesn’t make sense, her timeline is all messed up and she looks like she was being the most irresponsible teen mom of the franchise (other than Jenelle who smoked weed while pregnant with Jace, and for other obvious reasons). She should’ve just owned it, said she was pregnant and didn’t want to announce it until now. Plus she needs to clarify if she was actually drinking. Those are some very damning accusations, and she needs to speak up if they’re false.

  10. She isn’t nothing, but a lowlife who drinks while pregnant. U can’t sit there Maci & tell the world u didn’t know u were pregnant ur 90 lbs & found out u were 4 mos pregnant go 2 rehab & Taylor get rid of the bud light in ur house moron

    1. Mf are stupid whlie being pregnant u can have at least one beer or a glass of wine a day just cuz yo ass didn’t do it if u have a child thats u don’t be judgeing no fuckn body worrie bout ya dam self period

      1. Kids, people like Jessica are why we, adults, encourage you to get a good education. If you choose not to, you end up like her. Don’t be like Jessica, kids 😉

        Sorry, perhaps Jessica, too, has FASD, which may explain her excuse that regular, consistent alcohol consumption is perfectly acceptable during pregnancy. Jessica, it is NOT perfectly acceptable, nor healthy, for either mother OR baby. It is most especially unacceptable during the first trimester. A good education would have given you all the knowledge you needed, to understand these facts 😉

  11. It is all okay for us to judge Maci from behind a computer screen or the other side of the TV. Drinking whilst pregnant is NOT okay. But, are we forgetting who Maci is and her presentation for the past 6 years she has been on our screen? Maci adores Bentley, and now Jayde, and it’s obvious she would do anything for them. She has presented herself as one of the most responsible and selfless mothers and maybe we should all remember this instead of just assuming she doesn’t care about her third child so carried on drinking. Jayde is not even one yet. Her body is still going through changes so it is very likely her stomach had still not gone back to its natural form yet. And for all of you saying, it has, she’s so skinny! If she’s so skinny why would it be obvious then if no one can see a bump, because like you said, she’s still SO SKINNY. As for the ‘constantly drinking’. Jesus. They’re in there early twenties. They own a succesful business, have jobs, have two healthy beautiful children one who turns up to school everyday…yeah looks like they’re irresponsible or bad parents with drinking problems? Also, as for ‘thought she should get on contreception so she doesn’t have a surprise pregnancy’.
    Oh, so because Maci was a teen mother, for the rest of her life a surprise pregnancy is never going to be a good thing? Jesus. Lay off her back and remember how much she already loves her two kids. Why would she purposely harm this one? People are SO quick to hate.

    1. First of all, we have every right to voice our opinions just as you are voicing yours. Maci is on a television show, we have all been invited to watch her life on our televisions. As long as she is doing a reality t.v. show , we have the option to watch and judge.

      Gaining weight is not the only sign of a pregnancy. There are many different changes in your body when you are pregnant. I find it hard to believe after having two children,she wouldn’t recognize any of these changes in her body during those five months. Even if she didn’t know she was pregnant, she had to have some idea that she could possibly be pregnant, so why not take a pregnancy test to be sure. Especially if you are drinking on a daily bases.

      Fetal alcohol syndrome is a very serious matter. It is a big deal and she has been drinking through 5 months of pregnancy. Young impressionable girls, watch this show and think highly of these teen moms. It is irresponsible to lead these young girls to believe it is no big deal to drink while expecting a child. In fact, it is disgusting.

    2. There is plenty of evidence that she clearly had a bump leading up to now. 5 months is 17-20 weeks and if you scroll back 17-20 weeks on her instagram she only has 2 pictures showing her stomach. One from 15 weeks ago where she was probably about 2 weeks pregnant and probably didn’t know she was pregnant, and another from 11 weeks ago, and even there it looks like there is a little bump (she’s wearing the leopard print waist trainer). She knew she was pregnant and there is proof with the baggy clothes she was wearing during the proposal and and on her instagram there are pictures of either Jayde laying on her stomach, Bentley sitting on her lap, or only pics of her from the chest up. She posts her life ALL OVER social media and allows cameras of a huge television network into her home. If she doesn’t want the criticism or doesn’t want to hear peoples opinions then stop filming and go into oblivion. Nobody held a gun to her head and forced her to sign up for this. And seeing that she’s been knocked up twice before, with BOTH sex’s, she knows the symptoms, and people have to be just as gullible as Taylor to believe that she had no clue for almost a half a year.

      1. They made those documentary shows called “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.” Those stories supposedly came from actual women, many of whom had given birth to other children before these experiences. I’m just saying, it can happen. Not saying that was definitely the case with Maci, just saying it does happen to some people.

        1. I’ve seen the show a few times. Plus I actually know a girl that didn’t know she was pregnant. Her story was she was on the pill but took antibiotics. She didn’t know that antibiotics knock out the pill, and about 6 months went by and she was complaining about stomach problems, went to the doctor and BOOM she found out she was 6 months pregnant. That’s a believable story, especially since it was her first kid, and she didn’t know that antibiotics can knock out birth control, so it definitely happens…but Maci sounds like shes completely full of shit. She keeps saying she didn’t know she could get pregnant, and didn’t know she was pregnant. Like cmon. Everybody knows what happens when you have unprotected sex and a working uterus.

          1. Everybody knows? Well, I once saw a show about a family called the Duggars. And I’m pretty sure most of them have no idea what happens.

          2. The Duggars know exactly what happens when you have unprotected sex. They constantly say that they’re going to continue to have kids as long as God gives them to them… what’s your point?

          3. Oh, it’s pretty rare that I actually have a point. I just wanted to dump on the Duggars a little, that’s all.

            And although they clearly know what happens after they are married, it seemed to me that anyone who wasn’t married was forbidden to know anything about sex or how it all works.

    3. Have you ever heard the term ‘functioning alcoholic’? Your argument in support of Maci is exactely what you are describing

    4. I also feel/felt like she was CLEARLY a great mom who loved and lived for her kids all while still having a nice life for herself. However, even great moms make big mistakes sometimes. This was a mistake. If you’re not on birth control, but know you could get pregnant (because Jayde happened) she should have been pregnancy testing regularly. NO OBGYN would advise her to not test even if she has PCOS like she claims. I tell my Dr’s I’m abstinent and they STILL give me huge lectures and testing for pregnancy and using condoms etc because of some of the meds I’m on. They also all know I have about 4 periods a year because my lady parts don’t work right. She clearly slacked on her responsibilities and it’s a terrible example to set. She made a mistake here,’it doesn’t make her a bad person or bad mom but she needs to own up to it.

  12. Maybe she had the drinks in question around because she was not ready to announce her pregnancy. You can dump a can and refill it with something else. You can fake opening a bottle of beer that has been refilled with something else.

    You can take drinks out of shot glasses and not have alcohol in any of them.

    It may have been a fake out so that they could announce it in their own time.

    It is not clear if she was actually drinking all of them or what was in them…

    I know for a fact that you do not always know your pregnant. I found out at five months. There are people with random cycles. I also did not feel movements like in my other three pregnancys. With my forth son, I also did not show until seven months. I had actually lost weight.

    Since I was not ready to tell everyone I dumped out the alcohol and added Apple spritzer juice, or cranberry juice to different containers. I was waiting for it to be the right to for us to speak up.

    However, if that is not the case and she was drinking AFTER she found out. Then I have no way of knowing, but would say she should feel horrible.

    1. There is something seriously wrong with the people grasping at straws to try to justify drinking while pregnant. Do you think it sounds SMART to even fake drinking alcohol while pregnant? You would have to be dumb to allow others to think you were drinking while pregnant, allowing photos and video cameras to film you ”fake” drinking, so there is media out there on the internet of you FOREVER LOOKING LIKE AN ALCOHOLIC DRUNK MOTHER. Sounds LEGIT!!!

    2. You really think she’s going to go through all that extra trouble to mask her drinks when she says she’s completely overwhelmed and doesn’t have time for laundry?

  13. I don’t know if it’s the show and all that comes with the being on that show, made all of these girls lost losers, but you got a group of 8 girls with both shows, and all but one mabey is extremely troubled and down right lost. Those are some horrible statistics. If you rounded up 8 women their ages from all over the country would there be 7 in the group that let’s see, have one child as a teen another one or two as a young adult, have no real aspirations to do anything to make the world a better place, job skills, healthy relations with friends and parents. A criminal wrap sheet, jail time, IRS problems, Have con men that sought them out on the internet milking them dry, lots of money but no college degrees or real tangible life or career skills to really make a living, heavy drinkers, smokers druggers, seriously mentally ill, would 7 be troubled like that? I don’t think so! I think it’s really time to pull a plug on both shows, the tip of the iceberg for me was Bentley going in the refrig contemplating drinking a beer. They should all be so embarrassed by what their lives have become but they aren’t. HORRIBLE!

    1. The longer the show is on, the less I like these girls. You are so right, it s time to end the show. It is time for these girls to learn some responsibility, lose their sense of entitlement, and get off their couches and do something.

      You are right, I think the show has brought out the worst in them.

  14. I used to think she was the smartest and her stuff together but it’s slowly starting to fadeaway for me thinking that. I’m not gonna bash her parenting skills. It may seem she has a drinking problem along with a Ryan problem every episode she involves Ryan in her conversation it seems to have been edited that that’s she does drink and talk about Ryan. I really hope after this child she doesn’t have anymore, simply for the fact she’s not always gonna be able to fall back on mtv to ge checks and public appearances and isn’t she behind on her taxes that hasn’t paid. She should know better to be drinking while pregnant you can give someone a pass if they didn’t know but to know and still drink shows they don’t care and they are being selfish only thinking about themselves and not the child they are carrying. I really can’t say these last two kids were accidents after Bentley she knows what happens when you don’t have protected sex or birth control she had these two kids with Taylor because she wanted to and to try and keep Taylor from leaving her

  15. Taylor is an enabler for her. Last night, he’s there with a bud light in his hand…she’s asking for help and he suggests hiring a nanny to relieve HIS stress! Onto Maci, for all we know, MTV could have staged the drinking scenes. When was it that she was chugging beers out of the can w Taylor’s friends in the parking lot….in that shot, she was for sure drinking. The December shooting of the after show or reunion whatever it was is alarming, but what proof do we have of that evening? MTV allowed Amber to continually whoop on Gary, which resulted in real jail time. There’s no telling with Maci now…..

    1. Are you serious? Are you serious right now with this argument? So your argument is that MTV staged all of the drinking scenes, even though it’s well known that she is a fan of the drink, plus she said herself that she didn’t find out she was pregnant until a month or two ago? But even with that you are claiming a conspiracy theory?

      It is insane how blind some people can be when they are so obsessed with someone for whatever reason.

        1. I’m pretty sure that Budweiser wouldn’t even waste their time or money on sponsoring Teen Mom. They already have a guy named Peyton Manning promoting their beer to a far bigger audience.

      1. AND Bentley had a ”stunt double” getting in the fridge contemplating on drinking beer. They are typical alcoholic trash…and people think it’s OK because it is legal. Alcohol has worse effects on a baby than some other illegal drugs! Poor kids will grow up drinking their parents beer by accident all the time. You think it hasn’t happened? Why was Bentley so interested in the beer? Why was beer even down where a child could get it? Isn’t that endangerment?

    2. I thought he was a nice guy but he is fake and opportunistic. I know Kyle started a clothing line when he was with Maci but at least Kyle did not come across as a moneygrabbing, fame whore like Taylor is. That being said though.. He and Maci are really compatible because they are both fake AF.

  16. For the love of God. For everyone saying that she didn’t know…Maci weighs what? 105 lbs soaking wet? I could see if she were 200+ lbs, had never been pregnant before, and was on some contraceptives…THEN I would believe the possibility that she didn’t know she was pregnant… but she’s been pregnant MULTIPLE TIMES. This chick didn’t wake up one day, with a 5/6 month sized baby bump like “oh geeze…I better take a pregnancy test”. Where the hell was the baby growing before it popped out and made a bump?? In her back??? PLUS She was wearing baggy clothes when she got engaged. She knew then and doesn’t want to admit that this is the main reason why Taylor FINALLY proposed. She probably doesn’t want people to say that she trapped him and whatever else they would say… As far as her drinking, in the pics shes not ACTUALLY drinking from the bottles or glasses so she might not have been drinking (just trying to play devils advocate)…but in the same breath that pic where shes at the wedding with the wine…that glass is almost empty and that doesn’t look like sparkling apple cider to me…looks more like chardonnay…Let’s just all hope that baby is safe and comes out healthy!

  17. I can’t believe there are people trying to justify her behavior. Come spend a month a month shadowing me in the Children’s Hospital psychiatric unit where I’m a nurse. I can show you first-hand the devastating effects of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

    1. Yep and it’s one thing to comprehend a healthy pregnancy resulting in disorders, however, FAS is like poisoning your womb. It’s sickening & so are the effects.

    2. I used to be a middle school teacher in a rural area. I’ve seen what FAS does to children. It’s not pretty. You’re crippling your child for life because you have no self control.
      The kids I taught with FAS will never have the same chances in life that children without illness will have. They won’t ever have the skills or the intellect to make the most of the life they were given.
      I know I am preaching to the choir but it angers me when pregnant women do drugs, smoke or drink alcohol.

      1. It angers me too. If a woman wants to destroy her body by drinking too much, smoking cigarettes, or using drugs, that’s her choice; no one has the right to inflict that on a child, though. Children should never have to suffer the consequences of their parents’ irresponsibility. If Maci gave Bentley or Jayde some juice with alcohol mixed in, everyone would be outraged. No one would be making excuses and trying to defend her. Every single time she took a sip of alcohol, her baby was taking also taking one. A fetus cannot metabolize alcohol like an adult, or even a small child, can. It takes much longer for their body to eliminate alcohol. The smaller a person is, the more toxic alcohol becomes. She has literally been poisoning her unborn baby

        1. If that isn’t bad enough Maci also smokes. Almost every pic I’ve ever seen her in a magazine she was either drinking or smoking. You have to put your child’s well being and needs before yourself. Grow up Maci before you decide to have another child!

  18. I was at the unseen moments taping which was the same weekend he proposed to her. Honestly I couldn’t tell she was pregnant my friend and I were actually talking about how skinny she was. I was less than 20 feet away from here and she didn’t look pregnant to me. Lol but as a mom I can’t imagine not realizing I was pregnant again. Like the baby would’ve been moving already!

    1. People in this industry know all the tricks for looking better during appearances. She could have been wearing some kind of spanx thing to help hide her bump.

  19. The truth of the matter is that none of us know for sure whether or not she knew she was pregnant when she had those drinks so I don’t think it’s fair that all of you are accusing her of deliberately drinking alcohol while pregnant. That is a serious accusation. There have been many cases where women don’t find out they’re pregnant until they’re well into their second trimester.

    1. Seriously maybe she didn’t know? This is the thrid time for her I think she would know. Maci is a skinny girl and it is obvious that she has a baby bump. In almost every scene she is either drinking or she has the baby in one hand and a beer in the other. I never liked her I always thought she was a hypocrite.

      1. Honestly I saw her at the unseen moments taping and we couldn’t see a baby bump at all which I the same weekend he proposed to her

        1. She clearly has a huge bump now, it didn’t just pop up overnight. You are either lying, or Maci was using her waist trainers (which would hurt a pregnancy.)

      2. Well, even if she has known about the pregnancy for awhile, there still isn’t any hard evidence that she drank. Just because there is two pics of her with a drink, doesn’t mean it was actually hers. It could’ve been her friends drinks. I don’t accuse people of serious things like this until I know for sure they did it.

        1. There are far more than two pictures of her drinking, lol. Clearly, you don’t pay very much attention to things. Drinking while pregnant IS serious, and she knows it. She wasn’t chugging her “friends” drinks, she was drinking her own drinks.

  20. To me the issue isn’t that she drinks, how much is the issue. I had a friend who would regularly have a third of a beer (maybe once or twice a week) or half a glass of wine. That isn’t a big deal. But the documented partying around reunion filming is worrying.

      1. “No amount of alcohol is safe when you are pregnant.” – I don’t know why you’re being downvoted for this. It’s actually a bit concerning that you are. This is ABSOLUTELY correct, and not even debatable. For those who disagree, I highly encourage you to do a bit of research at the recent, extremely in-depth studies that have been done on this subject that have very clearly (and scientifically) proved this conclusion. Up until recently, it was assumed (especially in Europe) that a little bit of drinking is not harmful, and in some countries it was actually almost encouraged to offset things like stress and high blood pressure during pregnancy. However, there have been decades long studies on this that have just finished. Fetal development can be affected by alcohol, even VERY small amounts of it. The thing is though, that it differs for everyone. Some women studied consumed alcohol their entire pregnancies and had healthy babies. Some women had minuscule amounts of alcohol very occasionally and DID have babies affected. There also seems to be a correlation between minor alcohol consumption and behavioral issues down the line. So even if the child does not have outright physical symptoms at birth, or FAS, they are still at risk in coming years. This is why it is now concretely said NO alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy. Embryonic development is very complex. That one glass of wine you decide to have has the potential to harm if the fetus is in a specific stage of development during consumption, especially in regards to the nervous system. The studies are downright terrifying, because there is just SO many instances where just a small amount has shown to have repercussions, and the fact this was unknown until now makes it even worse. There are now no excuses.

        1. My mom drank when she was pregnant with me. Not excessive binge drinking, but yes, she still drank, and you know what? I was born with notable learning disabilities that have impacted every single day of my life. It’s a real problem. No amount of alcohol is safe when you’re pregnant. When I was pregnant, I even switched to alcohol free mouthwash. It’s just 9 months, be an adult about it, put someone else first.

        2. It is one thing that if she had a drink here or there. Which still is unacceptable to me. But like I said in every scene she is either out partying or at home with the kids and Jayde in one hand and a beer in the other and she has posted several pics of her with Jayde in one hand and a beer in the other or within view of the baby. So this isn’t a drink here or there issue.

        3. YES! I know someone who felt it was OK to have a stupid glass of wine while pregnant, and her child has horrible behavior issues and bit a teacher! All these freaks then get sympathy for having a ”bad” child! We need to be treating them like the outcasts they are, and stop offering them services when they intentionally screw up a child.

    1. They’ve been making Ryan look more appealing then her AND Taylor. It appears as though he is narcissistic and not the best with Bentley…however, Maci & Taylor’s non stop drinking while he’s eating a burger and chips at Jen & Larry’s…I wouldn’t thought I’d see the day where I didn’t mind Ryan!

      1. They’ve actually done a pretty decent job of making him seem more human it seems. I was recently rewatching some older episodes and they always made him seem like the biggest douche that couldn’t even bother with Bentley.

        I mean, he’s still kind of not all there but Taylor is so annoying to watch. Everything about him just annoys me lol

    1. It’s a toss up between all of them, except perhaps Chelsea.

      Funny, watching 16 & Pregnant, I would have never pegged her as “the smart one”…

      1. I keep saying that. It wasn’t looking too good for Chelsea there the first season or 2 of Teen Mom 2 lol she was such a love drunk idiot. But now she’s the only one that’s actually kept her word and graduated high school, got rid of the loser baby daddy, got a career, then got a great boyfriend turned him into a fiance and is on her way down the isle with no extra kids and just has her ish together. The other girls need to take a note from her book and follow her example, her life seems a lot more drama free than the rest of them.

    2. My order would be 1. Farrah (for obvious reasons), then Leah (MONKEY), then Jenelle (she needs to get a grip when it comes to these men), then Amber (because of her stupidity, stubbornness and Matt) and then Maci…never thought I would see the day where I thought Maci was a huge idiot. She used to be my favorite.

      1. I was thinking of throwing Jenelle in there too. The problem is I almost always expect her life to be a mess, whereas Leah and Maci were kind of those teen moms that were always thought of to be so sweet and were constantly fan favourites (from what I remember anyways)

    3. Late to the party but if I had to rate worst to best from the OG and TM2 ladies the order would go like this:

      1.) Farrah (for obvious reasons)

      2.) Leah (for someone who rushed into having a third child she isn’t shown really living and doing it for her kids. I dislike her so due to many things: Having such a huge denial of her drug problem, dirtiness, lack of care for her kids, always desperately needs a man in her life, and is money hungry)

      3.) Jenelle (as of present she is really stepping up as a mom and doing her best to improve herself for her kids and admitting her faults. However I hate how she is the type of gal who always needs a man by her side and the relationship drama that comes with her. I am not sure if she just has a tendency to pick out loser booooyyyyyyfriieeennndddsss or that she alone is a catalyst for unnecessary drama no matter the man. Or perhaps a mixture of both)

      4.) Amber (she has admitted her faults and did the right thing for herself at the time by choosing to lock herself up as a way for getting clean after trying and failing other routes to sobriety. I have such respect for her! I would have her higher on this list of it weren’t for Matt, he is dragging her down in life and on this list. He is a vampire sucking her dry and leeching off of her, I hope she can escape his vampiric trance soon)

      5.) Maci (overall I see Maci as a decent person and mother. There are a few things that have personally bugged me about her throughout the series. Even from the early days of Teen Mom she has had this “do as I say, not as a do” aura I get from her, I don’t think I am the only one that gets this vibe from her. I get annoyed by this as she is seen as a role model not just from the show but from public speaking appearances. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, I think that is how the saying goes)

      6.) Kailyn (I like her in that that she really lives for her kids and they come number one. The main reason I put her a step below Chelsea is that I personally feel she is a bit dramatic over small things that are shown in the series, long story short, maybe this is just me. However, she is one of the most relatable people on the show to me)

      7.) Chelsea (although she has had a lot of help from her parents who have the means to help her she is one of very few who have made smart decisions on bettering herself and not falling into many of the pitfalls that a lot of the other cast masts have ended up in)

      8.) Caitlynn (for where she was at when filming 16&Pregnant she made the best and most selfless choice and continuously tries to improve herself)

  21. Wow, I’m shocked by the Maci fans trying to justify this behavior. I’ve always liked Maci and think she’s a good mom to Bentley but drinking while pregnant is not OK.

    My brother suffered from a very mild case of FAS. (We’re adopted so that’s why I don’t have it) He suffered from a learning disability, a heart murmur, behavioral problems and severe depression and like I said, he had a mild case. It’s a devastating conditions and Maci has put her baby at a very high risk.

    If she even had an inkling she was pregnant, and being pregnant twice previously lends credence to the fact that she did, she should have stopped drinking until she knew for sure. I’m not an anti drinking nut, I know many women who had a glass or two of wine during their pregnancies, but the amount we’ve seen Maci drink is unacceptable.

    For those of you know don’t know, it’s the first few months where the baby is most susceptible to getting FAS because that’s when the majority of the formation of the brain takes place. So she could stop drinking now but the damage is most likely already done. I really do hope for the best for her. I hope the baby comes out healthy.

    1. Seems like she’s gotten to the point where her give a d*** is busted. She don’t care, bottom line. Happened first with Leah but Maci isn’t Miss Goody anymore.

  22. For the record IT IS NOT ILLEGAL for someone to drink during their pregnancy!
    And second you can be “skinny as a twig” and NOT know you’re pregnant.
    And last there is nothing wrong with a grown ass woman drinking wether it be a beer after work or 10 at a party clearly her children are taken care of ugh I hope a day comes when ALL of you haters grow up and live perfect lives because until you do you shouldn’t be in another business

    1. It may not be illegal but it sure is selfish. That baby didn’t asked to be conceived, but the potential for it to develop fetal alcohol syndrome is very real, the consequences of which can be severe mental disabilities. She ought to be more careful, right now she’s been extremely reckless.

    2. It actually might be. States are making it illegal to use drugs while pregnant, I’d imagine those states could use those laws to prosecute women who have babies born with FASD

      1. And Tennessee is one of those states. I just saw it on the news tonight that another pregnant mother was arrested for using drugs. Sure, beer isn’t the same thing as meth, but it’s certainly not good.

        1. But to Sarah’s point, that mother wasn’t arrested because she was using drugs while pregnant, she was just arrested for using drugs. Her being pregnant was just a very unfortunate circumstance, not the part that made it illegal.

    3. The hell?! It’s not illegal to stab your eyes repeatedly with rusty nails but any human being with a lick of intelligence refrains from doing so because it would be a HEINOUS AND HARMFUL THING TO DO. Please never have children.

    4. We have a really winner here. When will you fangirls get it through your thick skulls the TMoms WANT us in their business..that is what they get paid for so they can sit around on leather couches all day and neglect their kids. The minute we are NOT in their business they will have to get real jobs and that terrifies them. The fans are so dense…all the TMoms want from you is to buy some stupid weight loss tea they are schilling on instagram.

    5. It’s not illegal to do MANY incredibly f*cked up things – that does not at ALL make it okay. What a stupid way to look at things.

  23. I don’t believe for a second that her big belly popped out so much in just 4 weeks! Also, she probably thought her morning sickness was just hangovers because she has a major drinking problem. I hope the baby will be ok…ok after the birth too because Maci is his mom.

  24. I don’t believe her for one second that she didn’t know. She’s as skinny as a twig. She would had to have noticed.

    1. I’m defending Maci’s drinking here, there’s no excuse, but some (even skinny) women don’t gain (a lot) of weight in the first trimester so it is believable she didn’t notice bc she didn’t gain weight. There’s a lot of other factors she should’ve noticed though (like not having her period, morning sickness, …). I hope she stops drinking now she ‘knows’ though :/

          1. And every person on those ”shows” was a hillbilly, slow, in denial or in it for the money. Almost all of them knew. You can even see it in their eyes that they were lying. Only the really large ladies that have never been pregnant were believable.

          2. Hmmm….let’s see here:
            In it for the money….check.

            There appears to be some similarities happening here.

          3. My mom and I used to watch it sometimes. There was exactly one woman we gave a pass to. It was the classic antibiotic/birth control flub, but there was a photograph of her in a bikini when she would have been about 7 months along where she looked at most somewhat bloated.

  25. Her daughter is not even a year old her boobs probably already hurt and the fact that her daughter is jot a year old the bump could be weight from her pregnancy with her daughter and with her pcos her periods aren’t regular so maybe she didn’t know also who’s to say this picture is during her pregnancy so many judge mental people no omens perfect and Macy is a good mother to Bentley so stfu idiots

    1. Or, she could just get on birth control like every teen mom episode ever preaches and she wouldn’t have to worry about unexpected pregnancy.

  26. I don’t know how things work in Tennessee, but where I live I’m pretty sure Children’s Protection Services would apprehend the child at birth, with this kind of proof that Maci was drinking throughout her pregnancy. Does anyone know how those procedures work in that state? Such a shame. Maybe she didn’t know how damaging alcohol can be to a fetus? I’d rather think that she was uneducated, or naive, then that she did it on purpose. Still, it was done and caught live on tape and viewed by the public. There will probably be some repercussions, or there should be. Rehabilitation maybe?

    1. I’d guess if enough people raise awareness about it, they will take notice and lodge an investigation at least. They’d probably have to verify the time of shooting the episodes for sure and whether or not she ineed knew she was. It’d seem as though any woman of child bearing age not using birth control always has A POSSIBILITY of pregnancy. The fact that she has 2 children and Taylor lives with her proves she can conceive and has engaged in unprotected sex regularly, meaning she knew pregnancy was a real possibility while drinking.

  27. I think she knew she was pregnant but didn’t want people to think that Taylor proposed because she was pregnant. I think the holding beer is just a cover for us to not know they made an accident even though she should be know that she is crazy fertile after pregnancy.

  28. Not for nothing but she could be faking for cameras. When I was pregnant early on and I didn’t want people to know I would carry a beer around and fake sip it. It’s not hard. You don’t know that she was actually drinking

    1. The hell kind of life do you live where people would think you’re pregnant if you’re not carrying a beer around!?! You and Maci are two peas in a pod, damn.

      1. When you’re at an event where you’re expected to drink then yes carrying a beer is not a bad thing. I’m not talking about every day all day. I’m talking about bbqs, weddings, special occasions. You should probably tone down the attitude since it was a simpl comment. Maybe you lead a boring life with no friends and that’s why you’re hating on her so much especially since she’s the most put together and loving mother on the show

        1. “Expected to drink”?

          Never been to one of those events. I’ve been to full bar weddings, and passed on the all you can drink free alcohol, and no one thought a thing about it. Much less asked me if I was pregnant.

        2. Wth kind of friends and family members do you have that *anyone is “expected to drink”. Personally, I’d consider THAT a pretty shitty life, lol. What kind of grown adult “expects” others to drink, regardless of the occasion? Certainly, a well educated person does not expect that of others. Do YOU actually expect all other adults in your vicinity, regardless of occasion, to be drinking? No? I didn’t think so.

      2. @ POOR ALKIE BABY, Your post made me laugh so hard. These fans are just coming up with the most insane excuses for Maci. I have had two kids and never once did I pretend I was drinking alcohol to throw people

  29. I might buy it if it was her first pregnancy, but since it is her third, she was probably feeling movement at 16-17 weeks. I think she knew early and was in denial, piled on top of that she didn’t want to admit to another pregnancy without a ring

  30. Being so slim, she must have know by the time she was 3-4 months. I give her some benefit of the doubt because i believe Maci has said she has PCOS so her periods are likely very irregular. But there’s no way she didn’t notice a bump by like 15-16 weeks and take a test to check. I’d say she definitely knew by november, mid-december at the latest.

    A friend didn’t know until she was 5-6 months but she is larger so she didn’t notice that she was getting bigger. She had no symptoms (lucky girl).

    1. I don’t believe that for one second. Anyone who is petite and pregnant knows what early pregnancy bloat is and feels like. Top that off with fuller boobs, painful boobs, and cramping because the uterus is expanding I doubt anyone wouldn’t know by 8 weeks.

      1. Not everyone feels like that while pregnant. You also have to remember that she was still recovering from her last pregnancy so she wasn’t feeling like herself yet.

        I’m with everyone else, there’s no way she found out a month ago. But i can buy that, due to her PCOS, she was a few months along before finding out

        1. Maci used her PCOS as her excuse for getting pregnant with Jayde. I would almost have been able to forgive her for using the “I’m probably infertile anyway” birth control method had she not already had one child before she knew she had the condition.

          1. On the show, she told producers that Jayde was planned. She did say that PCOS is why they decided to have her, cause it would be harder to get pregnant as she gets older. But Jayde was a planned pregnancy. When she and Taylor told producers that she was pregnant, they asked if it was planned and she said yes.

            Wait to hear from her about why she ended up pregnant again but i doubt she’s blaming PCOS

          2. I don’t understand the excuses. I have to kids out of wedlock. The first was a surprise (IUD failed) but our second was planned. We may eventually get married, but it’s not a priority in my eyes. My family is catholic and give me grief sometimes, and I just explain thay marriage is just a piece of paper. We will do it eventually but it doesn’t make a difference, in my eyes at least. But this is just my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own, and no one should have to make excuses to justify their own choices.

          3. Jessica

            I’ll bet you aren’t making thousands of dollars making speeches promoting abstinence though, are you?

            Because Maci was. Even when she was knocked up with Jayde.

          4. @Audge, she said she stopped taking birth control because of her PCOS. She also told the producers that she “didn’t think she could have any more kids.”

      2. In the post Ashey linked about the after show taping where they got IV for their hangovers, she looks pretty obviously pregnant to me. When it was first posted I noticed too but I thought she was just getting a beer belly. There is no way she didn’t notice that belly.

          1. @KZ… unfortunately they are not. The wedding photo was from Jan 30, 2016. It is posted on Instagram and you can check the friend’s wedding website online. -The Ashley

  31. In the top photo, with her bud light in hand, it looks as though she has a little belly. She’s very tiny so it seems bigger there. Could be the angle I guess. But let’s all agree to hope the baby is ok!

    1. Yeah, but we don’t even know if that was her drink. Until I actually see a picture of Maci DRINKING alcohol with an obvious baby bump, I won’t accuse her of it. Innocent until proven guilty.

    2. I’m also just gonna throw out there that she may still have had some baby weight leftover from giving birth to Jayde. That stuff doesn’t always just disappear in a month or two, particularly when you aren’t breastfeeding. It can take months to get rid of. Maybe she didn’t notice her new baby bump because she still had some weight on her from before. Just putting that out there as a possibility. It is actually a possibility that she didn’t know she was pregnant, which is why she kept drinking.

    1. A lot of those pics (the red Instagram ones) say that it was from Sept 2015 in the hashtag. The other ones though… Smh

  32. So. She’s due May 30th. That makes her almost 6 months pregnant? How did she find out only a month ago? She had a big bump in the pic she posted. That doesn’t happen over night. It’s suspicious.

  33. She’s just very irresponsible. She knew she was pregnant…this isn’t her first time getting knocked up….she knows the symptoms…Let’s just hope that this baby is ok. If she conceived in September, hopefully it was too early in the pregnancy to cause any real damage to the baby since December is about 3 months and kind’ve earlish in a pregnancy…I’m not a doctor though, but I hope the baby is ok if she truly was drinking excessively like that.

    1. Unfortunately the most damage is caused earliest in the pregnancy while the brain is forming, so there isn’t a ‘too early to cause damage’ period. Although that would be awesome, tbh.
      She pisses me off. Yes, she’s a grown-up (ish) and can drink. We wouldn’t be okay with it if she knocked back a six pack and hopped in the driver’s seat.
      Yes, the baby could (and hopefully *will*) be fine. If not, I know a couple with custody of their FASD affected 11-year-old granddaughter whose seizures are less well controlled by medication as she approaches puberty and is socially a (very, very sweet) kindergartener with little-to-no grasp of cause and effect (I took her trick-or-treating this year and had to remind her every few houses that she needed to knock on a hard part of the door-rather than the screen-in order for the owner to hear her. She was a good sport about waiting after her ‘silent knocks’, though) that she can hang with if she’d like an idea of what could happen.

  34. Wow. Hopefully fans noticing and articles like this will encourage her to stop drinking so much. Maybe she thought the morning sickness was simply hangovers and didn’t know? Or maybe she was just living in denial so she wouldn’t have to change her lifestyle. Most likely she didn’t want to announce another pregnancy without a ring on her finger and has known for months. Sad. I thought she had a decent head on her shoulders. Turns out MTV picked another winner.

    1. Wow you people are insane. Maci has always seemed very responsible. She most likely didnt know she was expecting. You say shes drinking in every episode, but they probably film only a couple days a month. Its not like their filming them every single day and shes drinking. Shes a responsible parent and takes care of her kids. You guys blow things way out of proportion

      1. Are you all serious? You so-called ‘fans’ forget that this was taped months ago. If anyone on this trash show is a good mom, it’s Maci. GOD FORBID anyone has a few beers when they arent working or picking up the slack for the LOSER ‘dad”. Get over it.

      2. She is an irresponsible twat that sees babies as mail in the checks (20.000 baby bonus from MTV) and an alcoholic if she can’t steer away from beer from 9 months.

        I can’t believe the people who are seriously defending her.

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