‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout is Pregnant with Third Child

"We're having another, y'all!"
“We’re having another, y’all!”

Maci Bookout gave Teen Mom fans a Valentine’s Day surprise this morning when she announced that she is expecting her third child! In an Instagram post, the reality star revealed the baby bump she’s been apparently been hiding for the past few months.

“Making more Moneys,” Maci captioned a photo of herself and her fiance Taylor McKinney. Her bump was proudly on display in the photo.

Maci is well into her pregnancy (she’s due May 30), and she indicated that she and Taylor know that they are expecting a baby boy.

This will be the second child for Taylor and the third for Maci. Taylor and Maci share infant daughter Jayde, and Maci has seven-year-old son Bentley with her ex Ryan Edwards.

In her announcement, Maci indicated that this baby will be her “last but not least.”

Maci told MTV News that the pregnancy was not planned and that she found out she was expecting right after Taylor proposed.

It’s not known whether Maci’s pregnancy will be addressed on the current season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ ; however she was pregnant when she taped the Season 5B reunion back in January so it’s very likely it will be discussed.

Maci is the fifth girl from the ’16 and Pregnant’ franchise to have a third child. The other girls who currently have three kids are Lori Wickelhaus, Leah Messer, Jennifer Del Rio and Kristina Robinson.

(Photo: Instagram)



  1. Taylor looks drunk or high in every picture. I don’t think there is anything wrong with of-age and responsible alcohol intake, but as a person who knows and respects people in recovery- this relationship just looks like it has an alcoholism factor.

  2. Found it interesting that a portion of this weeks show was Maci repeatedly saying how overwhelmed she was with everything that she does. Like What???? She doesn’t work outside the home or go to school and she sure doesn’t clean or do laundry, but I digress, she doesn’t think a 3rd child is going to add to her ‘overwhelmed-ness’? Also, I don’t think that her man of the moment is overly involved on any level.

  3. I remember when she was living with Kyle King about 5 years ago — and was trying to rope him into marrying her by pressuring him to have baby with her.

    Kyle eventually hooked up with some girls on social media — and then he baled.

    But clearly, this is what Maci has wanted all along. Baby-making. A journalism degree was NEVER even remotely on her radar. And THAT’S most likely why — she never finished school.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, she was constantly asking Kyle for a baby and he would always look at her like she lost her mind. Clearly he knew her MO and was careful with her. Guess he wasn’t as “slow” as Ryan thought. Maci never intends to do anything with that journalism degree, this entire time her goal was to become a housewife. Nothing wrong with that, but when she’s tricking and trapping men into getting what she wants, that’s where there’s an issue. Taylor was just dumb enough to believe her when she said she couldn’t get pregnant, even though she still has all of her lady parts and Bentley to prove that she actually can bare healthy children.

  4. Irish twins….good luck keeping your sanity in that situation, especially if your fiancée still doesn’t like changing diapers.

  5. Could this be some crazy Trap Baby plan? Perhaps Maci is not convinced that trap baby Jayde did the trick-she still didn’t have a ring on her finger and could imagine Taylor breaking things off even though they have a child together. So she figures if they have two kids together that Taylor will really have no way out of the relationship…

    I’m not buying yet another surprise pregnancy.

  6. Wow she’s only 23 with 3 kids???! ever heard of birth control. typical down south honk

    “Maci is the fifth girl from the ’16 and Pregnant’ franchise to have a third child. The other girls who currently have three kids are Lori Wickelhaus, Leah Messer, Jennifer Del Rio and Kristina Robinson.”

    By the time she’s 30 she’ll have 5 or 6 and will be wizard sleeving it for the rest of her life. #sucksfortaylor #pureslackness

  7. Someone tweeted to Maci “@MaciBookoutMTV is a fantastic mom and as long as she takes care of her babies and can afford her babies she can have as many as she wants!”, to which Maci replied “preach! thank u”.

    Here’s the thing… drinking for 5 months is not taking care of her baby. Neither is dropping a 1-6 month old off regularly at her non-grandparents’ so you can go to Vegas/football games/drinking. And she WON’T be able to afford three children when TM is over. What skills/experience/education/etc does she have to be successful outside of Teen Mom? Taylor as well? Hope y’all figure it out soon.

    I also saw someone comment that MTV should start doing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome PSAs after Maci’s scenes like they did the domestic violence ones for Amber. Thumbs up on that one.

  8. This discussion reminds me of a CNN headline this month: “Women who aren’t on birth control shouldn’t drink alcohol, CDC says.”

    Some highlights from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report:

    “‘A woman was considered at risk for an alcohol-exposed pregnancy during the past month if she had sex with a male, drank any alcohol, and did not (and her partner did not with her) use contraception,” the CDC report said.”

    “Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is ‘associated with a range of complications and poor reproductive outcomes and can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs), which are characterized by lifelong physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities,’ the CDC report said, adding that exposure to alcohol in the womb is one of the leading preventable causes of intellectual disability in children.”

    “It can also ‘increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, prematurity, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS),’ the CDC said.”

    1. I wouldn’t say its being “nosey” if she willingly makes announcements like this and lets cameras follow her around filming her life. She puts all of her business out there so of course people are going to have something to say about it good or bad. It’s what she’s signed up for

      1. I never understand why people get offended if you have an opinion about someone famous, like it’s a personal attack against them

        1. I just love the hypocrisy of her statement. Why is she calling you guys nosy? Why can’t she just let you live your lives? I’m sure she has her own problems.


    2. I do have my own problems. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and working at a shit job. But you know what isn’t one of my problems? WORRYING THAT MY BABY HAS FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME BECAUSE I CHOSE TO DRINK THROUGHOUT MY ENTIRE PREGNANCY.

  9. People concerned with this pregnancy being so close to Jayde are right to be.

    Any doctor or proponent of maternal health would follow the WHO recommendations: “After a live birth, the recommended interval before attempting the next pregnancy is at least 24 months in order to reduce the risk of adverse maternal, perinatal and infant outcomes”

    1. Plenty of women have close pregnancies, i think it’s ridiculous to bash her for it. Like it’s nit picking

      I think most of us are a bit worried about whether she’s been drinking though

        1. Having babies close together is tougher physically but plenty of women choose to do it. Plenty of my friends have done it. They and their babies are perfectly healthy. It’s a personal choice to put your body through it and majority of women and babies are totally fine

          The WHO also suggests breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months but women introduce food earlier and that’s defended as a parental choice. WHO suggests breastfeeding and we defend the choice to use formula.

          Some warnings(like drinking while pregnant) are taken more seriously because the consequences are more serious and likely to happen

      1. Lol, my mom and her younger brother were the same age seven weeks a year.
        My dad and his oldest sister have the same birthday, meaning that my poor grandmother had four kids in four years-to the day.
        Much more concerned about Maci’s alcohol consumption.

          1. Agreed, although condoms (there was a durex failure that resulted in my dad, lol) and diaphragms were around then. Although I don’t think they were really aiming to space them out much in the first place. Mom’s mom had always liked the idea of having boy/girl twins and then being done (she did what she could, lol) although I don’t know if she was aiming for *that* close, dad’s parents had four kids under five (*shudders*) at one point but they also had all four kids out of diapers by the time the oldest started first grade. Also her folks lived around the corner and were backup on the days when my toddler father decided to consume an entire bottle of aspirin chewing gum post-tonsillectomy. They all had them out on the same day even though only one of his sisters needed it. Because this was 1958 and tonsils were a pathology in themselves and there were kid-friendly varieties of aspirin.

  10. I really feel this is a result of drinking and freaking. Not trying to be funny but really….we all can attest to the effects of beverages on our reasoning. Did she drink this much with Ryan & Kyle also?

    1. LOL drinking and freaking…that’s funny…but with Ryan and Kyle wasn’t she under age? She probably was drinking then just not on camera.

  11. I know they have their t-shirts to sell, and,Macy has an associates degree, but what are they going to do when Teen Mom OG is over? It doesn’t appear they’re saving any money due to her comment that they are barely keeping their heads above water. They’re house looks expensive. They’ll have 3 kids to support. They should be taking this time to prepare for when the cameras go away…

    1. That’s just the thing, the cameras always come back. Whether it’s a reunion special or OG relaunch… magazine covers..everytime we read about them it’s $$$. However, the whole point of the show has been made a mockery of.

  12. Oh wow!
    Well, Maci is a grown ass woman who can do whatever she sees fit in her life. However, I don’t think (if she still does so or not) she has a platform anymore to speak out against teen pregnancy and the use of contraceptives. I hope that gig is up especially since she CLEARLY isn’t a fan of using protection. But like I said, she’s a grown lady. That house is gonna be full with 2 babies a year apart!

    1. Well, she isn’t a teen anymore lol. She’s 24 so I don’t understand why people are bashing her about this. She’s been with Taylor for 3 years and they seem to be a stable couple that take care of their children. It’s not like she got pregnant by a dude she’s only been dating for 2 months (*cough*Jenelle*cough*Leah).

      1. Lol you consider Maci and Taylor stable? Financially? Emotionally? Physically? What is their career exactly?

      2. 3 kids is just a lot. I think that’s where everyone’s opinions are coming from. There are people that are in a more stable environment with 3 kids that struggle with 2 under 2. And this whole “I didn’t know I could get pregnant” B.S. isn’t flying with anyone either. She just needs to own it and say that they were clearly trying for another kid. Having unprotected sex and no contraceptives is trying for a kid. It just seems like a disappointment to fans of the show because she seemed like the most level headed one out of the group, and now here she is with 3 kids and isn’t married. Engaged isn’t married, they can still break up and she’s going to be another awful statistic. The show was set up to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and she’s doing the complete opposite.

        1. I’d have a lot more respect for her if she just came out and said: “we’re in the baby phase so I’m popping another one out now so the age gap still works for Bentley and by the time I’m 30 they’re all in school and I can work a real job.” I get having just had Jayde she might not have realised she was pregnant again until a little later but she knows what a baby moving feels like by now and #3 that’s usually around 15 weeks… Fair play to them growing the family but the story doesn’t play out to my mind. Good luck to her with such a close age gap – gonna make Vegas trips harder though…

      3. I agree, thank god she didn’t go and get pregnant like those two doozies! But if she’s happy, then so be it. Not really a problem of ours anyway, right? Lol

  13. Well this makes sense as to why he FINALLY proposed. *insert HUGE eye roll* Geeze Maci. I’m pretty sure Jen and Larry aren’t about to sign up for babysitting not 1 but 2 of your kids that aren’t their grand kids.

      1. I was honestly wondering the same thing…I’m thinking they don’t live close to Maci? OR they’re like we don’t want to watch your responsibility while you go out and party

  14. I always really liked Maci but I’m having trouble with this one. She would have been past the half way mark of her pregnancy before she found out and yet she didn’t know? I would buy it if it was her first pregnancy but it’s her third.

  15. Seriously this chick is something else. I wonder if this time she there won’t be pics of her with the baby in one hand and a beer in the other. I wonder if she is going to take this one too over to Ryan’s parents house and complain that she doesn’t have a babysitter and guilt trip Ryan’s mom into babysitting this one too. She trys to act like mother of the year but then dumps her kids off at Ryan’s parents house. I agree with Ryan about how she is so against Ryan havning Bentley more but then she is always either partying or going on vactions at last minute notice and expecting Ryan’s parents to watch them.

  16. Due May 30 = got pregnant first week in September. Could’ve found out via home test approx. Sept. 21st. We saw her drinking at Bentley’s birthday (October), Cate & Tyler’s wedding (October), and the morning after trick-or-treating (Nov. 1). Pics of her drinking at the Outback Bowl (Jan. 1, 2016 – well into her 2nd trimester) are all over Instagram and tumblr. This is consistent with her claim that she didn’t find out until around the time of the engagement (at the reunion taping in January). Good because it means she didn’t knowingly drink while pregnant, bad because she still drank while pregnant (the baby doesn’t care what your intentions were). And I still don’t get how someone that skinny, and who has been pregnant twice before, doesn’t find out until she’s 6-ish months along.

  17. Some of you guys are so dramatic. I grew up with parents that drank beer and it didn’t affect me at all. It’s not like it’s hard liquor. Maci and Taylor actually take care of their children unlike some of these other crazies on the show.

    1. Yes, but how much was your mother consuming while she was pregnant?
      And I was running around with undiagnosed asthma until I was fourteen and nearly blacked out during track practice on a cold rainy day. (There’s a circular logic in telling a kid that they must not have a real breathing problem because they don’t have asthma.) I’m lucky, I’m mostly okay, although I’d probably be somewhat less prone to bronchitis if it had been caught earlier.
      This doesn’t mean I go around to parents who bring their kids’ inhalers to their soccer games and tell them they’re raising effing pansies who can’t handle occasionally being unable to breathe.
      Because that would make me an idiot *and* an asshole.

  18. Plus in a few episodes ago she was saying they were barely keeping their heads above water financially. So if the mtv baby bonus is true that could help bail them out of already bad situation. Seeing as those plain and over prices Tshirts won’t sell. It can’t be doing well enough for a profit. Why make another child when your financially strapped. Could be an effort for the extra mtv cash.

    She says it’s unplanned but then why not take proper precautions when you are so fertile after having one child so soon. So many holes in her story

    1. Her timeline is way off. I would guess he proposed after finding out and she’s sensitive about how that looks so she lied about it

      And anybody who doesn’t use protection is trying for a baby. I just roll my eyes when people say not preventing but not trying. That’s a poor excuse to get irresponsibly knocked up, you were trying.

      1. You can be enjoying intimacy without TRYING specifically for a baby. There is the pull out method, the timing method and the Great Man above which has the final say so. You roll your eyes bc YOU probably have had trouble conceiving or don’t have a man that wants you like that. Don’t judge people. He story doesn’t add up as far as the proposal, but it doesn’t mean they were explicitly TRYING for a child.

        1. Haha nope. No issues conceiving. My husband and I were just responsible until we were ready for a baby and we’ve been responsible since to make sure we don’t have a baby we’re not ready for.

          We all know how babies are made. If you just have sex and see what happens, then you’re trying for a baby. You know what happens when you have sex

    2. She needs to stop with the whole “i didnt even think i could have kids” excuse, because nobody’s buying it. CLEARLY if she was fertile enough to have Jayde then she was fertile enough to get pregnant again this time, which she did! Unless she gets her tubes tied, she is able to pop out more kids. If you’re gonna have unprotected sex and are trying to prevent pregnancy then GET ON THE PILL, or get a morning after pill. It’s that simple. This was her way of trapping Taylor and ensuring she got that ring….but anyway good luck to her…2 kids is already a handful…I can only imagine what 3 is gonna be like for her.

  19. This girl can’t be this stupid. Please tell me.

    My theory is she got pregnant and then Taylor proposed to her. Notice in the engagement shots her belly isn’t shown and she is wearing oversized and loose fitted clothing. Even then she quod have had a smaller bump according to pictures form events around that time so loose clothes would have covered it. Taylor probably proposed because of the pregnancy.

    Also how in the hell can she say she didn’t know. Given some woman really don’t but she claims she had no clue until after the engagement. However she continued to drink. So she either knowingly drank or legit had no clue. Also another theory is that she kept the alcohol in shots just to throw people off. But then to say she didn’t know but deliberately placed alcohol around was stupid.
    This is mind blowing stupidity.

  20. I curious as to what people think of Taylor. There’s something about him, in my opinion, that seems a little off. He has made a lot of comments about the money from Teen Mom. One time I remember that he said something like, I’ll propose to Maci after next season’s money comes in so I can buy the ring. Also mentioned something about how they should get married before Teen Mom gets cancelled so mtv can pay for the wedding. I don’t know if this is just his weird sense of humor or if he really does these things (like propose and have kids) for the mtv money.
    Also, does anyone else notice that every time during a Maci segment everyone is always drinking from a plastic cup? Maci and Taylor, their friends, Ryan and his parents) They can’t even go trick or treating without a drink in hand! I’m not saying there’s always alcohol in it but they always have a plastic cup in hand!

    1. I think it’s his sense of humor. It’s a bit awkward but i actually appreciate his honesty. I hate when they obviously avoid mentioning the perks of being on the show.

      Not sure what i think of him. Like does he work or is he just along for mtv money? I mean before buying the t-shirt website

      1. Having the 4th wall sucks because it’s barely use able until they want to show a topic being brought up. Otherwise you rarely see anyone but Heather speaking with them. Side note: your on tv Heather, buy a brush.i think mtv noted TMOG isn’t doing well with the 4th wall broken so you don’t see much of it this season like last. And then you just wanted to see the difference. Leads in for more scripted tv but what else is new. Taylor seems disconnected and disingenuine from maci/crew. Or they don’t show him other than clearly put together scenes

    2. I disagree. I think Taylor just has a dry sense of humor and people take him seriously when he’s joking. I think hes a great guy and him and Maci are a cute couple and they seem very stable unlike a lot of the other couples on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

      1. I find him a nerd and when Maci says Jump he jumps…All the wedding stuff comes from her not from him,maby he don’t even want to marry her but he has no backbone so he says okay….Maby he is different in real life but this is how i see him when he’s on tv.

          1. Oh jee, mag ik geen schrijffout maken?Kom op Jessica ben je nu nog steeds beledigd vanwege mijn opmerking in een ander topic?Dat was een grapje en ik vind het jammer dat het je zo geraakt heeft,maar ik zou het prettig vinden als je iets minder kinderachtig zou reageren!Oftewel:Let’s move on!

      2. What??? A man that actually CARES what Maci wants other then himself??? Oh no, you’re right. Seems like he was raised with some respect for women?!

      3. Stable?? Yeah..if you call pounding various alcoholic beverages while pregnant and in the most critical trimester..

    3. Notice in my comment I never said it wasn’t his sense of humor. I said I wasn’t sure if it’s his type of humor or if he’s really only about the TM money yet people twist my words and make it seem like I said something I didn’t. (Not all comments, just some)

  21. I’m still stuck on the comment “Making more moneys.” Even if there is some dumb nickname behind it, still so tacky….

    1. It’s because Taylor’s nickname is T-Money. So making more of Taylor’s babies = more Moneys. Not having to do with actual money.

  22. Maci’s about to have Ryan’s mom move in and be her nanny so can be free to go dirt bike and drink bud lights all day

  23. Remember when babies were thought as as blessings! Nope not now. Now people pick it all apart. The baby isn’t going to have fetal alcohol syndrome. She likes a drink so do most people I know. I have not seen her drunk on teen mom and if she was an alcoholic you would see that. We have all see Leah, Amber and Jenelle messed up on drugs. I’m not the biggest Maci fan but its undeniable that she loves her children very much and she would not put them in harms way. She is in her 20’s, works, is in a stable relationship and is a good mother. Why shouldn’t she have more children if that’s what she wants? Congratulations to the both of them.

    1. Where exactly is she working? You don’t see her working at all. Oh her T-Shirt line? Over priced T-Shirts that should be called “Skinny People Only”? She plays off as driven and determined but then she still hasn’t finished college yet or even close and she has been doing it for fours years now. I understand not all people finish in four years but come on why doesn’t she actually finish her schooling then have another kid? A driven and determined person like she claims she is wouldn’t be on her 3rd kid on purpose.

  24. I’m so confused lol I saw her instagram post and just stared at it for like 5 minutes cuz I was like wait didn’t she literally just have a baby?

      1. The episodes we’ve seen so far were filmed when she was 3 months pregnant. Even if she didn’t know, she was still pregnant while drinking very, very heavily.

        1. she actually didn’t out until after she was pregnant until after her engagement. The show is edited very well and some of the scenes that show up aren’t in the same order. Please don’t assume since thats not exactly a light accusation

          1. Check her instagram, she had a beer in her hand 6 weeks ago. She was probably about 3 months or so pregnant by then. She’s been getting hammered constantly and putting it on her social media since October which would be about the time she got pregnant. It’s not a light accusation at all, but it’s not a false one either.

          2. she allegedly found out right after she got engaged. she got engaged 3 weeks ago. there are photos of her drinking on ig as like as 6/8 weeks ago.

            I’m honestly not buying that they just found out after they got engaged last month. if she’s due in May that means she didn’t know she was preggers for like 4 months?!?!?! I’m calling bullshit.

  25. I really liked macI at the beginning. She took great care of Bentley. She seemed like the most attentive mom, along with Chelsea. Now though, she seems more concerned about drinking and having fun, which is ok if Bentley was gone for the weekend and she utilized that time, bUT not with an infant!

    1. I don’t believe that for one second. She friggin knew she was pregnant. As big as she is now, I’m sure she had all of the pregnancy symptoms. Shes been pregnant twice before, she knows whats up! I think she just said that thinking people wouldn’t figure out that’s the only reason why Taylor proposed to her.

  26. I don’t buy this “we found out just after the engagement” bullshit. She was so desperate to be engaged that she got pregnant. Plain and simple. And I also don’t believe this “I was told I can’t have babies so we didn’t use protection” crap. This theory was proven wrong with Jayde. Yet she still thought protection was unnecessary? Yeah right.

    1. I think they planned Jayde because she has something like pcos and won’t be able to have a baby when she’s older or it will be much more difficult

      1. No, I believe she said on one of those aftershows that Jayde was a surprise. So that makes 3 out of 3. Good going Macy.

  27. Don’t buy it in the slightest.
    So many things do not add up.
    1- how tacky “making more moneys” yes Maci we know the only talent you have to make money is popping out kids.
    2- she has been drinking heavily for so long.
    3- she took a picture of waist trainer less than 4 weeks ago
    4- She has a huge bump now, they dont go from flat tum to massive bump in the space of 2 days. She posted a photo with a flat tummy 2 days ago with her dog. Yeah maybe it was an old photo but just doesn’t make sense.
    5- The doctor apparently told her she couldn’t get pregnant after Bentley. Bull crap.
    6- She really didn’t know until recently? Because that bump is huge.

    1. Not that it isn’t tacky, but about your #1, Taylor’s nickname is T-Money, so while it’s ironic because she makes her money off her children, I think it’s actually a reference to that – they used to call Jayde “Baby Money” before they chose a name.

      Also, pretty sure her recent waist trainer pic was a regram; they all repost those ad pics every few months.

    2. See I thought aw must be there nickname too.. Explain the money emoticon she added right after saying it though. It definitely had a double barrel meaning.

  28. She must’ve been pissed when she realized she’d have to give up those Bud Lights for another 9 months since we have yet to watch an episode where she’s not drinking.

    1. Lol, exactly what it is. You can see how she’s annoyed in their announcement video. He claims her & the women are all pessimists & him and the men were optimistic about it. Translation, we still get our drinks while you go 9+months dry and thristy. U know she is!!

  29. Like I said on Teen Mom Junkies, we now know why Taylor proposed.He felt obligated lol. She’d have a hernia if she had three kids and still not engaged.

  30. She made a video for MTV talking about her pregnancy. Her due date is May 30th, Jaydes birthday is May 29th!
    She said they found out about a week after Taylor proposed. I think Maci is a good mom but I’m a little worried about this baby having fetal alcohol syndrome since we all know Maci likes beer!

    1. “Sorry, Jayde. Mommy can’t come to your 1st birthday party. She has to give birth to the more moneys she made.”

    2. The MTV taping didn’t extend that far back to where she wouldn’t have pregnant drinking…they taped in Sept, Oct, Nov and before then perhaps. But she woudl have conceived in August…so when did all that parking lot beer drinking happen? Unsure if we SAW her drink at Cait & Ty wedding or on Halloween. She looked bad, really tired after the Halloween episode where Ryan didn’t show up. They had to have known then.

  31. The MTV interview states she’s due end may meaning she’s 25 weeks. She says they found out AFTER the engagement which was 3 weeks ago. By the size of that bump I don’t buy that!

    1. I don’t buy that either! Why wouldn’t she have just been honest?? It’s the Teen Mom franchise after all. She got pregnant IN high school….The girls who have made real success stories with careers & children aren’t on MTV drinking out of red solo cups (Maci).

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