Ex-Husband of ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Amanda Stanton Outraged Over Being Portrayed as Deadbeat Dad

"See? I see my kids!"
“See? I see my kids!”

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor showed Ben Higgins heading to “The OC’ to meet up with contestant Amanda Stanton‘s family during Hometowns Week. Amanda, a single mother of two little girls, introduced Ben to her kids and explained that her daughters’ father didn’t show much interest in parenting the girls.

Amanda, who finalized her divorce from Nick Buonfiglia in June 2015 (three months before she left to go film for ‘The Bachelor), once even stated on the show that her ex-husband doesn’t want to spend time with their kids.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, however, Nick is speaking out about how he has been wrongly portrayed on ‘The Bachelor’ as somewhat of a deadbeat dad.

“I have always been a great father to my girls, and I always will be for them,” he told the magazine, admitting that he did make mistakes in the marriage, however.

“[Amanda and I] married young, we had our ups and downs, I was able to learn from it,” Nick said. “A lot of people got the wrong side, like I abandoned my kids — that’s something I’ve seen in social media… I would [like to meet Ben]. He has a way different perception of me from what was said, and so does America. I definitely would like to show him the person I am and not the person he assumed I was from what was said.”

Amanda and her daughters with Ben during her 'Bachelor' hometown visit.
Amanda and her daughters with Ben during her ‘Bachelor’ hometown visit.

During her time on ‘The Bachelor,’ Amanda made reference to Nick seeking out girls on dating sites while he was still married to her.

“He had a very addictive personality and wasn’t always the nicest person to me,” Amanda told Ben during one episode. “I found an old cell phone of his, there was a bunch of text messages from ex-girlfriends…girls that he was meeting on dating sites and stuff like that.”

Earlier this month, Nick posted a rant to his private Facebook page in response to the negative attention he’s been getting due to the way Amanda spoke about him on ‘The Bachelor.’

“I have done my absolute best to keep quiet to all these so-called ‘critics’ about my life, me as a father, and my failed marriage,” Nick wrote on February 5. “First off, I never asked to be put in the spotlight, I was thrown into it. For people whom I do not know, and have no idea about my life, my kids, or even much about Amanda, to comment the horrible things they have said to me, is baffling.”

Nick, who married Amanda in October 2012, also used the Facebook post to discuss why his marriage to Amanda went sour.

“I will set the record straight right now. Yes, I made mistakes in my marriage…I did not cheat on Amanda. Did I lie, sure, did I emotionally cheat, yes. As for the media, I have consulted with Amanda before I spoke to any magazine, as she gave me the go ahead,” he wrote, referring to an interview he did with Life & Style in early February.

“After being completely thrown under the bus on national television, the article that was wrote was nothing but kind words about the mother of my children. Lastly, my children are the center of my world, and to have the relationship I do with their mother is something I hope thousands of other divorced co-parents can do.”

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  1. If he is going to blame anyone it should be Amanda. She said the things that made him seem like a terrible father and husband. I am sure she was no angel.

  2. I don’t have children, I have a dog and I can’t stand being away from him for a night. Did she see her kids during the filming in addition to the hometown visit? I just can’t imagine leaving small kids to go and try to find a boyfriend. I’m sure she could find someone closer to date.

  3. he also threw it out there that he’d consider going on the show as well lol. i did think she was being a little disrespectful, saying how they needed a father and all when they have one. how would she feel if she heard him telling some girl he needed a new mom for his kids cuz the one they had sucked? he certainly has plenty of pics w the girls (i guess he could take alot at once) but he seems to love them. anyway, i was glad the girls gave him a dose of how it really is so he could see and decide. to hear amanda tell it, she’s been single forever, and she’s only been divorced 3 months? hmmm

    1. Wait, he seems to love his girls because he was in a lot of pictures with them? Is that all you need to do to be a good dad? Damn, and all this time I’ve been paying for a house, and food, and clothes, and spending time with them, and trying to teach them how to be polite and kind to others….when all I really had to do was snap a few photos.

      Why didn’t someone tell me this before???

      1. deadbeat dads would normally be hard pressed to produce many pics with their kids. that’s all i’m saying asswipe. as if you actually know them and know he’s not a good one.

        1. Never claimed to know him or actually know if he’s a good father or not. I just said your reasoning of “he’s in a lot of pictures with them” was dumb as hell.

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