TLC Officially Confirms: ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ Picked Up for Full Season

"Hooray! We did it! We got back on TV!"
“Hooray! We did it! We got back on TV!”

Last week, The Ashley told you that members of the Duggar family were spotted in their hometown, obviously being filmed for something. We now know what the former 19 Kids and Counting stars were up to…

Us Weekly has just confirmed that Jill & Jessa: Counting On has been picked up as a full series by TLC. The network, which cancelled ’19 Kids’ after the sex abuse scandal involving eldest Duggar kid Josh Duggar came to light last year, has released the first trailer for the full season, which will premiere in March.

From watching the first trailer, which features Jessa Seewald and her husband Ben in the forefront, it’s apparent that TLC is trying to give the new show its own look. They’ve moved away from the graphics and style used on ’19 Kids and Counting’ and created a more modern look for the show.

Look at Joy-- moving in on Jill's spot and serving up some serious attitude!
Look at Joy– moving in on Jill’s spot and serving up some serious attitude!

While the show may be called ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On,’ it appears that many of the older Duggar kids will also be playing a big part in the show. John-David, Jinger, Jana, Josiah, JoyAnna and Joseph Duggar appear in the trailer, but the Duggar parents– Michelle and Jim Bob— are completely absent from the 35-second clip.

With Jill and Derick Dillard away in Central America doing mission work, it is not known how much they will appear on the show. However, Jim Bob and Michelle (and a camera crew) recently took a trip to visit them on the mission field, so that footage will surely make it onto the new series.

Although the three ‘Jill & Jessa’ specials that aired in November and December 2015 did very well in terms of ratings, many viewers are unhappy that any members of the Duggar family are coming back to TV. This was evident by the comments left on Us Weekly‘s Facebook page when the magazine broke the news of the new series.

“Are you kidding me?” one person wrote. “This disgusting, bigoted family STILL gets a platform to spew their hate? Wow TLC doesn’t give a crap about anything except for ratings.”

“I knew it!” another person commented. “What a crock. No way am I supporting this show or sponsors! Horrible decision.”

You can watch (or hate-watch) ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ starting on March 15. Check out the first trailer below:

(Photos: TLC)


  1. TLC, you really need to stop with this “family” and move on. We are not interested in anything these “kids” have to say. We’re done.

  2. I am excited for this I have always liked this show since their first speicals. They shouldn’t make the rest of the family suffer becasue of the “Creeper” first born. A family that big you are bound to have at least one of them. I have always thought that Josh was a little off. I don’t care for Josh or his parents they are way too fake and self-absorbed. Like when people were vidoe taping congrats to Michael Bates and her husband and of course Jim Bob has to turn it around and make it all about them. But, the rest of the family seem genuine.

  3. Not gonna lie, I’m excited.The Duggars are my guilty pleasure. Especially the older girls! I love seeing their story!

  4. I don’t understand what’s interesting about them. All they do it put on pounds of make up each morning, spend hours styling their hair, read devotionals, and smile and whisper talk with wide eyes about how blessed they are. Boring.

  5. Yes, but despite all of the complaining and bitching, people will still watch the show and comment on the blogs and articles about the show. Same reason that the Kardashians are still going strong. Everyone loves to say they hate them, yet they read and comment on every “story” about them and still watch that show. So obviously lots of people are still interested.

  6. I sincerely hope people boycott this ridiculousness. Shame on you America, you are making people famours for all the wrong things

  7. In the picture of the four girls: who is that on the far left? And, I believe that is Jessa not Jill that Joy is crowding out.

    I wonder when enough will be enough with this family?

      1. Wow! What a difference straight hair makes! I didn’t even recognize her. I wonder why they are suddenly allowed to modernize their look? I guess it’s ok to compromise your principles if it means staying on tv.

        1. The wavy hair perms were more of a Gothard fetish than a “principle”.
          Actually, no, as brainwashed as Jim Bob is the girls probably entered their twenties believing that non-permed hair was inherently sinful. Nvm

  8. Nobody is even surprised. TLC is like the no good boyfriend or baby daddy or should be your ex husband…they make a whole lot of promises, act like they will not be a part of whatever you exposed them off and for a few months, all is peaceful. Then, like TLC’s test run of Counting On…they dip their foot n the water again. Next thing you know its full on swimming in the bull**** again.

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