5 Things We Learned From the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 Trailer

Get ready for a shocking season 7!
Get ready for a shocking season 7!

Teen Mom 2 fans got their first glimpse of the upcoming seventh season this morning, when MTV released the initial trailer for the new season. As to be expected, the trailer was chock-full of drama, tears and thankfully, plenty of camera time for our gal, Barbara Evans!

As The Ashley previously told you, Season 7 is shaping up to be full of interesting plotlines for Jenelle Evans, Kail Lowry, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska. The first trailer covers everything from Leah losing primary custody of her twins, to Jenelle subbing out one “soulmate” for another–and plenty of other interesting stuff!

For those of you who are unable to watch the trailer, The Ashley has broken it down for you. Here are five things we learned from watching the first Season 7 trailer:

david eason1. Jenelle’s current beau, David Eason, may be her worst ever.

In the trailer, Jenelle’s mom, Babs, is seen screaming at Jenelle’s boyfriend, David. Although Jenelle has stated in interviews that her mother “loves” David, that is apparently not the case, at least according to the footage shown in the trailer. Babs can be heard screaming that David is “the worst boyfriend [Jenelle] has ever had.”

While we do not yet know the full context of that argument, the fact that Babs is declaring David to be the worst of Jenelle’s trashbag ‘o’ boyfriends is quite alarming. After all, Jenelle has previously dated criminal Kieffer “HIGH! HIGH! Delp; Gary Head, who once pled guilty to assault charges against Jenelle; Nathan Griffith, who was arrested multiple times during his relationship with Jenelle, admitted heroin user Courtland Rogers…and many other men who are hardly pillars of their communities.

Even Nate is concerned about Jenelle’s new man. In the trailer, he is seen telling Jenelle that David, “just got out of prison for domestic violence.”

kail lowry2. Kail Lowry suffered a miscarriage.

For the first time ever, fans learned that Kail suffered a miscarriage recently.

“You know how much I wanted that baby,” her husband, Javi Marroquin, tells her tearfully in the trailer.

While it is not fully explained in the trailer, The Ashley can confirm that the miscarriage happened in November, before Javi was deployed.

jace evans3.Even Jace is tired of Jenelle’s merry-go-round of men.

Jace is only six years old, but he has already seen his mother become engaged to multiple guys and experience several more pregnancies (one of which resulted in his half-brother, Kaiser). In the trailer, Barb asks Jace if he thinks that his mother “gets a lot of boyfriends really fast.” Jace responds by laughing and saying, “Yeah!”

corey simms4. Corey Simms is a master at doing little girls’ hair.

Who knew that Corey is a skilled hairstylist? In the trailer, Corey is seen helping Ali fix her hair, during the period where she and her sister, Aleeah, were living full time at his home. We also see clips of Corey’s lawyer discussing the custody battle between Corey and Leah that ended in Corey being awarded full primary custody. (The exes have since agreed to a shared custody plan.)

chelsea houska5. Chelsea Houska shouldn’t even be on this show.

Chelsea was almost completely missing from the first trailer, which was mostly devoted to Jenelle’s antics. In one of her only appearances, Chelsea is very briefly seen sitting on the couch with her fiance, Cole DeBoer, exclaiming that they are getting married. Even ol’ Nathan (and his cut-up tank top) got more screen time than poor Chelsea did!

Chelsea’s near-absence in the trailer was not lost on Chelsea or her father, Randy Houska.

“Don’t blink or you’ll miss my clips,” Chelsea tweeted along with the link to the trailer.

Randy, however, celebrated the fact that his daughter didn’t produce enough drama to warrant a lot of time in the trailer.

“You know life must be going good when @ChelseaHouska only gets 6 seconds in the MTV Teen Mom 2 trailer,” he tweeted.

The seventh season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ premieres March 21 on MTV!

Watch the new ‘Teen Mom 2’ trailer below and click here to read about what else will be covered on the new season!

(Photos: MTV)

75 Responses

  1. No randy it’s because you and your daughter are boring, more fun watching paint dry.

  2. All of Jennelle’s boyfriends are abusive. She will continue to repeat the cycle until she becomes open to getting some real help.

  3. DYFS should force MTV to put money in escrow for these poor kids, to be used for the MANY therapy sessions they will need with a mandatory minimum of 4 sessions.
    Any remaining money (face it there won’t be) will go towards college

  4. Is it just me, or would anyone else NEVER go to a dentist who is on a reality show???? Randy loves the cameras and there would be NO chance in hell I would be going to any doctor who would be on a trainwreck show!!!

  5. All the s$#t that Junkelle pulls and yet people are saying CHELSEA shouldn’t be on the show? Really?! How about JENELLE shouldn’t be on the show because she doesn’t DESERVE the paycheck and continued attention. Why does Chelsea get punished when she isn’t doing anything wrong?
    Like why does everyone hate Chelsea for doing well? Ok yeah she has had a tonne more advantages over other teen moms with her rich dad helping her out but she has made good choices (once she let go of Adumb) and has a great relationship with Aubree who seems to be a very happy and well progressing child. Maybe that’s too ‘boring’ for tv but too bad, she’s a part of the franchise too. At least Chelsea is ‘likeable boring’, unlike Kailyn who is ‘unpleasant boring’lol.

    Probably sounds like I’m way up Chelsea’s ass lol. I just despise Jenelle, and i find it unfair that nobody questions keeping her on the show but yet Chelsea ‘shouldn’t be on the show anymore’ just because she isn’t a trainwreck. It sends a bad message.

    1. @Sickofit: I think you missed the point. The statement was made that Chelsea shouldn’t be on the show because Chelsea’s life is too normal. She doesn’t need to be associated with this trainwreck. -The Ashley

      1. Thanks for clarifying! When you put it that way i totally see what you mean now. I was mid Jenelle-hate rage lol.

  6. I can see Jace, bless his heart, having a very strained & rebellious relationship with Jenelle in the future – as a result of him being abandoned for her drugs & men. It may also mean a temperamental relationship for the brothers when they are older; Kaiser will no doubt see there is constant drama surrounding Jenelle and how she can’t be without a man, but as he wont have been abandoned or perhaps not seen as much first-hand, he may not share the feelings Jace could have. There may also end up being jealousy from Jace’s end, when he’s old enough to think ‘hold on you had my brother when you still hadn’t even got me back…doesn’t matter you say you wanted me back, mum, you clearly didn’t get me then because Nene wouldn’t allow it while you chose to be with bad men. Why did you never choose me first?’. I think Jace, as a young man, will worship the ground Old Babs (by then) walks on and won’t hear a bad word said, because for all her faults Babs has kept that boy fed, clothed, safe & out of the care system. I can’t think of anything worse than the current Jenelle…but a 40yr old Jenelle up to the same antics…gosh.

    1. I think Jace will have a much easier time than Kaiser. He basically has a sister type relationship with jenelle where Kaiser actually lives with her AND Nathan. I wouldn’t let those two watch my carnival prize goldfish let alone raise a child.

      1. I agree – he will have the easier time, and as long as he’s with Babs he’ll have the better time. Though as a teen I think he’ll be angry purely that she couldn’t get it together well enough to get him back, and so he may resent that sister relationship, then as a man he’ll understand he’s had the better run of things and being the abandoned one (while that in isolation hurts) is better than being the one caught directly in all her cross fires. True about the goldfish – the only thing she should be allowed to look after is a pet rock…but then she’d only throw it at someone’s windshield or head in a rage hehehe 🙂

    2. Jace might have a slew of issues in the future. His completely absent father will be one. Jenelle will be another. Babs will be third. Because as much as I love babs on TV, she raised three train wrecks. 3-0 aren’t great odds.

  7. I never cared as much for Teen Mom 2…some of the characters are entertaining of course, but there’s no middle ground. You either have ones you trully get sad watching how sick they are and question how much is for cameras and how much is really them……other ones, like Chelsea are so, wow big deal you got pregnant a little earlier then the average woman. Ok and life goes on…but then you do have Farrah over with the OG franchise and she doesn’t show any real struggles, basically letting young girls know to sell their assests, literally. Maci, on the other hand shows hinting of a breakdown and dependency issues down the line… As Teen Mom 2 throws it in your face. Well, until the March 21 date…..

    1. She probably didn’t want them to focus on her double chin liposuction job or her tummy tuck and ass fat injections. I hope we see her “amazing transformation” and how she will say it’s due to her Crossfit. Ugh.

    2. I don’t think you have any idea of how much that’s a horrible thing to say. Obviously, you haven’t been through one.

    3. I hate to accuse anyone of such a thing Guest, but I get the feeling you might be right. Not even so much as a storyline, but K is always the victim, always the poor mistreated one. I also wouldn’t put it past her to tell Jav she was pregnant as just another thing to get her way. I’m sure HE probably really did want another baby.

    4. Wow…you guys must live in a really shitty little world when you just automatically assume someone is lying about a miscarriage without any kind of reason, other than “she needed a storyline” or “I can tell by the look on her face in that scene.”

      You guys should really figure out what is making you so miserable in your lives and get rid of it.

      1. Oh please it’s not just a random “someone” that it’s being said about. It’s Kail Hulk Smash “gettin’ free booty cheese on my son’s birthday while my husband’s deploying” Lowry. On Teen Mom 2, a show known to embellish or entirely fabricate storylines to create drama because = equals ratings which = $$$.

      2. JC, with all do respect I’ve been in abortion clinics with seemingly happily married well off women were getting abortions. Take two pills & it’ll force you’re body to miscarry. I don’t know why they were doing it, but all of them seemed REAL concerned that said abortions would just look like miscarriages… and, it’s Kail. While I think she loves her kids, when shes done with someone (like Jav) she will do everything to cut strings with them. Plus pregnancy would have delayed her major plastic surgery overhaul.

    5. That’s been floating around the gossip site comment section lately. Someone said the rumor was she aborted the baby because she knew it wasn’t Javi’s and said it was a miscarriage

      1. It was a blind item, and they are honestly the most untrustworthy gossip sources.I really don’t think it is fair to believe a blind item over Kail…

  8. Nathan has got a lot of nerve to bring up Jenelle’s current boyfriends domestic violence charges. Pot meet kettle! I cannot stand Nathan. He’s not a good guy. Although…this new boyfriend seems like he is a terrible person…the way he pushed Babs out of the way so he could slam the door in her face. It’s scary how disrespectful Jenelle’s boyfriends are to her MOTHER, and she does nothing about it. Jenelle chooses these terrible men over her own family…even Jace. PATHETIC. And did anyone notice the HUGE grin on Corey’s face when he was awarded custody? PRICELESS!

    1. I think he was shocked he got what he asked for, but I agree that he should have primary custody. Leah hasn’t been able to get and KEEP her act together for a long time, and she’s easily overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of 3 young kids. I’m not saying she doesn’t love her children, but Corey can definitely provide a very stable, loving home. He’s a good dad, so I think this was the right decision.

    2. Yep really scary – Jenelle should see if these boyfriends don’t even fear her mother, as far as wanting to be on the right side of her (the way they should their own mother), then they will never respect Jenelle. And by Jenelle not demanding their respect for her mum, even before demanding it for herself, it tells these guys a LOT. Worst thing – after Jenelle lets a man cuss out her mum; she then cusses her mum for daring to assert herself, as though the beef between Babs & the boyfriend is the source of all her problems, & everything would otherwise be perfect! No Jenelle – things will always be crap because you invite crap into your life, before your mum even knows which pathetic loser you’ve managed to surpass yourself with this month. You’re right Lexii; so pathetic!

    3. I don’t know how Jenelle does it. I can’t fathom just standing there while someone disrespected my mom, especially if they became physically aggressive. If a guy ever did that to my mom, he wouldn’t need to worry about her calling the police because I would be calling them myself. I don’t even have the best relationship with my mom, but I’ll be damned if I let someone treat her like that.

  9. nathan being concerned over a guy with a domestic violence charge is rich. HE made that house a living hell. as bad as jenelle is, nathan was ten times worse. the way he spoke to her, swigging liquor, i’m pretty sure it’s gotten physical more than once. can’t control yourself on steroids. david does seem great with her and kaiser, i hope he turns out to be a decent guy. holding a job for years is an improvement. happy for chelsea. as hard a time as javi and kail had after lincoln was born, i just don’t know why they’d want to have another so soon. they have the money so it’s whatever, it’s just they were both so stressed and fighting so much they actually had divorce papers drwan up. now they’re back on an even keel, so let’s have another. don’t get it. shocked leah’s gone this long without getting pregnant, and she def looks healthier. i hope she really has turned around and continues getting better as a parent. i admit, i suck a doing other girls’ hair too, but it will at least be brushed lol.

    1. Agreed; Kail and Javi were crazy to let another pregnancy happen, even as an accident. It seems they, and all of them on these shows, don’t have many ‘real world’ struggles so the idea of another baby is just down to whether they fancy it, like ‘do you fancy take-out tonight? Hmmm, yeh ok!’ – for everyone else in the real world it’s can we afford another, do we have the space, how will we manage another child with our work/jobs etc. All this lot know is another baby gives them a storyline and something to do, particularly to distract themselves from the fact they were never compatible & need kids as their relationship buffer. I think Kail probably wants to have all her kids, except Isaac, with the same man now and then coldly tell Javi to jog on when she’s got her family and doesn’t need him for anything (but to make it rain with child support and family benefits).

  10. When Javi tells Kailyn how much he wanted the baby she lost, maybe it’s just me, but she looked as if she’d just dodged a super bullet. And that’s regardless of the two (maybe three) tears she was able to shed at the time.

    Kailyn doesn’t love Javi, and I think by now Javi is WELL aware of it. She loved his military medical benefits when she first met him, because she needed them for herself and Isaac.

    I seriously doubt the “love train” traveled any farther than that on her part.

    1. This is what throws me off, Kail always treats Jav terribly – I highly doubt she wanted another kid with him. I think she’s either lying about the miscarriage… or lying it was a miscarriage

      1. I think part of the reason why Kail is so mean to Javi is because she’s the bread winner in the family. It happens more often than not, whoever is the bread winner has the power, so Kail is constantly yelling and talking down to Javi because she knows she runs that house hold. Javi has his own money, yes, but he’s not making as much as she is. He probably puts up with it, because he’s use to that life style and doesn’t want to lose it. You can totally tell Kail isn’t in love with him, I honestly can’t remember 1 episode where she was nice to him.

    2. I think Kail lacks the love and compassion gene entirely. Perhaps it’s a result of being raised by Smirnoff Suzi and her revolving door of sketchy men or maybe Kail has just let the fame (if you can call it that) get to her head. I used to be a fan of hers because she came from nothing and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, but I lost a lot of respect for her the first time she laid her hands on Javi and gave up on her entirely after watching the way she speaks to him and treats him on camera. I know a lot of people believe that she does it for ratings, but honestly what man, especially a military man, would willingly allow their wife to degrade and embarrass them for the world to see? She treats their dogs better than she treats her husband. Furthermore, how is it that Amber was charged for domestic abuse when she hit Gary on camera, but Kail never was? Javi clearly loves Kail a lot more than she loves him and I think it’s only a matter of time before she cheats on him and straight up dumps him. The fact that she just underwent a boob job, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, and liposuction tells me that she has no plans to have any more children, which is a shame for Javi as I think deep down, he loves his kids and wants more. Looking back at last season, Jo’s words to Javi when they were trying to figure out child support feel hauntingly like foreshadowing. Chances are that Javi will end up in the same boat as Jo where his son is concerned when they get divorced.

      1. So true – her apologies for violence toward Javi or cheating (when she fessed up to Jordan, was it?) were so ‘yeh well…it is what it is’, so nonchalant – no compassion! I think she has love pouring for her boys, but probably never wants to be vulnerable or hurt by another man again since Jo, so is treating men like they are disposable – you just KNOW she does not lose sleep at night thinking ‘what if this falls apart, I’m going to be all alone starting over again with two kids’; she is ready for it whenever she decides to go for it, and when she executes it is going to knock poor Javi for six! He’ll probably not shave for months, sitting there crying over divorce proceedings and not seeing his son, while it’s just water off a ducks back for Kail who’ll be like ‘yeh well…it is what it is!’. You’re so right about that conversation with Jo – it will play on Javi’s mind once he finds himself in that boat, poor sod.

        1. They made her reshoot the apology to Jordan and btw he was a rebound. She was trying to get over Jo. Javi is controlling. What dude flips out so much over his wife having a life. Plus he wants her continuously pregnant so she can’t do anything but be a military wife. What’s his problem? She’s not the softest pillow but dammit she had literally nothing and took damn good care of Isaac, putting up with Jo constantly calling her names, his family throwing her out knowing she had no where to go and so what she’s hard, but he cries all the time and uses that to manipulate her.

  11. Yes but…isn’t Leah a hairdresser in retirement?….or something? I thought Mary Kay and beauty were her thing. Oops, never mind..I just had a traumatic flashback of purple hair extensions.. Or to use germy’s term “that purple crap.” 😀

    1. Bahahaha….true. I am only slightly better at make up…it’s hard to be worse though lol. I have never claimed to be good at either, so yeah.


  12. “#5 Chelsea shouldn’t be on this show.” Agreed! I know I’ll get some shade thrown at me by her fans, but I don’t think she should have been cast on the show to begin with. She came from a life of privilege and has always had all the support she needs. Her segments are hardly realistic illustrations of the struggles that the average single Teen Mom faces. I’m not knocking the amazing support she’s received from her Dad over the years, but to say that she’s a typical teen mom is a reach. Yes, she dropped out of high school and took years to get her GED, but what that tells us is that she was so secure in the fact that her father would take care of her, that she felt no sense of urgency to get off her butt and get her high school diploma. It’s great that she’s doing so well and I am genuinely happy for her, but in all honesty was there ever a question that she wouldn’t turn out to lead a fabulous life and live happily ever after?

    1. None of these girl portray the struggles of a typical teen mom….with their 6 figure paychecks and all. With that said Chelsea has always been the least interesting of the Teen Mom franchise. It’s a good thing for her, but bad for the people that tune in to see the train wrecks.

      1. Agreed…shes the most put together (which is great for her and her kid) but the least entertaining. In no way do I want drama for her or wish it upon her… but she’s a pretty big snoozefest on the show now…Pre-Cole dumb Chelsea was more entertaining lol

    2. I totally agree – I remember thinking how lucky Chelsea was to not need a job and having her own place funded by her dad – not just being lucky a parent will let her stay with a baby, which many girls don’t get the option of, but to be given everything on a plate and then shown on TV as a ‘deterrent’. I can’t remember her ever shaking down Adam for child support as a critical issue for her storyline; all she had to be concerned with was his lack of attention to her & the baby, which is valid but would be the least of other girls’ worries when bills need paying first & foremost. I guess the drama for MTV to cast her, was the fact she had everything but would risk it all for a worthless bad-boy (I recall Randy said he’d only pay her bills if she kept Adam away, and she didn’t, and she lost a best friend over him too at one point). All this being said, I too am genuinely happy for her; even though her achievements would be expected as a result of the support given, I am proud she chose not to jump into multiple bad relationships & keep having kids – I guess that level of self-worth money can’t buy, so good on her 🙂

      1. But she showed that having a baby as a teen also doesn’t guarantee that you’ll live that happy family the way Adam used and abused her emotionally because she was reluctant to raise her daughter as a broken family

      2. I also think part of the reason why they chose her for teen mom 2 was due to that text that Adam sent her, telling her to let him know when and where to sign over the papers for that mistake…that line right there was BRUTAL. Plus her dad was pretty amazing on that episode as well.

    3. I agree that Chelsea is, luckily, too boring to be on the show because she’s normal with a good life and good supports. However, I also think Maci had similar opportunities in regards to her well-off parents taking care of her and Bentley, but we see the route she took with it.

    4. Maci is just as privileged as Chelsea. If Chelsea shouldn’t be on the show then neither should Maci. After the first season, it really didn’t matter who came from money because the girls were getting paid by mtv. People are nuts to think that Randy was funding Chelsea that whole time. She was getting paid for the show just like everyone else. Chelsea has a place on the show because she has been a single mom since Aubree was born. Adam has never consistently been around or paid child support. Chelsea has raised that little girl by herself. Sure her parents helped out sometimes but she did most of it alone. That is unfortunately the reality for a lot of teen moms.

  13. But, but…this can’t possibly be true!! It’s gotta be dirty editing tricks because Jenelle said we were gonna see how much she’s changed this season and call her a miracle story! And I’ve never, ever, nope not once, heard her say that before so it MUST be true! And now she’s really, really sick…the poor, dear girl…which couldn’t possibly be related to withdrawals or anything having to do with drug use. No, not Our Juhnelle.

    Gosh I just don’t know how she finds the strength to go bowling, and traipse around on the beach, and ice skate, and pretend she invented a baby urinal…all while being a wonderful mother who is always, always with her children, along with posting as countless different people online to try make herself look better. We should really all send her some beautiful, uplifting flowers and nourishing, homemade chicken noodle soup because she just has it so rough guys, and honestly, not one single bit of it is her own fault. Nope, not one, single, itty bitty bit.

  14. I still think that the girlses belong with Corey. Leah had the same amount of time that Corey had for years…and that was okay. The girlses need stability and if Corey can provide that for them then that is where they should be. I just think that agreement was reached awfully quick after she lost custody.

  15. Jenelle gets a rare opportunity to see her life moments on film yet I don’t understand how she doesn’t see what a train wreck she is and how embarrassing she acts. If I saw myself act like her in just one of the clips I’d be making some major life and personality changes! Jenelle just keeps getting worse. I feel so bad for Jace.

    1. The fact that you have the self awareness to be introspective means you will likely never end up like Jenelle. Her insbility to do that is what makes her so terribke

    2. True. I think Jenelle can’t see it because, while she acknowledges her life has been a mess, I don’t think she has ever (or will ever) see that it doesn’t just happen to her, that it is the result of her choices, insecurities and lack of self worth – until she realises this; she will never be embarrassed of her situations or think she needs to change, she will just expect sympathy and change the person she’s with (only to date the same person again in the form of the next boyfriend). In the past when she’s acted like she’s changing her life/the people in it, for all of 5mins, she talks like she’s discovered fire all by herself – not that it’s what everyone has already been saying & is yeeeears overdue – then by the next episode she’s at it (stupidness) again, crying in her car / fighting with boyfriends or room mates & wondering why this is happening to her! She is such a joke & those poor kids deserve so much better. When she belittled her mum’s job, I thought that to be the most disgraceful thing she’s ever done – would she even be alive now if it weren’t for the show and her mum, let alone have a qualification to ‘look down’ on anyone with; Babs ain’t perfect but her daughta should be kissing her feet!!!

  16. I think Chelsea is doing a great job. But omg her makeup is awful in that picture. Looks like a mask, all discolored.

  17. “Chelsea Houska shouldn’t even be on this show.”

    Amen to that! She is the only one that is drama free and livin’ the good life. I can’t even imagine what an argument between her and Cole would look like.

    1. They are all losers for different reasons. I have to wait and see what David is like but so far I have to say that Kieffer is probably the worst because he injected her with heroin. I know it was with her consent but she’s really lucky that she survived that.

    2. Which one do you guys think is the worst one? I’m having a lot of trouble with this. Andrew just completely disappeared, and turned back up for a paternity test looking like a junkie in a fedora…Kieffer turned her into an addict, plus he released naked pics of her…Courtland just seemed like a dangerous thug, Gary would test out military moves on her by strangling her with blankets, and Nathan is just so damn dumb and mean, there’s no other way to describe Nathan other than dumb and mean…and this new guy seems like a ticking time bomb…I can’t decide who was the worst boyfriend? Any suggestions?

    1. You gotta know that the mom has got some issues if you see the dad doing a better job with their daughter’s hair.

      1. To be fair, I (a mom) am terrible at doing hair. I can brush it and put it in a ponytail, but I can’t braid to save my life. My husband, on the other hand, is really, really good at it.
        So saying a mom has issues if she can’t do hair isn’t accurate. Some of us just don’t have very good dexterity. I can, however, brush her hair….something I am not so sure Leah can say.

    2. OK! Her daddy slayed that ponytail! LOL. Leah usually has those girls running around looking like feral children that have never seen a brush, as soon as Corey got a hold of them they looked like well kept children!

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