‘Teen Mom’ Stars Amber Portwood & Jenelle Evans Get Into Bitter Twitter Spat Over Amber’s Fiance Matt Baier

"I will CUT you!"
“I will CUT you!”

Let’s get ready to rumble!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans got into a nasty Twitter fight with Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood last night, after Jenelle said some unflattering things about Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier. As The Ashley told you yesterday, Amber and Matt are very much still together (despite rumors they had broken up) and are planning to tie the knot on October 10.

Last night, Amber made it (Cousin) Krystle clear that she is still standing by her man, regardless of what anyone thinks. Recently, it was brought to light that Matt had sent flattering tweets to both Jenelle and Farrah Abraham before he began dating Amber. (He met Amber on Twitter by doing the same thing to her, by the way.) After Jenelle and Farrah refused his advances, he tweeted some not-so-nice things about them, as well as ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry. When Jenelle brought up these tweets, all hell broke loose between her and Amber.

Jenelle has since deleted her tweets but Amber’s still remain on her Twitter feed. (You can view the screenshots of the tweets by clicking here.)

“He was a Twitter hater,” Jenelle tweeted to Amber (obviously referring to the mean tweets Matt posted about her.) “Stalker. After your money. You are being fooled. I wish you would see that. Not against you.”

"I'd be happy to hold your wallet for you, just sayin'...."
“I’d be happy to hold your wallet for you, just sayin’….”

Amber was none-too-pleased with what Jenelle wrote about Matt and took to her Twitter to defend him.

“Matt is a sweet guy and stopped saying things about you when we started talking because I told him about all the heartache I went through from people hating on me,” Amber tweeted. “It takes someone in our position to explain things for people to really know. We have nothing but love for y’all. And he’s a great guy. Stop reading articles, you should know because you should know, that s**t is fake.”

When a fan asked Jenelle if Matt had tried to get with her before he began dating Amber, Jenelle replied “Ew no!” which, again, pissed Amber off.

“Ew no? Well I’ll see you in March sweetheart. But watch your mouth around me,” Amber tweeted back. “Bitch I’ll see you soon lol.”

If things get physical between Jenelle and Amber when they meet up for ‘Teen Mom’ stuff in March, let’s hope that someone has the common sense to film their brawl and sell it on Pay-Per-View! A Jenelle/Amber fight would be better than anything put out by the UFC! Let’s cross our fingers that Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, is chosen as the referee!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I’d love to see jenelle and Farrah have a few rounds, I think jenelle would Crush Farrah like a grape

  2. Poor Amber…..She has NO shame
    This guy went from girl to girl seeing who would be…pathetic…bored…dumb…&/or gullible enough to give him the time of day.

    Is she scared to break up with him, she doesn’t want to hear the “See I told you so”?
    They say it every week when a new shady secret comes up to bite him.

    I get it, he used drugs & did things he wasn’t proud of so he has a sketchy past like Amber, But why wasn’t he ho est with her about his past? Why lie about it.

    Is he THAT dumb that he didn’t think it would come out as soon as all of the “baby mommas” & all of the people he screwed over saw him on TV?

  3. I find it so interesting and also really sad that (for the most part) Jenelle’s reading on and advice to others is usually pretty spot on! Like I remember her comments to Leah after she lost custody being unexpectedly accurate and insightful as well lol. It just really reinforces to me how poor her self esteem must be. I’ve always felt like for all her immense faults Jenelle isn’t stupid, so I wish someone could help her apply those skills to her own life. You’d be so much better off if you could be as compassionately honest with your own damn self girl!!!

    1. I think thats what others find so frustrating about J, her lack of self awareness. Drugs help that. Hell, I’d even point to Maci – whom I have generally no problem with – but the amount of alcohol she consumes appears to be affecting her judgment. There’s an old saying in the rooms of AA/NA – “You spot it (in someone else), you got it”. J knows Matt is a con bc J Knows plenty of cons

    1. Matt tried to hook up with Jenelle & Farrah….2 of the nastiest, dirtiest on the show & they both turned him down.
      But Amber was more than happy to adopt him….what does that say about Amber?

      So sad.

  4. It’s scary that Amber can’t see what’s right in front of her. Matt is a con man who’s obsessed with Teen Mom.

  5. ashley, radar hsa yet another story about matt and it made me think of something: what IS his childhood? where are his parents, was he possibly abused? it’s odd no one in his family has been brought out. i just wonder if he did have some basis for his book, like he said. it wouldn’t excuse, but his m.o. for a very long time has been as a transient, befriend someone, man or woman, get a job, etc, then one day, disappear. he may stop with amber since it won’t be so easy for him to disappear anymore lol but all his actions seems like those of a very troubled man. see what u can dig up?

    1. my understanding from talking to a few people is that his own family doesn’t have anything to do with him because he’s a con-artist!

    2. if he was your son would you Come forward & claim him.
      But I get what yout saying
      he sees people on tv (oprah, teen mom) stalks them then goes to whatever state they love in & sets up camp there. When his past…or a kid comes up he is on to the next state, gotta keep it moving from state to state, I’m sure everyone in his ho e state knows what a loser he is so he had to take it national.

      Now after Teen Mom he will need to go international & hope the people over seas doesn’t know about him

  6. Although Jenelle has no room to talk, and she should probably listen to her own advice…she’s right! if JENELLE can see Matt is a creep, then Amber….it’s time to bounce….btw…I saw some traces of AMBO popping out there in those tweets…Jenelle better watch out before she gets a two piece upside the head like Gary did

    1. Agreed. Jenelle would clearly be the favorite in that matchup. Although Amber can be crazy at times, Jenelle has all of that stored up crazy that she can just unleash at any time.

      1. I don’t’ know….it’s really a toss up with these two. Jenelle has more practice with fights clearly, but Amber had to take court ordered anger management classes to hold off that rage. I’ll bet girlfriend could unload in a moments notice!

      2. My pick would be Jenelle…only because she has a history of throwing large objects at people who are bigger than her….although Ambo is pretty scary when her arms start swinging…she was able to take on 300 lb Gary with 2 fists

  7. Hahaha jenelle has dated some massive losers but even she sees that he’s a user.

    If jenelle thinks a guy is bad, he’s probably atrocious

    Amber is so delusional. He stopped tweeting stuff because ge found his sugar mama

      1. Who gives a shit, Jenelle has no room to talk especially about him not seeing his 8 children, that bitch had nothing to do with Jace, amber you go with your heart who gives a fuck what people thinks, as long as your happy.

  8. Amber!!!!! Wake up!!!!!! You know if Jenelle thinks he’s a creep and wouldn’t date him ( after all the “winners'” she seems to date!!) something is very very wrong !…..praying she doesn’t become ‘baby momma #9 or #10 ( don’t blame me for the wrong number … It seems to go up every day )

  9. Eww….look at the picture of them! What other words pop in your head?! I’d be interested in knowing who his baby mom’s are and what the kids have to say….!

    1. In that picture….doesn’t he kinda remind you of that cockroach guy from the first men in black? his neck, chin, and mouth area….looks like he about to swallow the galaxy. YUCK

        1. Oh hi Amber…poor delusional Amber…afraid to be alone so she will defend a loser who is using her….nice too see you on here Amber

        2. He does have a lot of the same traits as a cockroach…he moved into her house with no invitation, has a ton of offspring running around, is able to adapt easily to any environment/situation he’s in, and he’s just pesky.

  10. Out of all the people on twitter, why Matt? He’s gross, zero personlity, way, way to old, & had zero things going for him! I can’t wrap my head around it, there had to be better fan boys out there interested in dating Amber, right?

  11. I have to admit, when I first saw the headline I thought this would be way worse. Up until the end, they were actually kind of using their words and as a few have said, Jenelle had a point. Hell, she even said she wasn’t against her which isn’t a par for course twitter feud involving Jenelle! Also…”(Cousin) Krystle clear” ahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Best Ashley line ever!

  12. It’s not like I am a Jenelle fan but she’s absolutely right (along with everyone else except for Amber). And it’s hypocritical for Amber to defend Matt for tweeting all that mean shit about the Teen Mom girls when she is always complaining about people hating on her and Matt on twitter.

  13. Thank you for linking to my tumblr blog! I’m a huge fan of your page. Your Teen Mom recaps are unbelievably amazing!

  14. It’s so sad that Jenelle is actually right. But kinda funny that Jenelle is the one who calls out a moochy boyfrieeeeeend.

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