Still Together! Matt Baier Confirms He is Still Marrying ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood

:If you think I'm hopping off this gravy train any time soon, you're crazy!"
“If you think I’m hopping off this gravy train any time soon, you’re crazy!”

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumbles in the Teen Mom world that Amber Portwood had booted her fiance, Matt Baier, out of her life, after discovering that he has a plethora of child support charges against him, filed for seven kids. (Another woman claiming to be an eighth baby-momma of Matt’s came forward last month in an exclusive interview with The Ashley.) While many fans hoped that the discoveries had finally led Amber to dump Matt, it seems that is not the case.

In fact, it appears that Matt and Amber are still very much together– and still planning to get married on October 10!

Matt confirmed that the wedding is still on via an interview with Life & Style. (If you’re wondering why Matt did the interview instead of Amber, the reason is simple: Matt is not currently under contract with MTV and is free to do on-the-record interviews with the press. Amber, meanwhile, is under contract and has to get any interview she does approved by MTV.)

As further confirmation that Matt and Amber are still together, Amber defended her fiance on Monday night after mean tweets he wrote in 2014 were exposed. In addition, Amber continued to retweet positive comments about Matt, and continues to follow him on Twitter.

Anyway, in the interview, Matt revealed that Amber is still planning to have her ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars as part of her bridal party.

"Call me, Amber! Just know that I'm showing up to your wedding in a bridal gown!"
“Call me, Amber! Just know that I’m showing up to your wedding in a bridal gown!”

“They are all so close and have been through so much together,” Matt said of Catelynn Lowell, Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout. (Although they were once bitter rivals, Amber and Farrah have since made amends. They spent a lot of time together last month during the filming of the Season 5B reunion, and Farrah recently had Amber call in to be a guest on her new podcast.)

Anyway, Matt confirmed that Leah, Amber’s daughter with Gary Shirley, will be the flowergirl at the wedding. (It is not yet known if all of Matt’s kids will attend the wedding. It’s unlikely, though, as they’d have to get an extremely large venue to accommodate all of his offspring!)

Also on the guest list? Amber’s ex (and current nemesis) Gary.

“We will be inviting Gary to our wedding,” Matt said.

Hopefully, Amber and Gary will be getting along better this fall than they are now. On Monday night, the exes lashed out at each other on Twitter while watching the Season 5B finale.

“Plz know anytime Amber wants to come see Leah she can,” Gary tweeted. “I’m not the one who moved an hour away. She’s doesn’t come half time on her time.”

“WTF? I come every single time and if there’s something happening I always come next day..what an ignorant liar!” Amber replied. “Nothing but lies plain and’s immaturity at its best. I wouldn’t expect any different from him.”

Maybe it might be best for Gary to just send a card…?

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Matt is a con artist. He is feeding off Ambers strong desire to not continue to pay for her past to excuse his behavior. She said he doesn’t deserve to relive his past because he didn’t sign on for that ummm he kinda did. He not only followed the show so he knew exactly what he was signing up for but he actively sought his way on the show by trying to reach out to two of the cast with some of the strongest emotional issues (in Farrah’s case he may have just watched backdoor teen mom lol). There is no excuse ever for having 8 kids and not supporting all of them in some way. He’s manipulating her and my guess is when the cameras are off his reasoning for all of his issues is “well Amber remember all the bad stuff you did”

  2. Ok Bubby. It’s time to man up and disown Amber like you threatened to before. Stop her from ruining her life. She already has gone back on her word. She said that if she found out anything major about Matt that it was over. Someone has to be the voice of reason.

    1. She is an adult,Bubby is not responsable for his adult sister.Let her go this is what she wants and when is a go wrong then she blames everybody but herself.She’s a loser and that will not change.

  3. I no longer care. I would love to root for Amber but unless she gets rid of him, I have no sympathy. I fear that instead of making the smart decision and booting this guy out, she’s just going to continue to stay with him because of the comfort and her stubborn desire to prove that she’s over Gary and has moved on with her life and has become a better person.

    Sorry if I am ranting, but I notice that Matt has a negative impact on Amber and a lot of her anger is peeking out again. Not only that, but you shouldn’t have to inform a 40-something year old man that the type of comments he was making about Kail and other teen moms are just ignorant. He should have learned that lesson 8 kids ago!

  4. Matt is her cheerleader. He says what she wants to hear. Look who she came from, fatty nasty Gary. That dude married Kristina after she had his kid, no celebration of any kind & admitted it looked good for a custody case. While Gary may be portrayed as a great dad NOW..the damage he caused to Amber’s self esteem is apparent. She won’t leave Matt until he leaves her, bottom line.

    1. I used to dislike Amber and Gary equally, then when she was at a really low point I really started loathing Gary. He is a sarcastic, manipulative dude. However, he has grown up as far as I can see. I don’t necessarily ROOT for him, but he stepped up and grew up. Amber is just kind of keeping her head above water. She would have so much more self-esteem if she learned how to be happy on her own before being happy with someone else. I know that it’s way easier said than done.. but when you have a little girl as motivation, what is holding you back? I will admit that MTV definitely portrays Gary in a good light. They don’t discuss the fact that Kristina has a child, who, like Amber, does not primarily live with her.

      1. I think that Kristina is undersold on MTV. She stepped up as a step mother to Leah while Amber was in jail for a year and a half. If Amber was half as mature as she should be, she should have thanked her for that. Instead she has avoided, insulted and disrespected Kristina since day one. I know she is jealous and I would be too, but sometimes you have to take the high road for your child.

          1. Actually, Kristina has joint custody with her ex, which is very different than having no physical custody. She keeps her daughter off camera because she and her ex didn’t want her privacy violated.

  5. No way in hell Amber isn’t walking down that isle to this LOSER. She thinks this is the best she can do and he’s the only man that wants her, PLUS she wants to prove everyone wrong…It’s gonna be a sad day for her when he leaves her just like he did the other ones. She is going to have kids with him, and as soon as those cameras stop rolling, he is going to expose every dirty little secret that she has in an attempt to get custody of their kids so he can get paid and stay in the media. I hope shes prepared for his tell all book he’s going to come out with as soon as he leaves her ass. We all know hes already a published author (Grey Baker)…The only reason why he’s marrying her is because she’s his meal ticket, and everyone sees it except Amber…I think she does see that he’s using her but chooses to turn a blind eye to it. This is going to hands down be the worst decision of her life thus far.

    1. He has no job, no money no place to live besides amber, spends her money, wow what a life. He pretends to be interested in her daughters life. Why would any one want a guy who can’t take care of himself, or his many,many kids.

    2. I agree. And now that Matt has gotten his 15 minutes of fame, he’s gonna have fan girls after him (very desperate ones). He’ll probably end up cheating on her ass and then she’ll really regret not breaking it off with him.

        1. I know but I mean he’s going to physically cheat. When he “cheated” before, Amber said he was just talking to his ex or something.

  6. I wonder if because Amber and Matt get along better then Amber and Gary, that she thinks it is a great relationship? I hope she knows she can do alot better than Matt.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. This is probably the first relationship where a guy has been niceish to her, so shes taking it as this is what a healthy relationship is…but EVERYONE can see that this relationship is a sham and not healthy and Matt is a master manipulator, and is just using her for fame and money.

      1. that, or, he treats her like a queen so she figures, even if he is here for a free place etc, fuck it so long as he makes me meals, rubs my feet, etc etc. like, she’s somehow ok with giving up some money to have some company.

  7. This guy is a fame hungry guy. Over a year ago he posted some nasty stuff about Amber and now they are getting married? Rumor has it he first reached out to Janelle and she denied him so on to Amber. He seems nice but there is something about this guy that doesn’t seem right. I have a feeling that it will all come to a head sooner or later. I give this marriage 6 mo tops. With one of them going to jail over a domestic dispute or a drug charge. But honestly I think he is better then Gary. He tries to play off as “Father of the Year” but he is really a self-absorbed piece of shit.

  8. Amber, i really liked you. But now i have to say i dont care about you anymore. You have had thousands chances to better your life after jail. You didnt took one single chance. In fact, you were lying and accusing others who told you the truth about your “friend”. You are an addict. And not a recovering one. You are addicted to the drug of Delusion. Life your life, but dont whine to us when you see the real matt.

  9. While this is sad, it’s not surprising. Amber, please listen to what people are telling you. These kinds of accusations don’t come out of nowhere. Where there is smoke, there is fire. So do the right thing and end this before this creep steals all of your money; or worse, he hurts Leah and/or ruins your chance of ever getting shared custody. Leaving him won’t make you look stupid, but staying with him and getting married will

  10. Was I the only one who drifted while reading the but about Leah attending and was like “Hold up, GARY is the flower gir-oh, yeah, nevermind.” *rubs toe into the ground dejectedly*

  11. Very sad to hear. Amber, follow your gut. You’re a smart, intuitive girl. I know you see the red flags. Even if you still want to give him a chance, PLEASE get a pre-nup. People aren’t “trashing” Matt for the fun of it. It’s just because everyone is worried about you.

    1. Amen. I couldn’t have said it better. I’d also like Amber to consider that her brother, Bubby has asked her to reconsider marriage to Matt. Her own brother who has had her back all her life. The brother she loves and respects and he obviously loves her dearly as well

  12. Oh and farrah retweeted something about Matt hitting on her before amber so I’m not sure she’ll be a bridesmaid after all

    1. Farrah will be a big diva than any bride on her wedding day. Plus I really doubt Farrah would be seen at/in Amber’s “low class” (said in Farrah tone and words) wedding. She would probably raise hell if she had to be put in the same bridesmaid gown as others, it didn’t show off 98% of her body or if it cost less than $2,000! Lol I don’t see Farrah even going to the wedding with the ego she has!

      1. Farrah will show up anywhere someone will point a camera at her. If Amber is stupid enough to marry this bottom feeder she is stupid enough to have Farrah in the wedding.

  13. He’s such a repulsive deadbeat. He just uses women. I bet he never even had addiction issues. He just says that so amber will be sympathetic and believe his lies(oh he doesn’t know if the kids are his cause of his past…b.s., he reportedly planned the 8th kid and then walked out)

    Someone should really investigate whether his entire addiction story is a lie

    Gary may also have food issues and a huge weight problem but Matt should stfu. At least Gary is a responsible dad

    1. YES!!!! I get the same creepy vibe from him and fear for Leah knowing that Leah told Gary that Matt always does everything for her when she’s with Amber. Amber, don’t put Leah in this situation please!!!!

    2. All I have ever been able to picture since the first time I laid eyes on him is a guy in a dirty trenchcoat hanging around a grade school playground.

      1. Do we know if Gary ever looked into his book?? I would tell my pediatrician and lawyer about that book ASAP to get their opinions regarding having him around Leah. I also wonder why he goes after women who already have kids. May be that he wants to hang around the children too?? :\ Creep!

  14. that’s very disappointing, and very sad for Leah. I was hoping she came to her senses and threw him out, he’s such a disgusting loser. Kelli is on here calling him out on his lies. Kelli you should join the child custody case that will be heard in Indiana on March 22nd. Get him served and order him to take paternity test, and get the back pay you’re entitled to. Ashley from this site may be able to get you his address, why don’t you email her???

  15. I heard he’s denying that he’s my daughters father. Matt- I’ll meet you anytime anywhere for another DNA test. I wish all the other women would come forward and demand a test also! Stop lying! #8yearsnochildsupport #8kidsandcounting #deadbeatdad

    1. I am sorry that happened to you, but he had a handfull of kids before yours. That he didn’t take care of. So what made you think that you were going to be any different? I am sorry but I don’t feel bad for women who knowingly have kids with deadbeat dads then expect a pity party when he is a (SURPRISE!!) a deadbeat dad to your kid too.

      1. @The Ashley I just went on Twitter to see Amber’s tweets and her account is now blocked, what do you know about that?

        1. wow, she’s really burying her head deep if she did that. this guy is good! he’s got her believing all these women and the rest of the world basically are liars! NOW she looks stupid smh. got til october to come to her senses, i pray he screws up big time before then

          1. I know what you mean, but I don’t think Matt can do anything to Amber that would make her leave. He’s already cheated on her, lied to her, hasn’t claimed his kids and has proved to be an all around piece of shit, and she’s still sticking around.

          2. I agree with Lexii. I think at this point he would have to commit murder or something for her to leave him. He’s got her wrapped around his finger. It’s pathetic an sad.

          3. Yep, I agree. I don’t think there’s anything he could do that would make her leave him. MAYBE if he was mean to Leah. Big maybe.

  16. at first i thought matt just had amber by his hook bc she was so desperate for love she’d ignore how terrible he is.

    but i think ive realized she is just as terrible as him and just doesnt care that he’s a deadbeat

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