MTV to Film Specials Featuring ‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘Teen Mom 2’ Moms & Dads: Get the Details!

The gang's all here!
The gang’s all here!

MTV is planning to bring its viewers a whole lot of Teen Mom goodness over the next few months!

The Ashley can confirm that the network will be filming a plethora of specials in March featuring the casts of both Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG. All of these specials will be taped in New York City in front of live studio audiences.

For the first special, MTV is planning to bring all of the girls from both casts to talk about sex. The gals will film the “Let’s Talk About Sex” special, as well as what appears to be another special in which all the girls interact with each other. (It will likely be similar to the one that aired in 2014.) Both of these specials will be filmed on the same day.

MTV will also be bringing back all of the fathers from both series to shoot a “Dad’s Special.” This will mark the first time that men from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ will be together on a stage since the 2011 “Teen Dad” special. (The guys filmed “Being Dad” in 2014, but that was not a panel discussion show.) The Ashley does not yet know which of the dads will be participating.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls will film their After Shows and an “Ask the Moms” special the following day, without the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls.

Due to all of the feuds that have been going on between the girls lately, this shoot should be totally drama-filled. (In case you’ve forgotten, Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans recently got into a spat on Twitter over Amber’s fiance. During that spat, Amber told Jenelle that she “better watch her mouth” when they see each other in March. This taping was what she was referring to.)

Amber and Jenelle aren’t the only ‘Teen Moms’ feuding. Just last night, Jenelle got into a Twitter fight with her cast mates Kail Lowry and Chelsea Houska, after Jenelle accused her former friends of “copying” her endeavors. Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska, called Jenelle out for hating on Chelsea’s success, and confirmed that Chelsea does not want to “copy” Jenelle’s projects. (This means we won’t be seeing a “Lil’ Chelsea” urinal system any time soon, then?)

Anyway, let’s hope Producer Heather and Producer Larry order enough security to keep things in order on set! The Ashley is crossing her fingers that MTV finally has the sense to hire either Barbara Evans or Butch Baltierra to host these specials! Make it happen, MTV!

Want a flashback? Watch the original “Dads Special” from 2011 below:

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    1. WOW
      Great idea
      the Baby momma & the kid…exclusive

      or better yet.

      MTV should do a follow up….Matts kids the series. Don’t give the loser any air time. The show is about how grateful they are that that dirty pig has never been in their lives.

      After 1 episode Matt will be begging them to let him into their lives

  2. Probably no point in wondering but with all of the $$$ and resources thrown towards these people they appear to relish in drama, tearing each other down, and partying. They have been fortunate enough to make money out of a situation that could have certainly impoverished them otherwise. Leah seemed for awhile like she was moving forward but I don’t think so now. It just confounds me that they have so much fortune, but they’re wrapped up in such total garbage.

  3. I don’t quite understand why everyone loves Chelsea so much. She’s a lot better then the other girls but i can’t really sit here and talk too highly of her. She still isn’t the brightest bulb on that tree.

    1. I like her because she has always put her daughter first before anything. It does annoy me that her dad pays for everything and she doesn’t know what works really means. She is very lucky to have him. And she is good to him as well. She doesn’t bounce from guy to guy and found a great guy now from what it seems.

      1. I disagree. Chelsea slacked off getting her GED and going out into the real world. If she really put her daughter first, she wouldn’t have sat around waiting for Daddy to rescue her. And let’s not forget Adam now…how many years was she pining after him?

        1. I am no superfan of any of them but honestly if you’re a teen with a baby and your dad offers to help, most people would take that help. If you’re a grown up with a baby and your family offer to help, most people would take that help – though maybe not always the financial help. That doesn’t mean she’s not putting her child first. Adam – well, I never got that after watching her 16 & Pregnant episode. That text message would have been a dealbreaker for romance for me. But Aubree is not exposed to the crazy some of those kids see every day – she’s well-adjusted with a healthy support system – and I think that’s why people cut Chelsea some slack. Bentley and Aubree are more mature than far too many of the parents (and even grandparents – *cough* Deb) on these shows which is just tragic.

          1. Do you remember her in the early days? Her dad rented her a home and she sat on her butt all day, kept putting off a GED, never got a job…I hardly think that’s even trying. It took a good 2 years for her to finally get get a ged, get a job and get to school…

            And every single of her friends from her past has stopped being friends with her because of her poor attitude… have all come out saying she has used plenty of drugs and drinks quite a bit.

            I think Chelsea makes herself out to be miss innocent….I think her real life is far different then what MTV portrays of her

        2. I think she did get her GED & I doubt she works full time but she does have a job & works more then the others.

          When you compare her to ALL of the other Teen Moms she is the most respectable 1. Sorry she doesn’t bring the drama but that is a good thing in the real world, just not good for reality TV

          Kail did have it the hardest & did it all on her own, you have to respect THAT part but she is a miserable, selfish person.

    2. She may not be the brightest but she sure has her act together, regardless of how much help she had in getting to this point. And she’s drama free. That’s why people cheer for her. The others are the train wrecks that keep this show going. If the others would be more like Chelsea there would be no show.

  4. I read that Jenelle tweeted she was being bullied by the other girls and she blocked them or something like that. Jenelle just comes across as being such a bully herself. It’s like she has two modes 1. Arrogant and smug and 2. Victim pity party. There is no in between she just switches back and forth from arrogant to victim, either she’s going on and on about how perfect her life/ relationship is or how horrible the person she is or was in a relationship treats her. And then she goes off on Chelsea about how Chelsea wants to copy her, because she’s so great and everything is so perfect in her life and as soon as she gets called out for she acts like she’s being victimized

    1. I agree…Clearly Jenelle is pretty jealous of Kailyn and Chelsea, notice how she never comes after Leah, probably because Leah is just as big of a train wreck as she is. Chelsea has a healthy relationship with Cole, although Adam is a crap Goblin, he does make appearances in Aubree’s life, and Chelsea has a support system with her family. With Kail, although it’s pretty unhealthy, she has a marriage with a man that is active in her children’s lives, she is in a 4 year college program, and she was able to have all of that plastic surgery for free. Jenelle on the other hand has no positive male figure in either of her kids lives, she doesn’t have custody of her one child, she couldn’t get that chin job she wanted so badly, she constantly has awful toxic relationships, and she doesn’t have a support system (it’s her fault that she doesn’t, she just so rebellious that Bab’s can’t really do anything else with her). Jennelle just needs to get herself together and stop worrying what her other cast mates are doing. Although what she had to say about Amber and Matt was VERY valid :0/…

      1. Just have to you came up with a great name
        Crap Goblin Adam

        BTW; you know you suck & your life is crap when Jenelle is calling your man a low life & saying you can do better. All time low.

  5. Lol Jenelle is fighting with Kail, Chelsea AND Amber. Damn, I’d hate to be her when she gets to NYC. She’s gonna have six pairs of claws at her.

    1. I bet Jenelle’s “mystery illness” will “flair up” again and will probably do FaceTime instead of showing up.
      Atleast that’s what I think she’ll do. Then again, she feeds off drama
      It’s the only way she feels whole and has purpose.

        1. Yea but look at how crazy Barbara gets too! That poor little boy,I’d adopt him if I could, get him away from that insanity!

          1. Barb gets crazy BECAUSE of the way Janelle acts. Of course she hasn’t been a perfect mom. She made a lot of mistakes. But I think she is trying to make up for it with Jace. I don’t think it’s fair to say that her mom treats Jace any other way that wonderfully, and she deeply, deeply cares about and loves him.

          2. What!? Haven’t you seen that way Babs acts around Jace when Jenelle ISN’T around? She played baseball with him in the front yard, rode around on a tricycle with him,etc. She’s great with him! It’s Jenelle that drives her crazy, and nobody can blame her! Jenelle could make a nun swear.

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