Casting Begins for New Reality Show About Teen Stepmoms

STEPMOMSWe know what it’s like to be a Teen Mom, thanks to MTV. But what’s it like to be a teenage stepmom? A new reality show that is currently in the works will aim to tell what it’s like for teenagers who are moms to kids that aren’t their own.

The show is currently being developed by the production company behind such shows as Border Wars and Lockdown. While shows like ‘Teen Mom’ and Teen Mom 2 have briefly examined the issues that young women in this situation face, this is the first reality show to focus solely on the stepmoms.

“In this documentary-reality series, we hope to document the rewards and challenges that come from being part of a modern family,” the casting notice for the yet-to-be-named reality show reads. “Whether you’re in over your head or feel like motherhood is your true calling, we want to hear from you.”

The show, which will be on an as-of-yet unnamed “major cable network,” is casting women ages 16 to 20 who are “married, dating, or engaged to someone with kids from a previous relationship.”

A rep for the production company tells The Ashley that there is no official airdate for the show yet, as it is still in development.  However, if you are interested in being cast on the show, you can get more info about the show by clicking here.

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  1. You kiddin’? I’m step-parenting in my mid 30s and it’s a frikking nightmare. I imagine that mine is a relatively good situation: kind amicable divorce between sane, educated, well-functioning individuals, step-daughter no longer a minor, etc. Constant passive aggression and manipulation. I can’t imagine what it would be like to deal with this crap as a teen (nor why one would want to) or if there are other issues involved. This sounds explosive.

  2. Being a mother of 4 and a step mother to 3…I love all 7 of my children equally. However, I would never want this for my children. My father (stepdad) who raised me said, being a step parent is the hardest thing u will ever do. Man oh man was he right. Crazy ex wife, 10 different men living with her in less than 2 year span. Finally settled down with a guy who has 3 children whom he lied about the ex is pregnant with his kid after being told 6 years ago with my step daughter never to get pregnant or she would die!! Our court system is failing us as well!! crazy!!

  3. I wouldn’t recommend being a stepmother at all, much less a teen stepmom. I was 19 when I first started dating my now husband (he was in his 30’s), and his daughter was five. Now here we are years later- ex wife is still crazy, stepdaughter is now crazy because she lives predominantly with her crazy mother, and the family court system in this backwards state sucks. We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers, parenting coordinators, guardian ad litems, and court appointed psychologists. I loved dating a man who loved being a father to his sweet young girl. I had an “instant family” and a little girl I could help raise.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and my daughter. But I have to love my stepdaughter from arms length. I don’t want my daughter to ever become a stepmother. When she starts getting older and dating I will be up front about the harsh realities.

      1. Thank god my husband did. He is a witty, gregarious man who gave me a beautiful daughter, a lovely house and supports my career. He doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t gamble. My husband did three combat tours overseas and was awarded a bronze star on his last tour in Afghanistan. His ex wife on the other hand is an emotionally unstable woman who lives in a tower of Vicodin and hit him during their marriage. Oh, and she’s the same age as him. Go figure.

        1. Did it ever occur to you that maybe the ex wife didn’t cope well with the fact that her ex husband and father of her child, was dating a child himself after her? And as you said, one that felt she had an “insta-family” when she began dating him?

          speaking as a divorced (by choice) and single (not by choice) 25 year old mother.
          It’s highly upsetting when partners of a person with children automatically try to call themselves a step-MOM, and think that they instantly “gained a child”. This can drive some women over the edge, maybe she didn’t get the therapy she needed to cope with the situation.
          Not bashing you personally at all, as I don’t know your real life details. But just showcasing another side of the situation. Women that date men whom have previously been married like to view the women in said mans past, as crazy, and try to play mommy to their children way too fast. This is what usually causes life long bitter and hostile co parenting and step parenting relationships. Just saying.

    1. totally agree. i hear people all the time say it shouldn’t matter if he already has kids, if you love him, it’ll be fine. that’s just not reality all the time. whenever there’s other people involved, you have other feelings to deal with. the child’s and the other parent. and many times that other parent is none too happy about their child spending any time with another adult of the same sex in their role. and if they aren’t mature enough to accept it and even talk crap about the stepparent, it makes it almost impossible to have a good, steady relationship. and life is hard enough without adding to it. it’s even harder when you have to send a child you’ve come to love back into a home you know they aren’t being taken care of, or are being told things no child should here. (my situation with that is a little different, we took in my husband’s sister’s son and it’s her we deal with lol). and to take on all that as a teen? best not..

      1. Exactly. Some people are so lucky to have the ideal Brady Brunch blend but sometimes in life it just doesn’t work out that way. But then if we acknowledge it and admit it people recoil in horror. There are huge stigmas attached to being a stepmother from a sociological perspective that arent there for stepdads. While my stepdaughter cares for me, she resents me in a “mother role”. for I am like a McDonald’s happy meal toy to her- a cheap alternative to the real thing. Once the excitement wore off, I am simply “there” as part of the visitation background.

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