‘Married at First Sight’ Experts Dr. Logan Levkoff & Dr. Joseph Cilona Will Not Return for Season 4

"We're outta here!"
“We’re outta here!”

NOTE: This story has been updated since it was first published.

The third season of Married at First Sight hasn’t even finished airing yet, but the production company behind the show is already working on Season 4 (which, as The Ashley recently told you, will apparently be set in Miami). However, two of the show’s experts have just announced that they won’t be helping match singles in the Sunshine State.

Dr. Joseph Cilona, the show’s psychologist, and sexologist  Dr. Logan Levkoff both announced this week that they are leaving ‘Married at First Sight.’

Dr. Cilona, who has been one of the four ‘MAFS’ experts since the first season, used his social media accounts to break the news of his departure. In a note, he expressed gratitude to the show’s fans.

My heartfelt and sincere thanks to all the amazing #‎MarriedAtFirstSight‬fans for your viewership and sharing all of your thoughts and feelings over the past three seasons. MAFS has been a truly amazing journey in so many ways, and I feel grateful to have been a part of it for these past three seasons. A special thanks to ALL of our brave couples who put their lives and hearts in our hands.

And now, I’ve decided to say goodbye to MAFS, and pass the baton with deepest well wishes to everyone who joins the MAFS journey in the future.

With love and deep gratitude to you all.
Dr. Joseph

Dr. Levkoff confirmed on Sunday that the rumors of her leaving the show were true. She posted a message to her social media accounts to thank the show’s viewers and participants.


Dr Logan

While the experts may be changing, the show seems to be going strong. Dr. Levkoff confirmed on her Facebook page that Season 4 is already in production, and it was recently announced that casting was being done in Chicago in addition to Miami. (The Ashley cannot confirm if the Chicago castings are being done in addition to the ones in Miami for Season 4, or if Season 5 will take place in the Chicago area.)

The show’s other two experts– sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz and spiritual adviser Greg Epstein— have not yet revealed if they will remain on the show for Season 4.

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  1. Sorry but I’m glad the experts arnt matching me up. They continualy put opposites together it will never work, as we are all finding out. My goodness the two men they put a neat anial retentive person with a disorganised spoilt cranky one. Anyway I think the proof is in how many couples actually work out and from what I can see, they get it wrong more than the weather man does, worst of all, they are playing with people’s feelings and they stupidly trust them because they are so called experts? If I were them I’d possibly sue them, they are so wrong all the time.

  2. Ashley thinks she is way better than….David….well anybody actually. Like shes perfect. Yuck….Be yourself girlie…you are not perfect….neither is the guy…you eventually will end up with.You really should chill….Like is to short to not open up , take a chance and learn something. How to talk…..

  3. This show has turned into a complete joke. The first season, I feel like had good intentions, and casting actually took the time out to find people that actually matched, but these past 2 seasons have been a complete joke, and I don’t even watch them anymore….just hear about the disaster relationships in the media.

  4. out of 9 couples 3 are maybe together, not even sure about that, I heard they are together for the continued money, but 6 are completely not together not very good odds!

    1. Wait….you’re telling me that the odds of having a lasting relationship with someone that you marry immediately after meeting them for the first time are not good?

      My world just shattered into pieces.

      1. Well the theory is that because there are experts matching people, these couples have just as good of a chance as lasting. I guess it’s about the same odds, because the divorce rate is now much higher than 50%. Silly show though.

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