5 Things We Learned From Jenelle Evans’ Appearance on ‘The Doctors’

"Help me out, guys!"
“Help me out, guys!”

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has stated that she’s been suffering from a series of “mystery” ailments for the past few months. From hot flashes to joint pain to restless leg syndrome, Jenelle claims to be in constant pain, and has been partying her way across America in an attempt to find out what’s causing her symptoms.

Naturally, she followed in the footsteps of her fellow ‘Teen Mom’ franchise costars Kail Lowry and Farrah Abraham and headed to The Doctors to see if show’s medical experts could figure out what was going on with her.

“I started having night sweats, anxiety, hot flashes, pelvic pain, extreme back pain,” Jenelle stated during her segment on ‘The Doctors,’ which aired today.

(These symptoms were hilariously reenacted by Jenelle during the intro clip, of course.)

“I’ve been going to doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist. I just want to know some answers and live a happy and healthy life,” she added.

Jenelle was sent to Los Angeles-based endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Pinzone and OB-GYN Dr. Peter Weiss.

Anyway, here are five things we learned from Jenelle’s segment on ‘The Doctors’ today…


Jenelle was still getting “HIGH! HIGH!” as late as December 2015, despite claims that she was sober.

“I smoked marijuana for a long time,” Jenelle told the endocrinologist. “Probably for years and years and years. Recently I stopped in about December. Then I noticed my symptoms coming on at the end of January.”

Jenelle’s admission to smoking pot until December directly conflicts with her claims of being drug-free, however. For instance, in July 2015, Jenelle talked to People about being sober.

“My life has changed so much since I stopped doing drugs – my whole attitude has changed,” she told the magazine last summer. “I’m more active in my children’s lives…Being there for them is more important to me than going partying or doing drugs.”

Jenelle told the endocrinologist that she only stopped “smokin’ the weed” because she is taking her mom, Barbara Evans, to court.

“The reason I stopped is because I’m taking my own mother to court to get custody of my son back — my six year old — so I stopped smoking completely,” Jenelle said.

Despite posting about her health crisis on social media, Jenelle wanted to keep her medical problems “private.”

Jenelle told the show’s Doctors that she’s having a hard time having her “health crisis” be so public. (However, to be fair, it was usually Jenelle herself who was telling people via social media that she was going to various doctors and making sure everyone knew about her health crisis.)

“I just feel like I need privacy at this time,” Jenelle said. “That’s why I didn’t want to discuss with any outlets what was happening.”

Jenelle stated that the anxiety that she has from dealing with her health crisis has made her consider quitting ‘Teen Mom 2.’

"I better call up Kieffer and see if he has any reefer...for medical reasons, of course."
“I better call up Kieffer and see if he has any reefer…for medical reasons, of course.”

Jenelle doesn’t actually take the diet pills she hawks on her social media accounts.

Jenelle told the endocrinologist that she took diet pills late last year, but stopped after she started getting her mysterious symptoms. However, Jenelle has continued to state on her Instagram account that she is taking certain weight loss pills, even calling one her weight loss “secret” in February.

Jenelle is planning to have another kid in the not-so-distant future.

Jenelle told OB-GYN Dr. Peter Weiss that she is currently on the birth control pill. However, Jenelle told the show’s Dr. Ashton that while she doesn’t want another baby right away, she may want a third child in “maybe a year or two from now.”

“When I settle down and stuff then, yeah, maybe then, but not any time soon,” Jenelle added.

The Doctors didn’t offer much help…

Although the endocrinologist and OB-GYN that Jenelle saw both agreed that she needed to stop using the birth control pill she is currently on, Dr. Travis Stork suggested that Jenelle get counseling. The other experts agreed that Jenelle needed therapy because a lot of the ailments may be a result of her anxiety. They even gave her six month of free counseling to help her “clear her head.”

One doctor suggested that some of the ailments may be a result of Jenelle’s body jonesing for marijuana.

“Taking away the marijuana can certainly have some effects,” he said.

Watch a clip of the episode below:

(Photos: CBS)


  1. Ewww how gross is Jennelle?! She’s like yeah I’m 24…already have 2 kids, aborted one, trying for a 3rd ..so umm ask me how many I actuakky raise? None, I’m so busy getting busy and leaving a trail of broken homes behind me. Oh well! Like atleast some of the Teen Mom OG girls have slowed their role. Jennelle..it’s like, dang it’s painful to watch sometimes. She’s never with her kids.

    1. She only wants custody when it’s time for a new season of Teen Mom 2 to air! Gotta get that publicity!

      Her new boyfriend is a freakshow reminiscent of Jason from Friday the 13th (*chchch hahaha* I’m telling you, everytime! I hear it everytime I see that guy!!) and she can’t stay clean long enough to reliably take care of a pet, let alone her own children.

      The best thing that could happen to Jenelle (and hell, the gene pool and the future of the world) would be that her uterus literally falls out the next time she experiences a bout of her ‘pelvic pains’ because the thought of this dizzy bitch giving birth one more time scares the beejezus out of me.

  2. Watch clips from this,show with the other teen moms that were guests in the past. There is a huge difference in the way the hosts treat them. You can clearly see that they’re annoyed by her abbr aren’t buying her attention seeking bs

    1. You could see the complete and utter disgust on that doctor’s face that was asking her the questions. He looked repulsed to even be sitting at the same table as her.

  3. what have we learned her 15 minutes are up she needs a new story line why not be a mini yolanda? Maybe her brain will stop functioning? Funny for 6 weeks she did photo shoots, flew, traveled etc but according to her she was so sick. Its called lazy, entitled and drug withdrawal. Just like yo don’t like what the dr says go to another one. Would be nice if these two idiots had to pay for all their drs apts, procedures like the rest of that they would stop very quickly

    1. Bingo. Last week Jenelle said she was going to NYC to get an “MRI”– a test you can get at essentially ANY hospital in the country. Why would she need to go to NYC to get an MRI (this was after/unrelated to The Doctor’s filming, by the way). A couple “friends” ratted her out and said she was actually going to NYC to get prescription for suboxone, which is a medication that stops withdrawal symptoms from pain killers/ heroin, as she didn’t want see a doctor or get an RX filled anywhere near where she lives for fear of it leaking to the tabloids that she has been back to using drugs with her new boyfriend. I didn’t have an opinion on the validity of the claims.

      After I saw “The Doctor’s” segment, I absolutely believe it. The symptoms she is describing are (literally, to a ‘T’), the exact symptoms of heroin and/or painkiller withdrawals. I don’t believe she’s just using weed. I feel kind of bad saying this, but the second I saw photos of her new boyyyfrreennn, I thought “He looks like he’s on painkillers”. Just the overall look, the pupils, etc. This is just mu opinion, and obviously I don’t know him, but I have a feeling they’re using and she’s in coverup mode.

  4. What is with the girls on this show (and 16 & pregnant) and their obsession with popping out kids? Aren’t like half of the girls on kid 2 or 3 already? I guess learning from your past mistakes is a novel concept.

  5. It’s certainly not from smoking marjuanna. I was a smoker for 25 years just about everyday. Last year I just up and quit. I had no withdrawal symptoms what so ever. So I’m not buying that one. I’m much more inclined to think it’s nothing more than jennelle being her “needy self” looking for pity and publicity. As for these doctors telling her it’s the bcp, shame on them. I’m so sure they must know her past as far as child raising. So when she gets knocked up with baby 3, one she plans on not aborting she will have someone to blame. The next new headlines jennelle Evans pregnant with David eastons baby. Second headline jennelle Evans arrested for battery against David’s new girlfriend. Third headline jennelle gets new child removed from household. Fourth headline Barbara raises jennelles second child. So sad not for her but for these children she’s not giving any consideration.

    1. Did they tell her to stop using birth control all together? Or to just switch to a different kind?

      Also, there’s probably a good chance she was/is doing more than just marijuana, so it wouldn’t be hard to believe that part of this may be withdrawal.

      1. I actually don’t think she is doing more than marijuana, call me naive. But with the amount of traveling she’s doing, she can’t take drugs with her (unless they are prescriptions but most doctors would be careful with her given her well documented past with heroin, they would be liable) and if she were regularly engaging she wouldn’t want to go 8 hours without, shed stay at home.

    2. Jenelle has NO medical problems. It is mental with her. I dont consider her mental illness a medical problem, because she brings it all on herself. Such a sickening cluster-f^ck.It is wayyyy past the time for MTV to shut this shit-hole down.

  6. Jenelle may have something legitimately wrong but I seriously have my doubts. I use that word ‘may’ very carefully.

    I can relate to Jenelle due to both of us having a troubled past with hard drugs, specifically opiates. Living sober definitely has its benefits but it does come with a certain level of suckage, for me personally is that my body doesn’t feel ‘normal’, like how it did prior to addiction. By this I mean night sweats, fatigue, being prone to physical soreness and pain, etc. All of these are quite similar to what miss Jenelle is claiming. I am no doctor whatsoever, but I am pretty sure Jenelle here is now facing her ‘new’ normal. Your body and mind changes when becoming hooked on a substance and when you finally face it without having anything to mask it, whether it be marijuana, alcohol, or whatever, it indeed does suck. In the end you have to keep on truckin’!

    Whether her physical ailments are legitimate or not I have a feeling that Jenelle is desperately trying to find someone to legally prescribe her pain medication. Depending on what your physical complaints are it can be difficult for a doctor to diagnose what your ‘pain’ is stemming from. There is no rectal thermometer to measure physical discomfort, doctors just have to try their best to diagnose if your pain is legit or not and from there decide how to comfort it. I think Jenelle is in a way ‘doctor shopping’ to find someone who believes she is in such terrible agony that pain pills are the only solution to remedy it. You can believe that Jenelle is going to ‘try’ all non-pain medication routes to show doctors that “hey, I have done everything else and it’s not working” that will leave to the final resort of prescribing narcotic pain relievers. If or when she does get to that last resort watch how quickly she will shut up about all her ailments. Because trust me, if I could continue to be high all the time life would be a lot easier going back to my ‘old normal’ because I have chemically warped my mind to be adjusted to that particular chemical balance.

    Whelp! That is my rant. =D

  7. But what about the cocaine she was doing in the night club? The pics where she was smiling, white lines behind her? 🙂

  8. OK,does she have a PCP, a primary care physician? As in a general family doctor that you go see for regular check ups? A doctor that helps to manage your overall health? A doctor that makes referrals to specialists so you don’t have to go to the ER or across the country for “testing”? I want to know what kind of insurance she has. I work in the health care industry and all of this testing can cost a ton of money if not covered by your insurance. You can’t just walk in somewhere and have these things done, well you can but you have to pay out of pocket which can be thousands of dollars. Most doctors would be wary of seeing a patient that lives multiple states away. None of this makes any sense.

    1. Laura ITA! I’m in the health care too my insurance wouldn’t cover me flying coast to coast. To see doctor after doctor. Especially being that all her claims are unfounded. If there is something out there called Attentionitis, well then maybe, lol….

  9. ok, it’s not withdrawal symptoms. she would NOT feel like, or in any way want to travel all over partying. all you want to do is die. you go back and forth between sitting on the toilet with diarrhea to vomiting. sweats, sore muscles, and less patience than you’ve ever had, like i need to crawl out of my skin. and that lasts a week. if it’s intravenous use, up to 3 weeks. in which case she just would NOT be grinning all over the country. i know people don’t like the girl, but withdrawals? bullshit. so she smoked weed up to 2015? just perfectly illustrates how a person can smoke weed and go about their life just like maci drinks beer every day. smoking a bowl after work is no worse than drinking a beer. people need to get over acting like weed is on par with heroin or acid. it’s just not. it’s really not a big deal. and yes, i do smoke it. and i work 5 days a week, own a home and a car, pay my bills. the only difference is i’d probably be in jail for murder is i didn’t lol. i wouldn’t want my kid to do it not because i think it’d lead to other drugs, but because it’s just not healthy to breathe in any type of smoke. don’t have kids so not an issue anyway. just sick of people like oh, jenelle’s still smoking weed, she’s not sober. if she’s done with pills and everything else, she’s sober. if she doesn’t ‘deserve’ custody of her kids, then maci and taylor and corey and jeremy don’t either, with their beer guzzling selves. bring on the backlash lol, not concerned.

    1. She doesn’t deserve custody of her children because she’s mentally unstable, not because she smokes weed.

    2. So you’re main point here is that if you didn’t smoke marijuana, you would have committed murder by now?

      I see……(someone call the police!)

      1. yes, clearly that was my main point lol. and tina, never has anything been said about her doing coke. it’s been said she’s done pills, weed, and herion, she’s probably done ecstasy or coke at some point. but no, didn’t consider coke. haven’t seen signs of that. nathan was the one up all night and day.

  10. Wow, they didn’t find anything! That’s quite shocking considering she doesn’t have a history of lots of drug use… Oh wait…

  11. “Although the endocrinologist and OB-GYN that Jenelle saw both agreed that she needed to stop using the birth control pill she is currently on.”

    Pregnant in 5, 4, 3,..

    1. I thought she had that thing implanted in her arm. Did she have it removed and now she’s on pills? Wouldn’t surprise me if she gets pregnant again.

  12. I noticed when she was talking about her symptoms she used wording that made it sound like she just looked up symptoms on web md! It didn’t sound like a genuine complain of a symptom she was experiencing, it was more repeating Dr.’s words or Google searches.

    1. EXACTLY….she has nothing but the need for more attention. It is just a stunt cooked up by her PR slime to get her air time. And to Kate above, ummm, when smoking weed is 90% of the reason you can’t have your child, then, yea, it is a big deal that she still smokes. And if Maci has her child taken away because she drinks too much, good. And I would expect her to stop immediately because UNSELFISH mothers choose their child over weed, booze and the “d”. I don’t get why this is so hard for all the little “ohhhh, look at me, I’m so cool I smoke weed” idiot fan girls to grasp. It is not that she smokes weed, it is that she chooses weed, unhealthy relationships over her kids.

      1. the whole point is, is shouldn’t have to be a choice. and she hasn’t even been able to get a court date for jace until now, so no point quitting sooner. there’s tens of thousands of parents who smoke, legally and otherwise, and don’t have to worry about their kids being taken. you probably don’t know, because there’s still such a stigma in most places and people are such self righteous nosy assholes that most parents who do it don’t advertise it. they know the phone calls to cps will start, nevermind it’s prescribed. they’d have to deal with being cleared. pretty stupid. luckily for me, i give a shit what people think. fan girls thinking she’s so cool lmao, please. it’s just a nonissue.

  13. I feel like that was a shit answer. She has never complained of those symptoms before. Maybe it is anxiety related, but it could also be a rare illness. She needs to get testinf done for other things. I am actually worried for her. I worry when she talks about her crazy custody stuff and her marijuana habit that others will dismiss her claims. Marijuana helps several diseases. Could be she has had something wrong this whole time and was too high to notice or the marijuana was treating the problem. I hope she continues to see doctors.

    1. It wasn’t a shit answer…it was a shit complaint in the first place. She’s lying about most of her symptoms. Those she isn’t lying about, are withdrawal symptoms, which means she’s likely been on more than just weed in the recent past. They also do not last this long, hence why no one believes a damn thing she has to say. She is a habitual liar. She’s had testing done out the ying yang. All the testing in the world isn’t going to give a definitive answer when there is no actual problem.

    1. Actually it would be her 4th kid all different dads. She had an abortion with pregnancy number 2 that was courtlands baby.

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