MTV to Produce Special About ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Barbara Evans (Report)

"I've been tellin' ya for yeahhhhrs...I'm the true staaaaar of this show!"
“I’ve been tellin’ ya for yeahhhhrs…I’m the true staaaaar of this show!”

File this one under “Report” until The Ashley can officially confirm it.

It appears that MTV is finally giving us Teen Mom 2 fans what we’ve been waiting for: a special devoted to the fabulous Barbara Evans, the “motha” of ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans!

The Ashley will give you a moment to catch your breath…

Anyway, Jenelle has been hinting on Twitter for the past week or so that her mother will be filming her own special with MTV, but this morning, she confirmed it in a tweet.

“Well I’ll be making an appearance on my mom’s own special, that’s weird… Not #TeenMom2 hahaha,” Jenelle wrote.

"It sure took ya long enough to make this happen, MTV!"
“It sure took ya long enough to make this happen, MTV!”

According to another tweet Jenelle posted on February 24, the Barb special is being produced by one of Jenelle’s old directors.

“My mother will always believe nobody is good for me hence why my old director is doing a special on her,” Jenelle wrote.

The Ashley has reached out to MTV to get confirmation about the Barb special, and to get more information on what Babs will be doing in it. (The Ashley is crossing her fingers that they fly Babs to the Jersey Shore so she can let her inner “paaaarty-gahl” out for a few days before having to go back home to take care of her litter of grandkids.)

Before the start of the last season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ MTV did a few video interviews featuring Barb discussing a plethora of topics. The “Babs Breaks It Down” video series, which captured Barb chatting about everything from Farrah Abraham to her daughter’s boooooyfriendNathan Griffith, was brilliant, and will hopefully serve as inspiration for the Babs special.

The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available! Until then, relive some classic Barb moments by clicking here and here!

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  2. I think this is really cool for two reasons – one because I think Babs is quite funny, but also because this highlights a reality that emerges out of a lot of teen pregnancy situations, where the grandmother does the majority of childraising, whether it’s formal (like in this case with Babs having custody) or more informal, with the grandmother just doing most of the day to day work. It’s a pretty common scenario so it’s interesting that MTV is filming a special just on Barbara.

  3. For me, if they give Barbara a show — they need to bring back Keeeeefah. If they do, then heck yes…I would watch.

  4. I would totally watch that! Babs is the best part of Teen Mom 2, plus it might be interesting to see what her life is like as a Grandmother raising her grandchild. It seems to be a popular trend these days.

  5. She doesn’t need a special she is a normal minimum wage worker, that was thrown a few MTV crumbs$$ because she didn’t parent her daughter properly. She has anger issues, and seems very mentally ill her self. So in other words as most of these other reality TV actors she isn’t that interesting, nothing extra ordinary about her that could make an interesting TV show! POOR JACE! I feel so sorry for that little boy and for his half brother Kaiser.

    1. To me the fact that she isn’t living a “glamorous” lifestyle like other reality stars (like Real Housewives) makes her extraordinary in the world of reality TV. She’s a regular person with a regular job who just happens to have a daughter who is on Teen Mom. She has some great quotable one-liners (“High! High! Ya both high!”, “Well, Jenelle, I’ve seen you with Keefa”, and, of course “boooyfriend.”). The fact that she is raising her grandson means she definitely needs the extra money.

      1. I agree! I just think stringing this mess out is not good for any of them. I mean look at where they all are, it seems like many of their lives are so troubled now!

        1. Well Pat Brown, it’s an unpopular opinion, but I happen to agree with you. I think Babs has a lot of issues as well, but she gets a “pass” from most TM watchers because she saved Jace. While I agree that Jace is in a much better place than if he had stayed with Jenelle, he’s not necessarily in a loving, caring environment with Babs. She screams, yells and loses her temper just as much as Jenelle. Also, it’s not just Jenelle who is majorly screwed up in that family – Jenelle has both a sister and brother who have mental health issues. While it wouldn’t be fair to blame Babs for all of her children’s mental problems, you’ve got to wonder what parenting decisions were made in that house while these kids were growing up to result in 3 barely functioning adults. We know there was abuse, perhaps at the hands of their father against Babs, but we’ve also seen Babs act out against Jenelle. So, there was probably lots of yelling and volatility constantly in the house. Is that the best place for Jace or his cousin Gabriel? In my opinion, based on what I’ve seen of Babs, it is not! So I agree with you, Pat.

    2. I think it is unfair to assume that she did not parent Jenelle properly unless you have some kind of certification that enables you to assess 17 years of parenting prior to TM2 with a couple hours of Babs/Jenelle interaction you’ve viewed. Please don’t. Jenelle has a lot of problems, many of which are likely related to her mental growth being stunted at about age 13-14. She is a compulsive liar and there is nothing to be gained from blaming Babs for all of it. Her intentions were certainly to be a good parent but that child required some special attention that few would have the capacity to deliver. It is a complex problem. It is certainly more entertaining to me than watching Sophia hit people.

  6. “My mother will always believe nobody is good for me hence why my old director is doing a special on her,” Jenelle wrote.

    WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN? lolol she is the worst writer i love it so much. those two things have nothing to do with each other!

    1. I thought the same thing too…. Like you’re going to have to elaborate on this one because I’m just not making the connection.

    2. Anything and everything Jenelle says makes no sense. I was watching the reruns of old TM2 episodes the other day and it was the episode where she was yelling at her mother because she didn’t come bail her out of jail. Jenelle was basically blaming Babs for getting herself arrested lol she makes no sense. She tries to sound smart but it’s just like wtf

      1. Or on her episode of 16 & pregnant when she was talking to Andrew on the phone and then she starts yelling at him “You can’t just love the baby you have to love the one that holds the baby too!” Like what does that even mean? You want him to love Babs?

        1. I love that part of the episode! Hahaha and when she says something like “you know what Andrew my feelings for you have dropped” wtf?!

          1. “My feelings for you have dropped, also.”

            Bwahaha. Up there with the “barrier of bad news.”

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