‘Bachelor’ Baby Bump-o-Meter: Which Stars Are Currently Pregnant?

"I promise none of these babies are mine!"
“I promise none of these babies are mine!”

It’s official: Bachelor nation has baby fever! Three former Bachelorettes are currently pregnant, as are several women who appeared on The BachelorBachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise!

With so many ‘Bachelor’ babies on the way, it’s hard to keep track! (The real question is…will any of them name their offspring after host Chris Harrison?!)

Let’s take a look at The Ashley‘s handy ‘Bachelor’ bump-o-meter…

‘Bout to Burst

ashley salter pregnantAshley Salter (‘Bachelor in Paradise’/ ‘The Bachelor’)

Ashley Salter, who is best known for being obsessed with onions during Chris Soules’ season of ‘The Bachelor,’ is currently 36 weeks pregnant with her first child. After appearing on last summer’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Ashley reunited with her former college boyfriend, Austin Brannen, and by September was engaged. In January, Ashley announced that she was pregnant with a baby boy that she plans to name Brooks. She is due to give birth in April.

melissaMelissa Rycroft (‘The Bachelor’)

Melissa, who was the “winner” of Jason Mesnik’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ back in 2009, is currently seven months pregnant with her third child. She and her husband, Tye Strickland, announced the pregnancy in November. Melissa indicated that this pregnancy will be her last…probably. She is due in May.

Baby Bumpin’

Ali Fedowtowsky (‘The Bachelorette’):

ali fedotowsky pregnantFormer Bachelorette Ali is currently about 5 months into her first pregnancy. The father of the baby is Ali’s fiance, radio and TV host Kevin Manno. (She split with Roberto Martinez, whom she became engaged to during ‘The Bachelorette,’ in 2011.) Ali is due in July.

catherine giudici pregnantCatherine Giudici (‘The Bachelor’): 

Catherine Giudici, who met her husband, Sean Lowe, on ‘The Bachelor,’ is also about 22 weeks pregnant with the couple’s first child. She announced her pregnancy in December, but has opted to keep the baby’s gender a secret…for now. Catherine is due in June.

Barely Bumpin’

jillian harris pregnantJillian Harris (Former ‘Bachelorette’):

Jillian, who starred as the fifth ‘Bachelorette’ back in 2009, just announced last week that she is pregnant with her first child. She is currently 16 weeks pregnant, and has not revealed if she and her boyfriend of four years, Justin Pasutto, are expecting a boy or a girl yet. Jillian has not revealed her exact due date, but will reportedly give birth in September.

erica roseErica Rose (‘Bachelor Pad 2 & 3,’ ‘The Bachelor): 

Erica, who did three stints on ‘Bachelor’ franchise shows before fading out of the spotlight, is about 10 weeks pregnant with her first child. The father is Erica’s fiance, Galen Gentry, whom she had only been dating a few months before finding out she was pregnant. The couple had planned to marry in May, but have called off the wedding and plan to wed after the baby is born in late September.

emily pregnantEmily Maynard (Former ‘Bachelorette’)

Emily recently announced that she is pregnant with her third child! This will be Emily’s second child by her husband, Tyler Johnson. (She also has 10-year-old daughter Ricki by her late fiance, Ricky Hendrick.) Emily’s second child, son Jennings, is only eight months old. Emily is due to give birth in September.

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  1. Why do people announce their pregnancies so early? I understand friends or family but announcing it before getting out of the first trimester (when the chance of miscarriage is high) seems strange to me. Why would you risk going through the pain of a miscarriage publicly?

  2. I know this is minor but something just bugs the hell out of me about Catherine. Now she won’t reveal if it’s a boy or girl (yet) probably for more attention. I just can’t stand her. I saw an episode of that Marriage Bootcamp with her and Sean and I feel bad for him, she seems like a total witch to live with. Catherine basically carries his balls in her purse poor guy.

    1. I agree but feel like Sean should have known what he was getting into. She revealed on the show there is major mental illness in her family, with her dad even being sent away for it. Then I felt her sisters were basically shouting it from the Mt. top that she had major issues. Also she was pretty blunt about her body issues on the show. It’s almost like he thought it would be fun to see if he can fix her.

    2. They seem to be pretty happy with each other. Sometimes sane and crazy work out together.

    3. yep, she was just a relentless killjoy on mbc. he literally could do or say nothing that didn’t piss her off. total control freak and she actually said she won’t change in front of him still cuz she still has body issues that bad. it reminded me of seth rogen on knocked up saying her leaving her tank top on made him feel like he was screwing james gandolfini. and her ‘issue’? her sister called her piggy when she was little. and not even all the time, like once. if that’s your only problem stfu, no one wants to hear it.

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