Another Expert Leaves ‘Married at First Sight’: Greg Epstein Confirms His Departure From Show

"Sorry Dr. Pepper, but I'm with them!"
“Sorry Dr. Pepper, but I’m with them!”

Another one bites the dust!

Yet another expert has announced that he is leaving Married at First Sight! Just days after the show’s psychologist, Dr. Joseph Cilona and sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff confirmed that they are leaving the hit A&E reality show, spiritual adviser Greg Epstein announced that he will not take part in the show’s upcoming fourth season.

Greg, who, like the other experts, has appeared on the show since it began three seasons ago, cited his busy schedule as the reason for his departure.

“Not doing Season 4 but it’s been an honor & privilege,” Greg tweeted on Tuesday. “Thank you all for the adventure. #rootforlove… As Married At First Sight began I’d just signed contract to write my 2nd book-hard to do that/MAFS/Harvard Humanist job. Excited to finish book.”

Now that Greg has added himself to the show’s “departure” list, that leaves only sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz on the show. She has not yet stated if she will continue on into Season 4, which is already in production.

While the show has done great in ratings, it has not had a great track record of creating lasting married couples. Some fans believe that this may be the reason the experts are jumping ship from the show.

“I don’t blame you,” one Twitter user tweeted to Greg after he announced his departure. “These people are in it for the fame and not the commitment. Marriage takes work.”

“Are you guys leaving because you no longer believe in the experiment?” another asked him.

When asked for comment, a rep for A&E told The Ashley that the network had “no further comments at this time” regarding the future of the show’s experts.

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  1. Ashley, the other day I was curious to see what Dr. Joseph Cinola’s relationship status was since I don’t see a wedding ring but I couldn’t find anything. Not one article or picture of him with a romantic partner. Do you know if he’s married or gay? I know it doesn’t matter but I was just curious and then found it odd that there’s zero info online. Do you know anything?

  2. they may have been fired??? This show isn’t real, it’s just actors getting paid to act like they will marry a stranger. If no one talks until the last episode airs they get a 100 grand. Money changes everything, it’s just a scripted show with actors in it. Who knows if they ever legally married??? I don’t think they are, you have to go to a county office in person to get a marriage license, I bet none of them were legally married. People are so gullible!

    1. if it’s a charade, they’re dragging it out for no reason from last season. jessica castro married ryan denino and still hasn’t been able to get a divorce. actually, there’s proof they got married in the form of court documents in that case. he threatened to kill her and her whole family and she filed a restraining order. pretty detailed about what went on during and after the show with those two. i’m sure it’s producer manipulated. but the participants, whether in it for money or whatever, are real, innocent people who don’t know what they’re getting into as far as what all they’ll be asked to do. no one’s ever been discovered to have done acting either. modeling, yes, but not acting. there’s plenty of proof that sean was an er doctor, ryan r a real estate agent, tres a luxury car salesman. might they hope their 15 minutes leads to something? sure. there could even be one or two that’s a plant. but it’s not all as fake and not everyone’s as dumb as all that. we check things, it’s the age of information.

      1. how would they be able to get a marriage license before they meet? You have to sign it both people do, I think they probably sign it after the first show, not before! I don’t think it can be done before they first meet?? If it’s even real to begin with there is no way they can get a license before they meet, both people have to sign the license!

        1. before the wedding, they show each of them signing one. producers go to their room with notes from the other person (can’t wait to meet you etc) and license. how they don’t have to apply in person idk. all i’m saying is there’s proof ryan and jessica were married lol, idk the law or what special permission they may have gotten but lawyers can do alot.

        2. How do you know they are actors and that they get $100,000 for not talking? Aren't you just assuming everything about this show? says:

          How do you know they are actors and that they get $100,000 for keeping quiet? I think you are just guessing and assuming a lot. If you used your imagination as much as you assume stuff, you might see that a TV show can probably get anything they want if they produce the right papers. Never say never. Stop assuming & use your imagination.

  3. ‘dr’ pepper actually admitted in an interview it’s better for ratings to pair a stable person with a slightly unstable person. jessica from last season is still paying for that, still married to a lunatic she’s scared of. and the ‘experts’ admitted they saw signs that ryan d. may have anger issues. so they knew that and that jessica had had bad relationships with violent men. and they did it to her anyway. i’m not the type to sue, but i’d sue their asses for sure. i mean, it’s on the participants that they chose to marry a stranger, which is dumb enough, but they also are putting their faith in being told the people are screened in every way possible. i myself wouldn’t take them at their word, but someone who hasn’t had enough life lessons yet, like a 24 year old, do. i’ve learned not to blindly trust or give anyone the benefit of the doubt lol. and the format they used this year, with so much of it being interviews and sessions with the counselors was sooo boring. and none of them made it. safe to say it’s pretty much over, doubt there’ll be a five.

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