EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Jeremy Calvert Planning to Leave the Show

"I'm outta here!"
“I’m outta here!”

Teen Mom 2 continues to hemorrhage baby-daddies!

Days after Adam Lind proclaimed that he is planning to quit the show after filming the Season 7 Reunion, The Ashley can exclusively reveal that yet another one of the show’s fathers is planning his exit.

Jeremy Calvert, the ex-husband of star Leah Messer, is also planning to put his ‘Teen Mom 2’ days in the past. According to one of The Ashley’s show sources, Jeremy has made it clear to the show’s producers that he plans to leave ‘Teen Mom 2’ after completing his obligations for Season 7. (Jeremy is currently in New York City with the rest of the cast to film the season’s After Shows, as well as a “Dads” special.)

“Jeremy is over it,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “He’s tired of being attached to this show, and now that he and Leah are divorced, he doesn’t want to be part of her drama. He’s tired of dealing with all the negativity that comes from him being on the show, too.”

But that’s not all! According to The Ashley’s source, Jeremy is planning to take his daughter, Addie, off the show as well.

“Jeremy wants Addie out of the spotlight. He doesn’t want her to grow up being known as the kid from ‘Teen Mom 2,'” the source says.

The Ashley checked in with another show source who informed her how things worked in terms of the children’s contracts.

“Both parents have to agree to have their child filmed for the show,” the show insider tells The Ashley. “Jeremy and Leah both have to sign off on having Addie appear. If Jeremy refuses to sign off, Addie cannot appear, regardless if Leah wants her to. Both custodial parents have to agree.

“There’s no way MTV would fight it,” the source tells The Ashley. “They won’t go to court or anything. It will make it very hard for the film crews, though, if they are filming Leah and the twins and Addie is not allowed to appear. They will probably try to throw a lot more money Jeremy’s way to get him to agree though, but that’s the most they’ll do.”

However, The Ashley’s first source tells her that, unlike most members of the cast, Jeremy doesn’t need the money from the show.

“Jeremy’s one of the only cast members with a ‘real’ job,” the source says. “He makes an impressive amount of money on his own, so money’s not really an issue for him like it is with some of the other cast members who completely rely on their ‘Teen Mom 2’ income to live off of.

“He works all year, so the extra income from the show actually kind of screws him over come tax time,” the source added.

All of The Ashley’s sources tell her that ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8 is not confirmed at this point; however, the producers and cast members have started to discuss it. As The Ashley stated before, one of the four ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls is particularly reluctant to sign on for another season, so the producers are currently looking at their options to keep the show going. (The Ashley will have have more on that later.)

As for Jeremy, he is currently dating Brooke Wehr, whom Leah recently met for the first time. The Ashley’s source tells her the meeting was on-camera and Leah did not handle it well.

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  1. He should do everything in his power to take Addy I’m sorry Leah is a sorry excuse for a mother she is Not a mom a mom put her kids before their self and Leah has shown she don’t her house is disgusting she is always on the phone while driving them and not to mention she is seen smoking with them in the back seat WTF what judges allow kids to around people like that I feel bad for the girl Corey getting hthem is the best thing for them. Now Jemery needs to do the same

  2. boy jeremy didn’t spend anytime finding someone else to be with after him and leah’s divorce. i personally think that its a rebound . i truely believe he still loves leah but right now things r so fresh an up in the air & people are still hurting in some ways. but if the other girl wasn’t in the picture i believe Jeremy would be persuing Leah maybe not all at once they would be taking things very slow so they could get that spark back that they once had.

    An as for Corey’s ass, he’s not Mr.Perfect. what he did to leah by taking those girls from her was wrong. he knows that. he is only thinking of himself. all because she got help with taking care of them. she is a very strong willed woman because i think i would’ve went completely crazy by now. i have more to say but gotta go

  3. I’ll save my praise for Germy-Lyn when he steps up and takes responsibility for his child the way Corey-Tyler has. Preventing Addie from being filmed could actually do more harm than good because at least we know that the producers are present to step in to protect her when Leah is too high to function and Germy is nowhere to be found. Germy acts like a dotting father on camera (sometimes) and on social media (when he’s not posting mysogynistic memes between his “father of the year” pics) but it’s clear that Addie is the farthest thing from his mind. He’s too consumed with work and his new girlfriend to do what is right for his daughter. If Addie were my child, I’d have filed for primary custody the moment I found out she had “wandered away” from her mother’s incapable hands. I lost a lot of respect for him when he chose to throw shade at Corey via social media by posting pics of ONE of the events that he attended with Leah and sought praise for his fabulous “this is what coparenting looks like” abilities. Corey is always doing what is in the best interest of his children, while Germy does what is in the best interest of Germy, he is a fair-time father at best.

  4. I finally caught up on Hulu and I was furious at Dr. Drew’s handling of Leah’s segments. He is awful. He enables drug abusers to cover up and lie about everything, and it’s all about what Corey and Miranda and Jeremy did wrong.

    I hope she never gets those girls back. Starving them because she’s too lazy to open a can of fruit and make two sandwiches. Absolutely ridiculous. What else is this girl doing that’s so important? Working? No. Sleeping with her deadbeat boyfriend and popping pills.

    What irresponsible doctor is prescribing these anyway?

    What frustrates me more about Leah than Jenelle is she tries so hard to hide everything, whereas Jenelle occasionally admits she’s a trainwreck, when she’s not brainwashed by her dick-of-the-month. And at least we know somebody is feeding Kaiser. (She’s awful in her own ways if course.)

    I hope Adalynn goes to Jeremy’s family soon too, because she’s starving her kids on purpose. She has the time and money to pack a lunch.

  5. “The Ashley’s source tells her the meeting was on-camera and Leah did not handle it well.”

    It was that ding dang narcolepsy yall,it just popped up out of nowhere again!

  6. If this is really his last season I really hope he leaves us with one more bacon-slap to Leah face. At the very least I want that, at best I want him to throw an entire Denny’s grandslam meal at Leah. A girl can dream! <3

  7. I also don’t understand why Leah gets so upset when her ex’s move on to new women…I dunno what she thinks is gonna happen….they’re gonna stay there and continue to put up with her shenanigans? It’s like Leah…you’re a serial cheater that treats her men like crap…OF COURSE they’re going to move on and leave you in the dust for a girl that actually appreciates them. DUH.

    1. I know, right? Lol! I still love that scene from last season of TM2 when Leah is having a pow-wow with Jeramy about going to rehab, changing, etc. and That hopeful look on her face when she thinks she said the magic words to make Jermany turn back to her and drop the divorce. When that look changed on her face when Jeramy said no and her plan backfired was sooooo worth watching! Leah thinks she can have her cake and eat it too, tsk tsk! You cannot have all the men and have them all emotionally, financially, and sexually at the same time. Karma is kicking Leah’s ass right now! Finally! At the beginning of the show series I liked her but as she started showing her selfish and lazy true colors I started to dislike her more and more. And that comment she made when she was married to Jeramy of how he doesn’t need to be away so much making a crazy a lot of money. I forget exactly how she said it but boy did that fire me up! My husband goes on deployments and doesn’t even make that much in a single year!

      1. I thought Jeremy was the most level headed when he spoke those words – sometimes people try to change, too little, too late. Jeremy was firm in his decision but was encouraging. I do hope that him and Corey stay amicable as well so that the girls (all of them) can have a good relationship with all adults involved!

      2. oh that scene was PRICELESS!!! One of my favorites because it was so genuine. Leah truly believed that her going to rehab was going to fix everything in their relationship, and when Jeremy said it wasn’t going to change anything Leah went into meltdown mode like “why are you doing this?!”…it’s like sweetheart…YOU did this. When someone is fed up and done, they are fed up and done. Their marriage was too broken with the lies, infidelity, drugs, ect…I don’t blame Jeremy one bit for standing firm on his decision. Leah was initially one of my favorites too…my heart truly went out to her with her being so young and dealing with a child with special needs, and Corey didn’t seem too attentive to their marital needs at the time…but as time progressed and her true colors came out, she showed the world that she is absolutely CRAZY.

  8. Saw this one coming from a mile away. Jeremy has been over the show since the first season. You can see it in his body language that he does not want to be there.

      1. I think he probably did at first but it didn’t take long to realize what a nightmare Leah and the show really were. I mean, Jeremy DID meet her by messaging her on Facebook. He knew who she was and what a relationship with her would involve. But maybe reality struck him somewhere along the way, because you can definitely see a shift in him as he realizes who Leah is and what the show is.

      2. Jeremy makes six figures at his job. I doubt fame or money was his motivation. I think he was duped into playing the hero and the nice guy for a girl who hid her true nature.

        As soon as she waffled and went back to Corey the first time, Jeremy should have been done. He had his warning!

        But I hope he or his family get custody of Addie so Leah doesn’t starve her too.

  9. I’m sure he gets a lot of shit for divorcing leah. For some reason, she still has fans (and family) that are so quick to kiss her butt and basically destroy whoever doesn’t do the same. Also, I love that now he is divorced he isn’t worried about money!! When they were married, leah begged him to take a job nearby rather than travel and he said no, due to money. Was she spending that much? Or maybe he wanted to be away from her? Or a mixture??

    1. Maybe it’s because he is only responsible for one kid now instead of three. Leah said ONE of Ali’s medical bills was over $20K, Jeremy doesn’t have to worry about that any more. Or Leah’s drug addiction, or Mary Kay.

      1. Why weren’t her daughters insured, I wonder. I’ve never heard of an insurance deductible that was over 20k, so I assume they weren’t insured…

        I honestly think she spent all his money on new cars, percs, clothes, shoes, hair extensions, and Mary Kay.

        1. They probably are insured, I’d imagine Corey legally is required to have them covered that’s pretty standard along with a child support order. Also remember the fights she had with him when she didn’t feel he was calling the insurance company enough to get her wheelchair approved. It’s probably not one bill it’s several but I certainly believe they have that much at least as I have insurance and a chronic condition and I owe over 50k right now for things that weren’t covered, copays, deductibles and prescription.

  10. Don’t let the door hit yo uh in the rear. This documentary or show, has gotten out of hand. First, from the other half, Farrah is a total bitch. She is under the impression she is a great parent. Your not even a good child. Your child is a brat. Try introducing her to a brush. Or does she need make-up personal do it for her? You said people think your trash because of Teen Mom. LMAO. it’s because you do Porto or have done and your disrespect for anyone who breaths your way. Jenelle, dear lord. Girl, your mother rocks. Don’t you ever forget it. All you have put her through. You leave Chase is it? with her. That’s the only stable home he knows is with her, Don’t be selfish. Then you have a court day change because or ruling because of Kesha. I have no problem with her what so ever. Your reasoning that she is your every being, she’s your idol. She shaped you into what you are. YOUR CHILD should have come first. Then you have another one? Shut your legs. Amber is it? The creep your with and yes, he’s a creep. Stalked you to get on the show. I think you are the only one who likes him. Your attitude about your child with Gary is bs. You once loved him until you kept hitting him. You went in as white trash and came out as white trash with a white trash man. You will marry this idiot and be divorced. Last but not least. Gary, get it together. Hasn’t someone shown you how to dress up once your representing yourself on this show? Get rid of that jackass ball cap, exercise and take a shower. I will send you things so you can clean up. Act like you care about yourself and your family. Clean it up

  11. I am gonna miss Jermey and whoever is talking bad about teen mom 2 needs to get a life i hate whrn people put down y favorite show and if you dont like my opinion oh well freedom of speech. Just because some of you dont like teen mom 2 thats fine but i watched seasons 1 through the new one thats comin on soon i vant wait for the new season. I am a teen mom 2 fan

    1. Oh, believe me…from you lack of common sense to your butchery of the English language, it is clear to EVERYONE you are a fan. I just hope you are under 12.

    2. Janessa, you’re being quite the hypocrite. You preach freedom of speech, yet anyone who talks bad about teen mom 2 needs to get a life? That’s a bit contradicting, my dear. Don’t worry young grasshopper, you will learn.

      1. S, those are too many big words…did you see Jennessa’s mastery of the English Language? You need to dumb it down a little bit haha!

  12. They can just hide Addie behind a giant mound of cheese puffs laying on the floor. Nobody will notice.

  13. Teen Mom season 8 sounds as ridiculous as Jenelle trying to pronounce drastic. These fools (except Chels) have all reproduced again thus proving empirically that the series does NOTHING to prevent teen pregnancy or encourage teen moms to get their shit together before popping out number two.
    Watching overprivileged skanks attend celebrity events and engage in public feuds with baby daddy number two is not entertaining. Now if they’re going to film these girls driving their broken down Honda to a 50 hour a week job at a box store so they can afford milk- THAT is entertaining. TM 2 drama queens (here’s lookin at you Jenelle) need that reality check and I’d watch that show any day. Until then, get the fuck out of here with the season 8 bullshit.

    1. What they should do is do updates on the girls who didn’t film TM. That’s a much better picture of what life is like when you have a baby as a teen.

  14. Good decision, but, unfortunately for him, he decided to have a baby with Leah, so his name will be attached to this show as long as it airs, because Leah won’t shut up about either him or Corey, and it’s never anything positive.

      1. I hope Chelsea leaves the show. Even though she is my favorite to watch. I hope she is the one leaving because that’s honestly what’s best for her, Aubree, and Cole. She doesn’t need the MTV money, she’s financially planned for the show to be over a long time ago. She’s used it as a stepping stone instead of a crutch, like Kailyn and Jenelle and Leah do.

        Cole isn’t comfortable on camera, Chelsea’s over it, and Aubree is getting older and it’s best for her to be out of the public eye and have a normal childhood. I hope they can live their lives away from the show now. As much as I wish I could see her wedding and her happy ending, I respect that she’s ready to move on.

  15. As much as I love this show, I think they should just cancel it after this season. It’s run it’s course.

    1. and Teen Mom, what would loser do then? They would have to get real jobs, none of them have real educations or tangible job skills, it’s done more harm then good for most of them being associated with MTV!

        1. I think part of the reason Chelsea coasted for the first few years is that her dream of being a part time make-up artist is very attainable for her. If she’s playing her cards right she probably could live the reality star dream of keeping her own wedding private, but getting MTV to film her helping at other people’s weddings.

  16. so leah didn’t get on well with brooke either? i’m sure her defenders will come up with a gem for that one lol. everything’s miranda’s fault, never leah’s

      1. Why is the other woman always blamed for a man’s infidelity? Corey is the one who cheated on Miranda, not Leah.

        1. It’s both of their faults!! They both messed up, and hopefully corey is making it up to her everyday. But leah was very rude to her many of times after the fact. Who knows what was said, but I know leah said miranda isnt nice to her! Ummm ya think?

          1. Sleeping with your married ex-husband is a shitty thing to do, but Leah isn’t married and can sleep with whoever she wants to. Corey made a vow to Miranda and should have kept it in his pants, but apparently marriage vows don’t mean sh*t to any of them.

          2. Miranda’s Chicken Lips- Leah was married to Jeremy when she slept with Corey.

        2. Very true, Corey was more in the wrong than Leah, just because that was Corey’s finance or wife or whatever she was at the time, i can’t remember….but Leah knew they were together. I could see if Leah didn’t know anything about Miranda and Corey was lying saying that he was single…but Leah knew EXACTLY what she was doing, so shame on her too. They’re both slut buckets.

    1. My daughter and I just read this and we both said almost the same exact thing! I bet it was all Brooke!cause poor Lil Leah NEVER does anything. ???y’all it wasn’t her fault! ?

  17. Good for him! Him and Brooke need to step aside, focus on their relationship and he needs to focus on Addy.

  18. No surprise. He’s wanted off the show for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Corey and Miranda wanted off too.

  19. @TheAshley, is it because Jeremy has some custody and Adam doesn’t that he is able to take Addie off the show? I thought you said that Adam really wouldn’t be able to say Aubree can’t film, even if he wanted to.

    1. Time of death for Teen Mom 2….season 7.

      With Adam, they might get around it a lot easier since he probably still has no custodial rights over Aubree. Adalyn might be a little harder unless they “Carly” her for season 8. But, if Corey follows suit with Jeremy, there goes Leah storyline. If the rumors are true and Chelsea quits…well…that half the cast right there.

    2. Yeah Adam doesn’t have custody. But i also personally believe Chelsea is the mom who doesn’t want to return now that she’s settling down with Cole, he doesn’t seem to like being on camera. I also doubt they need the money.

      1. she bought a house and has a new car all the time, and I noticed Cole moved in to her Teen Mom 2 financed house, not the other way around. Don’t be so sure she doesn’t need the money. I’m sure Randy doesn’t want to have support her family for the rest of his life! She doesn’t seem to really work, but uses the work place as a story line, because she and her non story are very boring as it is.

        1. I believe Chelsea has Invested her money wisely. She has only had three vehicles. The red bug, the orange jeep and the black jeep. Unlike Leah who was able to loan out a spare car to her deercam darling. TM2 might have financed her house but she would have had a good size down payment. If she didn’t pay in full. She probably has no student loans to pay off. She isn’t going on 12 trips a year. She isn’t $80,000 in debt to the IRS. Even if she works part time, she has an income. I’m not sure but Cole might also work. She is also receiving child support. And Aubree has money set aside for college.

          So, yeah, I can see her not needing the money. Especially after being paid $300,000 for a season.

          1. Cole doea work, he’s a traffic control specialist. He also went to and graduated from a four year college.

          2. meanwhile he moved out of his apartment that he was sharing with a roommate into her home that she bought with her MTV money. He was so successful that he was living in an apartment, not a home that he owned. She needed that money and did the show for the money.

          3. A young, single guy with no kids and a job living in an apartment with a roommate! That is unheard of! Wow! He must be a complete loser to be living like a lot of single 20-somethings!

            I don’t doubt she did the show for the money. I can imagine that would be a big motive for any 16-year-old who is still in high school, possibly jobless and knocked up. Unless you are Jamie Lynn Spears or Bristol Palin. But, unlike the rest of the girls, she seemed to have wisely invested that money into her and Aubree’s future. At that point, money isn’t everything.

          4. It’s kind of interesting that Teen Mom 2 keeps up the ruse of a docu-series even after OG has been forced to admit their girls are professional reality stars. Kail and Janelle want to be “lifestyle brands” so bad, but it’s like fetch, it’s never going to happen. If Chelsea doesn’t bite off more than she can chew, she probably could have a nice little regional beauty/lifestyle business. Using Cole’s reluctance to film is great leverage to steer her storylines towards her business. The only reason she would have to leave TM2 was if MTV offered her a makeover show.

          5. Cole living with a roommate would be smart. Good way to save money while young. My husband and i lived with another couple to save money so we were able to put a very large down payment on our home.

            Chelsea also has a financially responsible dad (owns his own business) so I’m sure he looks out for her and gives her advice. I would not at all be surprised if chelsea’s “teen mom mortgaged house” is paid in full.

        2. Chelsea has a job. It isn’t filmed often, only a few scenes here and there, probably because when people go to the spa they don’t want cameras in their face. People already complain that she’s a snoozefest to watch because she has her act together, you really think watching her at her place of employment will be that entertaining?
          This is something I don’t understand with some people who watch reality tv. They think just because it isn’t filmed it doesn’t happen. I saw an interview with some cake tv show guy who said people who watched his show called in complaints with his local health board because they never showed him or his employees washing their hands, so it must have never happened.

        3. She very well may have paid cash for the house and car which means she wouldn’t have to worry about payments. Plus she and Cole are employed in stable jobs. I’m sure Aubree’s college fund is already set. She doesn’t need the MTV money anymore. She’s been smart and used the show as a stepping stone, instead of blowing her money on boob jobs, expensive handbags, and weekly vacations.

    3. Adam could say he doesn’t want Aubrey to film and she would not be able to. He is her father by law, and has a say so in what happens to her!

      1. He would have to have to joint legal custody for that to happen, no one here knows the details of their court order unfortunately….

      2. Not really hun. Sure, he is the sperm donor, but, I also don’t think a person who takes no responsibilities for their children should have a say so in how they are raised. If u stepped out already, and left the mother to do everything, being up all night with a sick, fevering baby, medical bills, child tantrums, everything that isn’t pink sugar sprinkles… Then what gives him and every other p.o.s. “father” a right to say, “This is how u will raise my kid,” ??? Absolutely not.
        My opinion anyway. I’m a single parent, so I know from experience. I do recall Adam calling Aubree a mistake at since point, my little girl’s dad said something similar a few years back. .. Chel sea was actually nicer than me and gave that turd a few more chances to be a man and a father. I dropped mine altogether and didn’t play nice. I moved to a new state and ceased all communication. I will never let anyone disrespect the child I carried, went through unimaginable pain to bring this into the world, then reject her like garbage??
        No, anyone like that deserves no honor in watching that baby grow.
        So, after this loooooong story, lol, I say no, if he is the sperm donor, so what? Unless he was a real man, a real father that never stepped down from his role, he has no rights. He gave them up already.

      3. Adam doesn’t have custody of Aubree AT ALL…so he can say whatever he wants, but nobody will care. Chelsea is the only one who needs to give her permission, as the sole custodial parent of Aubree. Adam has about as much say in Aubree appearing on camera as we do haha!

  20. The Ashley’s source tells her the meeting was on-camera and Leah did not handle it well.

    just what i want to hear! cant wait!

    1. Lol, I’m sorry if it’s wrong but with Leah I don’t want it to be right….She is so raw and entertaining. You can’t fake the emotions she envokes on the show. Deep down, we want what’s best. However, she is fascinating to watch.

      1. I know!! No matter how much tm2 money, or lbs of mary kay, you can’t cover up the white trash in that girl! Stay trashy Leah, stay trashy!

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