EXCLUSIVE! Matt Baier’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ Checks Are Being Used to Pay His Baby Mamas

"Hmmm...where did all my money go?"
“Hmmm…where did all my money go?”

Teen Mom OG has its fair share of critics, but a new group of woman are starting to sing its praises.

Those women– the baby mamas of Matt Baier— are thrilled that the show is continuing for Season 6…but only because that means that they are finally going to be getting some child support money out of Matt!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that some of the mothers of Matt’s alleged nine children have already received the first payment from Matt, thanks to him getting his first big ‘Teen Mom OG’ check.

Although Matt has been featured in the last two ‘Teen Mom OG’ seasons, he was not counted as a “full time” cast member; therefore he was not making any type of big MTV check. Now that he has gone into a third season, The Ashley can confirm that he will be getting a salary from the show, with the first of these checks going out earlier this month.

One of the baby-mamas tells The Ashley that she got a $500 check last week– the first child support check she has ever received from Matt. That money came after the Department of Revenue was informed that Matt would be receiving a large check from Viacom (MTV’s parent company).

“They are withholding 65 percent of his checks and dividing it up among the moms, from what I have heard,” the mother told The Ashley.

Although Matt is now admitting to having five kids (he previously only acknowledged two), this particular baby-mama’s child is not one of those five kids. Matt and his fiance, Amber Portwood, have stated that Matt has five kids who are all in their twenties, but this particular mom’s child is still a minor (and a young one at that!)

For a full run-down of the seven kids whose mothers currently have pending child support filings against Matt, click here. For information on alleged child number 8, click here. The Ashley will have more info on Matt’s alleged ninth child and baby mama very soon!

The Ashley also hears that Matt, who recently lawyered up for the child support court cases he’s facing, is trying to settle out of court with all (or most) of the mothers of his children. (The Ashley is working to confirm this detail, but please fill this part under ‘report’ until further notice.) While he may be able to do that with the moms of the children who are now adults (and he simply owes back child support to), The Ashley’s source tells her that it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to do that for the kids that are under 18.

“Matt is trying to come up with an amount for everyone to be comfortable with,” the mom tells The Ashley. “[Matt and his lawyer] approached the Department of Revenue about it, but the DOR feels that it’s a minor child that needs weekly upkeep. They won’t allow them to do that for [a minor]. If he owes for the older kids, he can approach and settle. But for a minor child, like mine, they won’t allow that to happen.”

This particular mom has been watching Matt on ‘Teen Mom OG’ and says she’s been disturbed about the way he’s spoken about some of his children.

“What really pissed me off was when he was on the last Reunion and Matt got mad because everyone was bringing up what he called ‘last season’s stuff.’ This is not ‘season’ stuff, this is real life, these are your children!” she said. “He is only recognizing five of his kids, and none under 13. You can’t create a human being and walk away.”

While it’s hard for her to watch Matt on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ this mom says that she’s hoping he stays on the show for a long time. The reason is simple, of course– Matt’s appearance on the show means that he’ll finally be making an income, which means that the moms he owes thousands of dollars in child support to are finally getting paid.

“I struggle because if Amber dumps him and he is no longer off the show, then he has no money again,” she said. “But I know that it would be so much better for Amber and Leah if [he were gone].”

The Ashley can report that, although Matt’s court hearing for the seven child support filings against him was supposed to begin on March 22, the hearings were cancelled for that day and rescheduled for May 10.



  1. Somethings very strange with this guy, also with Chinelles new fuck of the month! He’s giving off vibes too.

  2. Baby mamas Don’t settle out of court, make this scum sucking leach suffer

  3. I must give credit where credit is due. Matt cooked up a good plan to get money to pay his baby mamas. He romantically perused an extremely vulnerable reality tv star and he was successful. Good work, Matt. What a blind fool Amber is. It’s pretty sad.

  4. There are seriously no words to describe how dumb Amber is…Stupid isn’t even a good enough way to describe her…By her being with Matt, she’s not only supporting him, but she’s helping out his kids that she has never and probably never will meet, and the baby mamas. As aggravating as all this is, and I do wish Amber the best because she has been through a lot…but watching this all blow up in her face is definitely going to be something to see

  5. He wants to “settle” out the child support debt….with what money?
    Amber will be stuck footing that bill too.
    He owes about $37,800 to each kid (that’s paying the minimum $175 a month for 18 years)

    Hope Amber is planning a writing another book

    1. I bet settling was Amber’s idea. “here, just offer to settle, i’ll pay it and we can get on with our lives and everyone will stfu.” I can just hear her saying those words.

      1. I imagine she settles so she can tell everyone that it’s not true, it was just easier to settle, and then no paternity tests or court proceedings are public. She’ll do it for the plausible denialibility because she’s so insecure she can’t seem wrong, apologize, etc. She hasn’t grown AT ALL since she was first on the show, not mentally, this is proving it.

  6. I think he is a stand up guy and doing the best he can for Amber and the rest the of girls he has kids with. Stay strong Matt, you are a good man.

      1. Re all the down-turned thumbs and snarky remarks to Grey Baker’s posts……….people, it’s called sarcasm!

    1. Your right
      Those kids are lucky not to have him around.
      And it’s not like he lies, Imy sure he has a job & not just sponging off Amber.
      Even if he worked in Walmart as long as he is trying. But he isn’t working is, I guesshe is not good enough for Walmart either

      1. yeah ever since The Ashely reported that story on matt somones been using the Grey Baker name to comment on here with things in favor of Matt just to get a rise out of people. They must be a really bored lame person.

        1. lemming

          A member of a crowd with no originality or voice of his own. One who speaks or repeats only what he has been told. A tool. A cretin.

    2. Grey Baker was one of Matts “pen names” in the past…the Ashley posted this. So Hi Matt.

  7. I find it disturbing how he is so involved in the custody battle between Gary and Amber. Giving his opinions and advice, while he hasn’t done sh*t for his own kids.

    1. Amber is a meal ticket. He has to play the role. As soon as Teen Mom-ski is over & he goes through all her money he will be on to his next girl/victim

  8. Sorry for the long post but incoming…

    The day he got out of Amber’s car all angry, telling the MTV crew to “Get the f!@# out of “MY” house” I literally cringed. Who does he think he is? Amber’s house, Amber’s decision on filming…ugh.

    I despise him. Everything Amber has he believes it belongs to him. Except responsibility of course. It would be of no surprise to me if he talked Amber into using HER money to settle much of the debt he has with some of these women. It doesn’t look at all like she uses much of it. A single nice car and a nice but humble (for MTV OG pay). The dogs, a couch and a ring SHE had to pay for is it! He is sucking everything out of her bank already. This man is the absolute worst thing to come her way.

    She wouldn’t have nearly the trouble with her kid, his father and now embarrassment if she didn’t let her guard down and allow this leach to latch onto her.

    You better believe he is going to do everything he can to get her pregnant because that will fatten the checks and keep him on the show. And the checks from “first photos” of the baby. Instead of having to pay he finally found a way to have a baby pay for his debts.

  9. Seriously, if Amber marries this pos she deserves every bad thing that happens after. She can do so much better!!!

    1. You are right, all of the signs are there.
      Unless out of all the people on TV these women picked Matt to lie about. You knowthey are telling the truth, Who else would admit to having sex let alone a child with him.

      Amber thinks she is in to deep….
      If she leaves now Gary & everyone would say, I told you so & it will prove everyone was right.

      AMBER GET OUT NOW!!! Forget about what people think
      If they get married it will be much worse

      1. I personally don’t think they will get married. This guy is definitely not the type to be with one person, and legally being bound to Amber would put a damper on his plans.

    2. I feel like she can do so much better but I don’t think that she actually will do better. Next to Jenelle, she has the worst taste in men on the show. It’s almost like if she does leave Matt (which she should no doubt) I’m afraid to see what disgusting creep she’ll get from Twitter next to bring home. She just needs to be single and work on herself and realize her self worth.

  10. With all the unprotected sex (and baby mamas to prove it) in Matt Baier’s past, if Amber’s apparently not smart enough to get rid of him, I hope she’ll at least be smart enough to get herself tested.

    She’s already caught him cheating when they first got together back in 2014. So with his unsavory track record, whose to say that he’s been faithful up until now?

    Amber, I once rooted for you. But with this present situation with this sociopathic hobo who’s obviously doing nothing but using you to support him and now pay off his child support debts, I don’t know what to think about you.

    Sorry, but I just don’t.

  11. I just cant figure out how this deadbeat got all these women, including Amber, to sleep with him?!? Along with his STRONG creeper presence, he looks like he REEKS of old cheese and feet! Gross!

    1. LOL…he does look like he smells. He’s just gross. I can’t believe a bunch of women let him impregnate them! But then again, Amber’s ex Gary has impregnated two women…which is just as gross!

        1. He’s gotta be casting some sort of magical spell or voodoo on them because that’s seriously the only way to make sense of this.

      1. I’ve read the interviews with the baby mommas and they say he’s very charming. I think I’m too gay to get how any girl could fall for him lol (ps Julie your pup is adorable, give him hugs for me!)

    2. Ugh, I know
      It’s not about looks, I have heard of good looking guys looking ugly because they act like jerks & less attractive guys being so nice that it makes them attractive & using humor to get a pretty girl

      BUT MATT… he just looks dirty & grimy. A guy in his late 40’s that needs a hot shower & shave. The dirt merchant look is not attractive, no1 can have game that good.

    3. Hey Ashley
      Great Idea for a story
      Interview all of Matt’s women & find out what his “game” was
      How did he talk all of these women into having sex let alone having his child.

      Low self esteem, did he look cleaner back then?
      No one that dirty could have game that good to have so many women

  12. WTH. Seriously, you wanna be with a man with this kinda crap in his life. You are one hard up chic. Marry this man and all this becomes your responsibility. Run don’t walk away.

        1. Where’s the logic in that? At least his kids finally get some type of money.

          Since your so disgusted how about you vote with your viewership and don’t want next season? ?

      1. No,
        The courts send an order to the employer Viacom saying how much to garnish (what percent)
        the employer send a check to the court requesting it. The court will divide the amount between the moms he owes (obviously a mom with 2 kids will get 2 payments)

      2. I think in this instance, the mother is getting 500.00 weekly. She said her child is a minor child and the courts feel they need a weekly check support.

    1. It says one mom got 500$ from one check. From what I understand there are several mothers therefore $500 a piece would surely add up.

      1. I hope he has to spend his entire check on his kids. Maybe then you’ll learn how to keep it to yourself…

        1. Kelli I was also had a DEADBEAT husband that ran off with another woman and had 2 more children with her ! My youngest and her oldest are 6 months apart ! What a sicko he was to do that to me and his boys!! I never heard from him again and never received child support, even though I sometimes found info on him and gave it to the child support office. He was living with the woman in New York , to make a long story short, he left her behind also and never paid her child support ! So what comes around goes around I guess !! Well I moved on and married a wonderful man and my boys love him and still married ! My oldest boy is 33 yrs old and guess what I got in the mail January 1,2016 ?? OMG my 1 st child support check !!! Only 124.00 wily but I will take that !! So far I have been receiving it every week, so the state does eventually get thier DeadBeat dads in mass !!! He will be responsible for child support while he is alive !! The way thier father turned out I was glad he never was in my boys life’s ! They became healthy and successful men and now great fathers themselves !! It’s like a double edged sword in your case, it’s great for you and what you & daughter deserve but you hope Amber leaves him and doesn’t get hurt by him ! She is a big girl and she has all the info on Matt, it’s her choice to stay with him and deal with the outcome good or bad !!! I’m so happy you finally received a check !!! It’s about time ?

      2. $500 for child support for an almost 9 year old is nothing! Combine that with the thousands he stole from me- he’s still in the red big time!

        1. To me, at least, it sounded like he just sent her a check for some of the support he owed? Could be wrong though

        2. Kelli, I am happy to hear that he is finally being forced to do what he should have been doing since day 1 and that you and your daughter are at least getting some money from him. I hope that you will eventually get every cent this pig owes the both of you. And thank you for stepping forward and helping to expose him for the pathetic ‘thing’ (he certainly isn’t a man) he truly is.

          1. Totally! Thank you Kelli for having the guts to speak out and end the careless seed spreading of this sociopathic opportunist. Hope you and your daughter get everything you are owed!!

        3. He had how many kids before yours? So what in the Hell made you think that yours was going to be any different? Once a deadbeat dad always!!! Sorry but I have no sympathy for someone who has a kid with a dead beat and then expect sympathy or is surprised when they are a dead beat dad to you. I think it is irresponsible and don’t use the “it just happened” excuse of how you got pregnant. Like what they always say on the show “pregnancy is 100%” preventable.

          1. He lied to most of these women, just like he did to Amber. Not all of them knew he had any kids at all. He has an ex-wife who had no idea he had kids. She gave birth to their daughter in July of 2008. She had left him though when she was 5 months pregnant as she then found out that he had lied about his entire life. By January of 2009 he never made contact with them again and never paid a penny in child support. When she found out he was on MTV, she sued. This is not Kelli, this is Jeanette Reedy. They both have kids about the same age. I’ve never heard him talk to Amber about the wife and child he left in 2009. He denies these daughters exsist, even now.

    2. That was only one payment to one mother. It says in the article that 65% of his salary will be taken and divided between the mothers. That is just her share from his *first* salary check – there will be more checks to come, but each one has to be split between a lot of people.

    3. I think it’s because he has so many to divide it between. Legally they can only take so much of his income. He’s got to live too, courts don’t take into account he lives off his girlfriend’s money and doesn’t actually spend a fine of his own. Not defending him, he’s a scum bag.

    4. Don’t forget it’s $500 to 1 person
      All of the other moms get some too
      Theyes don’t give them just 1 check, the salary is paid in installments
      Typically, (I know a couple reality shows do this) you get a payment afterequest taping then another payment after the 1st episode airs then half way through the the series, then another check after the last episode airs.

      1. Interesting info!

        I’m not doubting that some reality shows do it like that, but The Ashley, do you know if this is how it works for TM/TM2?

  13. They should take all of his check IMO! It would be one thing if he was just suddenly made aware of his kids, but the fact is he knew and didn’t care. I hope those kids don’t have “daddy issues” after being abandoned by their father, then seeing him ‘act’ so loving and caring towards Leah. What an ass. It’s not in the past if it still exists Jerk!!

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