David Eason, Boyfriend of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans, Arrested: See His New Mugshot

Another classic mugshot! The 'Teen Mom' crew never fails to impress with the mugs...
Another classic mugshot! The ‘Teen Mom’ crew never fails to impress with the mugs…

Just yesterday, David Eason, the boyfriend of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evanswas posing for Easter photos to post on Instagram, but less than 24 hours later he was posing for a different kind of photo: a mugshot!

The Ashley has confirmed that David (who will appear on upcoming episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’) was arrested around 10 a.m. Monday morning for violating a domestic violence protective order against him. A spokesperson for the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed to The Ashley that David was picked up at a house in Wilmington, North Carolina.

David just posted a $2,500 bond and is now out of the slammer. The 27-year-old was able to add yet another mugshot to his already extensive collection. According to Starcasm, he had previously been arrested at least nine times before today’s incident.

It appears that Jenelle is standing by her man, despite his legal problems. Although she has not yet spoken out on social media about David’s arrest this morning, she has already begun to exchange messages on Facebook with her fresh-from-the-slammer soulmate.

“Just want to say I love you very much,” Jenelle posted on David’s Facebook timeline this morning. As soon as he was released from the detention center, David responded.

“I love you to the moon and back baby! More than you could even imagine!” he wrote.

One of David’s baby mamas currently has a protective order against him, and Radar has just posted a story in which “someone” (cough, Jenelle, cough) explained what happened.

“David got arrested today because he has a no contact order on him,” the ‘mystery’ source explained. “And he was in the grocery store getting juice for Kaiser when he saw his son and gave him a hug…His ex’s mom was with his son, not his ex, and her mom got mad and told his ex. His ex contacted the police. The source added, ‘Since he was around his son, he ‘violated’ the no contact order.'”

A representative of the Wilmington Police Department confirmed to The Ashley that David will face the charge from today in court on May 11.

The Ashley will update this story when more information becomes available.

(Photo: New Hanover County)



    1. He was convicted of domestic violence against the child’s mother (read while she was pregnant but I’m not sure about that part.) He was aware of the no contact order. I’m sure it’s in place for a good reason. As someone who had to go to court 3 times to get just a protection order, I can attest that they’re not handed out lightly and not without evidence. Dude’s a creep.

    2. That’s jenelles side of the story. She changes the story to fit her current relationship with the guy. She had no problem saying how her and Nathan didn’t fight and things were better then all of a sudden she was afraid he had her locked in the house. By the end of that episode she was defending Nathan and saying oh he just took the ring back. She has a very man flexible memory

  1. Red flag – he has a domestic violence protection order against his own child. Why would you let him anywhere near your children?

    1. The no contact order is for his ex, not the child. This story as to why he violated the order makes absolutely 0 sense. I bet “the source” doesn’t even know the real way the order was violated. They know what David tells them only. Most violent criminals aren’t known for their honesty.

      1. A lot of no contact/protection/restraining orders have additional restrictions added. For mine they were restricted from being around my workplace or even coming in contact with my dog (unlikely but, yanno, criminals and all.) It’s highly likely the order also prohibited contact with the child as well, especially if the ex has full custody. Never can tell with information from Jenelle and Co., though.

    2. She said last night she has to protect him because he’s so innocent lol maybe she missed this mug shot and his record

  2. @TheAshley-
    Reddit is saying Jenelle was arrested today too, for cyberstalking!! Any details you can find out??

  3. I’m surprised it took this long. Jenelle or her boyfriends don’t usually go on that long without getting handcuffed.

  4. After looking through her IG account I thought that she finally found herself a decent guy. He seems so involved with her kids, Kaiser especially, and even Jenelle looks different when they are together. Unfortunately, I was wrong, yet not very surprised, I mean it’s Jenelle after all, so what’s new?

  5. God help Jenelle when this tool unleashes his real self on her! He is at least a foot taller and has at least 100 pounds on her. She looks like a child next to him.

    Of all the men she has paraded on social media (and we haven’t even seen him on air yet) this guy gives me the chills and the extreme creeps. How can she let him around her sons?? I was floored she was defending his extreme creepy post about Kaiser. Unless it really was her that posted it under his IG (which is possible, and makes it even worse!).
    I hope Nathan gets custody (I never thought I would be a Nathan advocate, but…)
    Just wow.

    1. I wouldn’t even want this asshole around my dogs, how does Juh-nell give him access to her babies?

      1. Because she isn’t any type of mom she is a a egg donor so many other women out there can’t have kids and people like her get them and and don’t deserve it

      1. It was a picture of Kaiser with one side of his diaper undone and Kaiser had his hand down his diaper, while looking into the camera. “Uncle Dave” posted it with a bunch of disgusting hashtags. Seriously, it was sickening. Instagram took it down after 20 minutes for child porn, but you know damn well a bunch of pedo’s screenshotted that pic and it’s probably now on a bunch of sicko sites. ?

        1. What??!!? And once again jenelle proves that she truly loves her kids by letting that douche around her kids. What a shame

        2. Ew ew ew ew no please tell me that’s not true! Oh no I honestly hope a third party gets custody here, if Jenelle has her baby around someone like that… She doesn’t deserve kids.

        3. That picture was staged to begin with and meant to trigger Nathan in order to bring a rumor up that would make him look bad.

      2. See this is what I mean. I’m seeing on all these stories people haven’t heard about the Kaiser picture crime. But millions know all about Trash heaps visit to Dr. Miami or how she needs an iv from drinking. I’m sorry but in my world protecting Kaiser should be more important news to report.

    2. Ch-ch-ch ah-ah-ah… That’s the Friday the 13th sound I hear in my head when I see that dude. Now that you’ve heard it, you’ll have it happen to you too! He’s a right creepy phucker, ain’t he?

  6. I was hoping maybe someone did something about the picture of Kaiser he posted online instead of ignoring as everyone else seems to be doing. It’s still not being reported on anywhere it appears and it is far more serious them half the stories we hear about these losers. Please can that story get some attention so that maybe some action will be taken i.e. Amber’s domestic violence charge that would have been ignored without media awareness.

    1. According to several of the Teen Mom tumblr blogs it’s been reported to the police. Most news outlets and blogs are choosing not to circulate it any more (and take it down if they did initially) but it was already seen by millions of people because of J’s followers.

      1. #deeznuts #gotem #almostaman #toobigformybritches #canttouchthis #notashamed #teamKaiser

        I have a link to a screenshot from the picture with the hashtags but I’m not going to post it. That website should erase that picture first. That boy has been humiliated and put on display enough.
        I say this picture is staged. His diaper is not put on right, there’s a huge gap. That boy did not put his hand in his diaper.
        Maybe he touched himself and that trash covered him a bit with a diaper to make a picture for online use. Always walking on the lines of what’s barely legal.
        This was a set up to piss off Nate in order to bring something else up.
        JE and Dave are sick perverts.

  7. I knew it was only a matter of time before he got arrested. But my prediction was only half right because I was sure he would get arrested for domestic violence against Jenelle. This girl really knows how to pick em!

    1. Give it time.

      Nothing says “I’m in a relationship with Jenelle Evans” quiet like a string of mugshots, and being dragged out her front door in handcuffs by the police.

  8. That pictures looks like the title should say “Man caught on backyard deer cam eating entire group of people”. He was apprehended after three girlses at the gas station reported having their sugar packets and lunchables stolen on their midnight run to get lunch for the next day.

  9. Enty said the address he was arrested at was a hair salon… (not the one the Ex works at though supposedly)

      1. Guys leave him alone! He’s storing up nuts for his inevitable DV jail stay. It’s only a matter of time before JE cries “strangle sheet” and they lock his goofy-lookin ass away.

  10. If that story is true, the arrest is a waste of time and court resources. And the ex is doing a disservice to the kid keeping him away from his father. The parents are idiots and the kids pay tge price.

  11. just to play devil’s advocate here: it’s not like he sought the boy out. he spotted him at a store and hugged him. whose to say the kid didn’t run up to him? it’d be hard and cold to turn away and not even acknowledge him. seems like an overreaction to call the cops for it.

    1. That would mean you believe an article put out by Jenelle to Radar…and that is downright scary if you do.

      1. Whoops I downvoted by accident. Wish I could take it back though because yeah believing anything Jenelle says is extremely stupid.

        1. If you refresh the page you can upvote and it’ll remove your downvote. I’ve done it too.

    2. Considering that the child is 2 and hasn’t seen Eason in many months, I find that scenario unlikely. He probably has no clue who Eason is, tbh.

    3. How do you know he did not drive past 7 other supermarkets first??? You don’t.
      Maybe he picked this one on purpose. Maybe he followed his ex MIL when he saw her car. You don’t know.
      He visits his family and what do you know, he runs into his son in that tiny bit of time he is in town.

      1. exactly, we don’t know. and i love the selectiveness that goes on when people resond lmao, i said just to play advocate, IF this is true. and people go nuts. it’s so ridiculous it cracks me up, i LOVE it

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