‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans NOT Arrested Today: Here’s the Real Story (Exclusive)

When you didn't get arrested today and you're feeling like a champ...
When you didn’t get arrested today and you’re feeling like a champ…

Earlier today, The Ashley reported that David Eason, the boyfriend of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was arrested in North Carolina for violating a domestic violence protective order that is currently filed against him. When curious ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans went to the New Hanover Sheriff’s Office website to see David’s name on the daily arrest log, another familiar name appeared on the log: Jenelle Evans!

According to the website, Jenelle was arrested for cyberstalking this afternoon at the Detention Center. Moments after that news started to circulate on Twitter, Jenelle insisted that she was not arrested and was simply served with some papers.

The Ashley can reveal that Jenelle is actually telling the truth. According to a representative of the New Hanover Sheriff’s Department, Jenelle was not actually arrested today, despite how the Sheriff’s Department website has it listed.

“It wasn’t actually arrest,” the representative told The Ashley exclusively. “She was served with a criminal summons. A criminal summons is a paper that states that someone is accusing you of a crime, and telling you to show up in court for a judge to decide if a crime has been committed.”

The representative tells The Ashley that the summons was for the crime of cyberstalking…and it was filed by Nathan Joseph Griffith, Jenelle’s ex and the father of her son, Kaiser.

“She didn’t actually go behind bars, there was no arrest,” the rep from the Sheriff’s Department tells The Ashley.

Jenelle will have to answer to the new criminal summons on April 18, according to the rep.

Since Jenelle wasn’t arrested, she didn’t have to take a new mugshot, so David’s new (extremely creepy) mug will have to tide us over for now! However, this new cyberstalking charge will be added to Jenelle’s heap ‘o’ legal issues.

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  1. Shame shame shame on Mtv for making so many trainwrecks rich furthering their horrible decision making abilities and definitely effecting these childrens lives and not for the better either.shut this bullshit down then maybe some of these kids have a chance. Mtv is seriously irresponsible!

    1. So you and the three people so far that have liked your comment believe these mid twenty-somethings have no (majority share) accountability for their actions? Let’s blame all companies that pay any employee/contractor a salary that makes irresponsible decisions.

      1. The commenter isn’t saying that JE isn’t responsible or accountable for her own actions. She’s saying that MTV is irresponsible in their own right for continuing to enable JE and I assume Leah Messer by bankrolling their train wreck lives. There’s no doubt that the worse the mom, the bigger the cluster fuck of a life these girls have and put on camera, the better the ratings and profits.

        It IS shameful of MTV to keep these mentally ill, unfit mothers on tv and for MTV to continue to cut these losers fat checks season after season. No doubt it’s highly entertaining but JE is severely mentally ill and needs help.

  2. i just hope this new girl nathan is with is good to kai. it’s basically his only hope. nathan is either really high or really low emotionally and has brain damage making him have a short fuse and be suspicious. at this point i do think he’s the better option, but he’s not who i’d let take care of my kid. maybe this jessica is a decent person. of course, kai will still be subjected to fighting cuz nathan gets wasted and picks fights. just sucks for that baby. and for the record, i do NOT think a pic like that is a reason to take a child. there’s plenty valid ones in this case, but no. was the caption in poor taste? yes. should people watch that kind of stuff cuz it could end up on a kiddie porn website? yes. but u can’t live your life always worrying a shot of your baby in a diaper will be looked at wrong, it’s out of anyone’s hands. and all little boys do that, no one put his hands down. people saying, oh, david must do that. remember al bundy? men do that sometimes, get over it. so many other things to worry about, geez.

  3. This girl is a serious train wreck. She clearly don’t want nor deserve Kaiser U see in the clip she was willing to let Nathan mom have him we’d thru Sunday that would leave her 2days with him what kind of mom of is she. Some one needs to step up and take him from her this is a clear example of how screwed up the systems are

    1. She only wanted to give him to her, because she was sooo overwhelmed by his constant cries. I mean after all Jenelle has a life and friends she needs to spend time with, and it’s clear that Kaiser is too selfish and wants to be with her all the time. She even left him in his crib and turned off the lights, yet the kid didn’t stop, duuude.

  4. I have screenshots of the cyber stalking incident if you want to see them. I’ll message them to you. I also have pictures of Nathan’s custody papers. He has a whole heap of reasons listed as why the defendent should not have primary custody of the minor child, a lot of it is about David. Nathan is extremely pissed that Jenelle showed his military disability papers to a tabloid site as well as some stuff with Kaiser she posted just a few days ago. I’ll email you the screenshots that I took and some that I found.

    Nathan is extremely upset about the Snapchat where both Jenelle and David took and then SS and posted to social media with Kaisers hands down his pants. They got into a heated spat on Twitter about it and Jenelle and David both took it down. Not before Jenelle told the world about Nathan being molested as a child first though.

    1. Honestly I don’t blame him. I don’t like Nathan but if I were him I’d want to kill David and Jenelle.

    2. I don’t think they took the photo down, I keep seeing that Instagram removed it after 21 minutes or so due to so many reporting it. I think they would have kept it up if it were up to them.

    3. So what was the cyber stalking incident about?
      And stuff with Kaiser?
      I’ve seen the court papers and the picture, her sick way of bringing Nathan’s past up. It’s online.

    4. I don’t understand how one incident can represent stalking. Doesn’t stalking mean harassment over time?

    5. So nathan went through something awful as a child and jenelle threw it against him and let the world know?!? You know, as someone who claims to be the victim of domestic violence so much, you would think she would have some empathy. But nope, not at all. Seriously, jenelle, just when I think I can’t think any less of you. I seriously hope karma comes and bites her in her a$$.

  5. Jenelle’s lawyer makes bank on her. I wonder what happened to the total bro lawyer that Jenelle used to have? Dusty or something? Did he decided Jenelle wasn’t worth the money? Did he finally grow ethics?

    1. He was her lawyer while she was in North Carolina, she had to get a new lawyer when she moved to South Carolina… but now that she is back in NC, maybe we will see Dustin again?!?!?

      1. Lots of us can’t wait so see Dustin back!

        You sort of despise him for being such a good lawyer to JE but you forget and forgive when you see him.
        The looks on his face when Jenelle is making stupid remarks or demands are hilarious. You can almost see him repeating a mantra to himself ‘I will keep calm, I will stay professional and breathe. ..’.

      1. Yeah, I honestly don’t think either of them are fit parents. I feel so sad for her poor babies.

  6. It’s a little premature to say she wasn’t arrested today, she still has a few hours to go until midnight. You never know what Jenelle could get into in that time!

    1. Babs: Oh, hi Juhnelle. Make anotha’ mugshot today?
      Jenelle: No
      Babs: Well, Juhnelle, I seen it’s only 4:30

  7. She was given a court summons and for served with papers and apparently the system got it wrong and they said she was arrested

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