Family Visits & Activities: Inside ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell’s Rehab Stay

Sending good vibes to Catelynn!
Sending good vibes to Catelynn!

Earlier this month, Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell announced that she was heading to an Arizona rehab facility to get treatment for her depression and anxiety. Catelynn had discussed her mental health issues during the show’s most-recent season, and on March 16, she checked herself into an inpatient facility to seek help. (Catelynn has made it clear that she is not at the rehab center for any type of substance abuse issues.)

Catelynn has not updated her social media since she arrived at the treatment center, but according to her stepfather, Butch Baltierra, Catelynn is “doing really good” in treatment. The Ashley can confirm that Catelynn is at the Sierra Tucson facility, which is the same facility that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer sought treatment for her mental health issues last year.

Since checking into rehab, Catelynn has had a few visitors. Last week, Catelynn’s husband, Tyler Baltierra, paid her a visit, as did their daughter, Nova. The Ashley can confirm that Catelynn’s mother, April, also made the trip to Arizona to visit Catelynn.

It’s no surprise that Catelynn’s closest family members have visited her, as Sierra Tucson encourages their patients’ family to participate in a Family Program. According to the facility’s website, the Family Program is “designed to assist patients and family members in identifying problems that have had significant impact on the family system. Additionally, this program will work to change attitudes and, ultimately, behaviors between family members and patients, as well as clarify their role as healthy, supportive figures.”

In addition to attending therapy sessions and working with the facility’s staff, Catelynn also has the opportunity to work with horses and therapy dogs, do outdoor activities like rock climbing and swimming, and work out in a gym.

Catelynn has not revealed how long she will be at the facility, or if MTV is filming her while she is in treatment. (The other ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls are currently filming the show’s next season.) However, from what The Ashley has heard, Catelynn is due to leave the facility on April 16, but she cannot confirm that date yet.

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  1. I have suffered off and on from anxiety since I was 14 years old.I wish I had 50K to go away somewhere nice for a few weeks and have a staff of experts cater to me and solve my problems. This show is about as realistic as Gilligan’s Island.

  2. Poor Novalee! Catelynn should have gotten help BEFORE bringing another innocent child into this world.

    1. Well maybe she had her issues and health under control and bringing another child in to the world is what aggravated everything and caused new problems … Postpartum depression?

  3. Out of curiosity I looked up the rehab facility’s cost for a 30-day treatment and it was listed at just under 50 THOUSAND dollars. For that much money, do you think they’re doing a full brain transplant?

  4. I think Caitlyn will do good when she gets done…she just needs to use the tools she learns. She will be ok if she has everyone’s support?

  5. I used to like this couple a lot better but they are starting to wear thin. Get real jobs. Step up as parents. And Tyler, quit talking about what you’re going to do and do it! Something! Anything!

    1. Depression whether clinical or postpartum is not the patients fault. And it can be serious. Coupled with her anxiety I applaud her for getting the help she needs to be a better mother and wife and to feel better about herself. I think they’ve done remarkably well so far with their lives.

      1. Remarkably well? They haven’t done a thing with their lives. And she should have gotten help before having another child.

    2. I agree them along with A lot of other teen Moms depend on a check from the show they aren’t teaching their kids anything except a easy ride in life so sad. Get a damn job already

    3. “Get real jobs”
      …Except the girls are making 250,000 a season … They’re basically being paid 250,000 to be stay-at-home-moms while their children are young (in exchange for being filmed for a portion of each year in their role).

      A lot of moms would jump at chance to stay home with their children when they were young, if they could afford it – let alone if they could be making a huge amount of money doing so. Makes sense someone like Chelsea would prefer to work on top of that, despite not needing the money, because her only child is of school-age now. Same with Farrah (not that she’s anything like Chelsea when it comes to being a Mom but in terms of having other projects/jobs). The girls get a lot of flack for not having “real jobs” but Leah, Caitlyn, and Maci have young children and staying home with them isn’t unlike many, many other moms around the country (when it comes to staying home I mean). It is very possible to get back in to the workforce or go back to school when your children get older.
      Personally, I work part time and my daughter is a year old and I chose to go back to work, and that is what I wanted. I know not everybody wants that though.

  6. someone commented on teen mom truth tumblr that leah was not where she said for a month. did the ashley confirm leah was there too?

  7. Good luck Cait. I really like she and Tyler the most and hope this go improve for them and their’s to better days.

  8. It takes courage to do this, so kudos and cheers for her. It takes even more courage and bravery to apply what is being learned after shes done with her treatment. Good for her, I hope she comes out shining.

  9. Tucson. For the love of God, it’s spelled Tucson.

    I’m surprised she didn’t end up somewhere in Wickenburg, Sierra Tucson hasn’t had the best press surrounding them lately.

    1. Sierra Tucson is a paradise compared to the hell of Wickenburg. The two aren’t easily confused.

  10. I’ve done my fair share of bashing them but i genuinely hope this helps her get better. Perhaps she watched last season and realized how far she had fallen.

    These two are still a bit immature but i hope she gets better and they both start doing more

  11. I wonder how pissed Leah is that no one is questioning whether or not Caitlyn is REALLY there for drug addiction. “Why does everyone believe her and not me?!” *eyeroll*

  12. I wonder how much time in total while Caitlyn is away where Tyler is the main person taking care of Novalee? I bet he is using this time as another vacation/break from being a husband and parent. I wish both them well but I think they were still too young and immature to raise a child.

    1. I don’t think the age has anything to do with it. I agree with you that they are to immature. If I had given up my first child for adoption, I would have waited years and years until everything in my life was set to have another child. It is mind boggling to me! This place sounds like a resort! I get stress and anxiety on a daily basis but that is called life!

      1. I think they are pretty much are set. I mean, Caitlyn makes like $250k a season now, right? And I’m guessing Tyler’s pay is close to that since he’s been on this show since the beginning. So I would say that financially they’re fine. Which I’m sure is why neither one of them gets a job. They have no reason to right now.

        Obviously they’re not going to recognize that they are too immature to have had a 2nd kid, so what else did you want them to wait years and years for?

        1. No, he WAS her step-father but now he and April are divorced so he is only her father-in-law. Makes more sense to use the current relationship.

      1. I thought the same he USED to be her step-father, but considering they are divorced now he is just her father-in-law. If he were still her step-father it would be pretty weird considering they would be step-siblings.

    1. I wonder if he realizes it yet. This guy has turned into a really insufferable slacker blowhard. He sits around thinking he is special, smarter and better than everyone else and yet does absolutely nothing but talk talk talk.

  13. I am rooting for her. She is a sweetheart. Say what you want about her and Tyler, but they habe not forgotten where they came from. They are sweet and personable with fans. It is the kind hearted people that seem sensitive to depression like this. I just hope and pray Cate gets better for her family and fans.

    1. They were on vacation where I live in florida. My friend was eating at a restaurant by them and got a picture and said they were the nicest people you will ever meet!

    2. Of course they haven’t forgotten where they came from- they’ve done nothing to improve themselves and are still there 6 years & 1 child later!

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