‘Little Women: LA’ Star Briana Manson Confirms She’s Pregnant

"I'm having a baby too!"
“I’m having a baby too!”

The Little Women: LA cast is getting a little bigger (pun intended!)

Cast member Briana Manson just confirmed that she is pregnant with her first child with husband Matt EricssonTMZ broke the story earlier today that Briana is currently about five months pregnant, and that she and Matt do not yet know the sex of their baby.

“Now I can finally share!” Briana tweeted on Wednesday afternoon, along with the link to the TMZ story.

Briana and Matt, who married in 2015, each have children of their own from previous relationships. Briana has daughter Leiana, who is a little person, while Matt has two average-sized sons from his previous marriage.

TMZ states that Briana’s pregnancy announcement will be featured on an upcoming episode of ‘Little Women: LA’

Briana and Matt are not the only ‘Little Women: LA’ stars that are currently expecting. Last month, cast member Elena Gant announced that she and her husband Preston are expecting twins. They have not yet revealed the sex of their babies.

Watch a sneak peek clip of the ‘Little Women: LA’ episode in which Briana reveals her pregnancy to Matt.

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  1. This girl seems like she has zero confidence, self respect and intelligence. That Matt guy is creepy and everyone who knows him sees it too. I think she would have married and got pregnant for any guy that gave her attention. When you’re whole family and friends don’t like your partner it’s not because they don’t want you to be happy it’s because they aren’t blinded by love/lust and can see the true person and want better for you or not to get hurt.

  2. Ugh, I really hope that if there is another season of this show that these 2 yuckos won’t be back… Watching them is seriously more annoying to watch than Amber and her yuck. Both matts are users, abusers, and overall creeps. The fact that this fool has gone from close to her family and sister to smack talking them behind their backs for this yuck is just NO. Add in the way she talks to her “friends” is just so bullish, always looking for drama and sympathy.

    1. I can’t stand Terra (sp?) and Brianna. There’s a fine line between confidence and cocky and those two think so highly of themselves that is blows my mind.

      1. Oh I know, I had no issues in terms of terra until the recent episodes where it’s just ridiculous with the two of them. Terra is going nowhere though unfortunately because she is the executive producer (I think) of the show. Both are major hypocrites that say one thing then turn around and twist or deny, grown women that are married with children time to grow out of the high school crap.

  3. “How are these women able to even be pregnant”

    I can help here, what you do is put the P in the V and move it around a little bit. Then the baby comes.

    1. Did you not read my comment? I stated that I know little people and they cannot get pregnant due to being little people. My friend who is a little person has been trying for years and she got pregnant once and lost it due to her small stature and the doc pretty much told her it would kill her if she went through a pregnancy. She knew someone that that happened to too. It just seems like this little people are popping out kids like candy that is very dangerous for them and the baby. These two already have three kids between the both of them. Kind of selfish.

      1. Its not fair to my friend who is a good example of a little person and doesn’t walk around and act like a hoochie that they are just popping kids out like crazy and not being responsible. Doesn’t one of the girls (I think its one of the twins)on this show’s parents raise her son? While she is out parting and acting like a whore? It really makes me and my friend mad becasue she and her husband would be a good responsible parentd and then seeing this tater thots having kids by all different guys by the dozen and then their parents are raising them.

        1. Tayta, this is LA little women not Atlanta. All the women on LA are married and have kids. You shouldn’t judge them you don’t know their true story. Also Christy proved that they all can’t get pregnant. She has been trying and trying with her husband Todd. She is going to adopt and maybe your friend should too. As the saying goes once you stop trying, it may happen. Just like with my own mom who could not conceive.

  4. How are these women able to even be pregnant?Are they using a surrogate? I know a few little people and due to them being little people they cannot have kids. They hate this show they claim that they give little people a bad name.They say that they want to be treated like everyone else but then they only hang out with other little people and are acting like mini Jersey Shore. I hate these TATER THOTS!!!!!!!!!! My friends that are little people call them that!

    1. Of course they can get pregnant. They have all the same equipment that “average-sized” women have. Sometimes it just can be more difficult to conceive, and their pregnancies are considered high-risk, as due to their size, the added weight makes things difficult.

    2. I think using the phrase “tater thots” is both misspelled and offensive. Just because your friends use that phrase, doesn’t make it right. In fact, it may make it worse as they should be more sensitive to the plight of someone else with their stature.

      1. They call them that because of how they act. Like little hoochies!!! Not becasue of their size. Same concept as a African American that calls a black person a you know what becasue they are acting a fool and giving them a bad name.

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