‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: A Sleepy Mom & A Stolen Son

"Not again!"
She forgot the ‘ding’ in front of the ‘dang it’ but that’ll do just fine…

Gather ’round kiddies; it’s time for another episode of Teen Mom 2! Now that we are officially two episodes into Season 7, things are about to get craaaazy! Hold on to your Lunchables!

We kick things off somewhere in the Carolinas, where Jenelle is frying up some hot dogs and devising new ways to torture her ex, Nathan. She tells us that she’s currently withholding Kaiser from him (the baby, not the type of bread roll that’s suitable for hoagies and other sandwiches).

As Jenelle fries up her Farmer John’s, Kaiser is screaming from his high chair. Fortunately, Jenelle has enlisted her trusty trashpail-of-a-pal, Tori, to help her watch her kid. Unfortunately, Tori seems to be the one that needs the HIGHchair because…well….

"You'd cry too if you had these two knuckleheads around you!"
“You’d cry too if you had these two knuckleheads around you!”

As Kaiser screams, Jenelle says she’s starting to get “overwhelmed.” Wait now– isn’t this the same girl who’s trying to fight her mother for custody of her other child? So…she can’t handle one screaming baby on her own, yet she’s trying to get her second kid thrown on the heap of things she is responsible for not killing? Makes sense…

Kaiser is screaming bloody murder because his processed meat products are not being prepared fast enough. Jenelle is scrambling and looking generally freaked out and we see that eventually Kaiser gets a hot dog in a bun.

Now, The Ashley is certainly no Mary Poppins or anything but…is it really safe to give a baby a big ol’ piece of hot dog? Hasn’t anyone seen ‘Field of Dreams’?! Wasn’t the tagline for that movie “If you give them full hot dogs….they will choke?”

Anyway, Jenelle eventually can’t stand it anymore and cuts Kaiser’s meal time short. She yanks him out of the highchair and plops him into his crib in his room, turns off the lights and shuts the door. Kaiser continues to scream, but Jenelle is “about to go insane” so she just pretends she doesn’t hear him and takes an ice cream break. As you do.

It’s seriously like we are watching an old episode of 16 and Pregnant or something. Jesus God (Leah).

"Hmm...who can I pawn Kevin....er...Kaiser off on?"
“Hmm…who can I pawn Kevin….er…Kaiser off on?”

Since she’s been parenting Kaiser all by herself dude, Jenelle decides she needs a break. She is going to call Nathan’s mom and ask her to basically adopt her screaming child for the next week or so. (She’d ask her own mom but poor Babs is still taking care of Jenelle’s other offspring.)

Before she can unload the kid on Grandmama, however, Jenelle has to call Nathan to tell him the plan. She is, of course, nervous to call him because 1) she’s obviously still in love with him and 2) she’s worried she’ll hear the sounds of Nathan making sweet, sweet love to his new girlfriend. (Also….ew.)

Luckily, the phone conversation is short, and Nathan agrees that Jenelle can burden his mom with the task of unexpectedly taking on the childcare of Kaiser for nearly a week.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is taking Aubree and Cole to the pumpkin patch to pick out warty pumpkins. Aubree is happy that she finally has a strong man to pull her in a wagon around the pumpkin patch.

"Did someone say wedding?!"
“Did someone say wedding?!”

The next day, Chelsea goes out to lunch with some rando friend who has apparently chosen Chelsea to be one of her bridesmaids. Her friend’s wedding makes Chelsea think of her own future, and she mentions that she’s hoping that Cole proposes in the near future.

Next, it’s time for the rando to ask about Adam‘s latest hi-jinks. Chelsea, who normally scoffs at the mention of her ex’s name, actually lights up when her friend brings up Adam. Why, you ask? Because Adam has just had professional portraits taken to show off his buffed-up birthday suit. As you do (if you’re Farrah).

Now that will haunt your nightmares, eh?
Now that will haunt your nightmares, eh?

Chelsea whips out her phone to show her friend the photo, which Adam has proudly posted to his Instagram account. Adam looks downright insane in said photo. He has this really intense look on his face, and his body is bulging out all over the place. And, of course, to keep it classy, Adam has had a girl stick her hand on his crotch to cover his Sperminator.

“I feel, like, dirty looking at it,” Chelsea tells her friend, adding that she’s so thankful to have a guy like Cole, who is good with Aubree and keeps his naked naughty bits off of the Interwebs.

In Delaware, Kail is on the phone with her ever-present pal, Sterling, trying to get some advice about what to do about Javi‘s tantrums about being around Jo.

When you're in the mood but then your wife makes you picture Jo's girlfriend giving "birfff"...
When you’re in the mood but then your wife makes you picture Jo’s girlfriend giving “birfff”…

Later that night, Javi is lying in bed, lookin’ like he’s ready for some lovin’ when Kail comes in. Unfortunately, Kail’s not interested in doing the “Wacky Snake Dance” tonight. Instead, she tells Javi that Vee is about to shoot the Spawn of Jo from her loins. Talk about a picture that can kill a mood!

Since Javi knows that there’s zero chance of getting some lovin’, he decides it’s fine to bring up some bad news. He tells Kail that he may be getting sent overseas on deployment and Kail does her best to act surprised. She fails miserably, of course, and it’s totally obvious that Kail has known about this for a while and this scene was staged.

Javi tells Kail that he’d rather not spend the rest of his pre-deployment time with Rappin’ JoJo  and Vee. Kail says that she understands, but that it puts her in a weird spot, because she’s stuck listening to Jo spit rhymes for a minimum of 20 more years.

"Them ding-dang kids are always hungry!"
“Them ding-dang kids are always hungry!”

Finally, we check in with the Pride of West Virginia, Leah. It’s hard to imagine that Leah could top the Great Lunchless Caper of last week. However, while Leah has not been very successful in love…or money matters…or keeping enough groceries in the house to keep her kids fed…she is always successful in delivering some Class A ‘Teen Mom 2’ drama!

Jeremy currently has Addie (and is probably trying to pump her stomach as we speak to get all of the Sweet ‘n’ Low she downed last episode out of her system). Leah has the twins who– wouldn’t ya know it?!– are actually hungry and thirsty again! What is wrong with these kids, always wanting food and/or drink?

When you realize that you're about two minutes away from slugging down syrup...
When you realize that you’re about two minutes away from slugging down syrup…

Aleeah goes to the fridge, hoping to find a sugar grenade drink or, at the very least, a few drops at the bottom of a flat two-liter of Mountain Dew. Alas, she finds that Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is once again bare. She literally crawls into the refrigerator and declares that Leah doesn’t have anything for her to drink.

It appears that Leah, does, indeed have a few liquids in the fridge, however. There’s some sort of bright pink chemical in a plastic bottle but it’s possible that it could be 1) older than Mama Dawn or 2) radioactive so Aleeah declines to drink it.

“God! You never even have nuthin’! Dangit, Mom!” Aleeah screams, before trotting out to the front lawn to wail and flop down dramatically.

"Safety first, y'all!"
“Safety first, y’all!”

Leah is unfazed by all this, of course. She tightens her sea sickness bands on her arms and waits for her trusty cousin, Chasity, to arrive.

Um…can we talk about why the hell Leah’s wearing sea sickness bands?! No one ever addresses it, yet MTV made sure to zoom in on them and include them in the scene. Maybe Leah found them in the garbage and thought it was sure a shame to see good sweatbands go to waste?  Either that or Leah is suffering from some sort of ailment that makes her nauseous (and makes her look like she’s been reincarnated as a dust rag).


Chasity apparently ignores that wailing and flailing child on the lawn and comes in to plop down next to Leah on the boat couch.

Leah fills Chasity in on what happened at Ali’s last doctors appointment, and reveals that she’s struggling with Ali’s diagnosis. Chasity isn’t used to dealing with doctor-speak and whatnot, so she offers wisdom the best she can, and tells Leah not to argue with Corey anymore.


“There are more important things than arguing ’bout stupid things,” Chasity advises.

It must be time for Leah to change her sea sick bands because the scene ends there….

Back in North Carolina, our gal Babs is dodging Tonka trucks that are being heaved at her by her mask-wearing grandson. Jace better be careful! Soon enough Babs will be marching  laundry baskets full of his stuff out of the house and telling him to have fun living in the street!

Jenelle, meanwhile, is upset when she finds out that Nathan has taken Kaiser to Boston without her permission. Nathan finally admits that he and Kaiser are traveling with “that girl” (aka the girl Jenelle slugged with a glass), and Jenelle is angry.

“I feel like my son has been taken from me, and I feel like I’m never going to get my son back,” Jenelle says.

Well, yeah…but I thought we were talking about Kaiser here, not Jace?

"Wait....you have TWO kids? What the hell?"
“Wait….you have TWO kids? What the hell?”

Tori is doing her best to try to keep her eyes open during Jenelle’s wailing about how Kaiser’s been kidnapped. Jenelle is angry because she doesn’t know who’s feeding Kaiser hot dogs, or if he’s being taken care of.  I mean, what if he’s just stuck in a crib somewhere, crying alone in the dark.


Jenelle declares that she wouldn’t have let Nathan take Kaiser to Boston, even if he had asked, because she doesn’t want Kaiser near Nathan’s girlfriend.

“This is the girl that’s pressing charges against me!” Jenelle wails.

Um…yeah because you threw a glass at her damn head!

At this point, Jenelle's eyebrow things should really get their own torn-piece-of-paper nametag...
At this point, Jenelle’s eyebrow things should really get their own torn-piece-of-paper nametag…

Jenelle states that as soon as she gets Kaiser back, she will be withholding him from Nathan until Nate drags her ass to court. Meanwhile, Tori is just staring vacantly at Jenelle. She’s either HIGH! HIGH! or just trying her best not to laugh at whatever the hell is going on with Jenelle’s eyebrows. Seriously, it looks like she just cut two pieces of Halloween beard and glued them over her eyelids. Tori– be a true friend! Get Jenelle a mirror!

Over in the hills of the WV, Leah is lounging on her couch. Since she’s got some time off from work…er…school….er…cleaning the house, she decides to call up her dingdang lawyer to find out if the judge has made a decision about whether or not that gosh dern Corey Tyler is gonna get to take them twin girls away from her. The lawyer tells her that when she gets news, she’ll let her know.

"What the hell was I thinking?"
“What the hell was I thinking?”

Later, the kids are rolling around on the floor as Jeremy brings a sleeping Addie into the house. Jeremy seems contractually obligated to ask Leah about her court date with Corey, but he doesn’t even wait to hear her answer before he starts heading toward the door.

Aleeah is screaming and Leah looks zonked out of her mind. At one point, Jeremy actually looks up at the sky, almost as if to thank the Good Lord that he doesn’t have to live in Leah’s Trashheap of Chaos anymore.

Leah, however, is happy to have all three of her youngins under her roof at the same time.

Back in South Dakota, Adam wants to meet up with Chelsea to discuss him getting more custody of Aubree, but Chelsea refuses to meet with him and only wants to talk via lawyers.

When you finally use your MTV money for something other than booze and legal fees...
When you finally use your MTV money for something other than booze and legal fees…

Adam is making a big change in his life: he’s just purchased his first home. He brings his Skeletor-like pal Justin with him to go pick up the keys to his new place. This is a big day for Adam, and he’s quite proud of himself, as he should be.

He’s just bought a big house…and it’s been years since he’s found himself in the Big House. (The South Dakota penal system is understandably relieved that Adam has given them a break for the last few years.)

"I feel so unwanted..."
“I feel so unwanted…”

Adam tells Justin that he also recently got his drivers license back (for the first time in five years). Justin looks worried. If Adam no longer needs someone to cart him around, where does that leave our face-flesh-challenged pal, Justin?

Now that Adam has a job, a house and a drivers license, he feels that he is more than capable of getting more custody of both of his daughters.

Chelsea is not feeling it. She tells her dad Randy that she’s worried that Adam may get more custody, so Randy suggests that Chelsea try to modify the child support that Adam pays for Aubree, since it is the lowest possible amount a father is allowed to pay per month.

I think this is Randy's subtle way of calling Adam a loser...
I think this is Randy’s subtle way of calling Adam a loser…

Chelsea brings up that the measly $171 a month that she’s getting from Adam doesn’t even cover the food Aubree eats in a month.

Chelsea decides to file for more support, even though she knows that Adam’s gonna crap his gym shorts when he finds out he’s going to have to pay Chelsea more money.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is busy cutting out pictures of Kaiser and pasting them on the milk cartons of North Carolina. Just kidding. She’s actually meeting up Jace and Babs.

"Ya motha looks extra bitchy today!"
“Ya motha looks extra bitchy today!”

“Oh hi Juh-nelle!” Babs cackles. “I haven’t seen ya in ages!”

Jenelle says it’s because she’s been so busy, what with all the worrying about who Nathan’s banging and whatnot. Jace looks at Jenelle like he wishes she would just go away. It’s almost like he wants to tell Babs, “Why are we still trying to make ‘Jenelle’ happen? It’s not going to happen.”

Babs reminds her “bitch of a daughta” that the last time she came up to Jenelle’s House of Terror, Jenelle wouldn’t let her in the house. (That’s probably a good thing, Babsy. At least you didn’t have to step over a passed-out Tori or maneuver around the creepy shrine to Nathan that Jenelle’s most likely assembled in her living room.)

"Well it's safe to say I didn't exactly have the best role models. Right, mom?"
“Well it’s safe to say I didn’t exactly have the best role models. Right, mom?”

Barb then informs Jenelle that Jace has been terrorizing her lately. Apparently the kid threw a Matchbox car at Barb’s face, and has been hitting her. He also hit Babs with a dog bone in the nose. Throwing things and hitting Barb? Hmm….I wonder where Jace learned that?

Jace argues that Babs has been mean to him, and thus deserved to be accosted with toy cars. He does this in a very creepy way, but no one seems to notice. Instead, Jenelle launches into a tirade about Nathan. Barb’s eyes start to roll back in her head at the very mention of Jenelle’s latest Nathan crisis.

"Ya gotta be kiddin' me!"
“Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!”

Jenelle wails that her son has been taken from her, yada yada, almost oblivious that the son that was actually taken from her is sitting right next to her, listening to her. Babs listens as Jenelle tells her that the North Carolina Police told her that, because Nathan is the father, he can take his kid wherever he wants, unless Jenelle has proof that she has legal custody.


A few days later, Nathan brings Kaiser back from Boston, and Jenelle goes to pick the kid up. She’s brought Trashbag Tori with her. Tori has somehow managed to acquire a hand wound, which Jenelle hints was from a stumble Tori took while she was “drunk and being crazy.” Jenelle encourages Tori to hide her hand from Nathan’s mom.

Tori, meanwhile, is doing her best to light her cigarette but–oopsie daisy— she just can’t hold on to the ciggie! It keeps falling out of her mouth as she and Jenelle arrive to pick up Jenelle’s long-lost kidnapped son…at a gas station.

(Perhaps while she’s there, Jenelle can pick up some food for Leah’s girls’ lunches?)

"If it's OK with you, I'd like to take my chances and live at the gas station."
“If it’s OK with you, I’d like to take my chances and live at the gas station.”

Jenelle retrieves her son from Nathan’s mom (who is obviously too embarrassed to allow her mug to appear on this crapstorm of a show). As soon as Jenelle puts Kaiser into her car, he begins to wail. Even Jenelle can’t blame the kid for crying.

“It’s OK,” she tells him. “I know you don’t want to get in here.”

Kaiser looks all groomed and spiffy. Jenelle notices this and automatically assumes that Kaiser has had his haircut by his “kidnappers.” In the time it took Jenelle to strap Kaiser into his seat, it seems that Tori has lost a few more brain cells (if that’s possible). She’s literally just sitting in the car, with her mouth all slack-jawed and hanging down.

"I won't tolerate my kid being showered and groomed! I just won't!"
“I won’t tolerate my kid being showered and groomed! I just won’t!”

Jenelle explains to her pal that clearly Nathan’s girlfriend cut Kaiser’s hair because, duh, she’s a hairstylist, dude.

We clearly know that it wasn’t Jessica who cut the hair. If it was her work, poor Kaiser would be rocking  some sort of god-awful Manic Panic-colored highlights.

Jenelle is still certain that Jessica cut Kaiser’s hair.

“That’s his first haircut, and I want to be there for that and take pictures and everything!” Jenelle screeches.

It’s hard when someone snatches the “Happy Family” Instagram moment right out from under you, isn’t it?!

We all know that Jenelle isn’t going to let Nathan and his new bone-babe get away with this, no sir! She calls him right up and starts screaming at him for letting Jessica cut Kaiser’s hair. Nathan says that no one cut the baby’s hair. He tells Jenelle that he’s in class and can’t talk, so, of course, Jenelle decides that she needs to “blow up his phone” to make things even more miserable.

Isaac is the sweetest kid ever. How the heck did Jo help make him?
Isaac is the sweetest kid ever. How the heck did Jo help make him?

Meanwhile, somewhere in Delaware, a new life has sprung from Vee’s loins. That’s right– Jo is now the father of a daughter, whom he and Vee are calling ViVi. (Hmm…I wonder who came up with that name?) Kail and Isaac are heading to the hospital to meet the newest member of Jo’s entourage, and Isaac is very excited to see his new sister.

On the way to the hospital, Isaac declares that Kail has “baby fever.” He then proceeds to be the cutest kid ever as he tries to wrap his head around ViVi only being one day old.

"Another kid...that's a good one!"
“Another kid…that’s a good one!”

Later that night, Javi is pushing big time for them to have a new baby of their own. Kail seems reluctant to have another baby, since she only has one more year of school before graduation.

Over in the holler, Leah seems to have misplaced her sea sickness bracelets (and, apparently, her hairbrush). She calls up her sister, Victoria and as soon as Victoria answers, Leah says, “I’m so annoyed today!”

Sorry, but if someone called me up and that’s the first thing I heard, I would use one of those really bad fake accents that people on 1990s sitcoms used to use when they were pretending to be someone else on the phone.

“Um….Victoria no en casa!”

"Dagnabit! Where the heck did I put my sea sickness bands? Those youngins' best not be wearin' 'em!"
“Dagnabit! Where the heck did I put my sea sickness bands? Those youngins’ best not be wearin’ ’em!”

Victoria, however, knows that Leah’s producer is probably just gonna call her back if she hangs up and refuses to listen to Leah’s drama, so she sighs and asks her sister what’s wrong this time. Leah starts yapping about how long it’s taking that gersh dern judge to decide who is in charge of buying the twins’ Lunchables.

Meanwhile, Aleeah is sharpening pencils in the kitchen (possibly to do her ‘rithmatic, possibly to stab her sisters with), and the noise is bothering Leah. She tells her kid to knock it off so she can continue her phone complaining. Aleeah goes and sits down next to Ali on the floor, which, for some reason is covered in what looks like Astroturf! It’s like Leah has assembled the most white-trash golf course in all of West Virginia right there in her dingdang living room!

I don't even understand what's happening here...
I don’t even understand what’s happening here…

Can’t you just picture Leah and Chasity with golf clubs (picked from the dumpster ’round back of Cracker Barrel, of course), putting around Leah’s living room, trying their best to avoid the obstacles strewn about? Instead of a sandtrap, there’s a pile of empty snack cake wrappers you have to maneuver around. Instead of having a flag mark each hole, there would just be a stick with some of Leah’s old hair extensions, gently blowing in the breeze.

Unfortunately, no one explains to us why Leah has Astrotuff putting green floors.

"Did I ever tell you the story 'bout the dye in the baby's head?"
“Did I ever tell you the story ’bout the dye in the baby’s head?”

The next day, The Law still hasn’t called Leah about the custody fight, so Leah is extra, um, tired today. She’s sitting on the couch, fighting to keep her eyes open and decides to call her sister. Leah asks Victoria to go fetch the youngins for her, because she’s just too dern “sleepy” to get in her Trashmobile and pick them up from school.

There’s no other way to say it: Leah’s looking rough as holy hell. Her eyes are all sunken in, her face is all broken out and her hair is wild.

There’s a life lesson to learn here, kids. Whatever has made Leah look this, um, sleepy: DON’T DO IT. Not even once.

"I'm gonna catch a few sleeps right quick!"
“I’m gonna catch a few sleeps right quick!”

Victoria agrees to get the twins because, well, she doesn’t want to see her nieces’ faces on the evening news. With responsibility for the girls properly pawned off, Leah settles down for a long winter’s nap. She grabs a blanket from a rag bag and curls up on the couch, while feral cats roam in and out of the door.

Parenting is hard y’alls!

Meanwhile, that pesky Corey is going to see his fantastically named lawyer, Rusty Webb. He tells Corey that the custody order has finally come down from the judge, and that Corey has been named the primary caretaker and legal custodian of the twins. He will also be allowed to share in the decision-making process when making decisions for his daughters.

"My babies will never want for Lunchables or juice again!"
“My babies will never want for Lunchables or juice again!”

Corey is overcome with emotion. He’s overjoyed to learn that he will be able to give the twins the stable life that they deserve. Leah will only have the girls Friday-Monday, so there will be only one day of Lunchable-less morning chaos for the girls during the school week.

Good job, Rusty Webb!

The episode ends with Corey and Miranda hugging and Leah dreaming of having the life she once had that was full of custody, Sour Patch Kids and the ability to buy wershers and dryers on the regular.

Next week, Leah learns that Corey has been awarded more time with the girls, Chelsea learns that Adam has posted inappropriate pics of Aubree, Kail learns that Jo’s angry side hasn’t gone away, and Jenelle learns that she can get an Insta-Soulmate whenever she needs one.

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  1. Unrelated to this particular scene with Ryne, I’m very curious if they have ever intervened when Juhnelle was seen with Kieffah, when Juhnelle was smokin’ da weed in front of Babs’ house, or when she and Keiffah was high, high, both high? Or when Leah accused people of puttin’ dye on da baby’s head?

    I can’t imagine a film crew wasn’t there for any of those scenes. I’m not saying that Ryan did is okay by any means, but some of making really bag decisions that could cause harm to themselves or others.

    1. @Juhnelle: Regarding Jenelle’s heroin use– yes they did! They contacted Barb to help stage an intervention. Wasn’t shown on the show! -The Ashley

  2. Secretly chinelle wants kieffer Back
    Her Leah and Farrah and Amber should loose custody m/access to their kids they aren’t fit to be parents

  3. This thing with Leah has reached a point where it isnt funny anymore. Its extremely dangerous. 3 little children should never, ever be left in the care of such an obvious dope addict. She is nodding out on the sofa while these small kids are left unsupervised and unattended. Not funny. This woman isnt “tired” She is obviously strung out on some serious sh*t. Those kids need to be totally removed from her care.

  4. I can tell you that at least one point, Leah was on heroin. That picture up there? That’s dope face, I know it well. I’ve never seen it quite like that from JUST pills. Unless she is getting huge amounts of unprescribed pills DAILY, that dope look is from hard drugs. Dope heads also have to take naps just like that. She looks as if she did some way before cameras got there and was coming down and needed a nap. Those sea sick bands? Dope heads some of them puke every time, or if they do a bigger amount. She’s probably trying to help the dope sickness. Remember if you are prescribed meds, after a few months you would be used to them and would NOT continue to act this way. Not even with opiates- you get used to them. She has been this way for several years now. Prescribed meds would not still have this effect. If anyone came into my office like this, they would be kicked out as a patient. She’s beyond believing the prescribed meds crap.

    1. Also I believe she may have a couple legitimate prescriptions that she is using to hide her heroin or other pill abuse. For instance, maybe she is prescribed a normal amount of medication, but is buying more off the street, or taking a bunch at once. I firmly believe this is how she skirts the system. I’ve seen it done. She seems as if she is doing just that. Sorry but after what, 3+ seasons acting this way, you are not very smart if you are trying to convince people that your prescribed meds are still doing this after all this time.

      1. you’re absolutely right too! her drug dealer did an interview awhile back saying she bought tons of percocets, oxys, lortabs, etc, $600 a week. so that’s where jeremy’s $ was ‘poofing’ to no doubt, and her disgusting minions seem to think he should’ve just ate that lol. usually when it’s this bad, they probably got to used to pills and went to heroin, but i think she is just taking astronomic amounts of pills. think about it, people go to heroin cuz it’s so much cheaper and they can’t afford $600 a week, but leah can! she makes six figures every season and doesn’t have a damn thing to show for it. also, she was on valid scripts so she turned those into the court so it was ok for them to show up in her system. so long as she doesn’t piss tabs when it should be perks, she’s golden! if only she’d gotten the kids to school on time she’d still have them so thank God for that.

  5. Kails marriage is a joke. She wants to play the perfect little life to show her mom that she’s better than her and can be a perfect wife/mother so she pretends like she wants what she’s been shown is “normal”. I wish she’d live her life in a way that makes her happy rather than this. Makes me sick to see how fake she is. I don’t see her marriage lasting. She is a good mother. I think everyone acts like she’s a perfect mother because they compare her to these other train wrecks. Jenelle wanted kaiser to prove to her mom she could be a good parent, and now that she’s not with nathan (like we all knew she wouldn’t be) she doesn’t give two shits about kaiser. “Shut up so I can argue with your father” just like for Jace it’s “shut up so I can argue with babs/Kieffer/courtland”. Jenelle is all about me me me, and always will be. She only cares about what she wants to do, and her kids get in the way. But she decided to have them so she better wise up. Chelsea is boring. She needs to straight up tell Adam how she feels. So you have a car and house and job, he’s still a shitty person. And after years of being mostly raised by mom Aubree isn’t going to do well just flung into Adams life like he wants. Start doing stuff with Chelsea and aubree, then just take aub for ice cream, toys, stuff here and there. THEN maybe you can talk custody. You don’t just get what you want because you say you’re different adam! Cole is nice but I’m bored with it. He helps with aubree but isn’t her dad and doesn’t act like it. I think Chelsea just wants a anyone but Adam so when Cole came along she later he’d to it. Don’t get me wrong, Cole is a good choice, he’s just not the best thing since sliced bread. Leah…wow. she is going through some rough stuff and I feel bad that she is struggling but that doesn’t mean the kids should struggle too. She has been offered so much help but ignores it all, then blames others for why she is stressed/in trouble. She married Jeremy for the same reason kail married javi. Play house. Look I have a husband and a new baby! I don’t need you! Bullshit. Now she has twice as much trouble to deal with and it’s her own fault! Too bad, so sad!

    1. In coles defense though, he is extremely uncomfortable with the cameras. I think we get his level of discomfort shining through more than anything else. He seems like a good kid.

  6. Jenelle is genuinely not a fit and mature parent. She lives with her son as if she’s a big sister left home for a few days babysitting. He’s not hurting he’s fighting sleep… No he’s sick. He’s been up since 6 umm if my kids sleep until 6 I’m happy. If I cursed and freaked out everytime someone spilled something and I had to wipe up a drink I would literally never be calm lol She keeps talking about getting Jace back but can’t even handle just having one child home with her! How will she handle two plus her boyfriends daughter? Her innocent boyfriend lol innocent with a criminal record apparently

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    1. At least maci was honest about the fact that she had Bentley practically living in a sorority house. Leah on the other hand expects mtv to cut out the cigarettes laying around and that vape thing on the table.

  8. Even after the most hellish day (week… several weeks…) a TM recap from The Ashley can always make me feel better. Thanks Ashley!

  9. I have seriously lol’d at Juh-nelly throughout the first two episodes this season. Not only has the word “mister-meter” (misdemeanour) come out of her mouth and “so, I’d have to beat her up for it to be a felony?” but she also claimed “Nathan took Kaiser out of state to BOSTON without my permission!” Followed immediately by, “I feel like my son’s been taken somewhere and I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing and I’m never gonna get him back!” Um, didn’t you just say he was in Boston WITH his father?! I think she’s giving Nate the Not-so-great too much credit if she really believes that he’s capable of pulling off a successful kidnapping, especially without his mother. That woman is Kaiser’s main parental figure, so leaving her behind should have been confirmation to Juh-nelly that Nate would be returning to the state. Then the icing on the cake was those curled up caterpillars she calls eyebrows, it legit looked like she was wearing Dollar Store stick on moustache segments for eyebrows! How anyone can take that chick seriously is beyond me. To her “credit” I’m 100% convinced that she was high as fu*k when she Crayola’d those puppies in ? Never a dull moment in Teen Mom Land!

    1. To Leah The Never Tardy Mom: you’re right about Janelle’s lack of brain function – I want to give your post 10 thumbs up but that option doesn’t seem to be available on this site (What happened to it Ashley?) Janelle’s stupidity is sooooooo aggravating. The scene in the kitchen with Jenelle “cooking” hot dogs, and then trying to choke poor Kaiser by giving it to him whole/in a bun – way to go Janelle and Tori, a real pair of Einsteins. I’m convinced that, second to Kaiser, the next highest IQ in that room belonged to the hotdog! I’ll have to re-watch the episode to check out her eyebrows. I missed that – I guess I was too distracted staring at her strange lips and fantasizing about “accidentally throw a glass of water at her head” every time she opened her mouth.

  10. I mean depression sucks, when I was dealing with it I didn’t have the energy to do anything (I didn’t have a drug problem either), but honestly at that point I would feel like it was best for the girlses to live with their fathers. One thing that absolutely infuriates me about Leah is that she refuses to do what’s best for the girls.

    1. I agree with you. Not only does she refuse to do the right thing, she’s delusional enough to believe she is! Maybe that’s the difference between suffering with depression verses depression while self-medicating to the extent she is.

      I’m not a mother yet, but I know loss and grief too well I’m sad to say. Leah is dying inside. She’s facing the fact her daughter is going to become weaker and weaker until she passes at a young age. My heart breaks for the entire family.

      It drives me crazy when Dr. Drew barely discusses it. I hope someone close to Leah helps her get some real help from a professional.

  11. So.. Adam’s best good buddy, Justin, looks JUST like the thing from that 80’s movie ‘Mac and Me’, where MAC stands for “A Mysterious Alien Creature’.

    Go ahead, Google it, you’ll be freakin’ amazed at their physical resemblance. It’s uncanny.

  12. I don’t think I have a single maternal bone in my body (reason no. 1 I don’t have children) and even so, watching Jenelle’s segments makes ME want to give Jace a hug. I think she legitimately does not love her children, that she doesn’t care about them any further than how they make her look. She has never used them as anything other than pawns against people she’s fighting with or for instagram photo ops. Jace is showing alarming violence that only seems to get worse with age. I really hope that Nathan gets custody. Not because I expect the moron to be a decent parent but because I think his family can help a lot more than Jenelle’s is willing or able to. Get that child away from Creepy Dave and somewhere where he can get a decent babysitter because, good god, his parents are completely unfit.

    1. The common denominator in all this is Babs. Babs couldn’t raise her 3 kids right, now Jace is displaying the same behavior. Babs house is NOT the best place for him to be. I was really rooting for Jenelle to grow up and realize that she doesn’t want her son to be raised in the same way she was. Babs was a drunkard and I am willing to bet Jenelle was dropped off with whoever and was introduced to a string of men. Now Babs is older in age, and doesn’t outwardly display this behaviour, but I believe it was there when her kids were young. No child raised in this home has ever fared well, and someone needs to address this with Babs instead of giving her credit dor not leaving Jace on the street. In case no one has noticed, Babs does not provide him any kind of stable father figure either, and she uses him to stave off her loneliness more than anything. This child would have been better off getting adopted.

      1. YES! i’ve said over and over, why does babs get a pass and jenelle doesn’t? cuz she’s funny and has an accent? she raised 3 kids and none of them are mentally sound and doing well in life! everyone says well, he’d be in foster care otherwise. i say, doubtful. if he’d been taken before he was one (and supposedly she signed him over around that age cuz she was being looked at) the chances are very good he would’ve been adopted as soon as her rights fully terminated. some nice couple who’d die for a healthy baby boy could’ve raised him better than either of those 2. just in the last show jace was having a fit and what does barb do? get up in his face and tell him her eating out is more important than getting him to his bed. he’s run to her crying and she wouldn’t even pat him. i think that’s where jenelle’s lack of emotion comes from.

  13. Gaaahhhh!!!! Can Jenelle get any dumber? She and dimwit Tori are doing the impossible – they’re making Nathan look like the sensible one. The closest that delusional Jenelle will ever get to working in the medical field will be labeling her own piss cups at the clinics where she will repeatedly be sent for drug testing. And college-boy Nathan (previous episode) come on, does anyone believe that Trigonometry and French class talk? He barely has command of the English language and probably just recently mastered shoe-tying. Maybe I’m just being cynical and he has improved dramastically since last season!

    1. Nah, you’ve got Nathan pegged. He probably doesn’t even cut the sleeves off his t-shirts alone, as he can’t use big boy scissors yet.

      1. I want to see a picture of Kaiser in a onesie with the sleeves cut off! Poor Kaiser, he is the cutest thing, but he should not be anywhere near those two morons. I know he’s past the age of the “no-questions-asked/no-charges-for-surrendering-your-baby” law, but they should just box him up and leave him at the local fire station.

  14. I’m sure I’ll get hate for this but the hot dogs are grossing me out. I’m not a vegetarian but that’s seriously an incredibly unhealthy meat and she’s constantly feeding it to her kids. It’s awful, I’ve never fed that to my three year old.

    Leah is obviously an addict. And neglectful. It’s sad to realize that Corey only keeps custody for a few months, i hope he is keeping a close eye on her.

    Chelsea and Kail are the only good parents on the show. Kail seems to care less about what Javi has to say. But I’m sure they’re still full of drama. It feels like they’re faking it for the cameras

    1. I’ve posted this before, but he looks Red Dragon, creepy.

      Bela Lugosi ‘look into my eyes’, creepy.

      I’ll never give you over $200 a month child support, creepy.

  15. First of all, your picture captions had me laughing so hard. They are my favorite part! I don’t know who Leah thinks she’s fooling. She may hide behind MTV but it’s obvious she has a serious problem. Half of the non-slurred convos she makes do not make sense at all. Poor Jace already has so many issues because of his dysfunctional family life. Kaiser screaming his head off in the crib just broke my heart. It is very hard to deal with a screaming baby (been there, done that) but that’s what they do sometimes. Don’t just throw some hot dogs at him! Isaac is a cutie pie! And Adam’s picture creeped me out beyond words. He skeeves me out so much.

  16. VEE named her kid VEEVEE …

    I literally laughed for 20 minutes. This is brain cells at their finest!

    1. Umm you know ViVi isn’t her real name & it’s a nickname. You know kinda how Vee isn’t Vee real name.

        1. They’re spelling it ViVi but pronouncing it VeeVee; Jo said it that way more than once.

    2. I came across a girl on Facebook… husband’s name is Bryan, their son’s name is Bryant. I can’t imagine the stress of your name being yelled and not knowing till the last letter if you or your dad are in trouble lol

  17. These recaps are A-1! Bravo. Part of me wishes TM2 would have been shot OG style. That way we could at least see IF the producers ever intervene on the trainwrecks that are taking place at Janelle and Leah’s houses.
    I seriously feel sorry for the kids involved. Janelle acts like a teenager being paid a few bucks an hour to watch some kid. Poor Kaiser honestly is better off whenever he is away from this piss poor excuse. I would even venture to say Nathan does a better job that Janelle and her higher than kite sidekick, Tori. And least not forget Jace. I can’t even blame Barbara because she is doing the best she can but this kid is a fast track to one jacked up future. He needs a mentor, a hug, or something.
    Corey being awarded custody of the twins is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to them. Leah needs to get her life together. She is the epitome of a stereotypical Mountain Momma. Pitiful.
    Kailyn still aggrevates me to no end. Yes she is a seemingly good mom. But she sucks as a wife and partner. She is so selfish. Maybe Javi is just tired of pretending with Jo. Yes he has to coparent but he doesn’t have to be his friend. I only think Kail is making an effort so she can keeps tabs on Jo and Vee’s life. It would kill her if she didn’t know what was going on in their lives.
    Chelsea is boring. Period. I would much rather watch her do, well anything, other than rant about Adam and custody. Her storyline is stale and I am sick of Randy.

    1. I have to disagree with you about Kail. She seems genuine about wanting to be friends for Isaac’s sake to me, and it’s not like they’re always hanging out, it’s just every once in awhile. It doesn’t seem like a big thing to me.

    2. Javi needs to grow up. Kail needs to co-parent with Jo. He was there before Javi, and from the looks of it, he’ll be there when Javi is simply co-parenting with Kail for Lincoln’s sake.

      This comes from someone who has an ex-husband I maintained a very good friendship with (he re-married, as did I) and neither side had this petty crap Javi is tossing around. You become a family unit if at all possible for the sake of the kids. It is about the kids.. not Javi’s butthurt.

      If he has trust issues with Kail, that’s another issue, that he should address before it affects the family as a whole, as it looks like it starting to do. Kail is no angel, but in this, she is making a wise and mature decision. Set the crap aside and parent.

  18. I have no comments about any of these people anymore. Like, I literally feel nothing because they are always in the same situation every season and really don’t improve their lives. Besides Chelsea of course.

    I’m about done with the franchise at this point – it’s just not appealing anymore. I used to get excited for the train-wrecks but it’s so overdone at this point. They need to go out, get real jobs and be normal 20 somethings…..

  19. Leah- was so f-ed up. This girls eyes were rolling so far back in her head she could probably see her brain, she was slurring her words, and she was dozing off. She looked like a meth head. She needs to quit it with the excuses and admit she has a drug problem. This girl never holds herself accountable for ANYTHING. She cant blame MTV this time… they didn’t edit her looking like she was possessed by a demon, she did that all on her own.

    1. I think it’s horrible that MTV watched her drive totally wasted with those girls in the car.. wasted AND texting BOTH, and have not called the authorities on her wretched, child endangering butt. How would MTV feel if she crashed and all 3 of those little girls were killed?

        1. I know, but they get the footage right away, and this is behavior they are aware of with Leah.
          Besides, she was “sleepy eyed” before getting in the car with the kids, and they were actively filming that. They still let her put the kids in the car, and drive them around in that condition.. too many times from what we’ve seen, and I’m sure there have been many we haven’t seen.

    2. That ain’t meth – that’s either heroin or oxys, probably mixed with benzos (xanax, etc) and I’m 100% certain she was on at least one of those substances in that scene. That’s not just “tired.” At least she had half a brain to know she wasn’t OK to drive – unless someone at MTV made her make that call. Jesus God whata shit show. And the denial is REAL y’all.

      1. Imma go with the latter and say that someone from MTV intervened. That scene was ridiculous and scary! And for her to sit there and continue to play he victim, just proves how irresponsible she is. Obviously she truly doesn’t think anything is wrong with her behavior on TV, because she continues to do it. This is going on the 3rd season in a row she has been messed up on some sort of narcotic on camera.

  20. I literally fell off the couch laughing at the end when they play a song and then random videos of each girl, and then they just cut to Leah sleeping on the couch.

  21. Jenelle needs to stop chasing men and worry about trying to grow up. She has no clue how to be a mom so why is she even on the show she is there for the $$$.it’s sad. And Leah I have no nice words I am so happy Corey got custody Leah house is horrific and she has no food in the fridge take your a##back to than U still look high af

  22. Based on what I’ve seen this season and what I’ve read online, and Leah’s social media accounts, I’m confused about Corey’s decision to share 50/50 custody with her?! If the roles were reversed and Corey was the drug-abusing slug of a parent, he’d be lucky to be granted bi-weekly 1 to 2 hour supervised visits with his girls. I just don’t understand how any parent, judge, social worker, or child welfare advocate could ever grant Leah any form of unsupervised visitation let alone custody?! One need only look at the state of her filthy home, the revolving door of men in her life, the lack of nutritional food, and lack of supervision in her home to know that she is not fit to even care for herself right now, but Corey willingly agreed to give her more unsupervised time with the twins? I sure hope he didn’t cave just because it was easier than dealing with all the backlash from Leah’s crazy fan girls. It would be a shame to find out that those poor babies were made to suffer simply because Corey and Miranda grew tired of defending their choice to protect those girls from Leah and her bat$h!t crazy lifestyle. Finally, before anyone jumps down my throat by reminding me that MTV edits the show to make her look bad, please keep in mind that there are certain things that even the best CGI creator couldn’t fake without an actor’s permission and heavy special effects, like Leah’s consistently haggard appearance, her slurred words, and the things her daughters say and do on camera.

    1. I’ve had depression, and it sucked, I could barely care for myself. But here’s the thing- if I would have had kids when I knew I was in that place, I would give them to the other parent in a heartbeat because I knew I couldn’t take care of them. I don’t understand Leah’s “dern Corey Tyler” mentality at all.

      1. Exactly. It’s not like she’d be handing them over to Adam. Corey’s a good guy with a stable home and career who puts his children’s needs first. If she loses the kids, she loses Teen Mom money and she can’t let that happen.

  23. I could only concentrate on Jenelle’s eyebrows the entire episode. I know it’s possible to draw them bigger without looking like that. They weren’t even eyebrow shaped!

    1. Those eyebrows look dead on like Pinocchio’s eyebrows to me! My sister said she was way distracted by Juh-nelle’s lip. I didn’t seem to notice, being so fixated on her Pinoccibrows. Did she have her lip/lips done??

  24. I’m glad that Leah at least had the wisdom to know she was too, uh, “emotionally drained” to drive and called someone else to pick the girls up from school. That was the right thing to do, and the first good decision I’ve seen her make this season.

    On a side note, Leah looks just like her dad – has anyone else noticed? I’ve always wondered, since her sister seems to look just like Dawn.

    Isaac is adorable. Kail’s marriage seems really strained, and I don’t understand what happened with Javi and Joe between last season and this one. Last season Javi helped Joe move his house! That’s not something I like to do for people I’m close friends with – I mean, I’ll do it, but only if you buy me beer and pizza after. But now this season Javi’s being a jerk about seeing Joe and Vee. I don’t get it. Somethings up.

    Jenelle is same old, same old. If Jenelle wasn’t so awful I’d feel kind of bad about everyone teasing her eyebrows. First people teased the way her eyebrows naturally are, and she’s been messing with them ever since. I don’t know why she doesn’t get a pro to show her how to fill them – it’s not like she can’t afford it. It’s like Jenelle is in her early 20s but she’s still in her awkward teenage phase where you want to wear makeup but you have no idea what you’re doing.

    I don’t even have anything to say about Chelsea, she’s so…normal. Cole is nice to look at. I really hope everything works out for her, I want her to have a happily ever after. SOMEONE on this show should.

    1. I thought Leah looked like Draco Malfoy in the photo where she is calling Victoria. Also I am in my late 20s and still have no idea what to do with makeup.

    2. have they showed leah’s real dad before? i know i’ve seen the stepdad, i forget his name, but he seemed like he had Some sense at least. jeremy pissed me off the way he just ignores the twins. anyway, the blinds are saying a teen mom is cheating on her significant other, and that it’s not leah or jenelle. said she had an abortion cuz she got pregnant by the guy who isn’t the other. people are saying it’s kail. she Has cheated on every guy so far, and maybe the miscarriage was a concealed abortion. i’ve wondered too what happened with javi? he was so happy kail was being nice with vee, he helped jo move, all was good. now he’s nuts again. Something happened. kail’s an awesome mom, not so great partner. jenelle is SO stupid lol, idk why but i feel like my son has be stolen. yeah, idk why either, cuz u called for him to go with nate’s mom. i get not wanting the girl your man cheated with kissing all over your kid, but if you’re gonna have every tom dick and harry around him you can’t say much. too bad nathan didn’t know that without a custody agreement in place, he could have kept kai and said U take ME to court. she uses the cops as her personal revenge squad. so happy chelsea found a fellow dork too lol

      1. Someone cheated and had an abortion? My money’s on Jenelle because Leah is “single”

      2. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Kail cheated with Jo again. Perhaps Javi suspected it and that’s why he’s hostile towards Jo now

      3. They showed Leah’s dad when she got married to Jeremy, he walked her down the aisle. Looks just like Leah.

        I don’t know whether Kail was the cheater but I don’t really feel comfortable speculating about her miscarriage. I know Jenelle has faked one before, but Jenelle is a psycho.

      4. Seriously you guys blind gossip are not true 99% of the time. When they end up being right it’s because they said so much stories about everyone that one of them was bound to end up being true. Legit most stories on blind gossip sites end up contradicting themselves. There is a reason why they never name anyone and thats because there is either not enough proof or they know the story is total BS. You could probably send an e-mail to that site and pretend you went to the reunion and saw Corey and Javi bang and they would totally run it. Ugh sorry for the rant but blind items are horrible and you should never take them as a reliable source of information.

        1. just throwing it out there as a possible reason why javi is so different towards jo. the blinds on enty are often solved. one was just revealed to be catelynn and said this mom, who you’d never think of doing this, would rather pass her kid off to anyone to party at night. i love them and don’t take them for gospel lol thanks but it’s just for fun rock

          1. Lol honestly I give no credit to someone “guessing” one of the teen mom might be ditching her kid to go party, that’s what we have seen happen since 2009. You see thats what blinds are all about, making a vague statement about a group of people that is bound to happen at one point or another and then claim inside knowledge when it does. At that point you can litterally say any shit you want and you’re basically sure to be right once or twice, because even a broken clock is right twice à day.

  25. I used to work with a girl who was a recovering meth addict and on her wrist she wore a band and when she felt stressed out, super anxious, or if she felt like she was have an episode of needing a fix she would play with it and tug at it. She said it she got it from the meetings she went to. That may be similar to what Leah had on her wrist. When I first seen it on her wrist and joe she twisted it it reminded me of the girl I worked with.

    1. I would not be surprised if she was on something. West Virginia is rampid with pill popping and heroin. Now is she doing heroin probably not but a common pill that is being abused a lot is Xanex. Their is a joke there that the west Virgina mating call is shaking a pill bottle. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pill popping. I think that’s why Corey was so adament that her treatment was drugs. Cause he probably sees it a lot based on where he lives. She may have a script for them but over taking her dosage. That medication can make you really sleepy and dependent on it. So that’s what I think is going on. When she was in treatment they probably prescribed her with them and she is abusing them.

      1. Oh she was definitely on something. I have a horrible “high detector” (In high school my friends would tell me “Oh so and so is high and is all the time” and I would be surprised), but even I could tell she was floating with the fairies.

      2. that’s right! “the boone county mating call” is what they call the rattle of a pill bottle being shaken.

      3. I think you’re right about the Xanax. I’ve done a lot of things that I’m not proud of and blowing a few months on Xanax is close to the top of that list. I have about 3 partial memories from those months. I know I did things. I must have. I obviously continued living, but I have NO clue what I was up to. I do know I did a ton of falling asleep and making no sense. Xanax has been my guess since she started mentioning anxiety.

        I know that it really helps some people when taken correctly. I’m pretty sure Leah isn’t taking it correctly though. Of course, I’m no doctor (I have seen every episode of House though, so I’m close). I’m on a few meds that are EXTREMELY helpful for me, but are regularly abused by others. It really blows because that kind of bullcorn makes everyone look bad.

        1. lmao seen every episode of house.. i agree, i was prescribed xanax in college (great idea doc) and after a few months i had to come off it cuz i couldn’t remember ANYTHING from the lectures i was going to. and forget drinking with them, u won’t remember Shit! but just taking them during the day made me drowsy as hell. she’s said she was put on pain pills and i’m sure the anxiety drugs was xanax or valium and those combined, she had no business driving etc taking smh

  26. Jesus God Leah get yourself together. There is no way they can still deny that she is on something. The only decent mothering she did was to allow someone else to pick up the girls. She needs serious help. So glad Corey has the girls.

    1. I thought he didn’t have primary custody anymore? I thought I read somewhere that not too long after he got awarded primary custody, Leah took him back to court and they went back to 50/50. Can The Ashley confirm if this is true?

      1. I read the same. 50/50 custody. Though I heard it was settled out of court, meaning Cory agreed to it.

        1. He is still the primary custodian…she has three days and he had four and one weekend a month. In WV, that is considered 50/50.

          1. LOL! Ahh, thank you.

            I’m sure it’ll be laid out soon, but I hadn’t heard what it was exactly. Thanks for the details. 🙂

    2. Sadly even that was just a selfish move on her part. She wanted to enjoy her high and getting those dang girlses would have ruined it.

  27. So Nathans girlfriend can’t be around Kaiser but her boyfriend that just got out of jail & can’t even be near his own son can be around Kaiser….nope she’s not jealous

    1. Probably gonna get down voted but oh well…I can see why Jenelle is upset. Nathan is so dumb he’s actually hard to watch. I seriously cannot handle his stupidity. It’s not even entertaining that’s how stupid he is. Nathan’s girlfriend has charges pressed against Jenelle…I wouldn’t want my kid around that woman either if I were her. And to take him out of the state to see HER family? Nathan was wrong. Jenelle doesn’t know this girl, and doesn’t know what she could do to Kaiser in retaliation against Jenelle. That’s how I see it…Even though Jenelle is probably more worried about causing a ruckus with Nathan than the actual safety of Kaiser Roll.

      1. I agree that it wasn’t the best decision on Nathan’s part, but again, the only reason this girl is pressing charges against Jenelle is because Jenelle threw a glass at her head. Do you really think that Jenelle wouldn’t have thrown the same sh*t fit about Nathan taking the kid to Boston with this girl even if she wasn’t pressing charges?? This had nothing to do with the girl pressing charges and was simply about jealousy.

        1. I definitely agree, that was no doubt Jenelle’s stand point, she was more jealous that Nathan was playing house with this girl and Kaiser…and Nathan did that to piss off Jenelle…But it’s common sense not to have your kid around a person who you assaulted. Nathan went behind her back, took him over state lines, and did one of Kaiser’s firsts with a girlfriend that is just using Nathan to be on TV. Not sticking up for Jenelle, but if that were me I would be pretty pissed, and like I said Jenelle doesn’t know this girl that’s traveling with her kid, and this girl is pressing charges…Not saying she’ll cause Kaiser roll any harm, but you never know…But at the end of the day, all 3 of them are complete idiots.

          1. But explain to me what on earth pressing charges has to do with Kaiser?

            Like I get that she is using that as an excuse…but I’m not getting how that’s related…AT ALL.

            Like…if Janelle was pressing charges on the girl because SHE WAS violent I would understand not wanting him around the baby …but…uh…what does it have to do with the girl or Kaiser that Janelle is violent??

          2. What? Thought I explained it in my first post. If the girl is upset enough to press charges against Jenelle, who is to say she is not upset enough to do something to her kid. Not saying that she would, but there is a possibility.

          3. Then that was part of Jenelle’s stupid decision-making too. If she didn’t want to have her kid around the “girl who is upset enough to press charges against her”, then why the hell would she ask Nathan to take the kid for 5 days in the first place? I understand she was asking his mom, but obviously she knew Nathan would have the kid too, and obviously this girl would be with Nathan the whole time. Basically, Jenelle knew for a fact that this girl would be around her kid whether they took him to Boston or just stayed home. She may act really stupid, but she knew what was going to happen when she gave her kid to Nathan’s mom.

        2. Elle, it has nothing to do with kai. Jenelle is using Kai as a tool to get back at Nathan

    1. Dustin lives in another state. He can’t work for her in the other states were she added photos to her mugshot collection or has legal issues.
      She has three lawyers in the custody case I have heard (one to make Nate look bad, two to make her look good?).

  28. Jenelle-Her poor boys. Jace is showing severe behavior problems due to her neglect and lack of common sense. Yes he has Babs, but it doesn’t change the fact that his biological parents are a piece of crap. Kaiser is so desperate for attention and affection. When he was crying it was so sad that she didn’t pick him up and cuddle him. She really only cares about getting high with Tori and bitching about Nathan. He would be better off in foster care than with either one of his “parents”

  29. Cousin Chasity looked high as well. Leah couldn’t finish her own sentences and sounded like a firstgrader, who is trying to read off of a scrpit or somethin, while Chasity looked like she is about to fall asleep on the couch. Only once in a while she would make a sound like “uhmyah” in a sign of agreement, or maybe just to show that she is still alive/listening. And not that anything in the Messer household can surprise me anymore, but haven’t she ever told the girlses that they can also drink water? But who cares, it’s not like Leah even made an attempt to pay attention to them. She just left them rolling on the floor and front lawn. Thank God Corey Tyler finally got full custody of them, even if it was only a temporary thing.
    And yet the hardest segment for me to watch was the one with Jenelle and Kaiser. Poor baby, all he wanted was some attention (which he probably never gets, cuz Jenelle has more important things to do, such as ranting to her friends about how no one believes that she can be a good mom) but all he received was an appropriate meal for his age – a hotdog. And the way she just dropped him in his crib, turned off the lights and then left him screaming just broke my heart. Maybe if she took 2 minutes from her precious time and gave him an actual hug he would’ve calmed down. But I guess her “motherly instincts” told her otherwise…

    (please excuse my poor grammar, just a foreigner giving her 2 cents here)

    1. I’m a pretty avid proponent in if your baby is screaming nonstop for 45 minutes after trying everything to calm him, it is OKAY to set him in the crib, take a five minute break in a different room and calm yourself down. It’s good for your sanity and the babies because losing your control and freaking out doesn’t help the situation whatsoever.

      That being said, Jenelle didn’t even try. She just plucked him up and plopped him in the crib. She could have held him and fed him, walked him around the house, etc. kaiser is actually such an adorable blond chunk. It looks like he might end up worse off than Jace.

      1. It’s ok to take a break, but if she was only putting him there for 5m then why did she have to leave him in the dark? It’s not as though she closed the door, took some deep breaths and then went back in, she went off to another room and started another conversation. It looked as though she completely forgot about him.

  30. I think Jace is going to have a lot of problems when he’s older. Even though he’s with Babs, I think it’s really going to affect him that his dad isn’t in his life and his psycho mom dates all these losers that she cares more about than her own children. It’s a sad situation, it really is.

    1. I know. It’s pretty evident Jace will be the first teen mom kid to be arrested or in serious trouble. I called it years ago.

      1. Bentley will be the first to get drunk so don’t write him off.
        Only six and looking for a beer in the fridge.

    2. And you know it’s affecting him that Jenelle kept Kaiser but not him. I am hoping that if he acts out at school they’ll have him at least see the school counselor, if not an outside counselor.

  31. Wow leah. I hope that chick finally realizes she needs help and gets proper treatment. She is looking rough! Also, I noticed a lot of soda in her episode! In the fridge and out on the counters. Lol, but no one drinks soda. Unless is TR and his kids, who don’t live there bc she is single!

    Jenelle kills me. She bitches about losing time with kaiser then basically jumps to send him away for almost a week! I’m sorry, but I don’t understand that at all.
    This show is proof that drugs are bad!

  32. This is just sad. If you watch older episodes there is obviously a change in Leah. Whatever she’s using has aged her 10 years. She is not just “stressed” and it’s an insult to expect us to believe that. If you were in the middle of a court battle, why on earth would you ask someone else to pick your kids up from school? Every move counts.

  33. Leah- Good lord this girl is HIGH HIGH. Corey’s expressions when he learned he had custody were heart warming.

    Chelsea- That picture of Adam seriously killed me. I had to pause the episode because I couldn’t stop laughing. I wonder which lovely dame won the lottery to puut her hands over his “Adam Jr.”?

    Kailyn- Oh my god I love Isaac. That conversation in the car made me want a baby, he’s so funny. Congrats to Vee on giving birf.

    Jenelle- Oh Juh-nell. Mess. What can you really say at this point? Kaiser, I’m not really religious, but I’m praying for ya buddy.

    1. I loved that Corey said they just want to give the girls a stable home and provide them with choices in life; show them that they can go to college and make their own paths. It was so obvious he was trying not to say, “I don’t want them to continue cycle of teen parents like Leah and her mother.” (But good for him for refraining from saying that, too. One less thing for the Messer clan to attack him over.)

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