EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Jo Rivera & Vee Torres Are Engaged!


It seems that Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer aren’t the only Teen Mom 2 stars who have a wedding on the horizon!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jo Rivera has just proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Vee Torres!

The couple welcomed their first child together, daughter ViVi, last year, and although Jo has said in the past that he wasn’t ready to get married, it seems that his opinion has changed. Jo and Vee are now officially engaged!

Many fans of ‘Teen Mom 2’ are unaware that Jo and Vee have been together longer than any other couple currently on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ They began dating in 2012, when Vee appeared in Jo’s rap music video. (Yes, there’s a rap music video…)

The Ashley will have more details soon, but she can confirm that Jo had been planning to propose for some time, and that this was not a spur-of-the-moment proposal. The Ashley does not know if the proposal was captured by MTV cameras.

Check out the photo of Vee’s ring below:

vee torres engaged


UPDATE: Jo has confirmed his engagement!

“It’s been a long time coming but I’m so happy to finally been engaged to the woman of my dreams! Very excited for our big day,” he tweeted on Monday afternoon.

(Photo: Instagram)


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  1. Congratulations to the happy couple! I love them on the show, especially Vee. When Isaac drew her that picture this season, I watched that part twice. It is so obvious she loves him. And moving with Jo to follow his son, it’s obvious she loves Jo too. I hope they have many happy years together.

  2. Congrats to them!…Vee did put up with a lot in the beginning to prove that she was in the relationship for the right reasons, and not just to be on TV….and that’s quite the ring for someone unemployed to purchase. hopefully they’re both investing that Teen Mom money for the future of their family.

  3. I like Vee. She’s protective of her family and the ones she loves yet doesn’t cause or dwell on unnecessary drama. Jo and Vee seem like a good match and like they both help each other to be better people too. I just hope Jo steps up some and makes sure he provides a comfortable life for his family and it’s not all up to Vee.

  4. Congratulations!Ik love Vee,she’s a nice and also handsome girl.I wish them a happy and loving life together.

  5. Aww! Congratulations! That is so great for them! She is such a nice person on the show,they seem chill and she welcomed his son with open arms. That’s great! Congrats to the happy couple!

  6. It seems as if kail and javi are going thru something. He tweeted about sending some girl a pic with Calvinkleinshhh or somethung and drama ensued and they are not following each other on twitter. And now jo is engaged.

  7. Congrats! I love Jo and Vee as a couple. Vee’s a sweetheart. I’m surprised they’ve gotten to this point because Jo seemed so hesitant to settle down but people change their minds I guess.

  8. Honestly I thought it would be Jenelle or Leah. (I thought Jo & Vee were already engaged oops) but congrats!

  9. congrats!

    haha I remeber Kailyn calling her a hoodrat when she saw that rap video. lol she was sooo jealous that Jo moved on.

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