“16 and Pregnant” Star Lindsey Harrison Received Massive Implants From Dr. Miami

Lindsey on Snapchat, right before her surgery...
Lindsey on Snapchat, right before her surgery…

Another day, another girl from 16 and Pregnant who’s getting plastic surgery from Dr. Miami!

The latest patient of the Snapchatting doctor—who in January performed massive amounts of surgery on Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry and Teen Mom 3 stars Briana and Brittany DeJesus—is Lindsey Harrison. Lindsey, who starred on the fourth season of ’16 and Pregnant,’ was received huge breast implants this morning from Dr. Miami…and the surgery was Snapchatted for the world to see.

You may remember Lindsey Harrison as the girl from the show who wanted to be a cage fighter. Since her episode aired four years ago, Lindsey married a man who recently adopted her daughter, Aniyah.

She’s been keeping a relatively low profile since then…until recently when she signed on with a new manager who just happens to represent Briana, Brittany and ‘Teen Mom 3’ star Mackenzie McKee, all of whom have received free plastic surgery thanks to their manager.

(Farrah Abraham was also managed by the same person for a period of time— the period in which she starred in her infamous sex tape/p0rno/backdoor nightmare of a film. Farrah also received a variety of comp plastic surgeries during this time.)

A SFW photo of Lindsey's massive implants...
A SFW photo of Lindsey’s massive implants…

Anyway, Lindsey decided to take full advantage of the offer of free surgery and chose to get breast implants. However, she did not just want any ol’ implants—no sir! Lindsey chose to receive implants sized at about 800cc.

According to Dr. Miami, 800cc implants are the largest implants that he is legally allowed to use. (Since Lindsey’s breasts were apparently different in size, one breast received a slightly smaller—but still giant—750cc implant.)

Lindsey can be seen on Dr. Miami’s Snapchats doing a pre-surgery interview stating that breastfeeding her daughter gave her a lot of stretch marks. She also told Dr. Miami that she wanted to be “top heavy.”

Mission accomplished!

For reference, reality star Heidi Montag‘s infamously large implants (which she later had taken out because they were causing her major health issues) were “only” 650cc. Lindsey’s new implants are significantly larger than Heidi’s ever were.

The Ashley predicts that we will see Lindsey doing a staged (possibly topless?) beach photoshoot within the next month or so. Whether or not she ends up as part of a “leaked sex tape” scandal a la Farrah and Mackenzie remains to be seen..

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  1. Why? Just why? To the whole thing. Not only does she get unnecessarily huge knockers but she gets them from a doctor who snapchats his surgeries? She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders but this is crazy! And why does Brittany Dejesus need a manager? She was barely on the show and she certainly wasn’t the main focus.

  2. A new 16 and Pregnant baby was born on March 31st2016 because Nicole Fokos gave birth to her second daughter and she weighed 6pound 14oz and 20 inches

  3. I hope she has the self confidence now. And in other 16 and Pregnant Nicole Fokos gave birth to her second child a baby girl named Scarlett Elizabeth Navarro she was born on March 31st 2016. Scarlett weighed 6 pounds 14oz and 20incheds long

      1. I totally forgot she wanted to be a cage fighter! You’re right…somebody kicks her in the wrong spot, one of those fun bags would explode. I feel like the 16 and pregnant girls that got left behind will do anything to stay relevant. I’m sure we’ll probably be seeing her sex tape in the near future.

  4. Ummm…quick question? Is it just me,or is the left one (on our left/her right) point blank larger than the other one? No, seriously (kinda…) hahahaha at first i thought it was the lighting/angle, but the left on appears visibly larger and I am Loving.This.Foolishness. Don’t get me wrong, even though i would never go under the knife except for medical necessity, i don’t knock anyone with body issues that affect them enough to seek plastic surgery. But, when a remedial ass bitch gets implants (which is still considered major surgery in most regards) for the sake of being “top heavy”??? Girl, goodnight. She gets a “bitch,have a seat”,2 “bitch,walk the plank”s, and a “go home, Roger!!”, for this nonsense. This is the cartoon-reality age, and as long as i maintain my position as a spectator and not a participant, i will continue to LIVE for shit like this. Thank you, theashley, for being one of my fave everyday go to sites, and for putting cartoon-reality on front street for all us spectators to gawk and giggle at.

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