Ditching the Duggars! Companies Continue to Pull Ads From Airing During ‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’


When Jessa learned how many people don't want anything to do with her or her family...
When Jessa learned how many people don’t want anything to do with her or her family…

By Holly

The Duggar family is back on TLC via Jill and Jessa: Counting On, and while the show’s ratings are good, the network is having a hard time getting advertisers for the show! Many of the show’s big name advertisers are pulling their ads, despite the fact that the ratings for ‘Jill & Jessa’ are nearly double that of its predecessor 19 Kids and Counting when it debuted last year.

UPS, Verizon Wireless, Mattress Firm, Choice Hotels and Wrigley are just a few of the large companies that have already cut ties to anything Duggar-related. Wrigley even went so far as to release a statement last month that confirmed that the company was distancing itself from the show.

“Wrigley no longer advertises on television programs featuring the Duggar family; and any ads that have recently aired during TLC shows featuring the Duggar family were done so in error,” the statement read.

The Duggars’ reality show was once a prime show for family-friendly advertisers to run their ads, but after the numerous scandals involving Josh Duggar last year, advertisers have been pulling their ads in droves. As The Ashley previously reported, Josh admitted to molesting five young girls (four of whom were his sisters) when he was a teenager. A few months after that information went public, Josh admitted to being addicted to porn0graphy and cheating on his wife.

With the Duggars’ wholesome image ruined, TLC cancelled ’19 Kids and Counting,’ but cast the Duggar kids in the ‘Jill & Jessa’ spinoff, which premiered earlier this year.

Some of the companies that have ditched the Duggars are still seeing their ads run during ‘Jill & Jessa,’ and a few have spoken out in anger about it.

CiCi’s Pizza has stated that its ads were mistakenly run during a recent episode of ‘Jill & Jessa.’

“CiCi’s prides itself on being a family friendly restaurant,” rep from the eatery said in a statement to In Touch Weekly. “We recently made a large advertising buy on cable television that spanned several networks but did not target any particular program. When we learned one of our ads was placed adjacent to controversial programming, we took immediate action to stop it.”

Mattress Firm also denied supporting the Duggars.

“After learning we had two ads run during the premier of the new TLC show ‘Jill and Jessa: Counting On’ we have instructed TLC not to air any future paid units during this show,” the company told In Touch in a statement.

While this may look bad for TLC, the network appears to be sticking by the Duggars.

“At the end of the day we have millions and millions young loyal viewers who support the [Duggar] girls,” TLC General Manager Nancy Daniels recently said, adding that she believes the people against the show are a small but vocal group.

One writer has even been keeping a running total on his blog of the companies that currently advertise during ‘Jill & Jessa,’ and which companies have pulled their ads.

The reaction of the public to the new Duggar show has been mixed. When In Touch Weekly published its report on the show losing advertisers, the comments left on the magazine’s Facebook page varied in the level of support for the Duggars’ show.

“Maybe they need to think about healing the whole family instead of being on TV,” one person commented.

“What is really sad about this whole mess is that Josh has ruined it for his siblings to do anything on TV,” another wrote.

‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’ currently airs on Tuesday nights on TLC. Click here to read our recaps!

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11 Responses

  1. Josh is a sick F$ck and needs to be locked up somewhere ..he has obvious issues that arent going away..his wife is a robot that trys to act like Michelle its really scary…Jessa acts really dum .or maybe she is that dum i dont know

  2. I’m sorry but…just HOW lacking in self-awareness and overall sensitivity/empathy do you have to be to suggest what’s “really sad” about five young girls being sexual abuse victims is the fact that this bullshit family can no longer participate in a TV show?? Like I realize the victims (4/5 anyway, not to dismiss the other victim and how awful this must be for her) are the girls in the family itself, but the entire sentiment of “And let’s not forget the REAL tragedy here…” is just so strikingly gross and lacking in perspective that I almost have to take it as a (sick) joke.

  3. I’m glad companies are ditching the Duggars, their ratings have been dropping every week and viewership has also been dropping drastically. TLC keeps making it sound like the Duggars still have a loyal following but the number of viewers has dropped dramatically and the ratings get lower every week. The show is boring as hell and I think after all the scandals it’s time the show finally gets canceled. It should have never been brought back in the first place.

  4. After it was revealed that Josh has molested young girls, Jill and Jessa as well as Michelle and Jim Bob went on television and continued to lie about it. All 4 of them insisted that it was just a little inappropriate touching over the clothes. Anyone who read the police report knows that is a blatant lie! It was a lot more that over the clothes touching. Yet the family is still lying and trying to cover up the truth. They were even trying to blame everyone else and hide behind their faith. They claimed someone was just trting to bring them down because of their beliefs, trying to pass themselves off as martyrs. To me, that shows that this family is fake as can be. They care more about their image than actually being good people.

        1. Maybe someone interested in knowing the truth about this family wants to review the reports – is that bad in your opinion? Or should people be like you and refuse to except the truth – turn a blind eye to the facts – police report or not – or being naive about the matter – the facts remain – this family is prone to lying and they are deceptive people – this is not opinion but fact – this family did support a child molestir and make light of child abuse – even today the entire family refuses to accept countablity and continues to refuse to tell the public the truth! Or maybe people should watch this show and give support- and an income – to people with criminal and immoral behavior? Now that seems more discussing to me than wanting to review the police reports to find out the real truth! Wake up! This family is sick! Not only Josh – many issues need resolved before they appear on tv and pretend to be the perfect example of “what’s right”

          1. I never said anything that implied I didn’t ACCEPT (not except) what Josh did. He molested five girls. I said it was sick to read the police report to get all the details. Do you understand now? How do his sisters, who were his victims, show immoral behavior? They are just living their lives. They did nothing wrong. You don’t get to decide how someone should cope and the judgement on the victims is sickening!

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