Catelynn Lowell is Leaving Rehab! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star’s Family Arrives in Arizona to Pick Her Up

"I'm coming home!"
“I’m coming home!”

By Holly

Teen Mom: OG star Catelynn Lowell is getting out of rehab! As The Ashley previously reported, the reality star entered a treatment facility in Arizona last month to get help for her anxiety and depression.

Catelynn’s husband, Tyler Baltierra, gave fans an update this weekend on Catelynn, and revealed that he was on his way to Arizona to bring Catelynn home. Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter, Nova, as well as both of Catelynn’s parents, April and David, also made the trip.

Tyler has been nothing but supportive of his wife’s decision to seek treatment.

“Me and Tootie are off to Arizona to get Catelynn,” he posted on social media on April 9. “I can’t wait to come home with my wife and my whole family together again. This past month has been a little rough by myself, but nothing I wouldn’t do all over again for my family. Cate’s health, safety, and security has and always will be my main priority. I love you babe and can’t wait to kiss your face and hold you in my arms again.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Catelynn has been staying at Sierra Tucson, which is the same rehab facility that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer sought treatment at last year. Tyler, Nova and April made a trip to visit Catelynn late last month. On April 4th Catelynn tweeted, “I just want you to know I’m doing great! Best decision I have ever made for myself…I’ll be home soon.”

Tyler, Nova and Catelynn's father, David Lowell, on the rehab grounds yesterday.
Tyler, Nova and Catelynn’s father, David Lowell, on the rehab grounds yesterday.

Catelynn and Tyler have both been very open with their fans about their battles with depression. On the most recent season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Catelynn’s battle with post-partum depression and anxiety were discussed extensively.

Even Catelynn’s cast mate (and sometimes foe) Farrah Abraham expressed her support for Catelynn during an interview on the red carpet of this weekend’s MTV Movie Awards.

“That is such a good thing to do,” Farrah told People of Catelynn’s decision to go to rehab. “As we all know, mothers need to take time out for them and wherever they are it’s good to be healthy mentally, physically and soulfully, so that’s good.”

While Catelynn’s been gone, the other ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars have been busy filming the show’s upcoming sixth season. It is unknown at this time whether or not MTV cameras filmed Catelynn while she was getting treatment.

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  1. I’m so very happy that Catelynn went & sought out the treatment she needed. This was most definitely the best decision she could have made for herself & her family. Anxiety & depression is a deadly thing to go through. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. So proud of you Cate!! ? You’re in my thoughts & prayers, always. I hope you continue to get the support you need back & Ho,e with a support group. Sending good vibes your way! ?‍?‍?? #teenmomog

  2. Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are not uncommon in women who have relinquished a child to adoption. Many never get past the very real grief of losing a child.

    1. Exactly! Which is why I don’t understand why she didn’t get help BEFORE having another baby. Poor Nova.

      1. If you know anything about depression, you feel hopeless & restless. She’s also a first time Mother (raising a child) It never seems to amaze me that people can’t give credit where it’s due, so quick to say “why didn’t you…”

  3. does the ashley have anything on javi and kail? Why doesnt she wear a wedding ring…

    1. Kail & Javi split up. If you follow them on Twiiter you’ll get the 411. Best way to stay updated on any celebrity is Twitter. It’s the new Facebook. ?

  4. as someone who has been to rehabs- yikes at the whole family going to pick her up. i would have hated that

  5. I like the look of the new site!!! Catelynn is just a sad little creature IMO. I bet MTV paid for her stay so they could film for profit!

  6. I’m really happy for Catelynn that she is receiving treatment. She is very lucky. As a working woman living paycheck to paycheck (as many do), it is extremely difficult to just leave my job and my family for a month to a expensive facility to receive treatment for much needed therapy.

  7. Thats I little soon for inpaitent to leave. I hope she doesn’t think that she is ready when she isn’t. I hope this doesn’t fall back on her for leaving so soon.

  8. Soulfully? Really Farrah?
    You don’t know what your are talking about, you already sold yours.
    I hate moms that abuse the fact that it is sooo healthy for moms to have some time for themselves and dump their kid(s) all the time to just have fun and escape responsibilities.
    Moms who really work on themselves and work on becoming happy again however, high five! Happy moms make happy kids, happy kids make happy adults.

  9. Just curious, how many people think Caitlyn could/should find a better partner for her than Tyler? I’m on the fence…

    1. Me too.
      They have seem to have a good foundation and have have been through a lot for a long time now. There is definitely a lot of love between them.
      I sometimes even get that it is hard for Tyler that Cait gets all the support and attention cause she’s a birth mother who had to place her child for adoption. He had to place his child too. Maybe that’s why he can be a bit attention seeking and rude. I have thought “What about Tyler??!!!” very often. The adoptive parents contact her, not him, there are weekends for birth moms for Caitlin, MTV makes it all about her. What about the dads? Tyler was not just a sperm donor.

      However, they don’t bring the best out of each other. I think it is sad and such a waste that they gave Carly up but didn’t do anything they had planned instead of parenting.
      They need to change their patterns before their relationship becomes a truly deep and rewarding one.

    2. I think they both need to find other partners. It’s not healthy to stay in a relationship with someone you started dating when you were a kid.

  10. Feel bad for Caitlynn, I believe she wants to fix things and find herself but I honestly feel like Tyler brings her down more than helps her to be a better her. He says everything in way where he sounds like he’s complimenting yet he’s actually throwing some shade and Caitlynn just hears the positive side of it. I don’t like how Tyler brings up her faults all the time yet he has never worked on any of his!

  11. While I do wish the best for her, was she even there for 30 days? I hope she took enough time for herself. She hasn’t been “Catelyyn” for 14 years, she’s been “Catelynn and Tyler” and I hope she was able to find out who she really is as her own person, and is able to carry that home with her. I guess time will tell. It seems like she’s just going back to the same toxic environment she ran away from.

  12. While I do wish the best for her, was she even there for 30 days? I hope she took enough time for herself. She hasn’t been “Catelyyn” for 14 years, she’s been “Catelynn and Tyler” and I hope she was able to find out who she really is as her own person, and is able to carry that home with her. I guess time will tell. It seems like she’s just going back to the same toxic environment she ran away from.

    1. Lol! Doesn’t Tyler have a good friend that is a girl but looks like she wants to be Justin Bieber?! (I just realized I’ve never written his name… spelling?) Now I can see those two together because Tyler would love a female version of himself! I joke… 😉

  13. It was about time that she sought further treatment – I’m glad she is doing something for herself. Unfortunately the way she expressed her anxiety on TV is all too common and leads to the stigma surrounding it. I’m hoping this will lead to her speaking more openly about it and the help and support you can receive.

  14. Good for you Catelynn for taking the time to collect yourself and to feel better that makes for a excellent wife and mother always a fan with love and hugs your the best and a wonderful role model to me thank you

  15. Catelynn you are a inspiration to other mothers. Anxiety and depression are real problems. They affect very aspect of our lives! God bless you and your family! My family loves the Baltierra Family!!

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