‘Big Brother’ Stars Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas Welcome First Baby


Baby Brenchel has arrived!

Big Brother stars Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly (who are collectively known as “Brenchel” by the show’s fans) welcomed their first child–a baby girl–earlier this week.

Brendon and Rachel, who married in 2012 and also appeared together on two seasons of The Amazing Race, have not yet released their daughter’s name. However, last month Rachel told The Ashley that, while she had been thinking of names for months, Brendon refused to discuss baby names until the baby was born, so the name may still be up in the air.

Rest assured that it will not be Brenchel, however.

Over the past few days, Rachel had been tweeting fans for advice on how to jump-start labor. The reality star’s official due date was March 31, but Baby Brenchel didn’t make her official appearance until earlier this week. On Wednesday Rachel posted that it was “baby time” and on Friday, she confirmed on her Twitter account that her daughter had officially arrived.

“Brendon and I are officially parents! Omg. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. It was long, hard and we did it all natural,” Rachel tweeted.

Rachel told The Ashley that, while she plans to continue to pursue work in the entertainment industry, she will be more selective of the jobs she accepts, due to her new role as a mother.

“Doing a show like ‘The Amazing Race’ and being gone for 20-plus days would be hard,” Rachel told The Ashley. “If I’m filming a movie, I can go home and be with the baby, but with a competition show, you have to be away for a month, and I would have a lot of trouble with that.”

Baby Brenchel is the first baby to be born to parents who have both been on ‘Big Brother.’

(Photo: Twitter)

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  1. Surprised you haven’t reported on the other Big Brother baby on the way from newly married Jeff and Jordan…

  2. What is this “WE did it all natural” thing? I never get it when women say “Oh WE’re pregnant.” ect ect ect. As I was typing this out I realized it was petty, even for me, but I can’t go back now.

    1. You’re not a parent are you? “All natural” generally means a birth without medication/pain meds. Some woman give birth at home, in water “all natural.”

      I personally don’t have any beefs with modern day medicine – I would rather give birth at a hospital comfortably (with pain meds). But natural birth is in right now and more woman are opting for one.

      1. Anne, you clearly missed the point of the comment, which had nothing to do with people having natural births or not.

    2. Because, in situations where the parents are together, they are both going through the pregnancy. While yes, technically only one of them is literally pregnant, it’s a process they go through together.

      I can’t tell you how many times my husband had to drive me to class because I was too nauseous to drive, held my hair while I threw up, stayed up with me all night because I was too uncomfortable to sleep. He would try to calm me whenever I would freak out over what was to come. He would go to the store at 3 am to get me ice cream, drive me to Drs appointments when I was to frazzled to drive, went through birthing classes with me. There is so much more (including the labor).

      Just because the baby was in my belly doesn’t mean we didn’t go through the process together, as a TEAM.

    3. I looooooove your name! Makes me laugh everytime I see it. The “we” thing bothers me too! Soooooo annoying! So what if it’s petty, it always throws me off when I hear it lol.

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