‘Teen Mom’ Stars to Attend MTV Movie Awards: Find Out Which Stars Are Going (EXCLUSIVE)

The 'Teen Mom OG' stars (and Dr. Jenn Mann) at the MTV Movie Awards last year.
The ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars (and Dr. Jenn Mann) at the MTV Movie Awards last year.

Last April, the Teen Mom girls (and their guys!) walked the blue carpet of the MTV Movie Awards, marking the first time that anyone from the controversial franchise was invited to attend the network’s big night. This year, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast was invited to attend again, but this time, the Teen Mom 2 cast got an invite as well!

The Ashley has all the exclusive details on which cast members we can expect to attend the show, which airs this Sunday (right after the new episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’)!

The Ashley’s sources tells her that only original cast members were given the invitation to attend, and that they are not allowed to bring dates. (This means that only the four original girls, and their original baby-daddies are technically allowed to attend.) Cast members who came to the show later on (such as Jeremy Calvert or Cole DeBoer) were not given invitations.

The cast members are responsible for paying for their own travel fares and hotel accommodations while in Los Angeles.

Here’s who will (and will not) be attending the MTV Movie Awards, as of right now, according to The Ashley’s sources:

Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham: Attending, and has said that she will be wearing this, um, interesting frock.

Catelynn Lowell: Not attending, as she’s currently in an Arizona rehab facility

Maci Bookout: Not attending, due to her advanced pregnancy

Amber Portwood: Not attending

Ryan Edwards: Unknown, but unlikely

Gary Shirley: Not attending

Tyler Baltierra: Unknown, but unlikely


Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans: Attending, and already in Los Angeles with boyfriend David Eason, even though he’s not invited

Chelsea Houska: Not attending

Kail Lowry: Attending

Leah Messer: Not attending

Corey Simms: Not attending

Jo Rivera: Attending (without new fiance, Vee Torres)

Adam Lind: Unknown

According to The Ashley’s source last year, MTV had never invited the the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast before last year’s show because the network didn’t want it to seem like it viewed the shows’ stars as “celebrities.” Obviously, the network has changed its position on that subject in recent years.

The Ashley will update this info if anything changes between now and Sunday!

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24 Responses

  1. The teen moms are not stars
    Nor are they celebs stop treating idiots like their famous

  2. Nothing surprising in the fact that only Farah and Jenelle will be attending, after all they are the two constantly longing to be noticed.

    Why was there no recap of the latest episode? I was so looking forward to this one

  3. So I was just watching the mtv snapchat and David is on the red carpet with jenelle

  4. I’m watching the livestream and Dave was with Janelle! I just saw a producer pull him away from the step and repeat, but now he’s back! DRAMA!

  5. Of course Janelle is already there,where are the kids? Probably dumped off at grandmas. She is such a pathetic excuse for a mother. Give it a couple months she’ll be pregnant with David’s baby.

  6. No one but jenelle has already made the trek out there. With her man of the month no less. Caz u kno wouldnt want to waste an opportunity for another vacation. He not even invited what wil he do while she slithers down the carpet and award show like the snake she is

  7. Sooo Farrah and Jenelle – the 2 nobody likes.
    I’m guessing that means Kail will be hanging out with Jo all night. Cue the drama!

        1. It seems that their marriage is on life support, but nobody knows if they’ve pulled the plug. I definitely think something happened though.

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