‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Reveals Name of Third Baby at Her Baby Shower

"Y'all gonna copy my baby's name again?"
“Y’all gonna copy my baby’s name again?”

When Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout named her first son Bentley back in October 2008, it caused the name to soar in popularity for the next few years. (It’s still in the Top 100 names for boys in the United States currently.) She’s due to give birth to her third child in May, and the unique name she’s picked out for him may once again skyrocket in popularity.

Earlier this year, Maci revealed that she and her fiance, Taylor McKinney, were still deciding between two names for their son: Connor Reed and Maverick Reed. Maci told MTV News that Taylor liked Connor, while she was pushing for Maverick.

It seems that Maci got her way in terms of the baby name. According to The Blog Wire, Maci announced the name of her son at her baby shower, which appears to have been held over the weekend.

The site captured what appears to be Snapchats posted by someone who attended the shower. The wall decorations clearly read “Maverick Reed” as the baby’s name.

The baby shower photos were posted to Maci's Facebook page...
The baby shower photos were posted to Maci’s Facebook page…

Other photos showed Maci wearing both a “Mother-to-be” and a “Bride-to-be” sash. (She and Taylor became engaged in January, right before Maci claims she discovered she was pregnant.)

Maci and Taylor are also parents to daughter Jayde Carter. Maverick Reed is scheduled to join the family on May 30.

(Photos: MTV, Facebook)


  1. I don’t know why every baby can’t have a shower, who àre these “shower police” who even care! If you don’t like it, just don’t go, but don’t make the rules for everyone else please.

  2. Should name him bud ( after bud light) and pong after the way in which she met the kids father.

  3. Awful name. My family are huge Top Gun fans so we had a dog named Maverick, that’s all I could imagine giving the name to. However it fits with the rest of her crew and their names, I didn’t expect her to go for something as normal as Connor.

  4. Did she have 3 baby showers? I personally would have felt weird or greedy having a baby shower for each of my children. I guess as long as you have friends who want to keep throwing baby showers and buying gifts there is nothing wrong with it. I just would have felt uncomfortable expecting my friends/family to buy gifts for a shower, with each pregnancy.

  5. I like maverick and they could of used Connor as a middle name. Like people up above in comments have said or give him 2 middle names.

  6. Personally, I like Connor more than Maverick, but Maverick isn’t the worst name I’ve heard. I have a friend that is a labor and delivery nurse and I can’t believe some of the names people give their kids. If you ever get bored, the Social Security Administration releases a list of all the names given each year that can be quite entertaining to read. Names, and sometimes how they’re spelled, matter and can have a big impact on someone’s life. While my mom gave me a fairly normal name, the spelling was so ridiculous that many people didn’t know how to pronounce it at first glance. I ended up changing the spelling of my name when I turned 18. My mom hated the conventional spelling, so I still kept it a bit different, but I changed it to a spelling that is not unheard of.

    1. You’re right about the unbelievable and entertaining names and spellings that some parents inflict on their children. I knew of a boy named (pronounced) “Demetrius” (normal enough) but they spelled it Demetrjusz ??? Even the poor kid couldn’t spell it. I believe a friend had it right when he said the parents probably throw scrabble tiles in the air and then spell the names from however they land!

  7. I was hoping that Maci and Taylor would agree and settle on the name Bud Light for their newest “surprise.” Darn! D=

  8. I am also a mom to a Maverick, who is 17 months old. I think it is a very strong, unique name, but I’m not sure about the connection to Macy that we’ll now share. My son’s name is Maverick Grey.

  9. People usually hold “sprinkles” for their like 2nd babies but for her lol no. especially since this is her third “surprise” pregnancy. lolol

  10. She should have let Taylor name the baby. She already got “her way” when she got a second trap baby and a ring as a result.

  11. Jayde sounds like a stripper name.

    Bentley? Um no…shocked she didn’t name the girl Mercedes and the new oops Royce as is in Rolls

  12. I was always told it was taboo to have more than one baby shower (i.e. you have one for your first child, but not the rest).

    1. Depends…having a baby shower when your first kid is 5 tacky….or when your second kid is 3 months old…insane!!!

      I had one for my 2nd kid…..but there is 15 years between my two!!!

  13. My son’s name is Maverick and we always shorten it by calling him Mav. We get several compliments on his name. Not really looking forward to the connection with Maci now though lol. I’m not really a fan of her or her parenting style.

    1. Get ready…that name’s going to shoot up in popularity within the year. It’s really amazing to look at the names of the Teen Mom kids and how they have skyrocketed on the charts. Bentley was essentially unheard of (so rare it didn’t even make the charts before ’08), and last I checked, it was hovering just below the top 10 most popular in my state. Sophia was #1 most popular name for a girl (though it’s a very classic name), Jace made it in the top 50 when before it was in the low 1000’s. I find the correlation between pop culture and baby names very interesting.

    2. Why would there be a connection ?
      It’s just a name, many kids over the world have the same name So what

  14. Yes let encourage irresponsible behavior. This “surprise” pregnancy, the fact that she was drinking through a majority of it, oh and last but not least another kid to dump off on Ryan’s mom. Why does anyone think this chick is so amazing. She is a delusional, selfish, narcissistic, spoiled rich brat.

    1. I wonder how long she’s gonna play the “crippling PCOS” card with 3 children. Or that she needs to get married cuz what would her grandmama think? Uh no. You keep squeezing them out because MTV pays 20 grand per trap baby and you have no other way to make your loser boyfriend stay.

  15. I’m offended by all these knocked up mothers having baby shower after baby shower to score FREE gifts. You have a baby shower for your FIRST child………the rest is on YOU. OMG. How greedy and rude.

  16. Like the revamp of the site! Maverick is a….different name. The name Bentley is really cute, Jayde is ok…and Maverick is not bad…just very different lol

  17. Hmmmm… On one hand it’s really kind of cool and, as another commenter said, it’s strong and unique – for those reasons I’m definitely not hating it. However, the idea of saying ‘Maverick’ when cooing over a baby, yelling after a toddler, looking for a kid that’s run off in a shop…it feels a little weird and long to me. I guess it’s the kind of name that’s a good idea and has impact on paper, but in everyday life it will likely be a simple Rick/Ricky, so will lose the attributes the name was (probably) picked for in the first place. Still, if he grows up to be a rapper, country/RnB crooner, model, stripper or porn star; I think the name will be even more awesome haha!

  18. It’s a perfectly good name, and one that will probably produce a nick name like Rick or Mav or he may go by his middle name. A name is not important, it’s the actions of the person carrying the name that matters.

    1. Trust me, as someone who works in HR at a huge firm that employs thousands of people – I can assure you names means a lot!

      With that said – I love the name Maverick personally. It’s a little long for my liking but it’s unique and strong which I love.

      1. I think it’s really sad and pathetic that a name carries any weight at all. there are plenty of parents that name their kids ridiculous names, that go on to accomplish many great things, and that’s the way it should be. The child had no say in what their name would be. Then there are perfectly respectable “HR” names like Ted, as in Bundy, or Charles as in Manson, or Jeffrey as in Damner, or Jodi as in Arias. or Casey as in Anthony, what a dastardly dumb statement that is! The one you made that it carries weight how utterly ridiculous! All the of those people with their PC names made it past some HR person and got the job except for maybe Manson, including Dennis Rader aka as the BTK Killer. Most serial killers and murderers have names that would easily fly by an HR person such as yourself, STUPID!!!

        1. You can call her “stupid” all you want– but HR judging a name isn’t unique, isn’t usually done on purpose, and isn’t restricted to just HR. This has been studied in depth. People subconsciously react and form opinions based on names. That’s a fact. Assumptions on the type of person they are, socioeconomic status, etc. As I said there have been many studies about how a name affects a person from birth to adulthood, and it’s very real and pretty fascinating. Here’s how a few of the studies have been conduced- two exact same resumes will be given. The only difference is the name on the resume, and the person is told they have to hire one (without meeting them)- Do they hire Lauren Anderson, or Destinnee Love-Skye (or the like). I’m sure you can guess who, based on the name alone, they think more favorably of. Teachers also form opinions subconsciously based on names. Basically everyone does. Like it or not, that’s just how it works, and it’s not going to change. A name can have a massive impact on things, unfortunately.

          1. I agree with you a lot on this and it is true. My friend she is African American and her name is Kelli. She said that just based on name alone she has gotten more callbacks for jobs then some of her cousins that had more “Black Names” (she stated that not me so don’t get all “you’re racist” on me). She told me that a lot of companies that hire do need to hire so many African Americans (thats another topic) so if you show up to an interview, you are African American, and you have a “normal” name they will hire you up quickly. The shorter and easier to pronounce and spell the better. So its not right but thats the way it is. They will hire someone with a more “normal” name then not.

        2. Wow. You’re always so bitter but your little freak out here really takes the cake. She is absolutely correct, names carry a lot of weight. Maybe you need to take a step back because this much bitterness can’t be healthy.

      2. Anne, I am actually super interested in your comment! I’m looking for another job right now (so stressful) and my legal name is Margaret but I have always gone by Molly. If you received a resume & cover letter saying Molly on it (as it does now) what would you think???

        1. Put Margaret on your resume. Also on everything work related (and go by that with customers and/or clients name tags and all. Example I don’t know what your field is) and just mention that you go by Molly to people at work. Even though Molly isn’t bad at all Margaret sounds a little more old fashioned which is what they are looking for or desire more. My friends legal name is also Margaret too and she goes by Megan. She tried both and got more responses and offers using the name Margaret and just saying she goes by Megan to co-workers. So give that a shot. Too a lot of companies will feel you are being “untruthful” and get annoyed if they aren’t aware of your legal name for jobs with paperwork and all. Good Luck!!!

  19. More than 1 baby shower is tacky. This girl needs to keep her legs closed or learn to swallow. And get a job

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