‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee Pregnant & Separated From Husband Josh? The Ashley Investigates…

"We made another baby, y'all!"
“We made another baby, y’all!”

Is Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee about to become a single mom to three kids? That’s what a new story from TMZ is stating. According to the article, which was posted today, Mackenzie is currently pregnant with her third child, a baby boy due on September 7.

The article also stated that Mackenzie and her bronco-ridin’ husband, Josh McKee have split (again).

The Ashley decided to do some more investigating….

Obviously, this story seemed fishy to The Ashley, as she knows that Mackenzie’s manager is usually the person who plants any story you see about Mackenzie on TMZ. The Ashley also knows that TMZ works with Mackenzie’s manager to get scandalous stories out into the news. (Who could forget the “leaked sex tape” scandal involving Mackenzie from last year!?)

Josh and Mackenzie are currently following each other on every social media outlet that they both have (even their private accounts), and both sides of their family still follow both Josh and Mackenzie. Just yesterday, Mackenzie posted a Snapchat in which Josh is seen attempting to catch a mouse in their house.

While Josh and Mackenzie have had plenty of relationship problems in the past, The Ashley believes that they are not actually split, and that part was added to the pregnancy story to get more headlines. The Ashley can not 100 percent confirm this yet; however, a source close to the couple tells The Ashley, “they’re still together. I have no idea where that rumor came from.”

Is Mackenzie pregnant? Most likely, yes. Us Weekly is confirming the pregnancy, and anyone who has followed Mackenzie’s story knows that she is one of the most-fertile girls to ever come out of the 16 and Pregnant franchise! Mackenzie and Josh are already the parents of four-year-old son Gannon and two-year-old daughter Jaxie, and Mackenzie has had several additional pregnancies throughout her life.

In 2010, Mackenzie suffered a late-term miscarriage with a baby boy the couple planned to name Oakley. She became pregnant with Gannon soon after the miscarriage, and gave birth in 2011. She then gave birth to Jaxie, and got pregnant for a fourth time, but again miscarried. This will be the 21-year-old’s fifth pregnancy (that we know of).

The Ashley believes that Mackenzie is, indeed, pregnant, but that she is still very much with her husband. Mackenzie even seems to be mocking the TMZ story (which is odd, because her own manager is almost surely the person who planted it on the site)! She jokingly tweeted that she was now allowing two of her friends “to join me in my marriage with Josh so we can be on TLC sister wives.”

Hey– they’d be more interesting to watch than the current ‘Sister Wives’ cast, the Brown family!

UPDATE: Mackenzie’s mother, Angie Douthit, has confirmed that Mackenzie and Josh are, indeed, expecting their third child, but haven’t been very vocal about it due to “medical reasons.” Angie also confirmed that, despite this TMZ report, Mackenzie and Josh are still together.

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  1. So I’m not good at following the TM3 cast, but have any pictures of her been up lately? I’m just saying, I’m pregnant and die on August 23rd, which, obviously, is really close to September 7th, and that **** shows. If she really is due early September, there shouldn’t really be a question.

  2. They and the whole family need to grow up and stop spying on one another.

    16 and pregnant seems to be glorifying teenagers getting knocked up #Sic

  3. It’s true Mackenzies mom Angie confirmed it on her Twitter account andsId their keeping the baby’s gender a a surprise and Mackenzie and josh are still married

  4. @Lauren Blair and Ebony Jackson also is very fertile because she’s had five pregnancies and two miscarriages and so Lori wickelhaus she’s had three kids with three different baby father but is only raising two because she gave Asian up for adoption when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant

  5. As severe of a diabetic she is she should not be having anymore kids. Its super dangerous to her and the baby. You know she doesn’t take as good of care herself as she should. She is so obsessed with staying skinny and if you are on insulin that’s a hard task at times. There have been rumors that she will skip shots and if you do that you go into Ketosis mode and your body literally eats away at your body fat in search of insulin. I would’t be surprised if docs to her “no more kids”. Too she probably has to have C-Sections since her first was one. Diabetics get any form of wound it takes way longer to heal then normal. This is such a risk she is being selfish and her not managing it properly now will cause long term effects.

  6. Lauren Blair that’s Kristina head and the father of her third child is her husband even though she cheated on him and around the time she got pregnant they confirmed that tj is the father of layton

  7. I get that she’s married and all but I feel almost as if it’s irresponsible for her to keep having children. Both her pregnancies that she carried to full-term were very high risk because of her diabetes so why would she put herself and her baby at risk? Why risk her children growing up without a mother because she can’t take care of herself?

  8. Thanks for the info on Mackenzie. I think the comment about The Browns was completely snarky & unnecessary, however. Sister Wives is an excellent show & the Browns are anything but boring LOL!

    1. Snark; it’s in The Ashley’s slogan and is why we’re here! And ‘completely’ snarky, really? Her comment was hardly that – mildly if anything, chill!

  9. If you need a gofundme to buy new titties, you probably can’t afford another walking talking accident.

  10. Isn’t there great danger to her and the baby due to her diabetes. At some point she needs to stop so she can make sure her current kids don’t end up without a mom.

  11. her poor mother was upset about the first one! if this hasn’t made her pro birth control, idk wtf will. i understand you’re a Christian but she’s married now, and she’ll continue to churn them out of she doesn’t start it. or have her tubes tied. these people aren’t rich, they need to stop. she has so many childbearing years left, just STOP!

    1. Ugh, I remember when she got upset that MacKenzie went ahead and got an IUD. It was probably the one good decision I saw that girl make and her mom probably talked her into getting it removed

    1. What about the one that was from Texas and her boyfriend/fiance died before 16 and pregnant began? I forget her name, but she’s had 3 kids from 3 different fathers.

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