‘Little Women: LA’ Star Terra Jole Confirms She’s Pregnant With Her Second Baby

"Oh yeah, I'm the man!"
“Oh yeah, I’m the man!”

By Holly

The stars of Little Women LA are procreating like crazy! Terra Jole has just announced that she is pregnant with her second baby. The star, 35, told US Weekly that she found out the exciting news while on vacation with friends in Mexico in December. She said she shared the news with her husband, Joe Gnoffo, on her return and that they’re both ecstatic.

Terra and Joe told the magazine that they plan to keep the gender of the baby a secret this time around.

“We’re really hoping this time that we don’t find out the gender and can go all the way without knowing,” said Terra , who is due in August.

The couple is already parents to 13-month-old daughter, Penelope, who has dwarfism and also suffers from hydrocephalus, which means she has excessive accumulation of fluid on the brain. Little Penelope recently underwent spinal decompression surgery.

Terra said she’s feeling better now that she’s in her second trimester, but that her first pregnancy was definitely easier.

“I was only nauseous two days maybe with Penelope,” she said. “There is not a day [during this pregnancy] that I didn’t have nausea in the first trimester,” she said.

Terra isn’t the only ‘Little Women: LA’ star that is currently pregnant.  Star Briana Manson is almost six months pregnant with her second child, while Elena Grant is currently pregnant with twins!

Dang! What was in the water during those ‘Little Women: LA’ shoots?!

Terra’s pregnancy confirmation means that we also now know that Terra was in fact pregnant when she got into the glass-throwing fight with her co-star Christy McGinity Gibels back in January. As The Ashley previously reported, Christy filed charges on Terra after the fight.

Break out the Pitocin and put your feet in the stirrups! It looks like we’re in for a dramatic next season!

(Photo: Lifetime)


  1. I know someone her and her husband had one child when this child was a baby they kind of noticed that there was something not quite right with their daughter. She seemed very weak on a muscle stand point. So while they were in the process of figuring that out they decided to have another. So long story short they now have two children (a girl and a boy) with Autism and the oldest is still having motor skill issues. They both love their kids and wouldn’t have it any other way but you can tell that they kind of wished that they waited to have the second until they got the first one’s stuff figured out.
    So I have a feeling that this baby they should of at least waited and it seems like that’s what Joe wanted to do. To get their first child’s health issues figured out before having another.

  2. Please write more on these women. Their perpetual craziness fascinates me..

    Signed, a “little” addicted…

    Ok.. A lot

  3. Wait she was pregnant during the whole “fight”? So then this is another reality star that was drinking while pregnant? Why is no one noticing that?
    Also, too her first child has genetic disorders so that’s just horrible because this child could possibly too and you are aware of this gamble and your are drinking while you are pregnant.

    1. The articles about the fight reported that the women were not drinking alcohol before the incident. It would make sense considering most were pregnant and Christy is sober. But who knows?

      That said, Terra’s “baby fever” while taking care of a very sick 13 month old is ridiculous in my opinion. How about focusing on getting Penny healthy and planning for a baby when you have a confirmed healthy 4-year-old that’s out of the woods?? And Joe was not up for it. He went into this 2nd pregnancy thing dragging his heels and was bullied into it like always. Also, maybe she should take some classes in anger management so she doesn’t end up birthing her second baby in prison while abandoning the first one. Tara= selfish selfish selfish..

  4. After knowing any baby from them will have a HIGH chance of having medical issues, much like baby #1, WHY would you get knocked up again?? how can some people be that selfish??

    1. I agree with those types of disorders the child needs A LOT of attention and care. So you go off and have another that could have the same?

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